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Friday, 5 March 2010

The weekend getaways

It was a 3-day off last week so we took the Friday off to Miri. Mom, my bro, Azri, and two cousins, Haris and Arif, tagged along. DF was planning to go to the workshop to get some spare-parts for his Vitara while I just wanted to do some shopping ;) So, while we went hunting for the stuff, we left mom and the boys at Parkson. Let it be a practice for both mom and Azri before our Bandung trip this March hehe. Sure mom was complaining coz Parkson is now a big big shopping mall! I said, gotta get those feet do some exercises :) We dropped by Boulevard before leaving and we got home some time after 10pm. I spent RM500+ on cat food and stuff. I know! But it's a bargain. Here in Brunei, Royal Canin can be very very expensive. It's way cheaper there in Miri. So we bought 2 bags of 15kg Royal Canin, grooming scissors, 2 cats shampoos, kitties vitamins and ... ok I lost count! The cats were meowing seeing their food upon our arrival awwww~~ :)

The next day, it's Junjong getaway yeayy!! :D Leng and Lulu stayed with me in Sulap 1 while Johnny with Evelyn and James in Sulap 2. I invited Azri, Haris and Arif along to stay so I paid another $40 for them. They loved the place for sure! Even said that Junjong is better than Empire!! Heee :D The boys even planned that we rent the 3 houses for us cousins one day. They loved the idea that it's private and all :) Great to know they enjoyed their stay :) Johnny's two other friends stayed over too that night.

The boys had to go home at 5pm coz dad coincidentally called his friends to our house the same night for a barbecue. So Azri was needed for barbecuing the chickens and stuff. Us in Junjong also had ours. Evelyn invited around 10 more guests so it was quite a happening night, though I was the only Malay around - didn't really realise that in the first place till I noticed that I couldn't get into most of the conversations coz they were speaking in Chinese hehehe :D Lulu, Leng and I had our food in our cabin coz we couldn't take the mosquito bites LoL! Then we heard a big splash at the pool coz I think the guys just threw James, the birthday boy, in hehehe :D The boys arrived at the cabin at around 10pm, just on time for some nibbling on the food :) They had a night swim before finally went to bed at around 2am. I was the earliest to be in bed I guess. Sorry girls for my loud snoring kekekke :P

Johnny made this lime juice! I loOike!!!
Chicken lasangas by me :)
Johnny put these two cool lamps up, specially brought in from Germany :D
Pieces of lambs on the hot plate yummy!!
Evelyn. Very funny girl! Hehehe :D
Ahaha! Intended for Maya to see: yes Maya! Modeling with the LAMP POST again! Haha!!!
What we had that night sllrrpp!!!
A night swim for the boys :)
No boredom with board games! :D
Yep! Thanks to Lulu for bringing in the DVD :DA morning swim at the pool :D
Leng and me in the pool heee :D
The "giggling" boys hehehhe...
Loving the place and keeping it clean ;)
The "closing" getaway with a drink :)
Us: me, Lulu, Leng and Johnny :)

We checked out the next day at 12pm while Lulu and Leng at 11am. It was a fun getaway. Before we left, the landlord told me that Johnny and his friends had just booked the house for 30th May. They sure love the place. The landord should give me a discount next time huh for introducing the place to them! Hehehe ;p

Thanks Junjong B&B for another fun getaway! More cabins in the future? Heheh ;)

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