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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Suzila is on Alert!

I spent quite a while writing this post up. Looking back to the previous ones, I realized I have written A LOT on my typically boring life, not to mention my busy time-to-time work.

People! I am on alert! I can't think of anything else to write but ... WORK!


PS: I need a break! Huhuhu ...

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

A Job Well Done!

I deliberately ran away from my office today to do some untouched work somewhere else. I can never finish my work in my office cause coleagues will keep coming with extra work, sometimes advice (which usually takes hours to be delivered or shared) and not to mention gossipping in between. Not that I mind socialising but somehow, we have to balance the time on doing it and finishing the piles of work on the table. Alhamdulillah, the 2 hours or eloping paid off. 70% of my work is now done. Gonna do the rest later, if I still have the energy left though ...

Later this afternoon, I chaired a sharing session among officers in all departments in Brunei. There were supposed to be 6 presenters, which included a presenter from our department. All went smooth, Alhamdulillah, though one minor mistake happened ~ I seek assistant for a male officer to recite the Al-Fatihah before the session started but he started reciting it at once!! I meant to ask only for his approval at that time. So, the session started without a proper welcoming speech that I'd prepared. Other officers, who were engaged in conversations, had to stop conversing once hearing him recite the surah. A beauty isn't it! This shows how we Bruneians respect or value our belief and tradition ~ to be quiet when one recites the holy words of Al-Quran or the Azan :) More beautiful when a Chinese presenter stopped her presentation immediately upon hearing the Afternoon Azan (Asar) ~ our building is very near to a mosque.

In the middle of the presentation delivered by our department, our new No3 Chief and No4 Chief came to observe. They looked impressed with the presentation and left an hour later showing relief on their faces. I am sure they were proud of my department! :) By after 4pm, the session ended and all officers were sending gratitute to the presenters. Personally, I learnt a lot from today's presentations too. They all have given me inspiration to be more creative in the area I am doing at this time.

I dropped by the No3 Chief's office and had a bit of chit-chat about the sharing session that we just had. I took the opportunity briefing him what my department has been doing so far. It was obvious that he was impressed with what our department is capable of doing and told me that from where he had come from, he never heard (or had) such numerous projects our department is engaging on. That's a bonus remark for me and the officers working under me. KamVang gitu lho!! :p

At after 5pm, I met Shahrul. It's a monthly routine that he's helping me with the bills and stuff. I was doing a lot of calculations today ~ I have to make sure I have enough balance for my Hong Kong trip this coming June. I am broke this month people! :(

We had dinner at Big Papa's. I had Lemon Chicken with rice while Shahrul had Honey Grilled Chicken with rice (which I chewed half! :p). We both had Ice Milo too. I reached home at after 8pm, watched Super Soulmate Show on Indosiar (Indonesian Channel) with my mum, had a bit of talking with her in between commercial breaks then off to my room by 9pm. What am I going to do next? Hmmm ... Maybe doing some more work before off to bed. I am tired though but I think I should stay up for a while since I still feel full after the big fat meals just now :S

I think I have gained weight again :( I haven't done my jogging routine for two weeks now. My neuro therapist said it's not a good idea to do so while I am still undergoing the session. Really guys, I miss jogging! :( I remember having the stamina after an hour of jogging everyday ...



=== Hmmm ... Yea I know! Yummy isn't it?! :) ===

Monday, 28 April 2008

Hmmm . . .

Hmmm . . . Not much to say. Just that, how annoying it could be when we became the 'victim' of our chiefs sometimes. Remember the ex officer (ex No3 chief) I told you about? The one who insisted me to become the Chairlady of the committee that I am in? Well, anyway, my team has almost done our job when today, I was called by our No2 chief that, what we have done is actually WRONG!!! During the rest of the meeting at her office, I was briefed on 'how' the job is supposed to be done. Really guys! What a waste of my time! And I stayed up late till 2am doing the WRONG 14 pages report!!! :@

I went home at after 3 pm, had my shower (today's extremely hot!!!) then tried to re-do the report - the RIGHT way, as she called it! I had a headache instead! I took a quick nap for an hour then off to my neoro theraphy at 6pm. 2 hours later, still feeling real bad about what happened at work, I stuffed myself with CA Mohammad's famous fried noodles, 3 slices of Honey Garlic Chicken Pizza, 2 chicken BBQ wings and 2 slices of garlic bread.

Hmmm . . . I guess food helps not only filling our tummy up but also kicking out that 'unsatisfied' feeling that we have, especially women! Now I crave for vanilla ice-cream!!! :S

PS: Don't try this at home!!!

Sunday, 27 April 2008

One Not So Bad Day

I couldn't sleep last night. Yesterday morning I found something like a pimple right at the bottom right of my belly. It wasn't painful but in late afternoon, it'd gone bigger and the pain was unbearable last night! I couldn't move a bit of lie on my tummy, which is my best position in bed :( I texted Mo to come online but he wasn't home he said so I guess I finally dozed off at around 2-3am, awaken in between sleep whenever it hit anything :S

This morning the pain was still there. Even when we had lunch at Seasons, I couldn't walk for too long. Mas treated us there ~ her birthday was last 10th. The food was okay. Not so good, not so bad but for sure, it was very simple! Nothing much special. Johnny was complaining then others started doing the same. Jonnny is a real world-class traveler and his taste in food is superb so whenever he started whining about food or restaurant, we BLA girls would swallow all he said.

The cake was sweet, unlike mine last time. The presents were prepared by Raheemah and Niza this time so when Mas unwrapped them, we were eyeing them in awe too! :p She loved the presents of course and we loved what she got for us too! Each one of us got a bag of photo frame of her pictures ~ her now and when she was little. Cute!! She gave us a scented candle too :) Suria and Lulu screamed when the waitress came in with boxes of Baker Lynn cakes! Each one of us got a box! Mas was really stuffing us with high calorie food today! :p

Before leaving Seasons, I got a text from Mo, saying how worried he was about me. That carved a smile on my face :) After the 'misunderstanding' we had a few weeks ago, he has shown me that he cares about our friendship. I am so glad getting his text today ...

BLA girls went off to Shimco in Qlap while Johnny went back to watch My Lovely Samsoon :p I left my car at the basement car park and followed Leng. I was in pain, still, but I thought I could stand it for a bit while. Leng showed us her house plan ~ she's now waiting for her house loan approval. Lulu, Kiem, Roslin and me screamed looking at the grand house plan! Her room is so big! She's only 28 and she's going to have her own house soon. Waaaaa! I wish I can do that!!

Minutes passed by, I couldn't stand the pain no more but kept quiet to myself as the girls were excited choosing the cloth. I rang up Shahrul, asking him to pick me up. I didn't want to spoil the girls' day. Bearing the pain, we went to Firoz Jaya, also in Qlap. By 3.40pm, I kissed Mas goodbye, thanking her for the treat.

At his place, I had my undisturbed and peaceful nap. A pay off for my 'short' nap last night. I woke up at almost 6pm. The rest of the hour, Shahrul was cleaning his room and found 'our' stuff. First, he found the list of names of 'our children' ~ 9 names altogether. I think we did that in the first year we were together. After more cleaning, he found 'our' photo album. We had our photos kept in there, even pictures of us when we were small. I hadn't seen the album for a long time! We went through every page of the album together, laughing at how 'small' we were (and I thought I was 'fat' then!) :S

Before sending me back to my car, Shahrul bought me some Fun Donuts in Bandar ~ 3 Almonds, 2 Power Puffs and 1 Cream Peanut. He said it's for my breakfast tommorrow :) I got home at roughly 9pm. I chatted with Mamashasha and her sister tonight and when writing this, Seagull was online. We hadn't talked for a while. I guess he was busy. We chatted a bit then he said he missed me and my sexy voice! Haha! Gabby! You are funny dude!!! :D We said 'good night' a while ago.

Now the pain has lessened. My day today was not so bad afterall ...


=== The calories I consumed today :S ===

Saturday, 26 April 2008


After work today, I rang up Shahrul, asking him what's playing at the cinema. At work, Johnny told us that the Empire Cinema was giving $3 ticket promotion for PS: I LOVE YOU. I've watched the movie but I didn't mind watching it again. Have you watched it? Well anyway, Shahrul rang up the Empire Cinema and it was playing at 3.20pm and yes! It was a $3 ticket!

We got our seats the moment the movie was just starting so we didn't miss the movie at all. The next 5 minutes or so, my tears rolled down my cheeks up til the end of the movie! It made me cry though I'd watched it before. Today, for the first time, I held Shahrul's hand after almost a year we broke up. Really guys! You should watch the movie ... Mamashasha, I know you haven't watched it yet so take Hardy out. Watch that movie with him! You'll see why it affected me so much!

After the movie, on the way back to my car, I mumbled about not wanting my spouse to leave me before I do. I kept babbling about not surviving if that ever happened to me. Shahrul smiled (though I didn't see it but I felt it right away) and he replied, "No. I can never survive it too.." We walked in silence with that. Looking up the sky, I saw white cloud formulating a 'love' shape. "Is that a sign?" I asked myself. PS: I LOVE YOU has that part of the movie where the wife was looking for a sign ... Could that be 'the' sign for me? I took several pictures of the love-shaped cloud. You could see it here ...

I hadn't had lunch so we dropped by the MOD Restaurant, both for lunch and dinner. We had Chicken Bassille Leaves with Chilli and Seafood Tang Hoon. We had them with rice. I had fresh coconut, Shahrul just had warm water. After the meal, the Dusk Prayer was heard so I said, why not have a quick look at the sunset at the beach. The sun was setting at Jerudong Beach when we arrived there. It was beautiful. Shahrul took shots of the breath-taking sceneries - he knows I love sunset.

While he did that, I looked up the reddish sky and eroding white clouds. I whispered "Subhanallah! MasyaAllah!" seeing the beauty of God's creations. From where we were, it was just a few meters from the beach so I could hear the waves hit the shore. It was just amazingly breath-taking. 10 minutes later, we left, glad we could snap a few pictures of the sunset.

The sunset we saw this time was a bit ... different yet still showed its beauty. Shahrul spotted dark curvy lines on both sides of the sunset, as if showing black rainbows instead of colourful ones. We did take a few snaps but it didn't turn out clear as we were just using his mobile phone. I should've had my camera with me all the time!

A memorable and mysterious outing I had today for sure. It should be the same for him too ...

PS: I still love you ... Always and can never imagine life without you ...

=== Do you see what we saw?? ===

=== I know! Breath-taking aren't they! Subhanallah!! ===

Friday, 25 April 2008


[Sigh!] ...

Been busy with work lately. It's just never over! I am exhausted and am still having the cough since I came back from KL last December. I just hope it's not serious, just a sign of tiredness and lack of rest ... So yea! My days were just the same. Woke up, got ready, went to work, meetings and more meetings, then home, more work then to bed at 2am. If work's not so much, my head'll hit the pillow at 11pm the earliest.

Yesterday afternoon I had my neuro treatment again. This time, she was trying to fix my back. My shoulders are much better now and my headaches are not attacking as frequent as before. The session was killing me people! She went up my back and stepped on me! Luckily she's small. Imagine if she's as fat as I am! It was a painful session really :( [Sigh!]

Back home, I worked on a report on the survey my committee had designed. Out of 300 respondents, we only got 126 replies. We discussed on the results at yesterday morning's meeting. I chaired the meeting. Apparently, it was not as difficult as I thought it'd be yet, the responsibility is big I must say. I talked to the chief and begged him to find someone else to take over the post, telling him I can't take it. He replied, "Why not?" [Sigh!]. He was actually hoping that I would keep the post as the Chairlady of the committee. "Why not?" C'mon sir! It's too big a repsonsibility for me to handle. I am just a lady afterall! [Sigh!]

We have got a replacement for the post left by the chairperson but since he's new, he can't handle the matter we're handling now. So as for now, I am the chairlady for the committee. Hope it'll be over soon. Can't do too much work now that I am still unwell [Sigh!] ...

Back to the report, I worked on it till 2am last night and woke up at 8am this morning, giving last touches on it before meeting my coleagues later at 2pm this afternoon. By 12pm, all was done so I took a quick nap, a pay off for a job done. The meeting lasted at 5.30pm [Sigh!]. Tiring yet I learned about my two coleagues I worked with today.

While working on the report, we had lunch and chit chatting. Of course! That's what ladies do when we're together ;) I learned M was naughty in her early phase while S was a Dangdut lover! M used to go to parties and 'gambus', caught and punished by her dad, while S is a traveler; she's going to London and Europe this coming June. The 'sharing session' continued when 'our love stories' topic brought up! M had two men trying to commit suicide when she left them; one of them was carrying her 'sirih junjung' on her wedding, S is going out with her long term boyfriend, behind her parents' back for 10 years! Of course I told them about 'my story' with Shahrul. I guess you know that already so I won't write about it here again ... [Sigh!]

I called Shahrul once I got on the car, planning to watch a movie but nothing good was on so I didn't see him today [Sigh!]. Driving home, I felt the unwanting feeling to go home just yet so I gave Mamashasha a ring. In the next 10 minutes, I was at her house playing with little Shasha. I went online and met Mo. We chatted for a bit and introduced him to Mamashasha. She has a cam so Mo finally saw me on cam today. Glad he was happy seeing me. He said Shasha was cute! Of course she is Mo! She's adorable!! Right Mama? ;)

Mo left to have lunch but I stayed online. Sulaiman signed in a few minutes later. It's been a while we didn't chat but it was time for dinner so I left. He said the salaam first then the chat continued. The feeling was still there when we chatted [Sigh!]. Mamashasha was warning me, reminding me to keep cool cause she knows what happened between me and Sulaiman in the past [Sigh!]. Indeed, now, it's affecting me ... Him saying I 'still have an effect on him' made me feel ... [Sigh!] ...

On the way home, the memories came to image and the hurting taunted me. Even now, the pain is still scratching inside [Sigh!]. Sometimes, when you just thought it's over, it actually never does till you come to notice how important someone is in your life [Sigh!]. The image of Shahrul came across too tonight. These men ... these two men ... have really affected my life yet I can't choose anyone of them either. I just don't have the power to do so ...

[Sigh!] ...

Sunday, 20 April 2008

This Day

My weekend today was rather long. Unusually ... long. I woke up at 8am, so unlikely. I did some cleaning in my bedroom. I hadn't done that for quite sometime. My room was a mess! My clothes were lying everywhere! Mo, your room is not messy! Mine is MESSIER! I was actually looking for my camera's battery charger. Both the batteries are out of power now so I couldn't use it during dinner last night :( I couldn't find the charger anywhere in my room that ended up me doing the cleaning instead.

By almost 10am, I gave up and spent the day chatting online with Mamashasha and Binod, my friend from Nepal. I am happy now he's found his true love through Tagged :) He's closed his account there now too :) At almost midday, I watched a DVD, The Nanny Diaries. The first few parts of the movie taught me something. It's when the 'nanny' was asked a question in her interview:

"Tell me who is Annie Braddock?" the interviewee asked her.
"Well, that's an easy question to answer," she replied. "Annie Braddock is ... Annie is .... "
She went BLANK!!

The next part of the movie was showing how she tried to find the true 'her'. I find this part interesting. I mean ... if I were asked the same question; "Who is Suzila?" I wouldn't know how to answer that too. It's not as simple as saying my true lengthy name or when I was born or even where I live. I am ... hmmm ... who am I??

How about you? Do you know who you are? I guess I gotta think hard and find out about myself, now that I am 29! Phew! That really never occured to me!
In the middle of the movie, Leng buzzed me. She told me she was going out with Lulu and Kiem later at 4pm. She invited me so I said "OK, why not!" So at after 4pm, I met them at The Mall. Waaaa! The place was so different. The air was totally different with lots of people at the Computer Expo and Tel Bru's 7th Year Anniversary. We bought some presents for Niza's birthday: we had her a keychain and birthday card.

At the 2nd floor, we were just leaving Charles and Keith when we saw these two little girls who looked like they just learnt to walk. When they reached the ground, they ran to each other, held hands then went straight into the GUESS SHOP!! They're not related guys! Their parents didn't even say a word to one another! Lulu remarked "Waaa! These girls really know how to choose where to go ah!" Hahaha, indeed!!! :p

By almost 7pm, we had dinner at Batu Bersurat. Kiem didn't join us as she had dinner with her family in Gadong. I had Dried Chillie Prawn with rice, Lulu had Kangkong with Belachan (she's crazy about it!) while Leng had Satay and Ketupat. These Chinese friends of mine are so different from any other Chinese friends I ever had! I mean, they are so ... Malays! Lulu even knows how to eat AMBUYAT!!! I never had Chinese friends who love Malay foods! :p

Now, I am lying flat on my tummy, writing this. I am so full and in an hour or so, will doze off! I am so putting on weight people! Just look at the empty plates here!!! Huhuhu :S


==== Alhamdulillah!!! :p ====

Family Dinner

It's almost 2am now but I am too excited to post on the dinner I had with my family a few hours ago! Read on guys! :)

:::::::At work:::::::
Not so exciting. Just the same old story ~ workloads piling up, which sometimes make me wonder, why it never shrinks??? Well anyway, our second chief is transferred to the Ministry today. That means, he's leaving a committee I am in at the moment; the committee that has just begun to rise since its introduction 2 years ago. Actually, it has contributed to one of the many workloads that I am working on. Before leaving to the Ministry, he called me, saying that he is handing over his post as the Chairman of the committee to ME! I refused at once but he insisted on me accepting it! Ain't that annoying???! The rest of the day, I distributed memos and surveys to all. Took me 2 hours doing that! By midday, I was starving to death!! :(

I had lunch with Sharul at BCR (Brunei Chicken Rice) at Serusup. Always yummy :) I had Ginger Tea with it. I felt cold but sweating at the same time. I guess that's a sign of stress! At The Mall, we watched Forbidden Kingdom starring Jackie Chan and Jet Li, playing at 1.45pm. Feeling cold, Sharul went down to get my pashmina in my car. While waiting, a Chinese lady, appeared older than me, started a conversation. She was alone yet so friendly. She asked me "Are you alone too?" I said "No. I'm waiting for my friend." She smiled. That smile sent me a bit of shiver. I don't want to end up alone like her. Alone at that age. But, come to think of it, maybe I would (NoOOooo!!) .... Back to the movie, it was nice. Hilariously funny! Hehhe. A good combination of the two Kung Fu Legends! I went home at around 6pm, getting ready for family outing tonight.

We decided to have dinner at Gerai Selera at Bandar. We celebrated our O'Level results there last time too. Here, we could choose fresh seafood from the freezer with different dishes. My aunt, my mum's sister, with his 4 sons joined the gang too. Adek, my mum's brother's son, aged 7, also came to celebrate my birthday tonight. Altogether, there were 17 of us on 'the date' :p We reached the Gerai at after 8pm, taking pictures and joking around. It was fun! We had 3 big fish, 2 sting rays, prawns, cuttlefish and 2 types of vegetables. The kids ordered 2 Fried Noodles, 2 Roti Johns, Fried Rice, and errmmmm .... I lost count! Haha ... The funny part was, I had the EXACT CASH for all the orders! Phew! It'd be very embarrasing if I didn't have enough money in my wallet! I paid $142 for the food and drinks. We went home at around 11pm.

At almost 12am, I took out the extra bottle of Patritti and had it with my siblings and cuzzies. We sang and danced at our home balcony, at MIDNIGHT! What song? Of course Birthday songs FOR ME! :D We sang the song in different languages. It was funny!! Our mum and aunt were just watching us, standing near the door. Just before 1am, my aunt and his boys left for home. They live somewhere near, which only takes them 5 minutes drive home.

I had a good time. My last 20s birthday is indeed a memorable one :)

After dinner, at our balcony :)

Yampuiiiii!!! :p

Friday, 18 April 2008

Sisters Day Out!

As promised, my sister, Zima, treated me lunch today. We had it rather late ... at around 4pm. We exchanged stories, her with her new 'friend' and me, I shared with her my story with Mo, my dear friend from Bahrain. We finally got to talk today after weeks of 'misunderstanding'. Sorry dear. Now I know the problem ... Don't wanna lose you too ;)

Back to today! We had our late lunch at Charcoal. She loved the lamb steak. I had my usual dish, Fussili Pesto with Lamb Topping! Always the best! She had Lime Juice, I had Root Beer. We were there for almost 2 hours then off we went to Gadong. I had a neuro theraphy appointment at 6pm.

We reached the massage hut at 20 minutes before 6pm so we went to Hua Ho Gadong for a little shopping. By the time we were done, I was 10 minutes late for my appointment! Whoops! That's what happens when girls go out! :p

The theraphy went for 2 hours. Zima had her body massage and reflexology while I had it. She had a good time! I could hear her joking and laughing with her masseuse. Mine was a bit serious. She is a neurologist and any parts of my body that she touched were really hurting :( But really, she's good with her fingers! My bones went cracking whenever she twisted them! Now, I feel much much lighter and my eyes are heavy! :p I can't take shower tonight (luckily I had my bath before going out this afternoon :p) and I can't sleep with the air-con on. My next appointment is next Monday. Another session of pain for me then huhu ....

We reached home after 9pm. Zima paid for the massage, $50! Phew! Not bad for a good session! :)

Dinner With BLA+1

As promised, we met at MOD Jerudong at 7.30pm. I was supposed to come late, which I did, but since my watch was earlier than theirs, I came ealier than most of the gang :p The tradition is, the birthday lady or guy should come later than the rest so it's easier for others to hide the presents, cake and stuff. But hey! Don't blame me! Blame the watch ekekeke! :p

The meals were ready by 8.15pm. Everyone was hungry, even myself! I had a long day at work and didn't get the time to have my proper lunch. Before meeting them, I prepared presents for everyone of them too. It's become a culture too that the birthday lady or guy buy something for everyone on the time of the gathering. What did I get for them? Well, since I have been busy this week, I could only manage to buy vouchers of movie tickets for each one of them. Each voucher costs $8 so I spent $88 for them. That's nothing compared to presents prepared by the other birthday BLA+1 :( Sorry guys! I don't have time to go shopping and buy you all presents huhu :( I decorated the voucher envelopes with dolphin stickers they bought me on my last birthday :) You can see my Art skill here :p Not bad huh!!! Dinner time dragged on with us updating stories. All of us are busy at work and I gotta say, proudly, that our group is the best at work ;)

After dinner, the first surprise came! They bought me two bottles of whiskey! Nah! Kidding!! Hehe :p Patritti, that's what it calls. I didn't know how to open it but Johnny taught me to. Lulu taught me how to pour it properly into everyone's glass ~ the-right-way-to-pour-wine strategy they said hehehe ...

Next, the cake came. It was a cheese cake with honey topping! Real yummy! Even Mas finished her slice this time :p The cream was so sweet that when we took a sip of the drink, it tasted too sour! :p Rahimah, the cake cutter lady cut the cake evenly well. That's her job on everyone's birthday really! :p Then, presents time! Yeay!!! But it's card reading ceremony first. Hahaha! Mas had not signed the card so they had to hide me behind the present bag till Mas signed it! It was hilarious!!! Yatie helped her out with the re-wrapping. I peeked on them hehehe :p

I was lost for words! I love the presents! Johnny wore me the bracelet, Lulu did the necklace. They bought me stationeries and "I belong to Suzi" stickers!!! Hahaha. I lost my stationeries like ... ALWAYS! So am gonna put stickers on all my stuff now :p They also bought me a BLUE pendrive of 4GB!! They just knew I need one! :p Of course, I love the dolphin stuff! This time they gave me a moving-dolphin statue, made of CRYSTAL! OMG! I am sure it is expensive!! They knew how crazy I am about dolphins!!!! :p

Now it was my turn to surprise them! I handed them all the envelopes and told them to open them together. When they did, all, especially Lulu and Kiem, were in awe! Their jaws dropped hahaha! I knew they need to go out and chill. It's been stressful at work! It was funny when Lulu asked me "Really? Seriously??" Hehehe :D She even told me the last time she went to the movie was last year, watching Alvin and the Chipmunk hehehe! The air was then full with them discussing what to watch and when. Hehehe. It's a success afterall! I knew they'd love it!!

Leng, Suria and 'Ain couldn't make it. Mas teased Rahimah by asking me for the 'extra' envelope for Rahimah's husband hehehe. Sorry Rahimah. No envelope for Syafiq :p I passed 'Ain's envelope to Roslin. They are now in the same department. Roslin teased me by saying she'd keep it for herself! Lulu echoed "Lin and date!!" Hehehe :p I passed Suria's to Lulu. They are always together at work :) I passed Leng's to Rahimah. Her hubby's working with Leng now.

I had a great night tonight! On the way home, I texted everyone, thanking them, saying how much I love them! I enjoyed the night and I hope they did too :)


=== Waiting for the orders. We had Thai tonight :) ===

=== Some of the dishes we ordered. The Tomyam was good!!! ===

=== Mmmm! Not what you think it is! I'm innocent!! :p ===

=== Following instruction delivered by the experts :p ===

=== Look out!!!! ===

=== I got the skill now eh! ;) ===

=== Cheers! ;) ===

=== Cake time :) ===

=== Blowing the candles ===

=== Hiding behind the presents hehehee ... ===

=== My birthday card showing me in different mood there! Creative!!! :p ===

=== My Art skill :p ===

=== BLA+1 with the envelopes :) ===

=== A group pose: Johnny, myself, Rahimah, Niza, Yatie, Mas, Kiem, Lulu and Roslin :) Love you guys so much!!! Mmwaahz!!! :D ===

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

A Decision Finally Made

I decided to close my Tagged account today and when I'm writing this, I just did it a few moments ago. I had been thinking of doing so this year since I wasn't as active as I used to be when I registered a year ago. Sharul invited me to open the page sometime in April last year but I only became active sometime in May or June, soon after we broke up. Tagged helped me a lot after the break up. I spent most of my time online and updating my Tagged account. I met lots of friends of different races and beliefs. I learnt a lot from them too. I love them!

I joined Facebook as well sometime in January this year. Some people say it's better that Tagged but believe me people. Tagged is much much much better!!! I just can't find a way on how to operate the Facebook as easy as I could in Tagged. I deactivated the account 2 days ago. I rarely used it anyway!

So yeah! I have deleted my Tagged and Facebook. To you, my Tagged friends, you can always keep in touch with me in MSN or YM. I am sure you have my e-mails :) Till we meet again, keep in touch! :)

P.S.: To Mamashasha, I love you girl! I hope we will stay close though Tagged is no longer the bridge for us both :) To Rocky, I miss you. I hope you have come back from the battelfield there in the Philippines. I always pray for your safety dear and hope to see you again in person here in Brunei :) To Seagull, thanks for being a good fellow. I cherish our friendship and still hoping to finally meet you one day. I am sure we will one day! :) To Arzi, keep in touch. Will play golf with you one day. I can't get it scheduled in my diary yet, sorry dear.. To Ashok, keep sending me the wonderful mails. I will do the same as always. You are a great friend. To Mo, take care always and thank you for everything.

I love you all. Keep in touch alright :) Mwaaahz!!!

Tuesday, 15 April 2008


I am 29 today! :D I enjoyed my day! When the clock chimed 12am, the first person wishing me 'Happy Birthday' was Sharul :) My closest cuzzie's, Yanti, came next :) Hers is coming soon you know! I am only 2 weeks older than her. We even have similar names; we just have different, shall I say, 'ending' of our long names. Mine ends with Wati, hers Yanti :) Guess what! Our uncle almost named us Norkumalasari. Hahaha! Thank God our parents disagreed! :p

Back to MY DAY today! I woke up early, as usual. My brother was at the kitchen table having breakfast. He was the 1st to wish me 'Happy Birthday' in the family. Then my mum 'served' me a plate of small pizzas saying 'Happy Birthday! This is for you!' heheheh :p I was so stuffed on the way to work today!! At work, I went to the Computer Department. They greeted me with the 'Birthday Song'. I treated 3 Departments fried noodles; their Department, the Timetable Department and the Language Department. Hahaha! They were surprised when the order came ;)

The sweet thing was when my friends bought me a birthday cake!! :) It was a chocolate cake! A simple one though so Johnny 'decorated' the topping with bits of sweets! Well, as you can see here, it looked much much yummier heheh :p Sure it was soooooo yummy, as it looks here! You can see how thick it is here, can't you :) There were additions to the cake and the noodles; 'kek batik' and 'karipap'. Rezeki!!! :p Johhny, the master of all decorations, decorated the food with CNY angpows! Hahahaha! We had a great laugh hahaha!!!

I got 'Happy Birthday' texts coming in the whole day. When I went to the Timetable Department, the girls sang me the song so loud that I had to close the door eheheee :p When I wanted to order some drinks, Lulu stopped me! Guess why! She actually WRAPPED me Iced Milo with a blue ribbon hahaha! She was actually planning to bring the drink to MY OFFICE and sing the birthday song with those in there! Hahaha :p She's cute!
~~~~ YUMMIER!!! :p ~~~~

~~~~ With Razak 'the cake guy' ;) Good job dude!! ~~~~

~~~~ Alone with the cake hehehe ;) ~~~~

~~~~ Looking good with the decos! ~~~~

~~~~ Cutting the cake, with 'the background' ekekekee =D ~~~~

~~~~ May all my wishes come true :) Kan kawin taun dapan yoh!!! Hihihi :p ~~~~

~~~~ With the Comp Dept girls :) ~~~~

~~~~ With the Comp Dept guys :) ~~~~

~~~~ With Lulu's present. Sweeeeet! :p ~~~~


In the afternoon, I went to a meeting about my camping project at Wasan Vocational School, meeting Danny there. We hadn't met for quite sometime. After the meeting, we had a drink at a cafe somewhere in Sengkurong and updated stories. He filled me in with his KL vacation while I did my vacation in KK. He was indeed upset (and laughed at the same time!!) listening to my story! At the cafe, he gave me a chance to write some comments on Sutera Harbour in a 'sort-of vacation comment' website. Now, THAT is a good present! Hehehe :p But, he'd buy me a present he said hehehe :p

After the drink, I met Sharul. We didn't jog today since I wasn't wearing my jogging attire, which he was, whoops! I forgot to text him cause I was busy the whole day ... Sorry baby! We just stayed in the car, chatted a bit and got separated. He kissed my forehead and wished me 'Happy Birthday' :) He said I looked beautiful today hehehe. Thanks baby :)

I planned to bring my family out to dinner tonight but one of my brothers couldn't make it. Will do next time then. My elder sister promised to bring me out shopping this Friday; I can choose ANYTHING I want she said :p Then off to movie and IF she has extra $, she'll treat me MASSAGE too! Heheh :p I know!!! Ain't it NICE!!!! Hehehehee ...

MY DAY WAS GGGGRRRRRREEEAAAT!!! :D Alhamdulillah God for allowing me to breathe up to my 29th year today :D

P.S.: Zean forgot my birthday but I know she has her reasons. So girl! Am not mad at ya! Don't worry. You're forgiven! ;)

Monday, 14 April 2008


I am very tired today. My brain is exhausted. Physically, I just need ... a rest. A loooooong one! Huhu ...

I had a meeting that lasted for 3 hours today. I was supposed to have two meetings in the morning but the first one that I attended lasted longer than expected (cause this one particular officer was blurred about what we had been talking about!! It's just really really extremely annoying!!!!!) :@ The second meeting, which I had to be at present, started at 11am. I had to skip it as the first was still progressing. What's worst, I was told to write the minute! Ish!!

Alhamdulillah, I managed to do all the reports and feedbacks by 2pm and submitted them to the boss! I had to stay back at the office though, waiting for officers from other departments to hand-in an assignment to us. Only a few turned up. Before leaving the office, I received a text from Danny, a colleague in the Ministry, that we'll have a meeting tomorrow in the afternoon at Wasan. Rather a long drive from home, even from where I work. I guess, another tiring day for me tomorrow :(

From work, I went straight to HB Stadium, did my scheduled jogs and walks. Only managed to do all in 1.5 km (according to Sharul's estimation, but I am sure I went all the way MORE than that!!) At almost 6pm, I reached home, washed my car and now, I've to complete some other untouched workloads.

People ... I am tired ... :'(

Sunday, 13 April 2008


Alhamdulillah! Our home wi-fi is finally working. Been dreading to share my days with you here. Keep on reading :)

~~10.04.08 Thursday ~~

After work, I went to see Sharul. He told me he'd finished reading "Ayat-Ayat Cinta" so I went to his place bringing the VCD along. Remember he'd made me promise not to watch it till he finished reading? So, yeah! That afternoon, we watched "Ayat-Ayat Cinta" the Movie. Disappointingly, it wasn't as we had expected. Fahri was so naive in the movie. Unlike his character in the book, he was described as someone with a stern character though with innocence. Saiful was a better character in the movie compared to Fahri. The directors of the movie must have wrongly swapped them! More disappointingly, Aisha's character was 101% different from the book! In the movie, she was rough, not polite and proud. She was even sarcastic! All the opposite of the Aisha I read in the book! The only character which 99% resembled the character described in the book was that of Maria. I love her in there :)

Overall, the movie was too "quick" - should be better made into sequels rather than cramming all the story lines in just one movie. I'd say, disappointingly, the 'precious' messages delivered in the book were 'failed' to be done so in the movie. To movie makers out there, please please please re-make the movie and please make sure you don't miss a thing this time ...

~~11.04.08 Friday~~

I stayed home the whole day; woke up early, had breakfast and cooked lunch. Then I killed the time watching a Japanese series I bought "Back To School" starring Takenouchi Yutaka. Each DVD consists of 3 episodes, hence making my head rather heavy in the late afternoon. I took a quick nap and woke up at just before 5pm. It's my jogging time, as scheduled so I got ready, though with the migraine I still had. Couldn't take the pain so I went off to massage instead. Had my back 'bakam' (not sure what it's called in English). I felt a lot better after that. Then I went off to Beribi, looking for AAC novels. I wanted to give it as presents to my close coleagues. I finally found the book at one of the bookstores at Milimewah Lambak. I went home straight after that, feeling the pain at my back after the massage and bakam. I actually planned to visit Mamashasha at the ward but it was kinda late.

~~12.04.08 Saturday ~~

The day meeting "The Heroes" finally came! :) We had the meeting in the afternoon at the Ministry. All came but Irman. I heard he had transport problem from Temburong. Apparently we were given an assignment; to share what we have learnt from the course we attended with other officers in the Ministry. It will involve 30 officers and tentatively scheduled on 9th June 2008. We're going to do it in groups, taking turns within 4 or 5 days of sharing sessions as the IPA. Phew! I'm gonna get busier these coming days preparing for our sharing sessions. Wafi is thinking of swapping group as he lives in Tutong. He finds it difficult to commute from there to Bandar meeting us. But we insisted him to stay :p We elected Irman as our group leader, a punishment for being absent yesterday hehehe ...

I met Sharul and we jogged as scheduled at HB Stadium at around 5.30pm. Not many joggers were at sight as the weather was rather cloudy and the wind blew quite hard. I jogged non-stop from one end of the jogging pathway up till almost the end. Yea yea I know! I didn't finish it but hey! I jogged NON-STOP (notice the capitals!) :p After jogging, we rang up Charcoal, asking whether Fusilli Pesto is available or not! It was so we had dinner there! I knew he'd love it too!! We went visiting Mamashasha at the hospital. Her bandage was taken off and the stitches round her neck was showing, yikes! Shasha was sleeping when we got there. We were there for almost 2 hours, watching TV, chit-chatting and playing with Shasha when she finally awoke. I had a great time!

We went to visit Sharul's grandpa at Ward 9 afterwards. The time showed it was 9.15pm. By 9.25pm, we left, off to Kiulap Mall to watch a movie - Definitely, Maybe. A good movie! While queueing for the ticket, I met my ex-classmate in high school, Jimmy. We had a quick chat and he thought me and Sharul are married hehehe ... ;)

The movie started late, should be at 10.20pm; we went into the cinema at 10.35pm. The movie ended at 12.15am. A sweet movie! I want to have that kind of relationship with my daughter one day! :)

~~13.04.08 Today~~

I woke up at 9am, had breakfast then did some office work. Afterwards, I cooked lunch for everyone. After lunch, I went up to my room and continued watching "Back To School". I just finished watching the whole episodes an hour ago, realizing the wi-fi is finally working :) I had a good rest today! Blessed! :)

Here's the DVD cover of the Japs series. You should watch it too! Isn't he good-looking!! ;)

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

A Long Day ........................

Hmmm ... As the topic shows, yea. I had rather a long day today but Alhamdulillah, all were done, perfectly, I must say :)

My day at work started as early as 7am today. We had a short meeting at 7.10am, which was rather 'unclear' as we couldn't really hear what was delivered. But one thing for sure is a Director from our Ministry is coming to our office this Tuesday ~ my birthday :) Then I managed to finish up my paperwork in an hour, which deadline is tomorrow. Luckily I saw the memo or else, I'll be in trouble! A few minutes to my next assignment, I was given another paperwork to do. Alhamdulillah, I managed to do it on time before leaving the office. Phew! I am good!! :p

Without lunch, I had to attend two meetings ~ one at the office, another at the Ministry. By 2.45pm, I sped up to OBBD Department to book a one day trip to Temburong for a camp I am organizing this December. I'll get the cofirmation of the booking by September the, manager said. I hope it'll be confirmed ...

By 3.45pm, I arrived at the Ministry, seeing the officers I work with. Our proposal for Brunei-Singapore Adventure Camp 2008 is finally approved, Alhamdulillah :) The meeting lasted at 5pm. I was starving so I had my late lunch a.k.a. my dinner at Ceri Cafe, at Serusop. People! I love the Cafe Latte with Caramel! :)

Now, I'm going off for a good rest. I should go to bed 'late' tonight! I went to bed early last night but today, I was feeling 'sleepy', maybe cause I am used to 5 hours of sleep. I had to drink coffee at work to keep awake! Last night I went to sleep at 10pm ~ 8 hours of sleep for me. Weird huh! Those who are good in Science, feed me with an explanation to this please :p Thank you, mwahz! :x

Tuesday, 8 April 2008


I went to VDC-DVD shops today, actually looking for a Filipino movie "One More Chance" but found AAC instead --> "Ayat-Ayat Cinta" :) Sharul bought the VCD but I keep it at the moment. Why? He's reading the novel now so I want him to finish it first then watch the movie hehe ... Well people, he's NOT stupid so he made me promise NOT to watch it just yet till he finishes reading the book. I got him, he got me back! Cheh! :p

Here's the VCD cover. The one without the scarf is Maria, the one with the 'jilbab' is Aisha and the man is of course, Fahri. They fit the characters described in the novel I must say :)

Sharuuuuuul!!! Finish reading now will ya!!! Ish!!!!

Monday, 7 April 2008

A Start!

It's just past 11pm now. Today was a fine day. A good start for me entering the world of health and fitness, aiseh! ;) As usual, workloads are piling up. Got memos coming in for up-coming meetings and sharing sessions. I attended a meeting today at Menglait. Lasted for almost two hours, not bad. So I reached home at around 4pm. I didn't have my lunch so I cooked dinner for everyone, which was my late lunch. Mum went home late today. She was exhausted so I just sent her off to the living room so she could watch her Filipino series "Sanay Wala Nang Wakas". She's watched it over and over. One thing I realized is that, Filipino and Korean series are full of drama and romantic story lines. Both are entertaining, and addictive!

Well, back to my health and fitness programme :p So, after a bit of dish, I went out to HB Stadium, did my warm-ups, then some walks. It was my first outdoor exercise (not that I did any indoor :p) and it was a good sight seeing lots of people jogging and walking along the walkways. I am sure I walked at least 2 km today but Sharul insisted on saying we only walked for 1 km :s Dude! It felt like MORE than that! I did a bit of jogging towards the end but I know I can't force myself just yet as I still have my cough and asthma.

After jogging, we went visiting Mamashasha at the hospital. We were there for almost an hour ~ Shasha was there so I lost track of time. Being with her has always been entertaining! After that, we went to Ward 9, visiting Sharul's grandpa who had just been admitted there today. He fell and cut his left chin. A lot of his family members were there so we just stayed for a while.

Next, we went dinner at Matadoe at Beribi. I crave for pastas lately people! I hope it will be over soon or else, all my effort to health and fitness will be wasted!

So, a start to healthy life today and yeah! I have started having oatmeals for breakfast since last Saturday :) I love it and it has sped up my bowel system. Another start of healthy programme --> jogging for an hour, 4 times a week; Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. I can do it! Yes I can!! :D Wanna join?? :p

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Weekend Joy!!

Today, after Subuh prayer, I couldn't go back to sleep so by 9am I planned to go out to have some breakfast ~ tesliur murtabak ku yoh! Haha. Then my lil sister came to my room telling me about our cousin's Nikah today. Dude! I forgot about that! So yeah, I got ready and by 10am, we reached our uncle's place at OKBI. We met our cuzzies whom we seldom meet. It was nice.

Then we went to Amit Yah's place. I haven't given her the chocolate I bought for her in KK last time. Been so busy that I didn't manage to. There, we all laughed when they told us that they we getting ready to attend our cousin's Nikah, which had just finished. My dad had mistakenly texted Amit Wahab saying that the function was from 10.15 to 12pm. Haha. That's my dad people!! Luckily we went to their house or else, they'd be the only ones going there hehe...

Later at 2pm, I had my foot reflexy and body massage. It was painful but relaxing. I hadn't had my massage for almost a month so yeah, every part of my body was aching. Usually, I have it every two weeks but as I was busy last month, I didn't have the time to do so.

After the massage, I had my late lunch at one of the Pasta Restaurants in Kiulap. Sharul went with me of course! Man! I eat a lot lately! And I think it has to do with HIM too! Cause I am happy everytime I am with him :)

By almost 6pm, we went to Jerudong Beach. I wanted to see the sunset. But then, the parking space was full so off we went to Tungku Beach. I didn't have my camera so I took the sunset pictures using my phone and his phones ~ yea, he has two!

So people, here are some of the sunset pictures we snapped. Just wanna share with you all! :)


~~~~ Yea I know! Now you know why I love sunset, don't you :) ~~~~

Saturday, 5 April 2008


The day at work was the usual but was a breathe-easy, Alhamdulillah :) In the afternoon, I attended a Hyperstudio Certificate Giving Ceremony in Gadong. I met lots of familiar faces. Apparently, there's going to be a sharing session meeting at the Ministry this Saturday; a sharing session on the course 'The Heroes' and I attended last month. Rumour has it that every participant in the course would be asked to give sharing sessions to other officers in the Ministry. I love the idea actually! I miss working with 'The Heroes'! :)

Before today's function started, Hjh Norral, a friend who was going to receive the certificate too, took me window shopping at Giant The Mall. We had dimsum and milo ping there :p It was nice! After the function, I went to RIPAS Hospital to visit Mamashasha who is now admitted in Ward 11. Alhamdulillah. Her operation went well, for four hours! I took Sharul with me. He has always wanted to get to know Mamashasha, maybe cause I always talk about her everytime we go out. We bought her a tin of oatmeal biscuits and some apples. I also took her certificate on her behalf.

We reached the hospital after 5pm. On the way to the parking lot, I took out my notebook, showing Sharul the video I took on Shasha when I hung out at Mamashasha's place last week. Sharul laughed at Shasha's cute acts and smart gestures :) I wanted to show Mamashasha the video but Sharul disagreed. He said, it's not wise to make a patient who has just had an operation to laugh. So, I left my laptop in the car.

In Ward 11, Mamashasha was sitting in bed with bandage round her neck. Her family was there too. They all smiled seeing us come. She said she might have more than eight stitches this time! Then she showed me the scars she got from the numerous injections. I was speechless looking at them ... I pity her, especially when she told us that it was painful everytime she swallowed.

Sharul was quiet at all time at the Ward. Mamashasha's sister, who was busy sewing her 'baju' asked me about him the moment I sat next to her. Mamashasha and I exchanged look with her question. I think by the time we left, she was telling everyone about me and Sharul. I don't mind! I am proud seen with him :)

Leaving the Ward, Sharul told me what a lovely family Mamashasha has. I am more glad knowing that he likes me being friends with her :) Then she texted me, saying how 'good' me and Sharul look together! I gotta say, I feel ... good too!

Today, I am happy people! 1st, I get the chance to meet The Heroes again soon. Then, Mamashasha is now fine, Alhamdulillah. It's a great relief really! Now, knowing Sharul and Mamashasha are friends, also not forgetting the moments I had with Sharul today. It was ... an amazing feeling ...

This morning, he took my car out to the garage. He never wants me to suffer bringing my car to any garage whenever it is broken or needs servicing. This afternoon, when I picked him up, he told me I looked beautiful today and he felt 'shy' when I waved him from my office's window when he drove off the driveway. When he said all these, I felt ... 'shy' too :)

We had dinner at Charcoal after visiting Mamashasha. It was his first time there and he loved the food. The waitress gave me the wrong order but I took it anyway, not feeling happy but glad putting the poor waitress out of her misery. She apologized for the wrong order and begged me to take the dish instead of cancelling it, saying that her salary was only $10/day and the dish cost more than that. I looked at Sharul and he smiled so yeah, I took the food saying "You owe me one." Sharul was proud of me! :)

Today, I am happy! Yes. Very happy :)

Friday, 4 April 2008

Allah Bless Us All ~ dedicated to Mamashasha

I stayed at home today, went online, updated my blog here then continued reading "Ayat-Ayat Cinta". I have finished reading it a few hours ago, amazingly shed tears towards the end of the story. I started reading it about three weeks ago. Took it everywhere I went, even when vacationing in KK and Miri. The book has taught me a lot about loyalty and faith in Allah and His Holy Al Quran as well as His Rasul Muhammad Salallahu 'Alaihi Wassalaam.

I am a type of girl who loves sharing things that I love or enjoy doing. So since reading the book, I have told everyone about it at work. Now I have a long line of coleagues waiting to borrow it. I have to apologize though cause the first one on the queue is Sharul :) He was there helping me to find the book. So yeah, he deserves to read it first! Sorry people! :p

Now Mamashasha is reading it too. I had been telling her about it and since then I had been helping her to find the book, even looking for it in KK and Miri but without luck! A few days ago, she texted me saying she had found the novel!! I was so happy now that I could share the story with her. Unfortunately, she is now admitted to the hospital and is going to have her operation tomorrow morning. We chatted online today and tonight. I wish her well and hope that everything will be just fine.

Mamashasha is a very close friend of mine outside work. If my close friends at work are the BLA+1, she is my close friend both online and offline. She is funny, mature, understanding, caring and honest. I respect her for that and appreciate her more and more each day. I once told her, "Why didn't we meet earlier? We could be the closest childhood friends ever!" She smiled to that. That's Mamashasha I know. She smiles to something she agrees on and argues to something she thinks wrong while I listen to her every point. Despite her age, 2 years younger than me, sometimes I feel that she is older than I am in some ways.

Now that she's hospitalized, I am worried sick about her. I pray that she'll be fine. She is loved and needed by all; Shasha her lovely daughter, her husband, her family and of course myself. We just know each other for a few months but we are as close as those who have grown up together.

I told her to read "Ayat-Ayat Cinta" whenever she has the time. The book helps build my faith in Allah and His Rasul. I hope it will do the same to her, especially in time she is in at the moment.

Allah bless you Mamashasha. Allah bless us all...

Ayat-Ayat Cinta ~ Love Verses~

Hello people! I am reading a book entitled "Ayat-Ayat Cinta" written by Habiburrahman El-Shirazy, an Indonesian author. A friend of mine has caught my attention on the book, saying how good it is that I finally bought it. Believe it! I had to go to a number of bookstores looking for it! He was right! It's a novel people are crazy about. And now, I am crazy about it! I had to leave it in my car to make me stop reading it!! It's so addictive that I have to stop myself or else I can never have my home-rest after work. Besides, it's a good book that I just don't want to finish it sooner. I am enjoying reading finally people! :p

It's made into movie now and I heard that it's popular back in Indonesia. I haven't watched it, though my mum and the rest of my family have ~ I want to finish reading first! I went online and I found the movie's blurb. I guess you all must be wondering what the book (movie) is about so, read through. You'll get some ideas about it...

Fahri bin Abdullah is a poor, intelligent student who wins a scholarship to complete his graduate degree at Egypt's esteemed Al Azhar University. Very disciplined and dedicated by nature, Fahri embraces his life in Cairo, completing his studies and translation of religious books with full enthusiasm, exactly according to pre-determined targets.

Only one goal is left unattempted: the pursuit of marriage. For Fahri is innocent and pure, and doesn't believe in the concept of relationships prior to marriage. He is inarticulate and shy around women. All his life, only two women have been close to him -- his mother and grandmother.

Life changes drastically in Egypt for he suddenly finds himself surrounded by four beautiful, distinctly different women.Maria Girgis, a shy, open-minded Coptic-Christian neighbor who is attracted to the teachings of the Holy Al Quran, finds herself falling in love with Fahri (a fact she only reveals to her diary).

Nurul, a student at Al Azhar like Fahri, is the Muslim daughter of a renowned Indonesian cleric. Fahri feels unworthy of her and thus ignores his feelings for her, leaving her confused and guessing.

Noura, an abused Egyptian neighbor, develops strong romantic feelings for Fahri, who in turn simply sympathizes with her situation. His romantic rejection destroys her and eventually leads to a false accusation of rape.

Aisha, a German Turkish student in Cairo haunts Fahri with her beautiful eyes. Following an incident on the metro where Fahri defends her against narrow minded bigoted Muslims, both immediately develop feelings for each other.

As the story unravels, the protagonist makes the audience face the daunting decisions he himself faces, and forces us to marvel at his undying loyalty to the true ideals of Islam as he ultimately makes the choice of a lifetime.


I'd like to add some more to that...

It's a book that teaches us the value of humanity, peace and equality, not only to the world of the Muslims but also those of others. It teaches us morality through its flowing beautiful story while at the same time showers us with the holy messages taken from the Al Quran and Al Sunnah Salallahu 'Alaihi Wassalam. Readers' minds flow and wonder the true beauty of Islam in this book. It is suitable for all readers, Muslims or non-Muslims.

I do hope it has its English version. I'd love to share it with all so everyone will know that Islam is NOT just a belief. You will know what I mean after reading this book...

I AM AN ARIES: The Daredevil (huh??)

Energetic (yea, in many ways)

Adventurous and spontaneous (definitely)

Confident and enthusiastic (yup!)

Fun (hmm ... I should ask my friends that!)

Loves a challenge (100%)

EXTREMELY impatient (well, I hate waiting. Does that count??)

Sometimes selfish (am I??)

Short fuse; easily angered (hell yeah!)

Lively, passionate and sharp wit (hmm ... No comment!)

Outgoing (for sure!)

Lose interest quickly - easily bored (most of the time)

Egostical (in some ways; my baby says "in MANY ways" LOL!!)

Courageous and assertive (I agree!)

Tends to be physical and athletic (hmm ... Naah!!)

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My engagement: 01.01.10

My engagement: 01.01.10
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The engagement ring :)

A cake from him

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With two of my closest girlfriends: Azean & Yanti :)