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Sunday, 31 August 2008

Let Me Out! Let Me Out! Let Me Out!!! :@

I can't stand it anymore. I hate home. I hate BEING home. I wanna move out!!! I'm 29 and am still staying with my parents. Let me out! Let me out! LET ME OUT!!!!

I wanna live by my own. Have my own house. My own furniture. My own place where I RULE! Here, I suffocate! I need to go out!! Soon or I'd die of anger! :@

I found out the house I had been eyeing for ages is now occupied! I was so ready to rent it but mum won't let me pack my bags and leave. All she said was: "You can only leave the house once you're married!!!"

Okay mum! If that's what you want!! Find me a man, any man and I'll marry him, NOW!! :@

This is just NOT FAIR!!! :@

Just a perfect dream house for me. It's on a hill and near to where I work. I can even view the sunset from here. And it's TAKEN now!!! Grrr!!! :@

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Wakey! Wakey!

It's 6.20am and I'm still in bed! Gotta get ready to work soon.

I'm heading to Temburong. I should be at the jetty by 8am, where I'll meet Danny. The boat ride will take us to the 'ghost town' of Bangar for 45 minutes the most. HN and HA of the Exchange Programme Unit from the Ministry will be going there by car, going through Limbang (Sarawak) to Temburong (Brunei).

I hope my work with them will be done by midday cause I gotta be with the ORT Team by 2pm to deliver our 9th presentations, our last sharing session. It will only be me, Irman and Raheemah this time. Salwa and Didi will be giving the sec 5 students their O'Level oral exam. Suhaif is still engaged with the Special Need Course.

I should be back to Bandar at 5pm. Hope our journeys to and from Temburong are safe and not bumpy!

Friday, 29 August 2008

One of Those Days~

I had a fight with Sharul tonight ... :(

It started with my stupid bubbly mouth!

We went out as usual, lunch out after his Friday prayer then off buying stuff for my monthly use and errands. Then to a movie. We watched Babylon AD. We don't like the movie! Then on the way home, I got so affected by this Indonesian song; "Tiada Lagi" by Mayang Sari. It's one of those hit-to-my-heart songs. The message was the girl's given up hope on her guy. Just the right situation between me and Sharul.

I could feel him staring at me while I was singing along with the song. I guess he got hit too. Sigh~

Just before reaching his car, which he had parked somewhere, I blurted out what my mum had 'instructed' me of doing ~ to find a guy a.s.a.p. by December next year as she wants to see me on the aisle. I don't know what got into me tonight that I freely said that am planning to look for an 'orang putih' cause Malay men are just hard to trust these days.

I didn't realise Sharul's silence, till he was about to leave to his car. Holding on to my car door, he said, "I'll see babu (my mum) and tell her that I will be the groom. The ONLY groom!"

Again, I don't know what got into me. I smirked to his remarks! Guys! I SMIRKED at the guy whom I dream to marry. I even nudged on the door, trying to close it!! Something really got into me tonight!

Like a volcano, he erupted saying that he'd made the promise to make me his wife and he will keep that promise, no matter what and that nobody can ever do that except him.

I was a bitch! I SMIRKED at him again!! Sheesh!! Sigh~

I guess, I've heard that line too many times in the past 6 years we were together and tonight when he said it again, I just couldn't control myself ...

I left saying this to him:

"Before you see her, make sure you have that stable job and enough money to take me. Don't embarrass yourself!"

He echoed, "I will take care of that!!"

I drove off after that, with tears falling down my face .... :'(

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

?? Feel Me??

Now feel me!

How'd you feel when you admire someone's work (and you honestly do), without any bad intention whatsoever, but you get the kind of treatment that you just do NOT expect??

You see, I love this photographer's work, soooo much! His work is just awesome! Well anyway, to photos that I feel really touching, presenting and whatever, I'd leave comments. Not JUST any comment, but ones that I felt about after viewing his piece of art. I'm not saying I'm good with art or whatever but, I'm learning to see the beauty of art in his photos. And I am selective too. I left comments on his nature works mostly cause I love anything about nature. Sunsets, sunrises, trees, you name it. And I'm not ashamed to say that I'm one of his great fans. I'd visit his page just to view any nature photos that he posted.

Well lately, I noticed this photographer's numerous pieces of nature shots. Man! His touches are just amazing and breathtakingly beautiful! I don't know much on camera shots or anything about camera. All I have is my Sony Cyber-shot that I bought in Singapore last year. Yet, I still don't know much on how to use it. All I know is, switching it on and off and click that record button. Now having the chance to view someone's work that really excites me, of course I subconsciously become a fan. Not by force, but by all those capturing effects of his photos.

I'd feel really glad if any of the comments I had left was replied by this photographer. It felt like having Avril Lavigne's autograph personally handed to you by the singer herself. Now you know what I mean ya. Well anyway, recently I felt really weird (can't find a better word to describe how I feel) when I found that my comments were ... deleted! I wasn't tracing for direct responses from him but I really admire his work that I'd really like to see how he'd respond to my comments. But it was sad when I found that he deleted them. Not 1, but 3 now. I mean, why??

As far as I know, the comments that I left did not carry any bad words or messages or even bad jokes. I commented based on the photos that I viewed and learnt. I don't know this photographer. I don't know his name. I don't know where he's from. All I see is his talent. Purely his talent. I can't think of any reason why he deleted my comments.

It's upsetting. I wasn't trying to bother anyone with anything. I mean, the pictures are posted on his blog. So as far as I know, it's sure meant to be viewed, and commented on. Do you feel me?

Now why did he delete my comments? *shake head*

It's unbelievable how someone could do that to a fan. He made me feel like I'm a bother or a fungi. To whoever you are, I'm NOT a stalker. I am just being honest writing those comments on your work. I am just a nobody who wish to see that one day your pieces of art hang on those walls for everyone to see, not just crammed in this blogspot web.

To whoever you are, the talented photographer, you just lost a fan today!

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Sigh ~~

Yesterday was exhausting! I got two last-minute assignments to do: one to be submitted tomorrow, another this Thursday. The annoying part was, the 2nd one was given to me after some discussion about it. So it went:

She: So, who do you think should be the mentor for Jeffery?
Me: Hmm ... Louie!
She: Louie?? (Sounded disagreed)
Me: Yes. Louie! She's been teaching for almost 6 years now. I think she's ok.
She: *silent*

Then, I left for class. When I came back to my table, there's a form, with my name and Jeffery's on it. Couldn't believe she MADE me THE mentor!! I was like .... hmmm *tapping fingers*

The first assignment was on my table yesterday morning too, written: "For your action please." I got no problem with it but having less cooperation from some people, it's really hard to do the final report. I hope they'll hand me their reports before the deadline time tomorrow (yes ... the admin wants it by 12.30pm, grrrr! I mean, doesn't office hour end at 4pm???).

Annoyed, I took the time off ... erm ... reading. Something I don't usually do when am upset. It's a set of books a teacher requested me to order for our upper sec students. So in a way, I was reading and checking the content of the books. Personally, I like the story lines. Each book is very much related to the kids. But I have one problem with them: the tense usage. The stories were written in present instead of past tense. Grammatically, stories should only be written in past tenses whilst dialogues in present, depending on context. I don't want the kids to get confused with the tense usage in their writing (and speaking).

Then again, the books have pictures that show actions. In a way, the writer wrote the story using present tense to describe the actions shown on the pictures. That, is correct in a way BUT then again, I still think our students WILL get confused with the tense usage.

I remember one day when I lent my student a book to read. I didn't check the content thoroughly till he came to show me the book. He questioned me why the book was written in present tense when I kept telling them to use past tense when telling a story. All I could say was, "Owh! That's wrong! It SHOULD be in past tense ..." and he continued reading, having a smirk look on his face. Hmmph! You see! It's a trouble there.

Well anyway, I DID read the set of books, 5 altogether, in an hour. I liked the stories but I won't purchase it for sure ...

Today, the ORT Talk was held in SR Sengkarai. The bus ride was bumpy and a headache! What's worse, Irman, Raheemah, Suhaif and Salwa couldn't make it so it left me, Didi and HL to do their parts. Gosh! It was chaotic and exhausting! We missed some points and presented all too fast huhu :( We just hoped that the participants grabbed what we had delivered ...

The way home to Bandar was even worse than when we rode to Tutong. The bus even gave that beeping sound a number of times signaling the over-limit 'speeding'. My head went dizzy all the way! Besides, I hadn't had my lunch so it was just a vomiting-feeling journey huhu :(

I had my late lunch a.k.a. dinner at Desa Cafe. I had a few sticks of beef and chicken 'satays', 'ketupats' and fish ball tanghoon soup. I had ginger tea with it.

These two days were really exhaustive! I don't think I could handle anymore pressure at work tomorrow ...

PS: I can't wait to spend some time with Shasha tomorrow afternoon. I plan to pay Mamashasha a visit at her place after my SCOPE course tomorrow at after 4pm.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Death Race

The very first thought that came to my head in the first few minutes of the movie was ... "Huh?? WTH??"

First, I tend to question the possibility of US to become bankrupt in 4 years to come, and secondly, would Americans really watch the "Death Race" show for real?? I mean, from the movie, 700 millions people were watching the so-called reality show - "Death Race". I don't dare to watch deaths in movies, much more on reality TV. Naah! I don't think "Death Race" will ever be popular if it DOES go on air in 2012!

But then, come to think of it, people would do anything to gain profit from the audience. All this time, movie industries have been trying to attract audience to watch their movies, singers been trying so hard composing new songs and beats, even athletes been putting up with pressures of hitting new records in sports competitions. Why do they do these? They'd say for satisfaction but at the end of the day, they got the income in return for their hard work.

Watching Death Race today made me think. I used to like shows like this. I was a great fan of Akademi Fantasia (see the past tense verb of 'is' there). Year by year, I found myself getting bored of the show thus, I now have not watched the seasons for 3 years. I bet the AF people do try to attract or at least keep their audience so to get more money through the voting system and to keep the show going. Lots of surprises were added in to make the show attractive but despite those, I just can't stand the sight of those AF students.

Now, back to the movie. It didn't get the audience to vote for the racers or anything but it did make the pioneer of the show to use an innocent man to replace the racer, Frankenstein, who was lost in the game before. He was the most likable in the show so attempts were made to keep him in jail, till in that one final race, he died. The innocent man, Jensen, was put in jail after being accused of murder. Why him? 1. Cause he used to race, 2. He resembled Frankenstein, even his voice.

I found the movie .... freaky to watch!! It's freaky when what I saw 'could' be happening behind any reality shows we're watching on TV right at this moment. Imagine that!!

I rank the movie 7/10. It'd be 5/10 if the ending wasn't cool ;) The last 20 minutes of the movie was awesome, I must admit. The rest was just violent!! But I love the ending :)

PS: In the middle of the movie, when the moment of truth was gonna be conveyed, the screen went blank, showing an exploding film strip. Sharul and I, and some other audience left the cinema. It was freezing cold in there!! The next 10 minutes, the movie started again, skipping from the scene we were watching before, erk!!

Officer Cadets in BB 23.08

Just showing off hehe :p My brother's in the paper. Hey! You don't get to be in the paper everyday so showing off a bit won't hurt ;) You can read about it here.

~ The third row from the front is my bro, Zainul :) ~

~ Zainul's being awarded Officer Cadet by the Commander of Royal Brunei Armed Forces (RBAF), Pehin Dato Lailaraja Major General Dato Paduka Seri Haji Awang Halbi bin Haji Md Yussof. Proud of you bro!! ~

Saturday, 23 August 2008

@#%@#!!^& !!!

The time shows 2.32am. Some stupid girl miscalled and texted me in the middle of the night an hour ago.

First, a missed call. Then she texted, "YusRa". I was like .... WTH! I ignored it yet she called AGAIN! @#%@#!!^& !!! I rejected, thought she'd stop! But NOOOOOOOO! She texted me, AGAIN!! Errrghhhh! This time a longer one, "bang YusRa kh ni?" Arrrghhh!! Inda paham!! Urg nda layan atu, sudah tahhhh!!! So I replied "NO!"

Nurul was online so I thought, why not having sahur together now I'm awake (thanks to that B***h!!!). She told me earlier she'd fast tomorrow BUT she changed her mind! Greaatt!!! She gave me her nasi katok though. She couldn't finish it. Rezekiii! :p

Ok guys. Nitey! I mean, good 'am' ... Perempuan S**LLL!!!

PS: Makan nasi katok ingat my bro Zainul. Sigh~ ya suka makan nasi katok huhu ...

Friday, 22 August 2008

Two Parts

~ ~ Books Hunt ~ ~

I know! Me? Hunting books? Yikes!! I can't believe I spent my precious Friday morning in a bookstore, something I never did in my life before! Lulu took me to Jerudong to Reader's Haven. As I said before, we need to hunt for some books to add to our limited reading resources for the kids before August ends. Yesterday we showed our bosses the ORT and some other readers that we think are good for the students. We ended up getting 2k as another teacher in the department also proposes for another set of books to buy. So yeah, this morning we started hunting!

Now this took me a few trials before really typing this sentence out. Ermmm .... I enjoyed my time at the bookstore *blushing ting! ting!* Reader's Haven is indeed HEAVEN for us. We picked a number of sets and they only cost us $218.90!! We couldn't look for any better books cause we got to save some cash for the ORT sets. I texted Andrew to prepare the quotation and later at around 6pm I met him at Serusup. So far, we have spent B$1571.08 altogether. I told Lulu to find more to spend the rest of the money :) Of course she loves to!! Right Lulu?? :p

Here are some pix I took at Reader's Haven. It's so cozy and the books are just awesome!! I'm dragging Zima there soon!! :D ~ I don't mind spending some time there next time. I think I'm falling in love with books already *blushing* hehehe ....

~ The bookstore from a corner's view. On the right is the entrance ~

~ The rows of books. It's nice having a bench in between. Comfy! ~

~ The corner taken from the other side of the store. I like how the books are arranged, and with that sofa, it's just fabulous. It's messy though hehe. Lulu and I were hunting remember ;) That handbag is mine kekeke ~

~ The books that we spent on. Lots of varieties, colourful and ermm ... CHEAP!! :D ~

~ ~ Zainul's Day ~ ~

After having lunch with Lulu at Happy Dean’s (BCR was closed), I dropped by Mamashasha’s place to get my camera’s battery. I needed it for Zainul’s appointment as an officer cadet at 2.30pm later on. I still can’t find my charger so every time I need to re-charge it, she’d do the honour to do so :) Thanks darl! And it’s nice to see you today. I hadn’t seen her for ages! And Shasha has grown taller!! She gave me her ‘Big Hug’ and blew me kisses saying ‘I Love Youuuu’. Awwwwe! I love that kid!! :)

At 2.30pm, we were at Berakas Camp. Zainul and his comrades looked so handsome! I have always loved men in uniforms! Of course, my brother was the most handsome among all ;) ~ Babyloba would not agree with me there I’m sure hehehe :p

The Pehin who presented the ranking arrived at 3.30pm. I zigged-zagged through the thick crowds trying to get a better view of Zainul’s Day. Silly me, I DIDN’T click the recording button, mistakenly believing that I had! Sheesh!! I only realised my ‘stupidity’ after the Pehin passed Zainul the rank. Adush!! Marah Tuan Zainul! :S

Soon after, we had pictures taken and some refreshments. I gotta say, the navy uniformed officers were the smartest in the hall today! I could take their pictures forever!!

At after 4pm, we all left to Sungai Akar Camp. We were welcomed by officers and briefed on the cadets’ 6 weeks training. Zainul and his colleagues will not be allowed to get any contact with anyone outside the camp while in training, not even texting or making calls. We’re cool about it cause he was away from home for 2 years when he was finishing his course in Portsmouth. He graduated last year.

The only touching part is, he will miss Ramadhan with us, again this year. He came home from UK after Hari Raya last year and we’re looking forward to spend his first Ramadhan with us this year, after being away for 2 years. Sigh~ It is for the best. It’s nice knowing he’ll be in our mum’s embrace on the night of Syawal :) Yet again, he’ll continue his training on the 3rd of Syawal ..

Above all, I am proud of him :) He’s got the best result in the interview before he got the rank. He was also the best student in his batch in UK. Now in training, I won’t be surprised if he gets to be the best among those officer cadets :) Well, come to think of it, everyone deserves to be the best! Why? They all ARE!! :)

Enjoy the pictures! I'm sure you girls will find them hot!! Ssstttt ... :p

~ Getting ready for the Big Day :) ~

~ Looking at the future so bright ~

~ All ready and lookin' neat ;) ~

~ With dad hehe :p ~

~ With our proud mum and dad ~

~ The DAY ~

~ Leaving Berakas Camp heading to Sungai Akar Camp ~

~ Goodbyes .... ~

~ Babyloba and her other half :) Keep it lovin' guys! :D ~

PS: To Babyloba, don't worry too much. 6 weeks will pass by quickly before you know it dear :) Keep yourself busy and I'm sure, Mamashasha and Shinegirl will take good care of you while your other half is away, right girls? :)

PPS: To Syikin, thanks so much for Zainul's pictures dear. Marah Tuan Zainul I missed taking the video keke :p Luckily you took the pictures of him given the rank. Thanks again :) Cheers!!

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Why! Why! Why!!

The weather's been really hot lately and the heat is just killing me! I haven't been able to pay my qadha' fasts (3 more days though) and I blame the weather for that!! Besides, Miss Mooney is coming soon so my appetite for 'soto' and 'fried noodles' is just unstoppable!! I feel so hungry and thirsty so easily lately. Not to mention my sore throat and bumps in some parts of my body, you know with the hormones and all. You girls know what I mean of course!

I know there's a scientific reason for why we women suffer before the arrival of Miss Mooney. It's just ... painful. As for me, I feel the pain in all parts of my body, especially from the waist down. I could stay in bed the whole day bearing the pain. Yet, I wouldn't feel better by just lying down. In fact, I just can't sit, stand, lie down, any move is just PAINFUL! Not to mention my mood swings. And out of the blue last night, I read some mails I sent to my ex (NOT Sharul FYI) and I cried! I'm over him but reading those mails ... sigh! Sah! Aku PMS!

My family sometimes get the effect of my I-can't-control-my-bad-mood mood. Sometimes it gives me some time to realise that I had screamed at my siblings, even my parents. The victim at home is usually my mum (caaayang babu!!) but she always understands cause I'm a joker in the family, after Nurul and Azri. So when I blew up, she knows it's just a phase. The Miss Mooney phase.

So yeah, back to my qadha' fasts, I actually planned to fast yesterday but since I was going to meet Danny at the Ministry yesterday, so I decided not to in the end. Why? Me, Danny ... we EAT!! I can't remember any time of our meetings that we didn't sit down and order meals in between discussion. I didn't fast today too . I felt extremely exhausted yesterday that I just felt that fasting would just make me feel even worse. I had been ill since December last year and I just recently got my life back without those continuous coughs. I don't wanna fall sick again, not with Ramadhan coming soon. And now with the PMS. Erk! PMS+Flu+Coughs = Stay in Bed. I DON'T want that!! Not anymore!

InsyaAllah I will start fasting again this Saturday. I can't do tomorrow cause I am sending off Zainul to Army College with mum and dad. He'll be appointed Officer ~ Officer Cadet ~ tomorrow :) Before that, I'll be meeting Lulu at 10am. We've gotta browse through some readers for our department. Sigh~ It's gonna be another long day for me tomorrow then ...

Miss Mooney, stay away!! I've 3 more days to pay for my fast! Huhu ~

PS: Happy Birthday Puchen!! :) Love you bro!!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

One Last Dance ... Anyone??

... I desperately want this feeling ... soon ...

If I could have that dance
With you I sway with love and sing
Hand in hand as we spin

Our eyes fixed and hearts knit

If I could have that one dance

This feeling I will show

Time won't take us far for sure

With love, you I will shower

If I could have th
at one last dance
I'll bury my head on your chest
Hear your heart beats the drum

Our moves rhyme feeling that warmth

And with that one last dance

Wishes come with dozens hopes

That my hands you won't let go
With a missing part of me that you keep hold

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

I Don't ... But I Do ...

Today, I stayed back till after 5pm again, finishing up preparing those reading materials for this week and next week's reading programme. It's our department's turn this time. I wasn't fasting today but I didn't have my lunch. After introducing Andrew to my colleagues, I went ahead with the extra work that's waiting on my table. I got to know Andrew from Salwa and Didi, who are my colleagues in the ORT Talk. Andrew is the sole distributor of the book sets here in Brunei.

Having known the amazing use of the books, I decided to bring in some samples of them to show my colleagues the 'magic' the books can do to our kids in school. Lulu keeps the samples now and I told her to make the list of books that she thinks would be very helpful for her students. I talked to the boss yesterday and he confirmed me that we have an extra B$5k for purchase of books so yeah, why not spend the money ;)

Lulu was browsing through the books while I was stapling the reading materials that I was arranging. While busy doing those, of course we chatted. Lulu was so excited seeing the sets of readers that she kept saying, "Oh this is good. Oh, THIS is gooooodd!!" Hehhe. I smiled and said aloud, "Thank God I don't read!" cause Lulu is just like Raheemah. They're crazy about books! Just yesterday, Lulu told me they spent hundreds of dollars on books!! I wouldn't! Ever! Books?? Just NOT me :p

Lulu knows perfectly that I don't read. I smiled when she said, "And you're giving talks on reading!" .... and I said, "I know! Ironic huh!" Hehehe :p I told Lulu, I don't read cause I 'choose' not to read. I know if I started to, I'd drop everything else in the world and hold on to whatever that's caught my eyes to read. Despite that, we moved on chit-chatting about books-related topic, a topic I usually tend to avoid or reluctant to comment on. Why? Cause I DON'T read ... Erk!! My friends mocked and made fun of me for not having the pleasure in reading while I myself am an expert (still learning though) in language. They can't see why I choose the profession of a language teacher when I myself don't ... read.

I am very different from my sister, Zima, who is just like Lulu and Raheemah, or even Suria, Salwa and Didi. Even like Irman or Zul. At home, Zima has not two but more cabinets of novels and story books, arranged perfectly in two rows per column. She even has bags of books hidden under her bed as the cabinets are already crammed with hundreds of books. Zima has sets of good books actually. She has Nancy Drews, The Hardy Boys, Stephen King's, and lots more. She's been crazy collecting them since her teen years. No wonder she got a distinction in her English Subject in O'Level. Myself? I only got Credit 6, erk!!

Our cousins sometimes come and pick a number of books to bring home to read, which Zima happily lends to. My other siblings also enjoy reading. When you come to visit, you'll see books, novels, comics, magazines, you name it, everywhere in the house. But me, it'd take guts for me to pick one and read. Something inside me would 'stop' me to even read the first sentence of whatever's written on the pages. Don't believe it? ... Believe it!!

The chit-chats continued when Lulu mentioned a book entitled "Remember Me". I nodded, agreed that I 'did' read that book when I was younger. But it turned out to be that we were talking about two different books of the 'same' title hehehe :p The one I read was about a girl who died and became a spirit that haunted the one who killed her. Lulu wanted to know the rest of the story so I told her. I then moved on telling her about another book I used to read in my teen years, which I can't recall the title.

I briefed her about the story where a girl lost her boyfriend who then became her guardian angel. He tried to match her with a guy who really liked her by sending messages in her dreams. The puzzled girl did try to find the chemistry with the guy but ended couldn't.

The last books we talked about were the Sweet Valley Twins and High series, which we both got excited about. She read them too when she was in sec school :) I found it ... 'nice' when we moved on talking about some series that we remembered reading. We laughed recalling the 'April Fool' episode, also the one when Elizabeth lost her memory and when Jessica didn't get to be the prom queen. We even remembered the boys the twins dated. Gosh! I remembered 'Todd' and Lulu was crazy about a guy Elizabeth dated in Uni :p We could talk about the series forever! Again, I smiled, this time with a different feeling about reading, when Lulu commented, "See Suzi! You DO read!!" Hmm ... Yea ... I do ... Well, correction! I DID :p

What happened today has awaken me. I DID find the joy in reading. I can't stop to wonder 'why' I don't now. It's just that, the inner side of me 'sends' the signal to my brain that I 'don't need' to read. But WHY?? Hmm ... I guess, I should try to fight those urges as I find it .... overwhelming .... when Lulu and I talked, and shared, about stuff that she and I 'enjoyed' reading when we were younger.

I like that feeling. I do :)

Sunday, 17 August 2008

The Best & Most Fun Family Wedding EVER!!!

I gotta say, and I'm gonna keep repeating that, Farizal and Badriyah's wedding was the BEST and MOST FUN family wedding EVER!!! We love every detail of the functions, right from the tents to souvenirs, the food and music, not to mention the newly weds' aisles and songket. The bride's make-up was really awesome. She looked so ... fuhh! The MOST~ Amal and I had to run after the make-up artist asking for his business card, only to find out he didn't have it with him at that time huhu :S Badriyah's wedding gowns were just .... beautiful!

On the wedding day, they were wearing green. Just the nice colour for both of them. The tiara and accessories were also very very ... wow! Even better, when we got to witness the Tutong wedding ceremony on that day, as Badriyah's mum comes from Tutong.

The 'Cuci Kaki' or 'Rinse the Feet' Ceremony was very new to us. Well, at least, for us cousins. I couldn't stop taking every detail of the ceremony from the moment the bride and groom sat on the aisle outside the house and took off their shoes, to the time the elder put the 'parang' and sharpening tool below their feet, right up to the moment when the elders pour water to their feet using some sort of a small bucket with a handle. The water was provided in a big vase. After rinsing the newly weds' feet, the elders pun envelops of cash on a silver tray at the corner of the aisle. It was such a beautiful ceremony. Mamashasha and Ejah, now I know your wedding culture :)

The ceremony was really jolly. Everyone was sporting, especially us the HCAC gang. Last night, we had a blast on the bus rides to and from the bride's place for the couple's 'Malam Ambil-Ambilan'. It is the night when the mother of the groom hands the bride some accessories as a way of welcoming her to the family. My aunt gave her a gold necklace, ring and bracelet. We then took pictures with the couple on the aisle. Last night, they put on their pink songket. Badriyah looked amazing and her dress was just ... breathtakingly beautiful. Farizal also looked fabulous, though in pink. They are just perfect for each other.

The dinner was really grand. No wonder she spent 80k for everything. The food was yummy, a catering from Aneka Rasa Restaurant, and the Lucky Draws and Quizzes were amazing! We had so much fun, while winning some prizes at the same time. The Masamichi photographer was also a sport. He took pictures of us all, capturing happy moments that we were having. I can't wait to see the photos and hope I'll be able to link the published pictures on the website here for everybody's viewing :D

For the time being, enjoy what you see here people! :D


~~ 'Berbedak' Ceremony ~~


~~ The Wedding Day ~~


~~ 'Malam Ambil-Ambilan' Ceremony ~~


~~ Now the HCAC Fun & Happy Moments @ the Wedding Ceremonies :) ~~

PS: So stress now with the continued Big Q asked by the elders. On the way home from the wedding, mum even 'instructed' me to get married next year. Yes, NEXT YEAR. She even offered to lend me the cash for my so-called wedding ... Sigh~~

I AM AN ARIES: The Daredevil (huh??)

Energetic (yea, in many ways)

Adventurous and spontaneous (definitely)

Confident and enthusiastic (yup!)

Fun (hmm ... I should ask my friends that!)

Loves a challenge (100%)

EXTREMELY impatient (well, I hate waiting. Does that count??)

Sometimes selfish (am I??)

Short fuse; easily angered (hell yeah!)

Lively, passionate and sharp wit (hmm ... No comment!)

Outgoing (for sure!)

Lose interest quickly - easily bored (most of the time)

Egostical (in some ways; my baby says "in MANY ways" LOL!!)

Courageous and assertive (I agree!)

Tends to be physical and athletic (hmm ... Naah!!)

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My engagement: 01.01.10

My engagement: 01.01.10
Suzila Ahmad

The engagement ring :)

A cake from him

For him

With my dad & Sharul's :)

With my mum and his :)

With two of my closest girlfriends: Azean & Yanti :)