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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Status: exhausted ..

It was a busy week for me. Too many things happened in such short time.

Will share the stories soon .. with pictures. Hope I'll manage coz workloads are waiting for me now ..

~~ Ramadan Mubarak: Wishing everybody the most beautiful and inspirational Ramadan ever! Rejoice and pray that the blessed month brings peace and prosperity to everybody out there. Let's be generous to those in need, and be most kind to one another ~~

Saturday, 15 August 2009


Finally managed to go there today. Been meaning to do so since it first opened last Wednesday. Well, it was supposed to be a very cool exhibition IF my feet weren't so tired of walking all the way to the bus stand at Jerudong Park today, in the hot sun! That was already a turn off really pfft!! What's worse, it was hard to find parking spaces that Sharul and I had to wait for my siblings for half an hour in the hot weather: we had everyone's tickets sheeshh!! Then while waiting, we turned to this loud woman on her way out, shouting to her friends who were just going in saying, "It's BORING!!" on top of her lungs. The rest of us at the entrance were like ... okay, thanks bitch! You just spoiled our day!!

Anyway, with empty tummy, we proceeded to the first cafeteria we spotted on, had a few drinks and snacks. That'll do to at least make us feel better after draining our sweat out in the long walk. Inside was pretty cool. Though with aching feet, I couldn't help admiring a few displays, though I am not a great fan of missiles or any war related items. Dad was even taking pictures of the Pakistani's displayed weapons. Sharul helped him to snap a few photos using dad's phone. None of us brough cameras today, silly me especially. Darn it!!

Sharul tried out a few specs, safety specs really, for his work. Too bad we didn't bring enough cash. For $98, those specs were really a bargain! Before the promotion price, it was about $105 (?). Well, he'll get it when he goes to Singapore next time.

I admired seeing kids with excitement in their faces: them wearing army suits and holding guns, aiming to something and pretending to shoot. Even taking pictures of tanks and missiles as backgrounds, all wide smiles. At one time, I overheard this parent saying to his sons, with excitement, urging to a booth ahead saying, "There's pretty cool stuff over there, let's!" His kids were as excited as their father. I wonder if Sharul would have that kind of bond with our sons too one day *wink wink* ;)

It was a long day at work and going to such exhibition on a hot day wasn't a good idea afterall. Not to mention going with empty pockets! Darn it, my baby looks sexy with those specs!! *sigh*

I'll make sure that we'll get to Bridex 2011 on time even to witness the air show. And hopefully there'll be no spoilers saying bad things about the exhibition. Spoilers always kill anybody's mood you see! Pfft!!!


The tickets. Fooling around with my phone camera while waiting for my siblings and dad to arrive at the entrance.Cool huh! The exhibition is held here in the buildings of both sides of this dome shaped hall :)Heee :D bonding it! Sharul and my dad ;) Dad was amazed seeing the Pakistani's exhibited weapons and told Sharul to take pictures of them using his phone :)Haha! I made him stay so I could take a picture of him with this model military wagon (?) of the Jordanian Government :)Pretty cool models. I said to Sharul: I'll have this in our baby boy's room. And he was like ... huh?? LoL!! :P Of course with trains, small people, houses bla bla bla ;)I can never have the patience doing this .. We asked the cost of the sinjang made by this company and on discounts, it costs BND1,600!!! Fuhh!!!Thank God there're stalls selling drinks! Sharul had watermelon, I had green apple. Very fresh!I prefer him with the transparent specs :)Teehehehe :P Me and my sis trying out the helmet. Man it's heavy!!Smile! You're on candid camera!! Heee :D My baby leaning against a Malaysian military boat.Ain't this cool or what! Phew!!Us killing the time while my sister was shopping for Bridex bags, which took FOREVER! Grrr!!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The usuals

The room is under renovation now, finally. So I haven't been sleeping in my room since last Monday. Been sticking out my nose in my sister's room for a sleep in since then ~ and having to listen to her whining coz I've been a nuisance to her used-to-be undisturbed sleeps. She said I snore the loudest! LoL!! Sorry sista!

The room's gonna be ready by next week, hopefully by this Friday. The furniture is all ready. Can't wait to see the new look of it :)

Prince Whiny's getting much better. Really good to know that! But I am mad at his daddy now. It's one of those days when he takes things, small things, too seriously, and makes my life hell in a second.

At times, I am bloody tired of his unnecessary tantrums over silly tiny little things!! It gets on my nerve when he pulls off that look .. that 'here-goes-the-shit' look.

I need a break! Pfft!!

PS: I watched 'Sepet' on Astro tonight and cried watching the touchy scenes, especially when Jason was heart broken and consoled by him mum. I couldn't help missing that feeling of deep love .. I lost it once and can't seem to feel the same since .. *sigh*

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Visit to the vet

Prince Whiny is really sick as we had thought so. The vet doctor was impressed with his physical condition, saying what a handsome cat he was, till he took Whiny's temperature. His temperature was 40'c :( It was worrying that the doc gave him an injection right away and antibiotic tablets. He whined when he was injected and my heart broke seeing his condition. I am sure Sharul felt the same way :(

The doctor said that if Whiny is still inactive till Tuesday, we will have to bring him back to the vet to make him stay the night for supervision.

Before leaving the vet, we took Whiny to the back of the vet/shop where the white Persian cat was caged. Soon as seeing him, Whiny started reacting. We had to separate them soon after or a fight would've started. Okay now that's one good reason for me to forget the blue-eyed cat!

Before leaving the vet, we did ask the doc's assistant of Whiny's type. She showed us a cat types chart on the wall and pointed to a picture of a Whiny look-alike. So now we know that Whiny is an American Short Hair type cat. Then on we know why the doc said Whiny was a handsome cat coz for his type, it's quite rare for his type to have such long hair, and grey :)

All the way home Whiny was lying weakly on my lap. He was looking outside and finally fell asleep. His body was warm on my skin.

I hope he will be well soon. I really hope he will :(


Whiny whimpered when he was injected .... kesian .... :(
Due to his high temperature, he had to take the injection and some tablets. Hope he gets well the soonest..
Whiny lay on my lap and arm for comfort. I guess the drugs were in action on our way home...

Friday, 7 August 2009

45-minute destressed momento

Sharul and I went out this afternoon, with two missions: 1. to buy the materials for my room: I am renovating it for December's occasion *wink wink* 2. to get a durian: Sharul somehow couldn't resist to have one today.

After our late lunch somewhere in Sungai Tilong, we passed by a vet/shop. We've been looking for a cage for Whiny so we decided to drop in. That was when I saw him! It was love at first sight I must say!!

He has the bluest eyes and the fairest fur! I have always dreamed of having a Persian cat with white fur. So when I saw him today, my heart was swelling inside. I just felt that I had to own him!!

I can't believe I CRIED over a cat today. That never happened before *tsk tsk* .... I wish I'm a millionaire so I could buy him right away!

We're gonna bring Whiny to see the vet doctor tomorrow afternoon. He seems very weak/lazy/sleeping all the time lately. We wanna make sure he's 100% fine.

We never had a cat before. Any suggestions on how to look after a cat from you people are greatly appreciated. Thanks you guys! :)

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

She is a HE!! LOL!!!

LOL!! Sharul just told me something extremely funny. Guess what! Whiny is a MALE!! LOL!! We all thought he's a 'she' coz the previous owner told us so. But today, Sharul just realised that Whiny is a male cat. I guess his fur is so thick that his balls weren't showing in the first place akekeke :P

Whiny had his first shower last night. He was scared of water I must say and when he realised that his fur was wet, he seemed angry LOL!! He couldn't stop trying to run away from Amal, Sharul's sister.

Now 'Whiny' doesn't sound like a male name don't you think? I asked Sharul what we should call him. Winno?? Hehehehe :D


Whiny's first shower :)

Very attentive! Little that he knew that he'd be 'thrown' in there!! Hehhee :P
Poor thing .... Look at his eyes ... awwww ....
An angry lil cat!! Grrr.... Hehehe :D

Sunday, 2 August 2009


My baby just bought a cat aged 4 months old last night. She's adorable!! Very active and so whiny, hence the name ;)

Whiny knows how to pose. We thought the previous owner had always taken her pictures hehe. She'd stop from whatever she was doing (running, whining, hiding, whining, and whining) whenever we showed her our hand phone (taking her pixies). Adorable!! Too bad I didn't have my camera so here are the pictures of her taken using my phone :)

She was all jumpy and whiny till she saw me & Sharul chatting. She jumped on us and fell asleep in a second!! Pemalas!!! Hahhaha :D
Right timing! I wish I had my camera so this wouldn't turn out blurry *sigh* So I told Sharul I'd post this in Facebook and say: "my bitch and his cat" muahahahaha!!! :D
See! She knows where to look at and pose!!
She likes me stroking her like this. She'd purr every time I do this to her. Manja kaannn :)

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Adventurous and spontaneous (definitely)

Confident and enthusiastic (yup!)

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Loves a challenge (100%)

EXTREMELY impatient (well, I hate waiting. Does that count??)

Sometimes selfish (am I??)

Short fuse; easily angered (hell yeah!)

Lively, passionate and sharp wit (hmm ... No comment!)

Outgoing (for sure!)

Lose interest quickly - easily bored (most of the time)

Egostical (in some ways; my baby says "in MANY ways" LOL!!)

Courageous and assertive (I agree!)

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My engagement: 01.01.10
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