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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Thankful ..

I am blessed having caring families and friends around. I've read through the comments, suggestions and advice in the previous posts. I can't thank you guys more. Hugs to all!!


Leng said...

control ur temper n exercise often.. we need to relax... and stay calm..

29 May 2009 13:15


Princess Gizmo said ...

I agree with Leng.. You need to loosen up dear.. I know you're too serious bah.. Jgn marah ling ah hehehe.. Well try to take it lightly.. Kalau ada prob pun jgn pikir sorg2 talk with someone u know & trust ok? 1 more thing if you always think negatively & make 'full use' of your brains with those unnecessary things... Sure bp naik tu..

Believe me. Coz I nearly suffered from High bp too back in year 2004 or 2005. From that moment I tried to loosen up, Alhamdulillah ok my bp :)

It's good to hear that at least you managed to lose your weight even it's not much but better kan? Slowly you'll lose more weight tu. I agree with u 100% our job ani tah yg bagi tani nda byk energy *sigh*..

I dunno how to help u lagi ling. Just hope other people ada better advices :)

29 May 2009 14:33

Lulu said...

u know wat, u need to get out of discipline! i mean it!

talk to admin, tell them ur condition. ur doc can write surat for u.

do it, suzi, i'm dead serious, u need to do this for health n sanity's sake

minta isuk, asap

29 May 2009 16:09

Babe said...

Decrease salt intake. I think switch to a different kind of salt macam yg bejual di Guardian. Instead of salt, you can use herbs & spices for flavour. STAY AWAY from any products with MSG like keropok, instant noodles etc.

You also have to lose weight to lower your BP. Don't eat anything bigger than your two fists put together because that's about the size of your stomach. Snack on fruits, eat more vegetables. Cut down on pasta & rice.

The more you eat fruits/vegetables/fibre, the less hungry you feel & you lose your appetite for other food such as junk food, greasy food etc.

Hope this helps.

29 May 2009 20:53

Seagull said...

I heard colleague said drinking fresh celery juice helps to lower hypertension. I think she said mixed with carrot..

Try to sleep early Suzi.

30 May 2009 00:09


Anih said...

Ling! Aher ku mbgi comment ni.

kalo d,katakn genetic.. Low chances x. P dlm peradian far my sis yg kana. Includes th high cholestrol ling. P ato sal permakanan jua..

sal high bp yg ku liat punca dri persekitaran, stress, bnyk fikir, presure kaja, presure sekeliling scara tk lngsung dri tani atau org.. Sigh~ *based on experience* sma f ada problem..try to sort thangs out, jgn tlampau tani fikirkan ling ah. P kdg2 mlampau jua bh ah, esp msa kes yg u cetakn ah. Mbri k,jiwa jua. See~ diri yg jdi fikiran kan..

Try to relax ling ah, happy owez, maintain keep positif..yg penting u must take enuf rest..jgn tlampau workaholic jua.. Syngi dirimu jua.. A2 pun mcm u lepak2 wit fwens apa a2 kira satu drp nya jua, ada rezeki lbeh k, spa b,urut aromathepy.. Syangi diri anda~ :) :p


30 May 2009 01:15


Iqa said...

you need to be less stress. i think u tu ngalih berabis. u atu ramai udah ckp workoholic. rehat tah. u really need to loosen up.

and if u exercise while having a high bp it will even worsen it. u can exercise when its stable dah. invest d gaurdian yg bp punya mesin atu. briskwalking is ok but again u will make it worse kalau bepanas. hypertension ani kan bahaya. even org high bp nda dpt sauna,jacuzzi etc etc. nda bleh panas lai.

all u can do at the moment is rest. and less salt intake my dear. no salt kalau bleh. if hypertension ani mainly ur body retains water. banarnya i think ur body is mainly water tu. sal kalau org hypertension berisi nya lain. air saja tu.

just dun think about anything and relax.

30 May 2009 17:02

Scarlet said...

Hi ting! If you want to lower your blood pressure yang penting nya jauhkan daripada stress. I agree with the others..Sometimes i feel u are thinking TOO much pasal keraja..Jgn luan di pikirkan maasalah pasal kraja, personal matter and students..

To reduce i think u need to change ur diet.. Jgn mkn after 7pm. Eat more vegetables, fruits and lowfat dairy food.. AVOID Mayonnaise, butter, Cheese or any food yang high in saturated fat.. and the MOST important thing..reduce yr salt intake. Jgn tah d mkn lagi keropok, instant food or apa2 yang masin.Coz yang ku tau kebanyakkan org dpt high BP coz of high salt intake in their diet.Kalau bleh kalau u mkn d kadai gtau no need to add salt.

Eat more garlic.. It will help u to reduce yr cholesterol and blood pressure level. Try to sleep early..If possible 10pm(paling akhir!). Dont drink coffee and tea coz this will make yr heart beats faster and increase ur BP. Hope this will help dear... Kdg2 Kesian ku kau ani... Get well soon dear *Mwahs! hugs*

01 June 2009 00:12


I am feeling much better now. I was in bed the past two days. The drugs for the flu and fever were too strong that the moment I took them, I felt my eyes heavy and soon enough, I'd be sleeping like a baby. I only woke up for solat, meals and of course, the meds in the next 6 hours. Between wakes and sleeps, I'd peek through this page to see what 'help' I could get. Alhamdulillah, I am so thankful! Messages in MSN are also encouraging. My heart melts reading those advice and kind words, though in a 'scolding' way :)

Yesterday afternoon I planned to go to Shahbandar meeting up with the girls to do some hiking but a friend stopped me from going after she 'scolded' me on MSN. So I cut pasted her lectures in this blog so for my reminder and for those out there who are having the same problem as I am. So instead of going exercising, Sharul took me out sightseeing. Well, more of sighting the sunset at Jerudong and Tungku Beaches actually. I felt so alright with the sight of the sunsets! My baby knows me so well!

Today, I went to have a massage. Alhamdulillah, I feel much much better since. I've been looking after my diet strictly too. Thanks to all the advice guys! For the moment, I won't be going out exercising, especially not hiking till I'm sure my blood pressure is stable. I pray that it will.

Once again, thank you for all the feedbacks. I am forever thankful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

PS: I will upload some pictures of the sunsets that I took yesterday. Now I am off to bed. Just took the night pills. My eyes are so heavy! G'night people!!

Friday, 29 May 2009

Help needed urgently ..

Dear beloved friends and readers ..

I am in the stake of fright now. I am lost and I need your help so urgently.

The doc's lengthy lectures yesterday have given me nightmares of effects and consequences of health problems that I would face IF my blood pressure remains high. Taking the blood pressure pills is a wise option, the doc said, but mum is so against it. Now she's struggling to help me in whatever ways possible to save me. Poor mum .. I am now a reason for her own blood pressure to go high up. She and dad are suffering from it. The doc said my condition now could've been genetic, but of a low chance ..

Please leave me ideas, of any tips, on how to lower my blood pressure.

I've been looking after my diet, calorie intake and such. The doc is happy of one result of it: I lost 9 kg since last December. I am now sticking to it.

I've gone out exercising, but not as often as I plan to. Reasons: I am fatigued at the end of the day and going out is the last thing I'd want to do usually. Thanks to Lulu and Zulaiha for their support who are always there at Shahbandar accompanying me hiking and brisk walking, whenever I have the energy left after a long day at work. The routine work is, I think, my number one enemy ..

I need advice on how to lower my blood pressure, any tips that work on you, or your families and friends, who are suffering the same symptom as mine. I greatly appreciate your time and ideas here.

Thank you *hugs*

Thursday, 28 May 2009

What a week!

My day was fast today, and worse than the day before. I felt extremely lost! I couldn't even recognise a face whom I saw and talked with yesterday. And I didn't like that feeling. I never had this problem before. I used to be good in remembering people I communicated with, though I'd find it very hard to say a name. Lately, this week, I am not me. And I hate that feeling!

I also realised that I felt nothing as soon as I woke up. My eyes are heavy, very heavy, as if they had never taken their rest for ages. My head seems blocked. Like something is holding it tight. I can't focus well and I don't seem to do certain work right. I hate it and so I lost my temper easily. I hate that too. Poor mum's been a victim of my temperament at home. With the flu and fever, I feel worse. I also had taken a few puffs of my Ventolin since the asthma attacks every night before I go to bed. This week was hell!

I missed the drama course yesterday. I had planned to have my self checked at the clinic instead, even Sharul left work early to accompany me, only to be troubled with his car. It broke down on the way back to Bandar from Lumut. It had to be towed back to a workshop. We promised to meet at a place at 2pm. The plan was cancelled finally when the 'blur' me went to another place while my baby was waiting somewhere else! I couldn't focus and whatever was happening had caused the brain to be confused. I hate it! Poor Sharul had to walk home from the workshop when I could've driven all the way to pick him up but the anger over 'my' stupidity won the medal. And my baby had to give in. Sorry Love .. :(

Today wasn't much different. But at least, we made it to the clinic. My Bp was high. Surprise surprise! I got the longest lecture from the doc. This time, she seriously advised me to start taking the medicine. Having high Bp is not healthy. It's dangerous, she said. It can even affect my kidneys, heart, bla bla bla. Suddenly I felt like I'm dying :'(

Sharul was there listening and explained to the doc on the supplement tablets that I've been taking since last week. The doc insisted me to stop taking it immediately. It's definitely given side effects on me, obviously. She said, major headache is one of the many side effects of whatever supplements or medicine one takes. If headache persists, thus the pills taken are not suitable for us. She must've seen how blur I was, I'm sure. She gave me a day off on Saturday though I didn't ask for it. I must've looked depressed. She urged me to take a long rest and not to worry about a thing. Stress and depression kill, she said.

The rest of the afternoon Sharul took me out. He didn't go to work today just to take me to the clinic. Ain't he sweet! And today, he treated me like a princess. He even bought me a carpet! Something I'd been eyeing since last month. You know what, I think my Bp's gone down now ;)

I told mum about what the doc said. She's worried knowing it all. She even apologised for forcing me to consume the pills that she bought me. She said she only wanted me to get better. Finally now, I can stop taking them. I hope I will feel better soon. I hate being sick!

PS: I pulled out from the BADS Comedy Night this coming 4th June. I don't think I can cope with the rehearsals and commitment. Besides, with the condition I am in, I don't think I can memorise the script on time. I don't want to spoil the night with my making a fool of my self on the stage. Well, there's always next year. Hope the team understands *sigh*

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

That Repeating Routine

The sun comes up but the eyes are too heavy to open. Even the sound of the alarm clock in the ear isn't giving much impact.

The routine starts again.

The routine that suffocates you in some ways.

The minutes pass and the next thing you know, you're driving that car of yours - that monopolies 40% of your monthly salary - to work, listening to the ever boring adverts, the 'Aunty May' or the 'On the Go' whatsoever after the 7am news. Changing the station isn't helping much either. The next option, listening to your CD, but your hands are busy on the wheels to even change it to the ones you got in the CD bags. The morning sun has shone brighter, but not your mood.

At work, dragging those files and bags to the office, your feet seem to move slower that you want them to. Smile creeps on your face but the heart isn't. It still longs for one particular place you call 'home'. You reply 'hello' and 'hi' but you don't seem to remember the faces. You nod to those faces that aren't familiar, making your brain work when they actually say your name. The head is heavy, heavier than the heart as you step your foot into your big office.

The table is clear. This you remember as you make it a habit of cleaning it up and stacking the paperwork and due date memos up high so it looks neat and welcoming the next morning.

It never works.

You still wish you're somewhere else.

The minute you sit down, the phone rings. There you go! The first case arrives. The next thing you know, you miss your lunch, even a sip of the water that you bring from home.

Afternoon is often filled with meetings and courses that you're obliged to attend. At many times, you get something good in hand. In other times, you feel like you're wasting your afternoon nap time. When you're lucky, you'll get free 'late-lunch' before leaving the gatherings. IF you're lucky! If you aren't, you'll be driving home with an empty tummy.

Even then, you still clean up your desk so the next day's routine will not be like today's. The hope is always there.

The days to come only start when those eyes open with the alarm clock sound in your ear.

The routine starts again. And your mind wonders: Is it time to switch profession?

Maybe it is time ..

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The confession

I am still down with the flu. In class, kids came up to my desk with their test papers. I shooed them away, saying I didn't want 'my' virus to infect them. In a second, the circle broke and a boy, wide eyed said: "Teacher has swine flu?!!" Gawd! Kids can be so innocent with their remark. I replied: "No lah! Go away or you'll get the flu too!!" All laughed to that *sigh* I hate being sick ..

Reading a friend's blog just now, I remember the confession Sharul made to me last night while driving me home. I was weak and dizzy, hardly listening but I tried to pay attention. Remember the entry when I was so heart broken weeks ago? As I said, we never talked about whatever that created our dozens fights. We dropped them. And I believe this is one of the many reasons why we're still strong together. Well, the last fight we had was the worst. Sharul had confessed and now the pain has lessen. Seagull, here it is.

That night, we had supper. Mum had finally given in, from what I'd seen. She had been asking me to book a place for the wedding next year (I told mum that I won't have my wedding at home since there's very limited parking space). So, I had planned on it, of course I needed Sharul to be part of the planning too. So, the weeks were all occupied with the wedding plans. Sharul, on the other hand, did not seem to show enthusiasm. I sensed it but I was too busy with my dream wedding. Girls do that, don't we girls!

So that Saturday night we went out, the weekend that I usually 'booked' myself for him since we only meet once or twice a week. All I talked about was the wedding. He nodded. No comment came, except a few 'Yes'es and 'Hmm's. Till that supper time, when I asked him the question:

"So, when are we going to book the place? For the wedding? They said it's better now or we won't get a date."

He grumbled. That face .. (it still breaks my heart seeing that expression *sigh*) ..

"We talked about this!! STOP WHINING!!" he said ..

I was shocked. I didn't expect that coming from him. Tears streaming down my face. I couldn't control it. No matter how hard I tried to remain calm, I couldn't. My heart shattered with that sharp tearing reply he said. I faced away from him. Luckily we were sitting next to each other so I guess he didn't realise the tears on my cheeks. I left the table soon as my food came, storming into the restroom. It was locked, someone was inside. But nobody was around so there, I cried my heart out. I couldn't stop. I wished I could cause I didn't want him to know. Or he'd call me a whiny bitch!

We emptied our plates in silence. I sensed others' eyes on us. Maybe cause they realised the sudden change. I was all smiley when we entered the restaurant but the next minute, I was crying. How absurd! Sharul seemed to realise that too. He did try to make conversation, with a lower tone this time. Maybe he saw the tears, I don't know. I was too busy calming myself.

The drive home was quiet. So as the rest of the week as the silent treatment continued. The wedding topic was never mentioned ever since.

Last night, after having the hot soup (cause of the fever), Sharul drove me home. Between drowsiness, he confessed. And I began to understand ..

He said he knew he had made me miserable.
He said he knew he had deeply hurt my feelings.
He said he knew he was wrong.
He admitted. It was a mistake.
It wasn't intentional, he added. I was just quiet.

He kissed my forehead when we said goodbye ..
"I love you," he said.

Now, he's forgiven. The wedding? We'll see to that ..

Week's photo stories

**** The BBQ at Junjong ***

The BLA+1 enjoying the food .. and the house :)
Food's cooked 'with love' ;)
Chicken Spaghetti ..
Chicken Lasagna .. and ..
BBQ chicken and sausages :)
Alahaiii ... My baby malu hehe :P
Chilling at Junjong :)
Thanks Ting for coming :) Hope you enjoyed your stay too! Mwahs!!
A gathering that'll never be forgotten ..
The 'hosts' ;)
Lulu trying out the Osim foot massage :)
Everyone on the ground floor, taken from the attic
The next minute, they brought the presents up to the attic singing "Santa Claus is Coming Home" LOL!!
Opening the presentsssss heeeeeeee :P
I love the pashmina. Thanks Suria. We missed her that night .. And thanks Kiem for the blue necklace! :D
Align CenterAnother pashmina from Johnny :)
A few of the MANY dolphin gifts. Thanks guys!!! :D
.. and another .. Thanks Johnny :)
Relaxing theme's a success!! Yeyy!! :D
I love the dolphin bracelet! And my watch was out of battery! Just on time for a new one ;) Thanks Yatie! :)
Ehem! Terasa babe!! Huhu~~ Sharul said I quote: "The others pakai tudung sudah, Sayang bila?" *wink wink* Thanks Yatie! I love the design of the scarf :)
Mixtures of gifts from everybody :)
Nice kannn ... :)
Owhhh I NEED these!! Thanks Roslin :)
LOL!! The door curtain is from Mas, slippers from Niza, handbag from Roslin and watch from Yatie :D
Thanks Mas. I love the poem you gave me *hugs*
LOL!! Macam Datin?? :P This black bling-bling bag is from Niza. The pin that I hang on the necklace is from Mas. Thanks girls :)
My gift for the BLA+1: a small towel and facial mask in a pouch :) Hope they like it!
Thanks all!! *hugs*
The requested birthday 'pudding' :) Thanks Mas! I loved it!! Aiks! Yatie inter framed! Hahaha!!!
Nyum nyum!!
BLA+1. MIA: Rahimah and Suria ..

*** The next morning ***

I can't believe Leng was MARKING!!! Shesssh!!!
Breakfast awaits at 8am: Junjong Special :)

***After breakfast: photo shootings and swimming***

We love the partition. It's not a wall but it does its part separating the foyer and the dining room. Nicely done! And this chair is brand new. The owner had just brought it in the day before :)
While the ladies were swimming, Johnny went online, I observed ;)
Yanti & Leng were persuading Lulu to jump in but with no success LOL!!!

***Before leaving***

***BADS drama rehearsal***

Hmm ... The stage ...
Guess where this is ;)

I AM AN ARIES: The Daredevil (huh??)

Energetic (yea, in many ways)

Adventurous and spontaneous (definitely)

Confident and enthusiastic (yup!)

Fun (hmm ... I should ask my friends that!)

Loves a challenge (100%)

EXTREMELY impatient (well, I hate waiting. Does that count??)

Sometimes selfish (am I??)

Short fuse; easily angered (hell yeah!)

Lively, passionate and sharp wit (hmm ... No comment!)

Outgoing (for sure!)

Lose interest quickly - easily bored (most of the time)

Egostical (in some ways; my baby says "in MANY ways" LOL!!)

Courageous and assertive (I agree!)

Tends to be physical and athletic (hmm ... Naah!!)

Fun with your photos
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My engagement: 01.01.10

My engagement: 01.01.10
Suzila Ahmad

The engagement ring :)

A cake from him

For him

With my dad & Sharul's :)

With my mum and his :)

With two of my closest girlfriends: Azean & Yanti :)