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Friday, 30 May 2008

The Singaporeans Visit

Singaporean delegates are visiting our school since last Monday. They only confirmed us about it last week and our chief wanted us to prepare this and that in less than a week! Our school was preparing both school-based and outdoor activities. The school-based included Debate Competition (which the Bruneians won! :p), traditional games (the Singaporeans made kites, played tinting and simban and many more games), making Brunei dishes (they tried preparing Ambuyat and Kelupis), Cultural Night Show, the Technology Challenge and friendly sports match.

I was in-charged of the Cultural Night Show where I trained 20 students performing a Lela Menchanai Theatre and a traditional dance; Chabok-Chabok Bertali Rambai. Other officers did other performances like drama, koir, nasyid, hadrah (a traditional musical instrument), several other traditional dances, syair and poems. 15 performances altogether that night, with Singaporean students performing two; Dikir Barat and syair.

Among these things, we also hosted several functions within the week so it's been very hectic. With only 3 days of intensive training, the Cultural Night Show was a success! Everyone had a job well done! I wouldn't say much here as I need the lil bit of my energy left to do the 'untouched' work later.

Thank God it's a holiday this Saturday! It means, we're going to have a 3-day off this weekend!! Yeaahooo!!! :D Well, people!! Enjoy the pictures! ;)


=== The welcoming attempts. See clearly. Both flags are made of bottles!! The Singaporean students were amazed!! ===

=== My beloved students! Thanks guys for helping me with the flags!!! Mwahz!! :D ===

=== The Singaporean teacher from Broadrick Secondary School. Our school is hosting their visit here to Brunei for 5 days ===

=== Before the play ===

=== After the play. Phew!! What a relief!! There were some technical problems that night but the performers did their best. Turned out to be, the audience loved our performance and overlooked the problems on stage. Glad they loved it! :) ===

=== The guards and dancers. One of these boys does look like you, don't you think Mo? :p ===

Sunday, 25 May 2008

_ _ Complicated _ Unstable _ Sinful _ _

Life is complicated. Sometimes you wish for something so badly that you keep wishing and wishing to get it. But once you finally do, at times you'll try so hard to stop it, though it seems to keep coming and growing.

That's human. That's us. We always want something. We always desire things and show to people how much you crave for that thing you wanted. For those stable brainies, they'd tend to accept all with open arms. But to those with shaky life, like mine, would tend to try to avoid it from happening, especially when it happens all in the wrong time.

Too early for it all. Too scared to admit. Too small to accept.

Too sinful to avoid ... Forgive me _ _ _ _

Friday, 23 May 2008

Too Early . . .

Speechless. Indecisive. Hurt. Angry. All mixed into one. A fact that shouldn't have happened. A wish that is heard. A dream that's too early coming true.

Not now . . . Not now . . .

Can't think of the wise move. Any solution seems too difficult to grab. To let go, or let stay . . .

Don't know . . . Don't know . . .

Definitely, not now . . . NOT now . . .

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Heartfelt Desire

Just staying home, sleeping and resting really made my brain go nuts! Mum's out attending a family gathering so she didn't cook. I called Sharul to accompany me eating out as I have to have something to eat before taking my strong meds. In the next hour, I was sleeping in the car and he went out buying something from a store.

He then went to have his hair cut; he's gonna have an interview tomorrow at Seria. He wants to look smart he said. He did ask around about the job and the starting salary is about B$1500, excluding allowance and benefits. He's applying from Mashhor Company. I really hope he gets it ...

Waiting in the car, I browsed through his mobile phone. Going through the files, I found one named "Letter To My Sayang..". Curious, I opened it. The next minute, I had tears filled up my eyes.

The letter's for me .... Only to be opened on the right time ...

It's of his feeling towards me, how he loves me dearly and wants our relationship to last. He begs me to wait for him till he's all qualified to take my hand ... He doesn't want my parents to question him whether he could manage to take care of me or not as he knows it would burden me inside. He loves me so much that he wants me and only me to be his companion ...

A tear fell as I read ... "Sayang, now hear me say, will you marry me? Will you be my wife?" ...

I closed the file. Left the phone where he had left it. A moment later, he opened the car door, having that new haircut. He must've not noticed my red eyes so we left, I, pretending as if nothing had happened.

Inside, I have my heartfelt desire to say .... "YES..."

When the time comes, IF the time comes, I do hope I could say the three-letter word, with the blessings from my parents.

If the time ever comes .....

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Am Not Fit..

I woke up with a sore throat on Thursday morning and it got worse the moment I left the office. I took my short nap, feeling heavy in the head and coughing. By 6pm, Sharul drove me to the Borneo Clinic in Gadong. By this time, I already had a fever and running nose. I had to wrap myself with my pashmina as I felt so cold. I had to wait in the car for my turn as the clinic waiting area was so cold with its air-cond. After 7pm, the doctor diagnosed me of having a high fever and insisted me to stay home. I sure need a rest. So she gave me my Saturday off.

I am not fit and the drugs are killing me! I feel my eyes heavy everytime I take it. My brain's so light that I can't focus on anything. The meeting with "The Heroes" today was mentally exhausting me. I tried to focus but couldn't. Thanks to Irman and Raheemah. They were so understanding that they let me rest though I forced myself to contribute some ideas on our presentations this 9th-12th June. Alhamdulillah, by almost 3pm, I managed listing down things that I should include in my presentation on those days. I drove Irman back to the jetty as he had to go back to Temburong that day.

I was out the whole day that I missed Azri's birthday celebration. He's the youngest in the family. I greeted him online as I was so weak to go downstairs. He said he got Mr. Bean's keychain and pillow by Nurul, our sister. He then asked for a present from me. I told him to wait till I've become richer then I'd order the real Mr. Bean to come here and wish him birthday. He was pissed! Hahaha :p Happy Birthday Adi Kami!!! =)

I am going to have a rest this Saturday. I need it so and the drugs are just doing its work amazingly well! I am going to say in bed the whole day, the moment I have been dreading to have so desperately!

I am so unfit people huhuhu =( .......

Thursday, 15 May 2008

What An Exhausting Week!!!

Hey .. I finally got the chance to take a short nap this afternoon. My usual afternoons were spent on extra time at work, which I must say, real exhausting :( Besides, I am so down upon my decision on cancelling my trip to Hong Kong and Shenzen. Yea. I have finally decided that. Even Yanti and her Bf are thinking of postponing their trip to Hong Kong too cause of the dreadful recent earthquake in China. She surfed the net and found out that Hong Kong was last shaken in late 1970s so, the possibility of earthquake happening there is rather high, don't you think?

Now, I am opening the world map on which country I should go to in June. I got an invitation by Mo so I did my homework online and Bahrain seems a nice country to visit. Yet, it's a long journey and with the bad weather lately, I have visions of me stranded in some airports cause of flight delays. I don't want that to happen people! I've had enough of bad vacation in KK last time!!

So now, here are some bits of info of my busy week. Will try making it short! ;)

~~Sunday 11.05.2008~~

I woke up early cause I promised my elder sister to drive her to KB. She wanted to straighten her hair and having no sense or direction herself, she turned to me!! We met Zean at her place then she took us to Maggi Salon in KB. Having no plan to straighten my hair, I finally had my hair rebonding too! It lasted for 5 hours! Man! My butt was aching!!! Zean bought us KFC burgers for lunch. The salon has a beautiful view as it faces the KB River. So, after rebonding, we took pictures by the river. By 5pm, we rushed home as I had to attend The Dream Ascends Concert at 7pm.

On the way home, it was so windy that the car shook on the road. Dry leaves and branches were waving about in the air and hit our window screens. As we approached Jerudong, the sky was thick with dark clouds and it was just turning 6pm. My sister rolled down the window sensing the air temperature when we spotted some white clouds blown to one direction, as if a tornado was about to form. It was indeed a scary scene. Never in my life witnessed such weather ..

By 6.15, we got to Top Bake Shop, buying our mum a cake. She loves durian so we bought her a durian flavour cake. At 6.30, we reached home and mum was ironing while watching her favourite Korean series. We surprised her with the cake, just wearing her 'home singlet' haha :p Happy Mother's Day Babu Kami!!! :)

At 6.45, I grabbed my pashmina, twisted it around my body and pinned it to my green blouse. I met Johnny and his friend at ICC by 7pm. Kiem and Jeffrey joined us later on. The concert was entertaining, especially when little kids dancing and playing their musical instruments on stage. I left my camera in the car so I only snapped some pictures using my phone. Most of them turned blurry :(

The second part of the show was even much better that the first part. I had Jollibee burger on the concert break. I was so hungry!! The concert ended at 11pm. I went straight to bed, feeling better after another hours of sitting down at the concert.

=== Rebonding in process ===

=== Vouge poses, with our new hair near KB River :) ===

=== With "Our Mum's Cake" =) ===

=== Waaa! Sexy nya babu!!! :p ===

=== Cute kan babu kami!!! ;) ===

=== Cutting the cake! Happy nya babu!! :) ===

=== Mom with 6 children ~ the other 3 weren't home ===

=== The Dream Ascends free tickets, courtesy of the Expression Music School. Thanks!!! ;) ===

== I love this woman! She had the best vocal that night!! Bravo!!! ==


~~Monday 12.05.08~~

Just the usual at work and the afternoon meeting was fruitful. I finally managed to gather all the important details of a paper I am assigned to do. I also told the girls about my plan of cancelling my trip to Hong Kong and Shenzen. Apparently, Kiem had told them about it and they were not happy, especially Lulu. I passed my 1700 China notes to Niza and Mas. Keeping the money in my wallet was just ... hurting [sigh!]

Later, I received Yanti's offline message on HFM Disease that killed 22 children in China. It's the pendamic that made my mum so freak out to let me go on the trip. When I read to her the info, she replied me with a question ~ how much is my ticket to Hong Kong. I told her it's almost B$600. She said, what a waste. So taking a bit of chance out of it, I asked her whether I could still go or not. She replied, "You'll be angry if I stopped you so, GO!"

I take that as a "NO". Mothers!! They are so good at everything! They're the best cooks! The best teachers! The best nurses! And the best of all, they are so good with WORDS! Even use them to manipulate our brains! Ish!!

I had my massage therapy today too. Had Lamb Sizzling at Jerudong Park Restaurant for dinner. I reached home at 10pm, stuffed and exhausted!

=== My used-to-be 1700 China notes :( ===

~~Tuesday 13.05.2008~~

I had to stay at work again today. Got to finish the paper for Thursday's meeting. I got so stressed out that I went out with Sharul later on at 5pm. We watched "Something Happens In Vegas" starring Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher. It's a cool movie and real funny! Lovely too! We had dinner at Charcoal later on and the waiter got us the wrong dish, AGAIN!! We wanted the right one but they said the one we ordered was not available. It's just annoying!!

I went online when I got home later, finding another info about China. Now, it got hit by a 7.5 richter earthquake!! 20 thousand people were killed. Schools collapsed and fell to the ground, with 900 children inside. I was shocked learning this news from Mamashasha. She was concerned about my trip to Hong Kong and China and begged me not to go.

I called Mo that night, telling him on my disappointment over my "Unlucky-to-be" trip that I had to cancel. He invited me to Bahrain instead, maybe just to soothe me. Thanks dude! ;) I went surfing on Bahrain later on though hehe :p

Well, maybe it's meant to be that I should cancel the trip now. Maybe I'll have it next time ... Thank you mum. Thank you Mamashasha. You were right. A mother's instinct is the strongest :)

~~Wednesday 14.05.2008~~

The afternoon meeting lasted till after 4pm. I was exhausted as the morning was so packed with "dumped" work from the admin. A coleague was so upset that she cried, feeling "unworthy" over all the work she had done for the admin all this time. Another coleague of mine commented that for 10 years working with her, she had never seen her cry, ever. You can see now how my hectic week has been ...

I left the office at 5.15pm. Continued doing my paper for today's meeting at home. By 11pm, I finally hit my bed. It felt so good!!!

I woke up today with a text from Mo saying what a bad day he had had too. Man! We need some time off! SOON!!

Saturday, 10 May 2008

All Energetic!! All Frantic!!

Yep! Don't know what got into me today but I did all the cleaning in my office. My then mountains of paperworks are now put in files, labeled and properly arranged. I even got whistles from the others for the 'energetic' me today :p Darn! I forgot to get a snap of my clean and clear table ;) Just a lil bit of show off won't bite right heheh :p

Today's meeting was stressful. Lots of editing and adding up. I had to take 3 cups of coffee to keep waking up cause it was sure a brain squeezing session :S By 4.15 pm, the meeting adjourned, with the task yet to finish. So, two more days left for the next meetings. What a long week!

Up till 5 pm, I did some touch-ups on some work undone in the office. Phew! Luckily I did the cleaning up or else, I'd missed doing them! Opening the door home, My mum was at the kitchen. My lil brothers just had their early dinners so mum wondered whether I'd like to have mine too. I was too tired to eat that I just shook my head and sat at the table with her and the boys. Man! It was a heart-to-heart moment the minute I landed my butt on the chair.

Apparently, they're worried about me going to Shenzen and Hong Kong this coming June. It's all over the news that China is now having the agony over the SARS pandemic. My sister even asked my mum to stop me from going as she found out about its gravity in the net. I convinced my mum that nothing would happen. It was then my brother raised his voice and told me to listen to her. He's a quiet type who seldom goes serious over things so I guess, they're all worried about me.

"It's an airborne disease. It can't be safe!!" he sternly said to me.
"You may not care about us but remember, we love you so don't go ..." my mum added. She went quiet after that.

So did I ... [Sigh!] What a day ...

I went up my room, did more cleaning while my head went spinning on what to decide on my trips this June. I've got the ticket. I even have the China money ... What's worse, the ticket's not refundable and it cost me B$576 :( [Sigh!]

Now, my bathroom's clean, my room's all tidied up and it smells unusually soothing from the perfume that I just turned on. But for sure, my mind remains unrest.

The decision is yet ... finalized ...

Friday, 9 May 2008

My New Haircut ;)

Just got back from Bandar now. I managed to find money changer with high currency rate of China money [B$1=$5, not bad huh!]. So I changed B$340 today, for me to bring to Shenzen this June. We walked all the way to Bandar Centre from Yayasan, hoping it'd burn down the 'Ambuyat' that we had for lunch today :p We bought Fun Donuts at Yayasan after that though :p I couldn't find the Hong Kong Dollar. Hopefully I could get some next week.

So! As the topic represents! Yep! I cut my hair today. My therapist advised me to do so. She said that one of the reasons why I always have migraine attacks was due to the 'weight' of my long hair. So I cut it short today. I'm gonna observe the change. If I still have the headache, then, it's a waste of my lengthy hair huhu :S

Here are the pix! Shahrul took the photos for me. He even chose the hairstyle. Hmmm ... What do you think?? ;)


--> My hair was supposed to look like this <---

---> My 'weighty' hair huhu ... <---
---> The cutting off <---
---> The end result - a pose from the side <---
---> The whole length from the front. What do you think?? <--- ---> We wanted to buy a box for Mamashasha then I remembered she wasn't home this afternoon. Will buy her a box next time :) She will sure love it the way I do! Gonna spoil her diet though hehehe :p <---

Recurring Reverie

It's just after 8 am now; I just had my breakfast. My therapist said I should take shower before 9 am but before that, I should fill up my tummy. I woke up early, considering it's Friday. Something budged me off my sleep. Still playing in my head now really ...

I had the same dream before, a strange dream in fact. Should I say it's a nightmare, I am not sure myself. In that dream, I saw a woman. A sad mother. Haunted with fear all the time. Not of fear for her life, but for her children. I couldn't see clearly how many kids she had but it was sure many; maybe 5 or 6. All of about 5 to 16 years old, I am not sure.

Strangely, the same vision recurred last night. A young man tried to help her and her children to escape from a sort of, mansion. They struggled going onto a boat. They were smiling with relief when they finally left the dock. Bags were on their backs, even the small ones had theirs.

The relieved faces turned dark, filled with extreme fear and panic, when ahead of them, a man coming out of the bush near the river they were crossing. He had a calm face, his strong jaws were moving. Both his hands were in his pockets. In a split second, boats followed behind them to wherever they headed. The innocent children took cover by bending down their knees with hands covering their heads. The young ones started crying while mum concoled them. "We'll be alright" look was shown on the face of the young man who attempted to help the woman and her children.

The chasing continued and finally their boat harboured. They started running into town, a small town it seemed. This might sound funny but it looked like an old town of Brunei. The weird part was, they were wearing modern clothes ... Back to the story, groups of men greeted them onland. Wherever they went, they'd appear out of nowhere. The children gasped and cried running along their mother and the rescuer.

With the sight of a police station (it seemed), on their sides were men with scary looks. Among them was 'the man', the one who once stood in the bushes. The group froze. Even the rescuer couldn't move.

I woke up, panicking too ...

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Two in One

My day was rather 'worrying'. Work was a bit slow in the morning, having not much to do, just up-dating this and that for the afternoon's meeting. In between this 'passive' session, I was playing with my ring in my left finger [which I shall say, a sign of boredom!]. It was then during this time I folded my fingers and with eyes wide-opened, I saw my fat chubby fingers SHAKING, by themselves!!! :S I had to grab them to make them stop shaking. Worried, I kept folding, grabbing, and folding my fingers again, trying to figure out what actually happened. I stretched my arm and folded them again, still, they were shaking like hell! What's happening?? I kept asking myself that and cold sweat started flowing down my face. Am I NOT alright??

I showed my shaking fingers to the BLA. They were scared too :S All thoughts came in; it might be the cause of stress, blood pressure, and one even boldly said it could be a sign of heart problem [thanks pal! That really helped! :S]. The rest of the day, I kept 'exercising' my fingers, even in between the meeting that I had to attend this afternoon.

After the meeting, I picked up Mamashasha at her place and we had an early dinner at Ceri Cafe. It was her first time there and it's my third. She loved the place and food :) She paid for the meals and drinks, saying it's my birthday present hehehe :p Thanks dearie! :) See the pix here!

Later on, we went to Firoz Jaya and I successfully persuaded her to buy a piece of cloth hehe :p Come on! It's only $22 darlin! ;) I sent her home at after 6pm and Shasha greeted me with a sniff [she loves me for letting her play with the MSN winks. Her favourite is the one with the crying boy, hence the 'sniffing' hehe]. I hung out there for a few minutes and I left with a BIG HUG from Shasha :D Love that kid so much!!!

By 7 pm, I was with Shahrul seeing my therapist, asking her what was wrong with my 'shaking' fingers. She concluded that I had nerve clots in my palm but she couldn't give me the theraphy unless I had a sauna for a few minutes first. I did have saunas few years ago and I kind of disliked it but this time, the sauna was really relaxing and people! I was dripping!!! And I love that feeling as I rarely sweat when I did any exercises. Eventually, the sauna today lasted 45 minutes and I felt much much better!! :)

The next hour, I had my nerve theraphy, after a few minutes of lying down. My therapist said, after sauna, one should cool down first before any massage is done as our nerves are still warm and the blood circulation is progressing actively. Even the massage after sauna should not be done thoroughly. Massage should be done slowly and only massaging the relaxing nerves. The back should not be touched at all or else, the next day it would be really hard to move. Waaa! Really a lesson for me today :) It was indeed a relaxing moment and I slept right away :)

Before going home, Shahrul and I had dinner at Singapore Chicken Rice Restaurant [Yea! Yea! I know! Lapar kali ah lapas massage! :p]. I am overworked, stressed and tired so my nerves are trembling, especially my left side as I am having problem with my left shoulder. My next theraphy will be this Monday. That's another $50 ... Ndapalah! Janji baik :)

=== Though 'worried', still crept a smile on my face. Always had a good time with Mamashasha! :) Love you girl!! ===

=== Haha! It's her first time using her camera's 'automatic timer'! Thanks to me!! :p ===

=== Hers is Ice Lemon Tea, mine is Caramel Cafe Late Shake ===

=== Hey! It's not what you think! She's on a diet kali ah! Hehe :p ===

=== My early dinner - Lamb Black Pepper with Rice ===

=== Mine and hers - Mango Chicken with Rice ===

=== Ceri Cafe, the inside. Not bad huh!



=== All smiley but extremely warm inside ===

=== "Steaming" my tired face ===

=== My all-sweaty face. I was dripping people! ===

=== The Sauna itself. Really relaxing my nerves ===

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Wife Search Dilemma: Dedicated to Abdul

I know the topic sends irony in you but believe me, it is happening in this century still.

Abdul is a dear friend of mine. Born as an Afghan, he's brought up well, educated and loved by all. One thing that I respect about this man is, how he waited for his sisters to enter the world of marriage yet to have his own. Now that they're happily married, it's time for his turn. Unfortunately for him, as he always said, it's not easy to search a wife.

What happened really? He's got the looks, the brains and the job. He's also got a good foundation, having a strong faith in Allah. And today, we talked about the video I wrote about in my previous post. I am so glad knowing he's against that kind of punishment. Having done his research on that before, he condemns those who said it's allowed by Islamic Law. It is actually a practice done by tribes to protect them from shame. When I asked him whether it still happens there or not, unfortunately, he said, it happens EVERYDAY there in Afghanistan ... Shocking!

The punishments are done either by stoning, beating or hanging the 'sinners' to death. More shockingly, the practice is carried out without guilt and if ever those punished are still alive after being stoned, they'll be 'allowed' to live but if they end up dead, they'll be buried and left forgotten as 'shame' is now erased.

Now, who are the 'sinners'? They include those who enjoy even a 5 minute conversation between a non-mahram male and female. If they're caught talking, both are 'entitled' for the punishments. If ever a boy says a name of a non-mahram girl, questions will raise - Do you know the girl? How do you know the girl? Have you ever talked to the girl? Allah knows what will happen to the boy ... and the girl ...

So, back to my poor Afghan friend here, it's been difficult for him to search for a wife. We know what will happen if he ever approaches a girl right? So, the only solution is, arranged marriage. It took all his effort to find husbands for his sisters but it is more difficult to find a wife for himself. Adding to this, the 'practice', which is culturally 'legal' in his country, has made it even more complicated for him to ever find someone to spend his life with.

Knowing Abdul for almost a year now, I learnt that he is a very caring person. A family type guy even - a kind that is becoming extinct nowadays.

Our conversation today ended with me asking him "What would you do if your sister ever fell in love with a guy and you found out about it. Will you 'punish' her too like the others do?"

His answer carved a wide smile on my face. He said "I would never allow it done to my sister. If I caught her in that condition, I would marry them and try my very best to keep it from spreading. I am an educated man Suzi."

Alhamdulillah. I have finally found someone who agrees with me, who, ironically, comes from those countries that still see 'the practice' legal.

Alhamdulillah ...

Monday, 5 May 2008

My Girlfriend's Wedding

I met Ayut back in College. We were in the same Sociology class. She's a cute, friendly and nice girl, one of the many I met in College. On counting, we've been friends for 11 years! Wow! I just realized that!!!

Here are some of the pictures I snapped yesterday. I didn't bring my camera so I just used my humble phone ... Enjoy the pixies!! :) To Ayut and Shukri, I pray for your long lasting marriage, Amiiiiinnn ... :)

=== A beauty on the aisle ===

=== A princess awaits her prince charming ===

=== Sweet aren't they :) ===

==== May Allah bless your marriage, Amiiinn ... ===

=== Azean, her time is soon, I predict ehheheh :p ===

=== Azean and me at the wedding ===

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I met Sharul after the wedding and went to a movie. We had dinner at Vintage Rose, a western food restaurant. It's my third time eating there. A real nice place to hang out and the food is not bad. Have a look here. Maybe it's the right place for you too :)

=== English antiques and furniture, giving different yet calming effects ===

=== My dinner ~ Homemade Spinach Pasta with Chicken and Mushroom Cream Sauce. I had Oreo Shakes as well. Worth the price. You should try!! ===

I AM AN ARIES: The Daredevil (huh??)

Energetic (yea, in many ways)

Adventurous and spontaneous (definitely)

Confident and enthusiastic (yup!)

Fun (hmm ... I should ask my friends that!)

Loves a challenge (100%)

EXTREMELY impatient (well, I hate waiting. Does that count??)

Sometimes selfish (am I??)

Short fuse; easily angered (hell yeah!)

Lively, passionate and sharp wit (hmm ... No comment!)

Outgoing (for sure!)

Lose interest quickly - easily bored (most of the time)

Egostical (in some ways; my baby says "in MANY ways" LOL!!)

Courageous and assertive (I agree!)

Tends to be physical and athletic (hmm ... Naah!!)

Fun with your photos
Created with - photo fun

My engagement: 01.01.10

My engagement: 01.01.10
Suzila Ahmad

The engagement ring :)

A cake from him

For him

With my dad & Sharul's :)

With my mum and his :)

With two of my closest girlfriends: Azean & Yanti :)