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Monday, 25 January 2010

The book am reading

Am struggling to finish up this particular book. The writer wrote "Ayat-Ayat Cinta" (Love Phrases) that I was so much into. However, this book am reading is not as appealing as the former. I am disappointed as I was hoping for a better one.

Anyway, I do learn so much the Islamic views that are touched on in this book. It's the story line that makes me frown. I mean, there are too many characters!! I lost track of who the hero or heroin now. There are too much thoughts put into one section even!

I do hope it gets better or I'll start reading others, which are still waiting for me to take out of the drawer ..

The uncertain alert

I got home late today after a long afternoon meeting. Gotta write up the minute later before I start forgetting the details. I feel warm and weary. I hope am not getting infected by those coughs and sneezes at work. Please Ya Allah. I don't wanna fall sick :(

So as I drove into the junction to my house, I saw long queues of cars parking on both sides of the road. The first question that came to mind was: "Who died?" I recalled of not getting texts of calls from home so it couldn't be anyone in the family, alhamdulillah. Then I thought those cars could've been the parents waiting for their kids from school (my house is near a primary school so ..). Then I intended to go downhill towards a mini shop to buy me a $5 easi. Indeed, someone did pass .. I saw men and women gathering outside a neighbour's house. There was also a tent: the usual scenery when someone was lost. Innalillahiwainnailaihirajiun .. From Him we came so to Him we return ...

At the shop, I asked the cashier: "Who died?" She told me who it was and when I asked of the cause of the death, she said, heart attack, some time at 3pm. The body was yet to be home so the burial would be held tomorrow then ..

As I got home, I asked my brother whether he'd heard of the news. Our parents were already at our neighbour's. What baffled me was, the one my brother mentioned was not the same person I was told by the cashier just now. I was like ... who died?? Now my parents are not home yet. Whoever it may be, I pray that his or her soul remains blessed and placed among those with Imaan, aamiinnn ...

Death doesn't send us the alert. It comes and brings our soul with it one day. I pray that when my time comes, I am ready for His Jannah without troubles. I have sinned before and I know time is running shorter for me as I breathe. I pray that Allah forgives me and gives me a chance to be better. I pray to stay healthy, strong and be His obedient servant.

I pray that I am placed among those whom He loves ... aamiinnn ...

Saturday, 23 January 2010

The January dinner out

I hate to miss the January birthday girls dine out tonight but I have to make DF the first now. It's something I need to do before I am officially his Mrs. Sort of a practice for me shall I say..

Hope the BLA+1 understands my situation now. I do miss hanging out with them and I have their presents ready but I just can't go..

Anyway, happy birthday Kiem and Suria! You two know I love ya :) *hugs*

Okay am late now! DF is already downstairs! If he knows am here blogging, he's gonna go bonkers! Tadaa~~ :)

Friday, 22 January 2010

The professional trip II

After the first professional trip to Miri last year, today marked our second with 53 delegates to our neighbouring country, Limbang, Sarawak. The bus left at 7.30am and reached the Limbang Resident Office at around 9am. There we were welcomed by the education officers and briefed on the development of the state of Limbang which included its races, religions, educational development, infrastructure as well as local economic productions. Here then I began to feel at awe with Limbang's "hidden", shall I say, precious information.

A welcoming speech by the officers of Limbang Resident Office
A speech by Cikgu Ahmad bin Haji Hussin, the group leader of the trip
Me and Bibi, a colleague of mine

The mikes were then passed on to the invited counselors of the home country who shared with us the history and journey of counseling worlds in the state. There, every counselor has to take 500 students to supervise. So it's a 1:500 fixed condition. The speech also included the division of local schools into clusters, similar to ours. However, the schools in these clusters actually have to "fight" to get into certain clusters with the aim to build schools' potential to their best performance. Hence, clusters label schools in its very own group in terms of their administrations and development of students' educational achievements.

The briefing was then taken over by the Parents-Teachers Association representatives. Throughout this part, the Brunei delegates were very impressed with the active involvement of parents into the development of education in their children's schools. They are actively involved in schools' administrations with the aim to build schools' potential achieving qualitative performances in education, hence getting into the best clusters. This also include beautifying and decorating the schools (especially creating reading rooms, reading huts in school compunds and reading corners in kindergarten classrooms), handling students' discipline problems, providing incentives to students with best results in exams, co-curricular activities, money raising for individual schools, and many many more. I personally think Brunei schools CAN become much much better if teachers and parents have this kind of connection with each other like the ones achieved in Limbang..

The two PTA representatives at the Limbang Resident Office

Our next destinations were to SMK Agama Limbang and SMK Kubong. The first school is a religious school, somewhat similar to Mahat Islam and Arabic School that we have here in Brunei. The school is big, clean and also has parents as its backbones. The school even gives incentives to students with best results in exams like RM500 for PMR students getting 9A, RM1000 with students getting 11A in SPM and so forth. We respect the school for having to raise funds from the public to do such as this. I respect how they work so hard for the children. We then visited the school's Reading Room, Anti Drugs Room and Counseling Room. We left the school at around 5:30pm. We reached SMK Kubong at 6pm.

At the briefing at SMK Agama Limbang
Signing off the guests' certs
The school's counselor
A few of the gifts from the school, which are also a towel with the school logo on it
Anti Drugs Room
Two of the murals painted by students and parents of the school
Refreshment before leaving

SMK Kubong achieved 100% passes in PMR. The school administration shared with us their tips, which are very much similar to ours, in most schools I bet like the Parents-Teachers Meet, extra classes and such. One particular action the school takes is having to separate the students into 3 classes: the good, average and low performances 2 months before the big exam. So the students are re-streamed according to their educational achievements in individual subject. The school also carries out a system where students are told to achieve their minimum grades in exams to help them aim the best results they could actually achieved. The outcome? The 100% passes in PMR. It's very very impressive indeed! I didn't take any pictures in this school as it was already dark and my camera was out of battery pfft!!

We left Limbang province at around 7pm. Along the ride, a teacher played an horror movie: 4Phobia. Having very dark street that we drove along, the journey back was not very comforting. As we watched the fourth series, which was thankfully a funny one, I drove home alone without even a glinch of fear. We got back to Brunei at around 9pm and I reached home just before 10pm.

Read here for brief info of the visit by the Borneo Bulletin.

All I can say now is, the trip this time was really fruitful. I never thought that there are treasures in that small state of Malaysia though I've been there many times. I'm glad I joined the trip and the next one will be in March to Acheh Indonesia, and in June to Labuan.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

The scrambled thoughts

I feel like writing but I haven't got anything in particular to share this time. I actually need to get to bed now but my head just won't let me. I've had a migraine on the left side of my head since this afternoon. I don't want to take the panadol coz I read somewhere that a tablet of it would last 4 years in our body and so it'll affect out body system throughout this period. In the end it would result to the malfunction of our kidneys. I don't know whether this is true or not but I'm pretty sure do not dare to try out for the actual outcome, whatever it may be.

On my way home just now, I was listening to the radio about donations for the victims of earthquake in Indonesia and typhoon in the Philippines. I gotta say, the donating service online through texting is responsible to the birth of generous public here in the country. I haven't sent any to this particular collection though. Not that I don't trust the service but I guess it's been set in my head that such donations might not get to its intended destinations or hands of those victims. I learned this during my Public Affairs course in A'Level back in 1997/1998. Our lecturer at that time used to say that some countries' support and help didn't get to be delivered as intended but taken away by irresponsible parties, especially those governments with very very bad political issues. I guess it's in my head that if I were to donate some cash, it won't get to where it should belong to so in the end, I couldn't get my self to make those textings. God bless the victims.

I've been missing the "Katak Atas Tempurung" series now. I used to listen to it every Tuesday or Wednesday at 7.30am on the way to work. This year's timetable has been changed that requires us to be at school before 7.30am so I never had the chance to get to listen to the series this year. It's a loss for me personally because I have always admired the writer of the series, Tuan Haji Husin bin Abdul Rahman, who usually conveys his thoughts and read by a female deejay. I admire most of his writings and what he shares have always been something that we see around us yet we're too care less to notice. His writings never failed from making me think and realise how some little simple things could be made into such beautiful and expressed thoughts. I wish to see him someday, interview him and learn tips at better writing. I wonder if he has a blog. It would be really nice to see it coz I'm sure I will miss the series this year definitely.

Oh this migraine is killing me! I hope it would be gone tomorrow as am gonna have a long ride to a secondary school in Limbang, Sarawak. It's a professional trip, a second after last year's to SM Kebangsaan Merbau in Miri, Sarawak. I hope there won't be a long queue at Kuala Lurah and I DO hope that the seniors won't be playing those dangdut songs like last time!

Or this migraine will stay all the way! Errghh!!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The additional cats

I've been meaning to introduce another member of our cats society but I was worried over Fluffy's condition that it had been kept on hold. Last night, DF actually mentioned why haven't I put up the new cat on this page. So here it is, Luna, a female Persian that we bought about two weeks ago. She's only 3 months.
We named her after the colour pencils brand name coz she's got three different colours of coat: brown, white and grey. She's so fluffy and we adore her! We sometimes call her the Chinese cat. Her eyes are smaller than the rest so... hehe :P

And do you remember Tiger? Here's his latest pictures :)
He's our only cat that stares at the camera even when it flashes!
Except when he's sleeping hehehe :D

In the first week, Luna wasn't accepted by the royal couple: Prince Whiny and Fluffy. Only Tiger befriended her. She could only get near the two when they were sleeping. Other than that, she'd be rejected through hissing and clawing..
Poor lil thing... She's accepted now though. Happily :)

Now Tiger and Luna are inseparable! They go everywhere together. And Tiger is so naughty! He climbs up the chair now, up high and jumps! He's a 2 month old stunt! Luna is copying whatever he's doing. She was limping for a few days. We believed she was trying to do what Tiger was doing: jumping off a high chair down ehheheee :D
Them wrestling ...
Luna's losing...Ahaa!! girl power this time!! ;)And dozing off... also together! :)

And now introducing a cat in our house, officially our dad's cat's kitty. A domestic short hair, female, so active, so noisy, so clingy hehehe :D My youngest brother is her favourite. She won't keep quiet till he comes home so she can join him sleep in bed. So manja! To Aiza, this is the cat I told you about. Don't you think she looks like your Muji? :) Hope this could hilangkan your rindu to him.. Sorry for the delay of posting these pictures up..
What you lookin' at?
I'm bored!!Her with another dad's cat. I think he's already about 5 years old now.. He's seldom at home. Dad would tell him to come back after loitering around the kampong. And he did come back! On the exact days my dad instructed him to :) So obedient!
After meals.. never finishes her share of the food! But she grows up well! Love her fur. So clean and no ringworms at all. She's only about 4 months now :)
See! So bising!! Hehehe :D

The signs of..

I got the signs .. This year, I've been given two big duties. And I DON'T fancy it!

Hope there won't be anymore past experiences. I hope there will not be me being unhappy with my job again. Stressed with the pressure of overloading extra duties. Headaches over worries of being perfect.

No more! Two YESes, and next will be a big NO NO!

For the record, I am happy now. After 6 years of teaching, I am finally loving the work I am doing because I FEEL it now, like the first few years of starting off. Alhamdulillah for His continuing bless, making me at ease and lessening my worries. I don't get anymore heavy headaches and I am sure this is because my blood pressure has lowered down. My asthma is no longer here, thank God, especially with the weather Brunei is having now. Alhamdulillah.

I will definitely say NO next time. Definitely!!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

The week of ..

I have been away a few days, intentionally. I did have stories to tell but just couldn't get it started. A lot of things have been playing around in my head that words can't just tell and fingers just can't type them out. Somehow, a single deep breath could help the pressure. Sometimes it worked, at times it wouldn't. Time flies so fast that it's just hard to believe it's another Sunday here today. Phew!

The pressure on the wedding preparations is here already. I know I got lots to do but I just can't seem to start. I don't know which point to start first. For sure the "pengangun" is already booked now. Mom made the booking. Oh by the way, the wedding date has been set. Will announce it when the time has come. I need to make a couple of things settle first before actually "booking" you guys for my day :)

I have been engaged just 2 weeks now but it felt like forever. It's a different feeling and I could sense I am becoming too attached to him. He felt the same way. He said it's unlike the 8 years that we've been together as a couple. It's good knowing that. Just now we were discussing on our wedding plan. The honey moon destinations included. We planned to have it in Australia, also to visit his foster families when he was studying there a few years ago. He wanted to introduce me to them. But with the recent racism acts happening there to those unfortunate Indian graduates, Australia is for me out of the list now.

So we started on a few new lists: first the USA, then the Europe, then Japan, Korea ... I lost count. Unhappy, he now left it all to me to choose where to go. And so, I might be asking advice from my friends since they travel a lot, like Johnny, Lulu, Leng and Roslin. But honestly, I have always wanted to go to Korea. We'll see ..

And oh Fluffy has been better alhamdulillah :) I didn't go see her after the last post. I was so hurt seeing her sick that I didn't even text Sharul and ask him how she was. I was cruel thinking of it now *sigh* Two days after, I visited her finally. When I arrived, she was sleeping, looking weak and thin :( I touched her and she woke up. I put some food in front of her and she rose right away. She ate half her meal soon after. The rest was happy seeing her eating. Apparently, she had not eaten for many days. Even if she did, she wouldn't eat that much. No wonder she had gone thinner :( I took a few shots of her eating right then.
Her first meal after days of not wanting to eat or drink anything.. I'd say this is our happiest moment seeing her getting well though very slowly..Sharul came joining us as soon as he reached home from work. He's talking to Fluffy now, trying to make her drink more water...
Align CenterSee how thin she is :( I could feel her bones through her skin :(

Since that day, I paid visits every time I was free. She seemed to be glad seeing me coz she'd lie on my lap and dozed off comfortably. Sharul's dad said, Fluffy must be wanting me around all the time coz she'd be passive when I left. Once, I cleaned her up with a wet towel. She just let me groom her and soon after, she slept right next to me for many hours. Even today, she woke up after an hour of afternoon nap looking for me. Seeing me still in the same room, she fell asleep again. Poor thing. If only tomorrow is an off day, I'd bring her home so she can always feel my presence.

We'll wait for a few more days to bring her to the vet again to have her checked up. When she's ready, we'll get her that vaccinated shot so her immune system would be stronger. As a 6 month old cat, she'd fallen sick twice and surely we don't fancy seeing her sick again. Sharul's parents even asked for "air tawar" (water that's been read with holy words of the Quran) and let her drink the water to cure her. Alhamdulillah, it worked. Honestly, we were all scared that we'd be losing her last week. Thinking of how sick she was, it nearly makes me cry again. Please Fluffy baby, don't get sick again okay *hugs and kisses*

Other than spending the time with her, work has been copable (if there is such a word). As a head, it's not easy coz there are heavier responsibilities on my shoulders. So far, I am trying hard giving out the best I could. I pray that I won't fall sick coz with the cold and wet weather now, it won't be helping much. I am thankful that my body is shielded from those bacteria an cold viruses that my ill coleagues and families are breathing out. Alhamdulillah, I am not capturing any so far. I don't wanna get sick coz if I do, I would definitely get those asthma attacks again, na'uzubillah! Please ya Allah. Please keep my health at its place, aaamiiinnn....

It's pouring again now. My prayer is still the same as this. May it all come true, aaamiiinnn....

Monday, 11 January 2010

The holding back

I drempt of Fluffy last night. She looked fine, clean and chubby. She was her usual self when she wondered of something that's beyond her vision yet remained still looking at me. She wasn't smiling (she never did) but happiness was shown in her clear blue eyes. The same look when she was teasing me when I was sleeping, her not knowing I was actually pretending.

Reminiscing this moment, I remember waking up one early morning when she brushed her little pink nose to mine. As I opened my eyes, she retreated and sat quietly looking all innocent. When I pretended going on sleeping, with both eyes slightly open, I saw her in her crouching position and ready to "attack" me again. I opened my eyes so suddenly. She screeched and turned away LoL! It was a funny moment that I woke up right away and hugged her. She loved that attention indeed as she let me kiss her all over her face.

In my dream, she just looked at me. So radiant. So happy. As I reached for her, I saw nothing around me but an empty bed. I actually looked around the room for her. I felt crazy and broke down crying to bed again, hoping for that dream to come true.

I didn't contact Sharul, asking how Fluffy is doing today. I held back that feeling. I have to. I love the kitten dearly but I am not ready to let her go. If she's meant to leave us .. then it's meant to be. I am not strong enough to see her go but I know I need to let her slip off my hands. So the ego side of me says, let go now. Let the pain flow now or it'll be more painful later.

So I intend to hold back this urge to see her or even know how she's doing. I must care less..

I miss Fluffy :'(

Sunday, 10 January 2010

The high hopes

I visited Fluffy today. Her condition has not changed too much from how I saw her but everybody said she was doing better. I didn't see it yet. Or maybe I was over worried??

She didn't eat anything today except the soft food that she was forced to consume and that water added with vitamins and stuff from the vet we went to last Friday. We left her home for a couple of hours to run some errands then went home by 7pm.

Again, I must be showing me being over worried that Sharul got pissed, commenting that I should then bring Fluffy home to take care of her my self.

That did it! Maybe I should care less now. Or don't care at all.

I am hurt and I hate it much. I love the cats like I never did before. I wasn't a cat lover. I didn't care of their existence even. Now seeing her sick, it breaks my heart to pieces. And Sharul is not helping but making me feel worse!

I may sound crazy but I wish for that feeling now. The feeling of not caring about that live creature. Not caring about my sick Fluffy baby so I don't have to go through this heartbreakingly painful feeling.

Can I? I am hurt and I hate it much!

The update

Just got off the phone with Sharul now. He said Fluffy is doing better though still with runny nose. She has gone sensitive to her surroundings, paying attention and all, unlike days before. I hope that's a good sign..

I called Anicare asking for advice. I like the person I talked with. The vet gave me suggestions on what to do and all. Fluffy would need to be given drips since she doesn't eat and drink much so she should be dehydrated. The clinic also offers dehydration injection so she would need that too. The vet needs to see the pills she's taking to see if the antibiotics she's been given is of enough dose or not. If it's not, she would need extra ones.

When I asked how much everything would cost, the vet said it could cost more than $100...

What scares me is when the vet said, "We'll see whether your cat will make it or not."

Seriously, I don't think I am ready to hear comments like that, though it's the truth. Really, it scares the hell out of me.

I told Sharul over the phone of the conversations I had with the vet. He said to wait till tomorrow coz Fluffy is showing a bit of improvement today. He's been feeding her with soft food and forcing her to drink.

Fluffy, be strong. Please get well soon. Please... :(

The upsetting condition

Just got home now but honestly, I wished I could be somewhere else. With Fluffy to be exact. When we went out tonight, and about to get into the movie, Sharul's sister left a message at my Fb status saying Fluffy was doing worse, with lots of saliva coming out of her mouth and runny nose. That was a turn off but we decided to go ahead watching the movie and be alert all the time with our phones set to vibrate mode. I planned to go to Sharul's to visit her after the movie but little that we knew that it lasted for two hours! And I had to be home before midnight.

He was looking after her all day since he was on leave. With her condition yesterday, we've done what we could .. taking her to the vet, got her antibiotics and flu pills but when her condition stays the same, it's really upsetting. Now she still got that greenish discharge from her nose and watery eyes, and still breathes through her mouth. What more can we do??

Sharul said she did eat some and drink water today. We thought that was a progress, till tonight. I hope she'll make it. I wish I could bring her home but I don't wanna stress her with the new environment at my place. Her condition really worries me and it's upsetting that I can't do much more than what I've done so far. It's frustratingly upsetting! :(

I found her with a shocking condition yesterday morning: saliva on her mouth and greenish mucus on her nose. After I wiped them off, she went to sleep with her tongue out. It breaks my heart seeing her in pain like that :'(
And her nose kept those discharge flowing out like .. continuously! I wiped it off her nose to help her breathe easy, I hope, but that didn't help much coz it made her breathe through her mouth even more! I was clueless but I just couldn't let those mucus blocking her nose, could I?? Her breathing was slow too. She inhaled deep to take in more air :(
At the veranda for 3 hours, trying to give her more air. This picture is showing how Fluffy is struggling to breathe in some air slowly. I forced her drink some water and soft food to keep her stronger. I know I hurt her by doing so but I knew I had to do it. Sorry Fluffy baby :(

Sharul promised to look after her all night tonight and keep me updated. Now I'm gonna have a sleepless night thinking of her.

Fluffy, please get well soon. Mommy is worried :'(

Saturday, 9 January 2010

The things I need to get used to doing

1. Going to bed as early as 9pm every night. Now the eyes are used to napping at mid night. I look like a zombie at work!

2. Hit the bathroom earlier. I have no problem waking up early, thanks to my alarm clock. But it is after the dawn prayer that the time flies as my body drags to bed again for a quick nap, only to realise that I am LATE for work!

3. To start going 15 minutes earlier than the planned time. I realise that, every time I plan on a time to do something or go somewhere, instead of confirming to THAT particular time, it becomes my starting point to actually .. start going so I ended up LATE again! Usually 15 minutes late!

4. That twice or once a week hiking routine. I hate it when my body is restless when hiking or brisk walking, unlike it used to be. One whole month of rest really did it this time pfft!! I should get back to schedule!!

5. To stick to that carbs intake. I can't stop eating and eating that I feel heavier and heavier now. I guess the body is being used to getting in those carbs! Darn KFC and Burger King!!!

6. Texting DF more often, asking how he is and has he eaten or such. I nudged typing this sentence actually but I know I must start to play that "good wife" role. I'll get used to it!

7. To commit to him more than before, especially dividing my time between him and my friends, especially on the weekends. It's the only time that he's free and I guess it should be fair to spend the time with him at those times than with my friends. So, my dear friends out there, BLA+1 included, I am fully booked on Saturday and Sunday okay. Any days, am yours ;)

8. To keep aside a few cash for emergency cases. It hurts seeing dear ones in trouble and it hurts more when I find I can't help them much financially. This includes the beloved pets. And Fluffy, please don't be sick again ..

9. To carefully click the right buttons on confirming comments on this page. Today, instead of clicking on the "publish" button, I think I accidentally clicked the "reject" button coz none of the comments I so-called approved appeared. To the commenters, I apologize. You know how clumsy and absent-minded I can be erk!! You're much welcome to comment again and let's see if they come up this time ;)

10. To contribute more ideas on writing at my other blog page. I have been away for so long .. I apologize .. Will try to post more this year. And make it more interesting! :)

Friday, 8 January 2010

The first week of 2010

So far, alhamdulillah. I have not complained much career wise and I am happy to say, I am doing great as someone's fiance ;) We'll see in the next coming weeks coz it's kinda weird, GOOD weird, that we haven't argued much over a thing. Hmm... Maybe my wishes finally DO come true huh! Alhamdulillah :)

I am doing fine at work. There are lacks here and there of course, it's still the first week so.. I vow to make it better this year! I must!! Though that one step promotion is unwelcome but I will show it to them that I can do it! Yes I CAN!

I eat more calories than I used to recently. I gained 5kg back from our family trip to KK last month. All we ate were KFC and Burger King, every day and every night! So today I went brisk walking with Leng while Lulu and Zul hiked the Shahbandar Hill. We only did a round of the 'tasek' coz we both felt so heavy! Bleurrgh!! So we waited at the parking lot for the two girls. It was while waiting that we saw Princess Sarah!! We were stunned that I forgot to take out my camera to take a picture with her!! She is sooooo fine!!! She was with her mum. I guess they were going hiking too. With that size, I would find hiking less tiring. With my weight now, at Shahbandar... No way!! Pfft!!!

The four of us then had breakfast at Faize Restaurant, Kiem joining us. It was brunch I must say coz we ate a whole lot of meals LOL!! So much for sweating out those calories in the morning huh! I've gotta restrict my self to lesser calories per day soon or Sharul would be standing next to a hippo on the aisle *Okay that is NOT funny! Pfft!!*

Fluffy is down with flu again today. I don't know what has got into her. I thought we had got those antibiotics in her.. Anyway, I drove down to Sharul's to pay a visit but I couldn't leave after seeing her. I saw clear thick fluid coming out of her mouth and greenish mucus near her nostrils. She found it very hard to breathe too that she was breathing through her mouth :( I almost cried seeing her that way. I called Sharul right away and told him to come home.

The next 3 hours, while waiting for him, I spent the time with Fluffy at the veranda so she could breathe easily there. Indeed it worked. I had to look after her and wiped away those flowing discharge from her eyes and nose. I groomed her every hour so she'd feel better with her loss of hair. She didn't eat anything nor drink so I had to force her to drink, which made her eyes watery.. It must've hurt her :( I also fed her little Tiger's soft food to at least make her feel stronger.

The forcing and hurting helped her a bit as she fell asleep, though still breathing through her mouth. The watery nose had then gone dry but she had that runny nose again when I took her inside the house as the day had gone darker. She fell asleep in Nadiah's bed and I dozed off next to her. Sharul got home soon after and we rushed to Petlink Vet.

One thing for sure now is Fluffy is NOT pregnant (thank God!!) and she's been fed with those antibiotics and flu tablets. She had not eaten anything when I left her but it seemed that she looked better. She could walk again now. I hope that's a good sign..

I will visit her again tomorrow after work. She really worries me..

Sunday, 3 January 2010

The engagement moments

Sharul's mom putting on the "tanda tunang" ring to my finger :')
Dear mom putting on the "pembuka mulut" ring to my other finger :')With Sharul's sisters and female cousins :)
Shhh... I'm engaged! Hehhee ;p
They love me too much! Hehehe :P
Me with dear Moms :')
Alhamdulillah for their love and blessings: me and my parents and Sharul's :')

I AM AN ARIES: The Daredevil (huh??)

Energetic (yea, in many ways)

Adventurous and spontaneous (definitely)

Confident and enthusiastic (yup!)

Fun (hmm ... I should ask my friends that!)

Loves a challenge (100%)

EXTREMELY impatient (well, I hate waiting. Does that count??)

Sometimes selfish (am I??)

Short fuse; easily angered (hell yeah!)

Lively, passionate and sharp wit (hmm ... No comment!)

Outgoing (for sure!)

Lose interest quickly - easily bored (most of the time)

Egostical (in some ways; my baby says "in MANY ways" LOL!!)

Courageous and assertive (I agree!)

Tends to be physical and athletic (hmm ... Naah!!)

Fun with your photos
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My engagement: 01.01.10

My engagement: 01.01.10
Suzila Ahmad

The engagement ring :)

A cake from him

For him

With my dad & Sharul's :)

With my mum and his :)

With two of my closest girlfriends: Azean & Yanti :)