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Sunday, 29 June 2008

My Dream (Wedding) Ring .... Ehemmm! ;)

I guess you all have known how crazy I am over dolphins. Some of you might also try to understand why I do. Well, I LOVE DOLPHINS!! Dolphins remind me a lot of my childhood memories! When I was about 9, I watched this Japanese Cartoon. It was about this young tomboyish girl who lived on an island and befriended a dolphin which came and visited her whenever she was on the beach. Everytime they were together, the dolphin would take her traveled to other islands where they faced dozens of adventures!

Remembering this makes me smile sometimes :D I guess, that's why I love dolphins so much! Now, I have all dolphins stuff! I have a dolphin watch, pendant, key chains, pillow, you name it! I even have 3 dolphin dolls! Can't sleep without 'em! Want to swim with 'em one day but, I can't swim. Tried once but still CANNOT huhuhu :(

Well anyway, by now you might have guessed what's my dream ring huh (you may scroll down now). I remember when I was in Sec 5 (maybe in 1996 if I'm not mistaken), I watched this movie, "Independence Day". Have you watched it? You know, the aliens attack and all. Always has been my favourite movie! Anyway, there was this scene when Will Smith showed his best buddy a ring he got for his girlfriend. When I saw it, I went ...... Now! THAT'S THE ONE!!

This afternoon, I watched the movie again, paused it on the scene when the ring was shown. I got my camera and took a few snaps! Believe me! It still takes my breath away ................



Saturday, 28 June 2008

My Day Out

It was Roslin's turn to treat the BLA+1. We had it at Seri Kemayan Batu Satu, just above Jollibee. It was nice seeing the girls, and Johnny, after the long hols. I envy their Hong Kong trip. Their pictures with the Disney characters were just ... huhuhu :'( I should've been there!!! Johnny's trip was also awesome! He showed us his 'sexy' pix (after we snapped his camera away! Hahaha!).

After the gathering, I went out with Sharul. I picked up some materials I needed to photocopy then we dropped by DMK in Serusop (I found out about this shop from Shinegirl. Thanks dear ;) You're right! They have cool stuff there!). I bought a pouch which cost me $26.80 (after 10% discount). We then walked to the next building and Sharul bought the "KL Drift" dvd (can't believe he bought it! We have never been of Malaysian movies fans!).

We had to pick up Zean at Miri Airport at about 5.30pm. Two bad things happened; one very unexpectedly happened on the road (my back tyre punctured! Luckily, Sharul held onto the wheels tight or else .... Na'uzubillah!), and another just before chopping our passports at the Sungai Tujoh's Immigration. Thanks Zean for the 'alert'! We almost got into accident in Jerudong so the time got so late that we decided to abandon 'our plan'. Thanks again for the warning dear. It's nobody's fault so you don't have to feel guilty okay :) Accidents happen and we tend to overlook 'consequences', especially at such time. I do hope everything will be fine ...

What a day to end with ....

Roslin: The Cat Lady ....... Grrrr! Sexy!! ;) We made her wear the 'cat-ears ribbon and neck belt' hehehe :p She's a sport!

Getting the present from the birthday girl, the BLA+1 tradition :)

The incomplete BLA+1. Rahimah and 'Ain couldn't make it to the gathering today. Us holding the presents from Lin, while her holding the birthday card we gave her.

The pouch I bought at DMK. Thanks for the tips Shinegirl! Keep sharing! ;)

Friday, 27 June 2008


I woke up just before the clock chimed 7am. It's annoying 'cause I went to bed at 3am last night. The kids were wide awake when I surrendered myself to bed. Having roughly 3 hours of sleep, I went downstairs, having a great pain on the left side of my head. Yeah! It attacked me again! In fact, I'd had it since the day before yesterday. It was killing me when I was preparing the food for BBQ last night but I couldn't let it beat me so I took 2 tablets of acti-fast. It helped soothe the pain.

I killed the time surfing the net, watching Queen's video clips (I was actually looking for David Cook's videos when one of them led me to Queen's. *This is embarrasing! I finally found out the name of my ever-lasting favourite song ~ Bohemian Rhapsody :p). In between this, I got a text from Irman. He's booked our tickets to Thailand for this coming December. It should cost me around B$600. When I asked Yanti 'bout this, she suggested me to wait till the cost of the ticket drops as she had a cheaper ticket last year (B$368). Phew!

By 11am, I got ready for my foot reflexology. Then Joan, my masseuse, suggested me to do the acupuncture to release the migraine attack that I was having. Pissed off over the pain, I nodded to her suggestion. I'm not exagurating here but it really helped me! I am now feeling much much better!! :D

I met Lulu and Suria at The Mall just before 3pm. We gotta buy presents for Roslin. Tomorrow she's going to treat us lunch. Her birthday was last week. We bought her some cool stuff. My favourite was the paper-weight-picture-ball thingy (not sure what it's called! :p). I think I'm gonna buy it some day :) We were done with the shopping just after 4.30pm. We went separate ways and I met Sharul soon after. We did some shopping for my toiletries (our end-of-month routine) and went to watch "Wanted" at 5.25pm.

I am a bit disappointed over the movie. Maybe cause I expected too much on it. I am a big fan of Mrs. Pitt and she is really cool in this movie. However, the story line of the movie is .... well, hmm .... just ...... I dunno! I made me raise an eyebrow watching it! You'll see what I mean when you watch it! I rate the movie 5/10. For me, it's her worst movie! :(

Later on, Sharul and I had dinner at Ceri Cafe. He then bought a PS2 game (it's Narnia's. He's crazy 'bout it still! Hehe :p). I got home at 9pm, telling my mom "my plans" for the end of year holidays. I will DEFINITELY be going to Tioman Island, Malaysia from 12th till 16th December and to Thailand from 18th till 23rd December.

How did she react to the news?? All she said was .... "InsyaAllah ..." Please God! Please let me go this time. Pleeeeeeeeease ...........


These pictures send me goosebumps! The Chinese doctor inserted 4 acupuncture needles on the left side of my head. He then connected the needles to the machine. For the next 20 minutes, I could feel vibrations in the inner side of my head. It felt like my veins were being massaged :)

At Ceri Cafe, I had Buttermilk Prawn and Ice Blended Caramel Cafe Late while Sharul had Buttermilk Chicken :)

BBQ@home :)

It's just past mid night and my bros and sis are singing to the karaoke machine :) We're having a barbeque at the moment and it's awesome having all the kids around. It's a last minute plan and we started cooking at 7pm. I cooked most of the dishes. By 9pm, all were ready!

Enjoy the pictures!! :D

PS: Yanti, wish you were here!! She just came back from Hong Kong at 7pm today. I bet she's tired now ...
The apprentice ... Peace yo!! :p

See what I mean?? Hehhee ... Looking good huh, though a bit burnt :)

"Talent Time" or shall I say .... "Indon Songs Time" heheh ....

Us with 'lil cousins: Jimah and Wafi, her brother :)

Us with babu! :D Babu complimented my cookings - this, she rarely does! :p

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Alhamdulillah ... Another Blessing :)

I woke up early as usual. Dude! My eyes seem to have the habit of waking up at 7am every morning eventhough I went to bed very late the night before. In the end, I feel sleepy during the day but annoyingly couldn't take a nap unless it's after mid night. I've been sneezing and having hiccups a lot recently too. Yea! Yea! I know I need the rest but my eyes are just STUBBORN!!!

So, today, as usual, I went out of bed early. At almost 8am, Danny texted me, asking me to go to the Ministry to settle some unfinished work for our Nov-Dec Camp. Soon after that, I got another text from my ex-HOD, Hjh Lena, that she needed me to give her a ring a.s.a.p. It was urgent she said. My heart skipped a beat. Worried, I called her at that very moment.

Me: Yes Hjh Lena?
HL: Yes Suzi. Could you come see me at my office anytime today. I have a surprise for you and it's urgent.
Me: Surprise? What surprise?
HL: Just come see me later. It's a surprise but not a big one.
Me: I am going there at 9.30 later to see Hjh Aina. I have a meeting with her later.
HL: Oh, that's good. Well, drop by my office later ok. I'll be waiting.
Me: Ok. Will be there after 9.30.

Well, the conversation was not as such EXACTLY :p Just to point out the main idea heheh! You see, Hjh Lena and I have been so close since we worked together in the past 3 years. Only recently she was transferred to the Ministry. She was also the one who was responsible giving me and The Stars opportunity to experience the four-day sharing session a few weeks ago.

Dup-dap-dup-dap! My heart went uneasy, thinking what could be the "surprise". After the meeting with Hjh Aina, I went to Hjh Lena's office, which was on the 3rd level. Hjh Aina's is on the 2nd. Danny came along too. He was also curious.

In her office, I introduced them. Soon after that, Hjh Lena handed me a form to fill in. It was a form of a 3-day Course in KL this coming 16th-18th July. Danny and I went .... What?? It was a surprise indeed! She was nominating me as one of the participants for the course. I did ask who else was nominated. I learnt that Cg Wafi was also nominated, with 3 other teachers from primary schools. I am not sure how many participants will be sent to the course eventually.

The next moments, I was filling in the form while Hjh Lena and Danny had their chit-chats. I snapped in in between of course. After almost an hour there, we left. I thanked Hjh Lena for suggesting me to be the participant in the course. I am so grateful.

Back in Hjh Aina's office, Hj Adie was assisting me and Danny on the exams we are going to take in December. We are actually planning to take our Masters next year and having to pass the exams, our opportunity to gain the scholarship would be higher. The next hour, Hjh Aina and Hj Adie were helping us gathering all the past question papers and notes for the exams. We were so grateful!

At lunch, Hjh Aina took me and Danny out lunch in Gadong. We separated from Hjh Aina at almost 2pm and headed to the restaurant in the De' Anggerek Hotel. We needed the wi-fi to do some work. We hung out there up till almost 5pm.

A long day but a blessing for me. I do hope I will get selected for the course. Also, I do hope Danny and I will be given the apportunity to take our Masters next year, after passing our exams :) I do hope all the blessings will keep coming in future.

Alhamdulillah ya Allah :)

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Kampong Sungai Matan Tour

It was an invitation from Jungle Dave, the manager of Mona Flora Fauna Tours. I have travelled within Brunei with their help and each one of them was wonderful and educational. I now have learnt a lot of things, though not overall, but one thing for sure, there are places for us to visit in Brunei! Places I never knew about! Thanks to Jungle Dave and his team. A job well done! Again! :) Have a look at the pictures I took during the tour today. Enjoy! :)

A nice weather for the tour. A beautiful sight ahead too. Now, we're heading towards Chermin Island, passing by several villages on both sides.

We learnt that Kg Sg Bunga is developing homestays to attract more tourists to come to their village so as spend more time in the Water Village. It's about time Brunei has this people! And I'll be ONE of the tourists! :)

One of us shrieked when this little fish jumped and *kissed* her cheek hehe :p Azman, our tour guide, explained that, it is not a rare thing having live fish dives into fishermen's boats. Amazing huh! :) And do you know that we could actually find Bottlenose Dolphins here in Brunei River? :D I was the happiest finding out that information today!! I hope to see them some day!

After a short stop near Chermin Island and a brief history of it by Faizal, we headed towards the mangrove area. Azman and Faizal briefed us on the mangrove species and animals found in Brunei. The boat stopped when one spotted a mangrove snake on the palm leaves ~ sun-bathing as what Azman said. Mangrove snake is nocturnal which is active at night. It needs light during the day to gain energy. Something new for me there!

Having the longest bridge in the Water Village and the only true fishermen village still existed, Kg Sg Matan with only 500+ villagers have grown to be the pride of the country for producing a lot of seafood products in the market. I never have known this if I didn't join the trip! Thanks Mona Flora Fauna Tours! :)

Our next stop. Notice the floating bottle! It's a painful sight really! Can't we do something about this???

The sight from the inside. Nice huh! Can't believe a Water Village house could look like the ones on land :)

A demo of making Lekor Cracker. It's really simple, so I learnt :) I bought two packets of the cracker, cost me $5.00. Not bad huh! Am gonna make my own soon hehe ..

Taking a picture with a grandma aged 70+ who once won the Fishing Contest Award. Next to her is the Head Village of Kg Sg Matan :)

Trying my skill in making the shrimp paste (belachan). Watching over is Faizal, our tour guide. I'm impressed with his good English speaking. He's also fluent in Chinese. A bright future for him in tourism industry :)

Observing the kids arranging the fish meat on the case before drying it under the sun. I admire the 'culture' in this village. The adults nurture the young ones on the division of labour in producing the family products :)

Tasting the products sold in one of the villagers' house. Not bad at all. I bought a packet of 'liking' fish. Guys! You should drop by the village. Drop by and see the Head Village at Simpang 702, No. 702, Jalan Kota Batu (just after the Royal Yatch Club).

Feeding the fish in the 'aquarium'. The males tried their skill in throwing the net. I didn't manage to take pictures of it as I was too excited to see how it's done :) We also saw a jelly fish so this male participant tried to catch it with the net but with no luck hehe :p

The banner says: WELCOME TO KAMPONG SUNGAI MATAN. A quick pose before leaving the village. We were served lunch, of course fresh seafood caught by the villagers :) I had fun! Thanks again Mona Flora Fauna Tours!! Keep it coming!!! :D


PS: Happy Birthday Bapa Kami! :) Jangan marah-marah saja. Karang tinggi darah ehhehhee .... Semoga panjang umur and murah rezeki (dapat bagi-bagi kami semua eheh!) Mwahz! :x

Saturday, 21 June 2008

It's Time To Party!!

As I mentioned in the earlier entry, I did stay overnight at Mamashasha's last Thursday. I helped out with the next day's party games and presents. Shasha was an entertainer! That night, she stayed with me all the time, watching her parents playing and bouncing on the party bouncer. She got so excited and kept saying "Mau, mau, mau!" (want), sometimes, "Lagi, lagi, lagi!" (again) coz she loved seeing her parents slide down the bouncer and splash into the pool :D She's such a smart kid!

The next day, we woke up at about 8am. Shasha woke up at around 10am. Sharul dropped by bringing Murtabak for breakfast and some stuff for kitchen needs. By mid day, we had finished cooking for the guests so everyone headed outside to the bouncer. By this time, Shasha had put on her swimming suit, eager to join the adults! It was funny seeing her face when she slide down and into the pool. The next few times, she shook her head, unwanting to do the slide again! Hehehe! Guess, she's too young for that!! Hahaha! The rest of the hour, she spent her time in the pool, playing with her balls and us! The funniest part was when she teased us that she wanted to pee! Ijah, her aunt, took her out of the pool, only to see her with her cheeky smile on her face! She got us!! Hehehe!

The party went on well, despite Mamashasha's unreasonable worries of it! The kids had fun. We had fun! I had fun!! I even tried the bouncer, after some urges from the rest heheheh :p I only had a few trips as it was raining and I felt cold. Now, I have got back my then soon-to-recovered flu. Despite that, I had great fun!!!


Shasha's birthday party's programme. It all went well, despite Mamashasha's unreasonable worries ehehhe :p Thanks to the AJKs ;) For the record: I did the programme hehe :p

Now you see her ...

Now you SEE her?? Hehheh :p

Mummy's going up ... Daddy's sliding down ...

Daddy's on feet ... Mummy lands on her butt! Hehehe :D

Shasha's trying the slide with daddy :)

My turn now!! :p

In the pool with my darlin' Shasha :)

Proud mum and aunt :)

Birthday girl with her presents :D

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

The Voice In Me

Promises, beautiful dreams have gone
This heart breaks seeing what happen
Heartfelt happiness now has vanished
This heart wreaks seeing you leave

Sky's gone grey with cloudy coat
Suffocately wraps my broken heart
Reminisces the power of pure love
That once before made us one

I'll keep wishing for a miracle
That finally will make us able
To attract us together again
And forever strongly joined

Mixed Feelings

Monday's exchange programme's interview session went well. The participants loved the activities we prepared and all went on schedule. A top officer was impressed with my performance - Danny told me so. He overheard her saying that to another officer :)

At noon, I gathered all the costumes we borrowed from the Ministry of Youth and Sports to be returned soon, only to find out some items went missing :S I made calls to teachers and students but without luck. All were pointing to all directions. Nobody seemed to be responsible for it. Lulu helped me with the checking then I accompanied her for a drink at Easy Ways. By after 3pm, we went separate ways.

I went straight to the airport to cancel my Hong Kong ticket. Mom still forbiddens me from joining the BLA+1, who are now in Hong Kong. I do hope they will have fun there, though without me :( I couldn't refund the price of the ticket but the $114 tax fee. I really wanted to go!! :'(

Late afternoon, feeling miserable, I went out with Sharul. He accompanied me looking for a bedroom set. I found one in Sengkurong but it looked 'unstable', if you know what I mean! Feeling worse, we dropped by the nearby Pizza Hut and I ate the regular Honey Garlic Chicken Pizza BY MYSELF, and still felt hungry! Dude! I was depressed, remember?! Thanks to my mom! And the unbelievably expensive yet unstable bedroom set! Apakan!!! Mental eyhh!!! Huhu ...

The next day was Sharul' birthday. I didn't get him anything. Sorry baby ... Now, I just got home from buying Shasha's birthday presents. I couldn't find the right one in Miri. Thanks Zean for your help.
I got Shasha stuff which Sharul and I thought would be educational for her. We got her 3 presents, which are actually meant for a 3 year old and above. But everyone knows what a sharp kid she is so we just bought her the presents. I got an invitation to stay overnight at Mamashasha's place tomorrow (which she insisted on as I am the 'Birthday Party Committee Member' hehe). She also 'instructed' me to bring 3 different tops; 1 for cooking at the kitchen, 1 while playing on the 'bouncer', and one for the party :p

I can't wait!!! :D
=== Can't believe I ate the whole pizza by myself!! ===
=== Hope Shasha will love all these and learn from them too. For her age, learning while having fun should be educational and worthwhile :) ===

= Nicely wrapped for my laling Shasha! Happy Birthday Sayang :x =

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Yet Another Hit In Me

The 'Made of Honour' movie was nice. Yanti came with Rahim while I invited Sharul. It hit me right in the heart when the actor said:

"You're my bestfriend and I want to spend the rest of my life with you ..."

Another line was:

"I can't see you marry that guy. I cannot give you to him ..."

Not the 'exact' lines but they sound like that, sending the right message, at least for me ...

--> I can never live without you. My life will be incomplete without you around. I won't laugh the same without your jokes. Will never feel the same without you in me. For sure, I won't be strong enough seeing you with another. I can never let you go ... I am still in love with you and that feeling can never change. You're my bestfriend, my companion, my soulmate, my everything ... <--

--> Our latest picture, taken 2 hours ago. Don't we look great together ...? <--

Wonderful Weekends

Yesterday was a great day at work. My department's English Day was a success, though the preparation was chaotic. That's what happened when one decision was made alone! Alhamdulillah, all went well and other departments had their awes on our success. The chief also complimented us during the later meeting. Little that he knew there were miscommunication among us.

At noon, I took my quick nap, awaken by Danny's text (Ish!!! Kacau!!). We were going to prepare the Monday's activities ~ interviewing and testing participants' skills for exchange program: the Brunei-Singapore Camp 2008. The night before I only had a 3-hour nap. Was killing myself with the unfinished marking, only to find out almost none of the kids came to retrieve their books!!! Cheh!!! Also, last Friday, I sat down with Danny, discussing on Monday's activities at Anggrek Hotel Restaurant at 5pm. Before that, I was at school from 3pm to 5pm with my performers practicing for the English Day the day after. We did some decos on the stage, giving last minute touches on the moves and did some cleaning.

Zean came to meet me at the restaurant, giving me Noni's wedding invitation. Then we had dinner, leaving Danny surfing the net at the sofa. By 8pm, we left. It was then I started marking the piles of books so to give them to the kids. In between markings, Seagull called. He texted me that afternoon, saying that Salamanca Restaurant is going to be replaced with Excapade. I left my phone so I didn't reply. He called that night, complaining why I didn't reply his text. He thought I love Sushi hehe..

Seagull is a nice online friend of mine. We could talk for hours on the phone and on MSN. We met in Tagged, I think, last November (or December, not so sure :p). We planned to have lunch yesterday but I requested for Tea at 4pm later on. In the end, the meeting was canceled as he couldn't make it. Hope we will meet soon :)

After the meeting with the camp commandants, I took another quick nap. My running nose made me difficult to breathe. Then again, I'd to fight the fever as I'd promised my extended family to join them at Empire. They checked-in yesterday at the Lagoon. We arrived there at after 8pm. We had Ambuyat for dinner (Yea! Yea! I know! Bebau bilik yoh! Hahah!). Then off we went to the pool. Yanti and I didn't jump in with the rest. We just sat back on the chairs near the pool. It's been quite a while we didn't sit and chit-chatting.

Feeling bored, and cold, I wrote a few lines (in my phone). Just a simple one. It was almost 11pm at that time and my lil cuzzies, bros and sisters were playing in the pool. The sky was dark yet the moon shone brightly. Here it is:

Night so dark
Stars up above
Shining through
Makes me blue

Kids laugh
Happy faces
Scream and shout
Fills it up

Lying here
Feeling bored
Nothing to do
Thinking of 'you'...

Yea I know. I don't know who's that 'you' in the last verse. No particular person I guess. Just wanna make it rhyme hehe :p I left Empire at almost midnight and off to bed.

This morning I woke up at 8am and went out to buy a one-pound cake of Father's Day (for our uncles). I brought my golf clubs too. Planned to spend some time at Driving Range with the kids :) At past 11am, Amit Aini finally arrived at the room. The lil ones then prepared the cake and surprised the fathers :) They were surprised of course. Mission accomplished!!

After taking pictures and having some pieces of the Chocolate Oreo Cake, off we went to the Country Club. I paid the $10 golf balls and left the young ones trying their skill on swinging the clubs! By 12pm, we reached back at the Lagoon: checked-out and left with happy faces :)

Separated from the rest, I went straight to have foot reflexology at Gadong. I had been having migraine attacks recently. I fell asleep and later on bought some stuff for tomorrow's activities. Am going out in an hour now. Planning to watch Made of Honour with Yanti. She's bringing Rahim, her Bf and Sharul will come with me :) Been waiting for the movie for ages!!

What wonderful weekends I got! Though am not well, but I miss spending the quality time with my family. Now, it's fulfilled! :) Enjoy the pictures!! :)



== Let me go!!! ==

== Step 1: hold on tight! ==

== Step 2: swing and fly!!! ==

== Let's break-dance! ==

== Kids DO have imaginations! Zainul is building Haziq's imagination on 'fish' getting into his socks and shorts. Guess what Haziq did! He STEPPED ON THEM! Sheeesh! Smart, but scary! Hehehe ... :p ==

=== Rather a vivid imagination here ... Being hit by a giant monster ~ ME! Hahaha! ===


== The Chocolate Oreo Cake fot our uncles. Happy Father's Day! :) ==

== Look at Haziq! Ready to blow the candles! He even sang the 'Birthday Song' hahaha!

== Bungsu and wifey :) They've been married for 20 years now ==

= Amit Aini and his other half. They have 2 daughters and 2 sons :) =

== Cutting the cake. The kids went wild! ==


== Zainul's got the posture. == A first time for Jimah and Azri there :) ==

== Hmm ... Have I got the right angle?? :p == Ain trying her skill on the club too :) ==

=== Zainul's got the posture, Yanti's got the angle. I've got the hmmm ... pose! Hehehe :p Still need polishing my skill, even in holding the club ekekeke ... ===

I AM AN ARIES: The Daredevil (huh??)

Energetic (yea, in many ways)

Adventurous and spontaneous (definitely)

Confident and enthusiastic (yup!)

Fun (hmm ... I should ask my friends that!)

Loves a challenge (100%)

EXTREMELY impatient (well, I hate waiting. Does that count??)

Sometimes selfish (am I??)

Short fuse; easily angered (hell yeah!)

Lively, passionate and sharp wit (hmm ... No comment!)

Outgoing (for sure!)

Lose interest quickly - easily bored (most of the time)

Egostical (in some ways; my baby says "in MANY ways" LOL!!)

Courageous and assertive (I agree!)

Tends to be physical and athletic (hmm ... Naah!!)

Fun with your photos
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My engagement: 01.01.10

My engagement: 01.01.10
Suzila Ahmad

The engagement ring :)

A cake from him

For him

With my dad & Sharul's :)

With my mum and his :)

With two of my closest girlfriends: Azean & Yanti :)