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Saturday, 23 October 2010

The one with the good news

So I was back to work today, still limping but the sandals I was wearing were very convenient. They didn't cause me much pain alhamdulillah. Then, I got something in my pigeon hole, dated two days ago, and a phone number. I remembered that number. It did go through my cell but I missed it. I didn't call back. Apparently, it was a call from the ministry and so... later on I made that call.

The woman said, my Masters Degree application to Monash Uni Australia wasn't approved but they had decided to channel it to UBD. I should fill up the UBD form right away and send it to her today. So I did. I have gone through the first stage now she said but the next stages are yet to come. I thanked her and left. How did I feel? Happy of course :) I am!

If everything goes smoothly with the interviews and such, I shall be doing my Masters Degree in UBD in January 2012. The course offered to me only starts in January and to apply it this coming January is actually too late. She said that application for the in-service scholarship should be 6 months before the course begins. So I said to myself, "Better late than never!"

I am all smiley today. It's a happy HAPPY day! Alhamdulillah :')

Thursday, 21 October 2010

The bandaged foot!

My right foot now ..

The exercise guide that I planned to do next week.. Hmm.. I think I'm cursed!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The 20.10.2010

If it was Sunday, this very date would be famously taken for weddings, like last week's 10.10.10. Tok Khadi pun sibuk lusir sana, lusir sini menikahkan orang lol! Even now mom is counting the ticking of time hoping to hold our first nephew tonight. I think it's us. We love doing even the littlest detail such as symbolic dates for big occasions. Alhamdulillah, me and DF have had ours :)

This morning I asked DF if we would have plans to go out tonight. You know, trying to make the date memorable to us. Then, being the usual him, he said, "No plans. What's up with today?" So I guessed then today would be just like the rest of the dates hmmm..

But something DID happen today.. I fell, again! For the third time this month I think.. Excluding those minor falls I had while walking.. I could be very clumsy at times you know. So what's 2010 to me now? Pain! And here I am bedridden in pain huhu..

I hope the pain will ease tomorrow. Mom and dad were nagging me to see the doctor when they saw me limping tonight. Mom was over reacting. She said, "With that size you have, your feet can NOT carry you lah of course!" Right then I felt, sakit kaki, tambah lagi sakit hati. Thank you babu ku sayanggg *sighhh*

We'll see tomorrow how it goes. If this pain continues then, I will have to go to the clinic have it checked. My worries? Me, a fat bride, having a big fat bandaged foot! Or worse, going to the aisle, in wheelchair! Oh no... *gulp!*

Now, I am over reacting! Good night peeps!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

The week's progress

15.10.2010: the girls came over to help me design my Nikah dress :)
Our artist that day: Izan :D
The Nikah design by Izan, Zir, Diana, Nuyui and me :D Thanks girls!!
16.10.2010: the guy who booked the hall texted me that he had canceled his booking so that very day, I typed the letter so I could take the date for mine. I am forever thankful to him :')
*Note the wrong date LoL!! It should have been 2011, not 2010 whoops!! :p17.10.2010: at the bridal boutique, my sayang with the measuring tape :p DF liked this dress but too bad, I am too big to fit in it :(Still lost with the Bersanding design, we turned to the magazine and voila!! My wedding costume will look a bit like this, with changes here and there :)
Part of the wedding packageThe package price .. excluding our Nikah costumes erkK!!
Hehehehe :D
Our late lunch today :)Our Kursus Nikah slips and forms, to be submitted next week :)

The confirmed dates and costumes

Yesterday, I got a text message coming. To cut it short, our wedding will be held at the Fire and Rescue Department Multipurpose Hall. The guy had decided not to have his there. I am thankful to him for his courtesy letting me know that. I pray that all will come easy for his wedding preparations aamiinn :)

Mom was excited yesterday. I texted DF about the news. He was super glad too :) The dates we've chosen mean so much to us that to change it to 23rd instead of the 9th would make us go :((. But alhamdulillah now :)

Today, we spent 3 hours at the bridal boutique. I lost a few inches (well, maybe an inch lol!!) so I could still fit in those costumes I had booked last February. But we decided to wear a lighter maroon coloured theme on our evening wedding reception coz the one I booked looked less glittery now lol!! So we'll be wearing grey on our nikah, blue on our Berbedak, white-grey on our Bersanding, and light maroon on our Berambil-ambilan :)

Now, I need to change a few details in our wedding invitation cards. I will need to post it to Bandung tomorrow so everything can be done and posted back here next month. Jejen texted me last two days that my wedding souvenirs have been packed and ready to be sent here. This means, I will need to send extra cash there to have it settled. I hope I can do it by this week coz I will be busy with marking exam papers and I will be required to facilitate a four-day sharing session next week. This week is all about preparing for those sharing sessions. I will sit down with the other three facilitators tomorrow afternoon. I hope we will make it.

I did take some pictures but since DF was very helpful and in good mood all week, I'll dedicate the next entry showing the pictures to all :)

I love yesterday and today, especially with him in it. I love you sayang :)

Sunday, 10 October 2010

The one with the forms and the dates

Alhamdulillah, I finally managed to fill in the forms - the one with the permission to get married; something somewhat compulsory so we could sign up for the Nikah/Kahwin Course.

Sunday today was a productive day. DF and I went to the bridal boutique as early as 10ish in the morning - only to unfortunately find out that it was close :( But we've made our appointment and next Sunday, we will definitely make our time to cut our Nikah and Bersanding costumes :)
DF having his brunch before checking out the bridal boutique: I cooked the fried noodles. It always feels good every time he compliments my cookings *blush* ;)

Since plan A was canceled, we made our move to the Times Square to drop by the wedding packages and photography carnival. Today was the last day. When we got there, we saw couples in wedding gowns and suits. I guess they were models. It was a beautiful sight :) Then DF got interested in this booth showing photography packages. See below for details:Coz we didn't bring enough cash, we didn't make any deposit despite our interest to actually take this photography company to do our post-wedding shots. We thought that it would be very nice to have the sessions in Taiwan, and so we could have our honeymoon there too, before actually heading to Bandung :) For now, Taiwan sounds one very tempting idea! We'll see to that! ;p

At 3ish, Sharul dropped me off at Rem's coz we had to do some brainstorming about our Master's proposal. Zir joined us an hour later and alhamdulillah, the five-hour session was indeed fruitful :) We'll do our research in one of the local unis here this Tuesday. InsyaAllah, all will go on as planned. Please make it easy for us ya Allah :)

After the rather quick session, we dropped by Bungsu Hamdani's place to complete the form as witness 1. After sending Sharul home, I tried my luck at Amit Aini's place, who seemed to be wide awake as he was filling in his appraisal form too :D So now, it's left with dad's I.C. copies and the head village's letter to confirm that I am a resident in this very village. Dad will do these two tomorrow.
Finally filling in the forms: mom and dad's sijil nikah was misplaced but alhamdulillah, now I could do the forms after it was found :')
My uncles as the witnesses :)

Oh before I log out, today was supposed to be our wedding but as I said in the previous entry, it's our neighbour's date of Bersanding too so to avoid traffic (coz our parking space here is super duper limited), mom decided that we should give in the date. Congratulations to the neighbour. I am happy for them :)

Speaking of the limited parking space, I drove mom to the Fire and Rescue Department Multipurpose Hall yesterday after work. The intention was to book the place for my sister's (Nurul) Bersanding Ceremony in March next year. When she returned, mom was excitedly telling me that 23rd January 2011 is STILL available for booking - 9th January 2011 was already taken. Instead of agreeing, I drove us to the next door's Dewan Muhibbah, only to sadly find out that the date I wanted was also unavailable.

So mom called DF's mom about the change of our wedding date. The next thing we knew, we were back to the Fire and Rescue Department Multipurpose Hall, and booked the very date! But it was during the officer writing down our booking that I "copied" the name of the guy who had booked the hall on 9th January 2011, and of course, his number too (erk!). I made mom to call him soon later and he said that, he hadn't discussed with his parents about using the hall for his wedding. Mom was super excited. And me too! :p

But I don't want to start dreaming of decorating the hall just yet. Or thinking of the change of our Bersanding date. But I have to admit, I am excited too! :p Mom even called me about renting carpets and flower stands and extra dais this afternoon (in the middle of discussing which uni I should apply to with the girls). Rem and Zir both thought that mom was cute. Which she is :D

I hope the guy would cancel his booking on the 9th. It would help us a lot, especially with the limited parking space, the hot weather (there's air con at the hall), and of course, having our big day there, I would definitely make my mom super happy :)

I believe everyone will be right.. Yeah well. Even IF he did not give me the date, then I will have to postpone our wedding date to 23rd, which Sharul does not mind at all. He knows the parking space issue always gives me the headache.

And when I nagged about wanting the 9th as our Bersanding date (coz the number "9" symbolizes our 9th year anniversary), mom shrugged her shoulders and said, "You can always have your nikah on that day."

So, there you go! The latest update of our wedding.... *fening lalatz* :p

Friday, 8 October 2010

The packing

I was home all day today but Friday started early. Fluffy was all over me, waking me up coz it's time for her meal. I couldn't get back to sleep so I had breakfast at 7ish (mom was cooking mee laksa so it's basically my rezeki heee) then off doing laundry. By 9ish, I was back to sleep next to Fluffy. At 11am, I was on my lappy, trying to do some unfinished work but ended up watching 'Coffee Prince' instead lol!

Mom saw me at the living room and brought in boxes of gifts for my Berbedak ceremony. She said, time for packing! Now, I am taking a break (coz mom is out buying ribbons, her second trips now hmm...). Earlier, we did trials on where to put the ribbons and how to stick the cards on the gift boxes. I didn't realise how simple thing could be so difficult hmm...

Mom is so cute! She was so excited that when my sister entered the room she said, "You get married soon lah so I can do yours too!" with a wide smile on her face :') I wouldn't know what to do with all the details if it wasn't for mom's creativity and perfections! I am hopeless with wrappings and ribbons and colour combinations and bla bla bla :'p

So after that long hour of matching this and that, we came up with these! Enjoy the sneak peeks peeps! ;)
The gift bags. I can't do much with the colours. Mom is in-charge of it.. Hmmph pink!!
Cute box-gifts for the males
Gifts for the guests :)
This thank-you card is from Bandung. They come in handy when we got them for free heee :D
Thanks Lu for the DVD. Will return it to you soon! ;)

Thursday, 7 October 2010

The lines

I was on Facebook and saw a friend's status saying: happiness beams out of your eyes...

So, my brain flowed with words and in the end I sent the rest of the lines that came from my head to her inbox:

happiness beams out of your eyes
your smile strikes shots to my heart
your laughter melts me weak
my lips sealed unable to speak
our fingers grasp us tight
warmth i feel deep inside
raindrops drip on our faces
moves briskly in the pour
as our lips meet in deep kisses
i now become forever yours

Then she put up another status: contentment shines in your voices...

So in her inbox, again, I typed:

contentment shines in your voices
as our eyes meet with admiration
sweetness i taste in those every word
them appeal to what we're feelin'

Her comment: "this sounds like a wedding vow!"

So I thought to my self ... yes it does :)

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The hunting ends..

We have settled down on that one particular wedding ring, though unfortunately can't be replaced with Sapphire. It would cost DF a lonesome of $1630, after a discount price of course. We will collect the items in two weeks time. I need to show them to our moms before finally purchasing them though. Hope they're fine with our choices.

Today I managed to sit down with our office assistant about my leave this December and January. I am planning to take my mandatory leave (which is 14 days - I just knew that if I didn't take them, my 14 days annual leave would still be taken off erkk!!) and my annual leave in December. After a week's working days, then I would take my special wedding leave (which is another 14 days). I will complete the forms tomorrow and I shall update about this in the next entry insyaAllah.

* To Aiza, I will try to go to your wedding on 4th December. Now I am trying to get my leave confirmed by the Ministry and when it's approved, then next, it's seeking my parents' approval to be there and see you and Amad on the aisle. I hope they will let me go ya but so that you know, my parents are very conservative. They still practise the old petua and larangan like kena kurung dalam rumah one month before nikah and such *sigh* I am sure you understand my situation :)

Today mom was nagging about me getting home late the past few nights. What choice do I have left when Sharul could only come home at 5pm and reached home at around 6pm the earliest every day. So I could only reach home at 9pm or 10pm every night after running our wedding errands. We don't really have the time to do everything in the afternoon and get home before evening comes coz we both are working. Like me, I have to stay at work completing my extra duties till 4pm or else, I would have to tolerate seeing mountains of unfinished work on my table, which is always an ugly sight! How I wish my parents are more understanding. Bukan nya main-main ku jalan sampai aher balik ni....... *sigh*

And when I'm pissed, lots of bad thoughts came to mind. Like, wanting this whole wedding thing to be over soon, or wishing to leave the house immediately so I wouldn't have to tolerate their conservative perspectives over this whole marriage petua and larangan. Yet again, I am enjoying every bit of the preparations. I admit, DF and I do face problems here and there and we fight more often than ever before. But I know that when this whole wedding this is over, I am sure gonna miss this moment.

I know when I read this entry again one day, my heart will go "awww...." and "aaahhhh...". Or even say, "I miss that!"

Thinking over, sometimes it feels like I want to be his forever girlfriend so I can always dream of our wedding day. Weird huh! Now that our dream is almost coming true, I already long for the romantic past.

Yes. I will miss this whole wedding preparations. I am sure of that!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The hunting continues ..

I got the call from Mexx Diamond today after work. I was on my way picking DF up for a movie - for which I was 2 hours late coz I was stuck at work doing some printing. He was dressed up when I got to his place. Poor thing. He had injured his arm at work the day before and he decided not to go to work today.

So I told him about the call. We left there to see the salesgirl about the jewelry set that we had booked. Sharul was not complaining. He seemed alright with the date to the bling-bling shop, though he didn't look so happy hehe :p I guess this is what all grooms-to-be are feeling at the moment of figuring out the quotation or the price of the expensive set. And so I promised him that it would be the last time I would nag him about him spending thousands on me. That made him roll his eyes LoL!!

So now, we're waiting for another 3 quotations of wedding rings that I had chosen tonight. We would take the cheapest one of course. I wanted a Sapphire stone, which is Sharul's favourite too :) I hope it would not cost him much coz so far, he had spent about $3k at Mexx Diamond - diamond and rose/white gold pendant, bracelet and ring, and white gold necklace and earrings. I would spend $1k on his Palladium wedding ring - a two layered-ring that the middle one can be spinned. He said that it would be helpful at the time when he is stress or angry LoL!!

Tomorrow is another day closer to our nikah. I have butterflies in my tummy again while typing this.. And I have not lost a kilo since Raya!! It's just so hard to do so. This Sunday is our appointment to measure our wedding costumes and nikah outfits. I haven't really figured out the designs that I really wanted. Well I guess, we need an expert to do so for us. We hope the tailors at the boutique would be helpful enough to design our bajus. With the size that we are now, I don't think referring to bridal books for designs would help much coz they would only look good on those skinny models!!
We're hopeless at choosing which tone of stones and gold types for our wedding. Thank God we found Mexx Diamond!! Thanks to Louie for suggesting this shop to us :) - DF was sleepy at this time. His aching arm was spoiling his mood too tonight but I admired his patience at being there with me at the shop. I love you sayang. SO MUCH!! :') -
Some of the jeweleries that we have booked .. One made me look like a Datin because of the elegant cut. Another was just fine but we both thought it would look nicer if the Diamond stone was changed to Sapphire. Besides, it would cost us cheaper :)

Sunday, 3 October 2010

The hunting

Okay.. So I thought, I was complaining about DF about his "insensitive" mode the past months after we got engaged. Then again, I did say he has changed and become "more involved" in the wedding preparations, and I most of all, have become happier and much more in love with the guy ;) Alhamdulillah. And so I thought, it wouldn't be fair if I DIDN'T share with you lot the changes he had become, so here goes! :)

Today, I picked him up from a weekend getaway at Junjong BnB with my siblings and the girls (Lulu and Leng). It was him who texted me asking whether I would still be picking him up today (his aunt had invited us to her birthday party this afternoon. We couldn't reject it this time since she had sent us a separate invitation card huhu). Him texting for a meet up was making me smile. I felt needed *blush*

We spent an hour looking for the birthday present. We settled on a handbag for the aunt, which cost us about $59. We were late to the function of course but we did come and spend time with the family. A short one though - we left after 15 minutes of arrival LoL!! We excused ourselves by saying that we had had an appointment with our jeweler for our wedding. The elders had to give in and let us go :p

We met Joanne and made our installments. Then a quick meet up with some friends of his - he was checking on this guy's car. Sharul is in need of a car to work. Later on at 6pm, unplanned, Sharul brought up about going to Mexx Diamond to look for another set of jeweleries for our "Ambil-Ambilan" ceremony, and of course, our wedding rings. I was in awe :D I mean, he never did make the offer! It felt like me falling in love again that night. Falling hard! LoL!!

So there, we loved the service. The salesgirls were very helpful. We confessed that our budget was tight so they helped us choosing the right jewelery set, and his Palladium wedding ring :D It was funny that we didn't know much about stones and types of gold but after an hour or so there, we did learn a few ;) Mexx Diamond is the best for us so far! :D

I was smiling, happily, on my way home. He said the three words again tonight *smiling dreamily* :))

Friday, 1 October 2010

The "Okay .... now the countdown begins" ..

Okay, it's 1st October and in the next three months, I will be Mrs. Shahrul Faidzal. Even when typing this my hands are shaking. Nervous breakdown? Excitement? Everything comes together now. I can even feel my tummy gurgling with butterflies erkK! I hope it's a good sign yikes!

I just had my period. Last 2 months I had it 10 days earlier, and last month's was 6 days earlier than I expected. On counting, if this irregular pattern keeps going on, on my nikah day, I would be having it, so it means I will be having my PMS end of December, probably in so much muscle pain waist down. I should have coke in store to help me ease it. Or I will be labeled the bitchiest bride in history erkK!! Any tips at reducing the PMS pain are most welcome!

How's my diet programme? Not working! Fasting month and Eid really ruined it! I mean, I tend to eat more at those times (and still do). The good foods were just too tempting and dieting soon became past tense! This Sunday we're gonna have our costume fitting and I am sure we have gone bigger than the last time we went to the bridal boutique. It's official! We're the biggest bride and groom!!

Our wedding invitation cards samples just arrived yesterday. There were mistakes here and there (I expected that!) and dad wanted a few names added to the list. This whole "Al-Wakil Berharap" list is really a hassle! I am so tempted to just tear the pages off the card. But of course dad is gonna go absurd with the whole deleting part pfftt!!

The wedding souvenirs, as of yesterday, have been printed and would be ready for packing and posting end of this month, hopefully. The final payment shall be done soon, another roughly B$500 to Bandung. I haven't really counted the bills yet. We've been busy with work lately that we care less about the wedding preparations.

Oh, note the pronoun "we" there? Yep! He has finally started doing this and that with me since my last posts in this page. It startled me when he said he did read the "all out" about my frustration over him not spending much time with the wedding preparations and such. He must have noticed my "tak kisah" mode over everything few weeks ago that maybe he came to this page out of curiosity and finally decided to change. Which is GOOD!

Or else, jangan harap aku kan sibuk2 uruskan pasal kawin hmmphh!!

The latest us taken last week during Eid :)

I AM AN ARIES: The Daredevil (huh??)

Energetic (yea, in many ways)

Adventurous and spontaneous (definitely)

Confident and enthusiastic (yup!)

Fun (hmm ... I should ask my friends that!)

Loves a challenge (100%)

EXTREMELY impatient (well, I hate waiting. Does that count??)

Sometimes selfish (am I??)

Short fuse; easily angered (hell yeah!)

Lively, passionate and sharp wit (hmm ... No comment!)

Outgoing (for sure!)

Lose interest quickly - easily bored (most of the time)

Egostical (in some ways; my baby says "in MANY ways" LOL!!)

Courageous and assertive (I agree!)

Tends to be physical and athletic (hmm ... Naah!!)

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My engagement: 01.01.10

My engagement: 01.01.10
Suzila Ahmad

The engagement ring :)

A cake from him

For him

With my dad & Sharul's :)

With my mum and his :)

With two of my closest girlfriends: Azean & Yanti :)