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Saturday, 28 February 2009

A Fabulous Ending Of A Great Beginning!

The Drama performance went well, perfectly well except for the technical problem - the music halted half way. You know, the usual curse on actual day thing! A nightmare rather! Luckily my kids managed to remain cool and sped up the steps presicely to the right beat of the back-up song :) I am so proud of them that I almost cried!!

The Guest of Honour was the Director of Co-Curriculum Education so the week of intensive training was extremely tiring coz anyone would think that every step made in the performance would be measured meticulously. Well, if it ever happened, I would still be proud of my kids :) They worked so hard on it and had tolerated my bad-tempered side :P

What I am forever touched with was when my MV students, who are notoriously known for their samseng-ness volunteered to join the group as the villains when they learnt that I was short of male casts. "We do this for you teacher!" was what they said to me when the first day of training ended last Tuesday.

Today, at the backstage, they freaked out hearing the roars from the male audience, who were also among those in their so called gang! In fact, my other MV students had been mocking the 'villains' for joining the stage performance. What did I do? I warned them of course!

"If ever Anuar and his friends did NOT turn up on Saturday, you will be in trouble Emy!"

Of course that didn't stop him right away. He responded saying how long he'd not been to the movie and having Anuar acting onstage with his other friends, it would be something he wouldn't miss! That remark made Anuar smiled sheepishly, well shyly actually. His face was clearly saying, "Why on earth did I join this Drama in the first place, damn it!!" Hehehe :P

The rehearsals even went well. The bad boys did come, even on Friday :) When I was not satisfied with their Silat moves, I sent them down the stage and demanded for their polished Silat steps. Anuar, realising my disappointment, said on behalf of the rest saying, "Don't worry teacher. We will make you proud!" Today, indeed they did! :)

The Director had a chat with each one of the casts after viewing the display boards at the back of the hall. He was happy with the performance and as he reached the girls, I overheard him ask them, "Who taught you to dance?" The girls pointed at me and said my name, "Teacher Suzi." He turned to face me and asked several questions.

Director: "Did you teach them the dance moves?"
Me: "Yes .." *cut me off before I could end my sentence* --> I wanted to say I 'copied' a few steps from the BSAC campers dance moves, though not all.
Director: "Did you join the recent Dance Course?"
Me: "No, I didn't .."
Director: "Oh why not?"
Me: "We didn't get any memo about it. If we were invited, I'd love to go .."
Director: "Hmm .. Alright. Noted!"
Me: "Erk!! Shoot!!!" <-- Well, didn't say this out loud!

It was really an honour learning that he loved and enjoyed the stage performance. He is not just a guest but he is THE Director of Co-Curriculum Education, a someone who believes that CCA and ECA help students to improve their academic achievements. Personally, it's an honour for me as today's show was the Drama Club's first project. He loved it, of course we're proud! :)

One thing for sure, now the Drama Club members have increased in number (some of the casts today were not originally members of the club). Malik, a shy boy among all, even requested, "Teacher, bring ME again in the next Drama ya!" The next I knew, more boys commented the same! Right then, they are now officially parts of the Drama Club family. Welcome aboard guys! :D


Behind the scene!

The hero: "Rama"

Caught in the act! ;)

The National Day oath ..

The Guest of Honour: Awang Arsad bin Haji Adis, Director of Co-Curriculum Education.

Good job Leng! ;)

Patriotic songs by the students. Merdekaaaaa!!


After the show!

Sita & Rama :)

Proud smiles :D

Yep! They love me! Hehe :P

The actors and actresses :)


An honourary moment with the Guest of Honour :)

Hee .. Yep! That's ME!! :D


Anuar and the gang back to the real world ;)

Putera, Anuar and Azri: The Notorious Trio! :P Thanks guys!!

Friday, 27 February 2009

Things I Miss To Do ..

1. Going out with my baby.

2. Staying in bed, longer than usual.

3. Hanging out with BLA+1 and the BSAC Chaperons.

4. Eating out. Picnicking. Barbecuing. Ambuyat-ing.

5. Smiling (wholeheartedly).

6. Traveling with family and friends.

7. Taking snaps of sunset, sunrise, clouds, nature.

8. Haunting for latest DVDs.

9. Brisk walking. Hiking. Jogging. Sweating!

10. Movies.

Gosh!! When can I ever do all these?!! Geez!!! NOT happy!!!

Monday, 23 February 2009

This is My Life!

This is my break, since noon. My brain seems frozen after contributing its energy out for the ever demanding paperwork. Alhamdulillah, all are done. Now, I need a time off before attending to the other tasks that's piling up mountainously on my table. This time, no technology applications will take place but manually by ticking or crossing kids' books with my half-finished red inked pen. Sigh~ I am extremely tired guys ..

Well, this is my life! And day by day I've learnt to accept this for the past 5 years I joined this field. It was hard and still is. If only my career is not made complicated with the 'additional' tasks by the admin side, I am sure still gonna have the passion every single day I enter the classrooms that are flooded by empty faces of my students.

I did talk to the boss and requested (well, begged actually) to let me go of the admin responsibilities that are put on my shoulders. The answer that I got was for me to select 'other' responsibilities that are bound to be filled by me. So in other words, I gotta choose to leave a door of mountain-high extra duties yet to enter 'another' door of the exactly same weight of tasks. I begged to be JUST an educator. A normal teacher. The answer was obviously, a NO.

So, this is my life! In God's name, I may accept all the (extra) tasks in my hand. And surely, I've to get more red pens to play my part well in this part of my life.

PS: Happy 25th National Days to all Bruneians. I am not exactly a patriot but I'm sure glad I'm a Bruneian :) Cheers!

Sunday, 22 February 2009


Sharul's grandpa passed away today at dawn (5.25am). I just got back from the funeral. Alhamdulillah, all went well and smooth by 10.30am.

I breaks my heart every time remembering him asking me and Sharul about our wedding. He had always wanted to see us on the aisle. Sorry grandpa ... :'(

He was a very nice fella. Quiet and sweet. Sharul and I always took him to his appointments at the hospital and every time, we never failed from teasing him :) We'd comb his hair and take him to the barbershop. When he's done, we'd tease him saying how handsome he looked. He'd just smile at us. Such sweet moment to remember.

When he found out Sharul was going to study in Perth a few years ago, he was upset. But when Sharul came back, he was the happiest among all. Sharul took his grandpa out whenever he had the time. Just before he fell sick, he requested for Ayamku fried chix. He could be a spoilt when he was with Sharul :)

I couldn't help crying seeing my baby kneel down and kiss grandpa for the last time today. It was rather a while, a few seconds taken and I could feel Sharul's heart broken to pieces at that very moment.

May Allah bless grandpa's soul and place him among those with Iman .. Aaminnn ... Al-Fatihah ...

PS: Gotta cancel my ambuyat dinner date with the ORT Team and Dr Laura later. I want to attend the tahlil at Sharul's uncle's instead.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

One of those days

Surprisingly, I felt alright at work today, though most of my colleagues were (still) having the stressful feeling, especially after knowing that we're gonna have visitors next week. We had a chat, one of those when you just let out everything out over the increasingly workloads the past months. What's going on at the mo is just .. overloading.

Despite that, I felt alright. I just went through all the (now) routine work feeling rather .. empty shall I say. I guess I have become immune to it all. Even when passing by the main office, I didn't give a d*** to even have a glance at the boss. I could sense the boss' gestures or whatever, somehow, I just didn't care. What was I feeling? I was alright with it. Not angry, or guilty. I felt .. empty!

I guess it's one of those days when you just don't give a s*** about something that you've felt pissed off about for too long. Respect's gone. Passion? Hmm ... No comment!

PS: Sharul's grandpa is now at a critical condition .. I want to see him but I don't think I have the guts to be there. I am not that strong :( May it come easy to him, Aaamiinnn ...

Friday, 20 February 2009

Missing Him .... :(

Fast Friday

I wasted my morning in bed, didn't even have my Subuh prayer. I forgot to set the time. My body is aching all over after yesterday's long day. We had made it to scene 9 of the drama performance for next week. I was extremely tired ..

Today, I met Leng at Qlap Mall before 2pm. We managed to get some props for the drama. Just before 3pm, Johnny joined us at the nearby Hua Ho. We dropped by Red Canopy for tea. Well, late lunch for Johnny :) He paid for our orders, as always! Thanks Johnny ;)

From there, we left to visit Rahimah and her new baby girl :) The 3 of us chipped in the price of the gift. The funny part was, we didn't even know what was wrapped in the baby bag! Johnny ordered the baby presents and his friend wrapped 'em all in a pink baby bag. So, of course we told Rahimah to open the presents :P She understood coz in BLA+1, we used to have turns buying birthday presents for everybody but most of us only knew what's wrapped on the day of the gathering itself hehe :P

So, the baby's name has been decided: Nurul Fatin Batrisyia. A very nice name for such chubby baby! She was just about to have her afternoon nap when we came. Just after we had a look at Rahimah's new Mercedes Benz (it was out a day before baby Nurul was born), we were ready to leave. We took a few pictures but too bad, my camera was out of battery! Am waiting for pictures taken by Johnny. He managed to take pictures of baby Nurul smiling and pouting hehe :D

PS: Rahimah will be back to work on 11th April. I whispered to her: 10th is my engagement! She was of course happy to hear that! I always confided in her when it came to my love life :)

Thursday, 19 February 2009

7 Scary Truths About Getting Engaged



SCARY TRUTH 1: You Start Noticing (and Cringing at) His Little Quirks.

When you're simply dating, you don't pay much mind to his weird little idiosyncrasies, like his penchant for telling The World's Longest Story to your whip-smart friends, only to end with, "Uh, I forgot why I was telling that story." But when you're this close to marrying the man, his minor flaws suddenly grow into major personality defects because you realize they'll be with you for life. "My fiancé sits up straight when he burps so he can get much better tone and volume," says Mary,* 29. "It never bothered me before, but now I imagine him doing that in front of our kids and I think, He's my soul mate?"

But just because you notice those gross or annoying habits — maybe even for the first time — doesn't necessarily mean they'll grate on you until you die. "It's normal to take stock of the little things when you're talking about living with someone forever," says Li Robbins, author of Going Bridal: How to Get Married Without Losing Your Mind. In essence, you're giving him a closer inspection, sort of like when you buy a car. You scrutinize dents and everything under the hood before you sign on the dotted line. And sure, you'll find flaws if you look hard enough, but that doesn't mean he's not a keeper. "Once the wedding hoopla is over, you won't even remember most of the petty issues that seemed impossible to live with," says Robbins. And the rest? Remember you're in love with this guy for the real reasons, not because he polishes the toilet seat or sets the table perfectly (otherwise, you'd be marrying Thom from Queer Eye).

SCARY TRUTH 2: Your Friends Get Flaky ... or Cranky.

The very people who brought you Kleenex and bonbons when you were at your worst hour may seem to turn on you in the afterglow of your engagement, griping about the bridesmaid dresses or forgetting to call you on girls' night out. "Like it or not, your getting engaged is an emotional experience for your friends too," says Sara Bliss, author of The Thoroughly Modern Married Girl. "They're reflecting on where they are in their lives. They might be jealous because they're still single or because they've been dating longer than you, or even angry if they feel like they're losing a friend. And quite frankly, some of them are going to be a pain in the neck.

"By the same token, understand that even your best girlfriends will tire of hearing you go on and on about cake tastings and dress fittings. Make a point of asking about their jobs, families, and love interests. And though your schedule may be jammed, keep a few "friend rituals" in place, like weekly drink dates or window-shopping together. But if some pals clearly aren't supportive of you (you know, the suddenly toxic ones who talk about the skyrocketing divorce rates or how overpriced wedding dresses are), it's okay to let 'em go, along with the sidekicks who were fun to guy-hunt with but can't accept the bonded you. "Getting engaged is the perfect excuse to weed out superficial friends," says Bliss. "You outgrow certain people, and that's okay."

SCARY TRUTH 3: You Turn into the Nag You Swore You'd Never Be.

You silently vowed you'd never evolve into one of those high-strung fiancées. Yet, chances are, you'll find yourself screeching at him at some point because he forgot to call the photographer or griping "I'll do it myself — as usual" whenever he flakes on planning. "You have to realize that he didn't grow up dreaming about his wedding the way you did," says Robbins, "and he might be staying out of the way because he's afraid of screwing up. Don't confuse his laid-back attitude about your wedding with his feelings for the marriage.

"You also have to factor in the outside angst that's making you turn on your fiancé. Suddenly, everyone's making wedding demands on you ("I need a vegetarian entrée!"; "Can I bring along my six cousins?"), not him. So find clever ways to mobilize him into action, suggests Bliss. Entrust him with all the honeymoon details. Give him a guy-friendly to-do list of jobs, like checking out bands, going to the caterer tasting, setting up transportation, and laser-tagging cool gadgets for your registry.

SCARY TRUTH 4: You (Possibly) Feel Tempted to Cheat.

Men aren't the only ones who panic at the thought of sleeping with the same person forever — women can get equally anxious. And it's not because your sex life together is eh. It's that once you're engaged, other men become the forbidden fruit. You start thinking about all the varieties you've never had or can't ever sample again, like the ex whose chemistry rocked your world or the flirty bartender who slips you his number. Along with those thoughts may come mental loopholes like, "It's not so bad if I fool around, because I'm not actually married yet." Take Karen, 26, for example. "My bachelorette party was one of the first official drunken girls' nights out I'd had since the engagement. I was looking around thinking, I could hook up with so many guys here. Later, I felt so guilty for even imagining it."

When you're a bride-to-be, it may seem like a betrayal to be attracted to someone else. But really, it's just part of the program. "You don't lobotomize your libido when you get engaged," says Dale Atkins, PhD, a psychologist in New York City and the advice columnist for "Wondering if you'll get bored or checking out the UPS guy's rear doesn't mean that you'll be unfaithful or you're not made for each other. It shows you're still a sexual being with desires, and believe me, your fiancé is okay with that." Because for all the lusty daydreams you may have, it's still just in your head, not your heart.

SCARY TRUTH 5: Little Signs "We're Not Meant to Be" Start Cropping Up.

Once you're engaged, insignificant situations have a way of snowballing into major issues. The blender from him that was a testament to your margarita-making skills now seems like a domestic shackle. Your lust life tapers off for a week, and instead of thinking it's from wedding stress, you're convinced it's a forecast of boring marital sex. Habits of his that were charming and hopeful before you got engaged — such as dreamily mentioning that he'd like to open a cigar bar someday or hatching yet another wacky get-rich-quick plan — are just scary now.

"Little things take on huge meaning because your expectations have changed without your realizing it," says Atkins. Getting engaged is really the starting point for building your life together, and you start envisioning the long-term, from what kind of couple you'll be to what your life together will be like. And while it's healthy to wonder about the future, don't over analyze. "Reading too much into his behavior and lumping those so-called red flags together is what makes them seem so overwhelming, so take each little sign for what it really is," says Atkins. (Sometimes a blender is just a blender.) And when it comes to dealing with his out-of-left-field whims, eventually you'll learn what's legit and when he's fantasizing after a crappy day in his cubicle. You'll also feel more secure that you'll make those big decisions as a couple when the time is right.

SCARY TRUTH 6: Cash Becomes a Tricky Topic.

When you're planning a wedding, you'll be faced with making major money decisions together that will reveal things you never knew about each other. You're a budget freak, and he's never balanced a checkbook. You want a big, fat wedding, but he'd rather have a big, fat house. "Everyone thinks that sex is so hard to talk about, but discussing money is more personal in a lot of ways," says Jonathan Rich, PhD, author of The Couple's Guide to Love and Money. But you have to talk Benjamins now.

The three things you need to discuss are how much the wedding will cost, who is contributing (between the two of you and both sets of parents), and how much each is putting in, says Rich. Getting those numbers in black and white will spare you the awkward, possibly ugly confrontation later, but expect to have a few disagreements. "Like most guys, he may have no clue about wedding costs, or he may have other plans for your cash," says Rich. "This is an opportunity to find out his views on money, what kind of lifestyle he envisions, and how the two of you can create a financially and emotionally stable life together."

SCARY TRUTH 7: Both of You Begin to Change.

Of course marriage gives you a new outlook on life, but changes really start when you get the ring. You go from being spontaneous, self-sufficient Me to a more cautious, settled, future-oriented We overnight. It's easy to get spooked by the subtle shift in your personality, but it's really a rite of passage. "You're in the process of letting go a part of your identity as a single woman, and it's perfectly natural to be a little sad or upset when you recognize those changes," says Atkins. But the truth is, the new, almost-married you is still ... you. You're simply evolving, the same way you did at every major turn of events in your life, from losing your virginity to going to college to starting your first job. The only difference is, when you're engaged, you're not alone in the transition. "I know my fiancé is giving up some of his bachelor freedom too," says Tyler, 28. "We talk about how weird it is, but because we're both experiencing it, I don't feel like I'm losing anything. We're slowly morphing into a true couple."


For the record, am not getting those scary thoughts just yet. Not yet! :)

Me and Sharul have been so busy that we haven't really sat down and discussed on our engagement. It's less than two months from now on though ... InsyaAllah. All will be fine :)

Monday, 16 February 2009







Sunday, 15 February 2009

When Boredom Ruined the Day ...

I was bored today. I decided NOT to do any work cause this week, am all packed with meetings and workshops so ... hmmm ... pretty boring but sure relaxing ;)

We visited my brother at Sg. Akar Camp. He injured his ankle when on duty in the jungle. I'm forgetful and he's the clumsy one :P Zainul was limping when we saw him today but apart from that, he's fine :)

Later on, I had dinner with my sayang at Big Papa's. Then off we went to visit his grandpa at the hospital. He's been there for two weeks. I helped Sharul's aunt to change his diaper and bed. I shed tears when I saw his back. He's been bedridden for many months ... and has gone skinnier. The last time Sharul took me to see him was during Hari Raya 2007. His last message to us was: "When are you two getting married? Grandpa wants to see .." with a smile on his face. Now we hope he gets to see that, insyaAllah this year. Wait for us grandpa ...

When I got home, I had to stop myself from touching my work. Sharul even forbids me doing so before he left just now. What did I do instead? I found this! :D I passed the link to Lulu, Leng, Maya and Mamashasha on MSN. Lulu and I then spent some time listing down cartoons that we used to watch when we were little hehe :P

Here are some, to name a few ;)

She Ra
He Man
My Little Pony
Mighty Mouse
Lone Ranger
Little Lulu
Jen & the Hologram

Hehehe .. It's like flashback! Mamashasha and I even remember the Thundercats ice-cream with orange flavour that we used to get at the marts. Very funny!!! :D Now, can you remember YOUR list of cartoons??? Hehehe :P


Saturday, 14 February 2009

Yuhuuu! Where Are You???

Hmmm ... I know we shouldn't celebrate the so called Valentine's Day but I can't help feeling sad when my laling is somewhere out there ... He hasn't called me all day. I actually planned to go out to the movie but .... sigh~~

Yuhuuu! Where are you??

PS: Just went through my previous entries and came across this. I guess I'm alone today too sigh~~ Happy Lovers Day all! :)


I was late! Thanks to my mum. I had to pick up Mit Yah on the way to the workshop too. By the time we reached SR Delima Satu, it was really hard to get a parking lot. I'd to block someone else's car. HL and R welcomed us at the school hall. I didn't expect the big number of teachers in the workshop. Dr Huxford was already on stage delivering her speech on EPPS - English Programme for Pre-School. I didn't do much. Just being a key personnel for the day.

At 3pm, the group split into 4. One of the groups was a session for the Year 1 teachers. I learnt a lot in such short session. It's embarrasing though. I am one of the key personnels who are working with Dr Huxford but honestly, I haven't done much, except for the ORT Reading Programme that the 7 Angels (the nick we got from the DS) ran last year.

The session with Julia and Karen was very helpful! Lulu and Suria! I'll share with you two how to handle your Level 2 kids ;) Owh, I also requested R to invite Julia to share her knowledge on phonics, which will surely help our weak Level 2 students. I actually talked to Julia and invited her for a sharing session with my colleagues :) Apparently, her son is a dyslexic so it kind of makes her getting involved in all the work on phonics to help him. Since it works, she's been sharing it with all. God bless you Julia :)

My mum finally met HL, my mentor, during refreshment. My mum knows how I look up to HL and when she finally met her, she now understands why I always do. The short moment they had chatting, all HL talked about was her duties after joining the office.

I shook my head when my mum said to HL: "I'm worried about Suzi. Look at her eyes! All red with black circles! Now she's got asthma attack too, after many years. Every day! Every day after work she faces her computer. She's got nothing else to do at home but work work and work!"

Now that was embarrassing!!! What did HL say? "Don't worry! She's alright. She's still young!" and winked! That's MY mentor! I don't think I could ever be like her! What I am complaining about so far is NOTHING compared to what she does EVERY DAY at work. I can never be like her! Never! Huhu~~

Before we split up, HL hugged me and squeezed my thigh-sized arms and commented: "You're busy but still ... (squeezing my arms harder)" Yea okay HL! I know why she said like that! Ever since she'd joined the office, she's lost weight and has gone slimmer and shall I say .. sexier! ;) But me??? Chis!!! Huhuhu~~~

I left before my mum and aunt. I killed the time snapping pictures of the school. I couldn't believe the path I used to stroll onto still exists now. Even the garden, though it's much much better looking now compared to the time when I used to play with my friends back then. The classrooms used for the workshops today were also used to be the ones I spent my primary years in.

The pathway to the hall. I used to hang out here with my friends, playing games: 'Main Tiang' or 'Simban' :)
The hall. Can't believe I came back here to where I had my PCE :)I spent most of my break times in this room: joining the Computer Club. I still remember the typing skill: 'ASDF - AJKL' hehehe :PThe pathway to the classrooms I used to study in: Primary 3 and 5 :)The garden. Nice eyh! ;)
The block I studied in: ground floor (Primary 1), 1st level (Primary 3), and 3rd floor (Primary 6) :)I used to take our books from teachers' cars parked here ;)

Yes. I was a student of SR Delima Satu :) It's nice to be there again. I took a while today standing at the back of the hall, measuring its size that was 'big' to my eyes but 'small' today, and the 'huge' stage where I used to receive my annual prizes and performed a choir with the Primary 2 students during Parents Day. It was very very nice, though touching at the same time.

I'm sure my mum would be feeling the same. She used to teach there in our primary years but Mit Yah and her were too busy worrying about the new phonics lessons following the SPN21. It's gonna be throughout the year! Hehehe ... Besides, my mum is kind of annoyed cause she's gonna retire this October. Now, with the overloading courses, she finds it too much!

Well mum! Welcome to the club!! ;) *hugs*

Friday, 13 February 2009

Thanks to Anonymous a.k.a. *Syair* ;)

Just wanna say "thanks" to *Syair* for her/his kind thoughts. I am touched.

Sorry peeps for all my whining and complaints. Just need to let it all go in here. My sayang is busy with his new life, career-wise, so I just don't wanna burden him with it all. I think he's also sick of my 'typical' complaints cause every time we met, he'd say, "What did Y do this time?" whenever he saw my long face. So .. Yea! You guys gotta bore yourself with all my whining in here sowwwiiieee!! ^_^

Again, to Anonymous, thanks for your concern and sorry. I must have mistaken you with another Anonymous by the name of "Aleya". I wonder where she's gone to. I think I've bored her to death like I did to Anih today whoops! Hope all is well with you Aleya. The same goes to you *Syair* :)

Once again, thanks a million! Just sharing with you this. This could help whenever seminar is boring:

A blond boarded a plane to New York and insisted on sitting at the first class seat when she was actually holding an economy class ticket. All efforts failed on asking her to her less prestigious seat when she stubbornly replied: "I'm blond and beautiful! I should be sitting at the first class!"

The hassles caught the pilot's attention so he went out to see what was happening. Learning the situation, he approached the blond passenger and whispered something to her ear. A moment later, she picked up her bag and went to where she should belong.

The flight attendants were amazed and asked the pilot how he could persuade the girl to her seat. The pilot replied: "It's easy! I told her first class passengers are not going to New York!"

Cheers! :)

Lunch Out with Anih

It was unplanned. Her text came in just before noon, which I was very thankful cause I was sound asleep still at that time *blush*. The next hour, we met at La Mee. It was my idea. I needed some fresh air so ..

We exchanged updates. Me, of course babbled about my hectic life. Sorry I bored you to death dear. Well, what friends are for right! You can't get away but be a listener ;) It's really good to see her again and knowing that she's now feeling better. She was sick some time last week, with coughs and all. It's the weather. Alhamdulillah it's been sunny lately. My lungs can't stand the cold no more. Alhamdulillah ..

Anih and I talked about so many things in such short hour. One of the things that I remember is us talking about how ungrateful kids nowadays are. Honestly speaking, when I was their age, I was really scared of my teachers. I didn't dare to talk back, even look them in the eye, especially when it was my fault for not submitting homework on time or such. We, back then, listened to our teachers. We were very grateful!

Now, it's very hard to handle them. Sometimes I wonder what have made them act that way. I have kids who ignore me in class. Even pass me by not even greeting us with 'salam' or 'good moring' like we used to. Thank God not majority of them are like that. Only one or two who are just ... difficult!

My achievement so far .. I have several MV students who managed to write or complete the tasks I gave them. Their other teachers who saw them writing actually whispered in my ear, asking what my 'petua' is for making them sit down and actually do their work quietly.

Honestly, I don't know. Do I have the power of making kids listen and obey me? I don't know. But I do have the stern look, which makes students run a mile, if you know what I mean. Which reminds me - Zul F commented: "How can you have that look .. that serious-don't-mess-with-me look? You can even shift from all smiley to that in a sec. So scary!" I smiled and he continued, "Teach me!"

Alhamdulillah for His gift. If psychology does not work, this look helps! :)

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Stress to the Max!

I am not happy, still, and even making me to consider quitting the post I'm holding. Even make me to consider transferring to other work place! The pressure from the workloads - the last minute assignments and unclear instructions - have made me suffer inside out! The pain in my left shoulder is back, maybe due to long hours of sitting down. My headache is still here, also maybe my eyes have suffered too much light coming from my laptop. My neck .. it's killing me! I've been sleeping with extra pillow to support my neck so it wouldn't wake me up in the middle of the night due to the pressure. I pray it's not my blood pressure! I haven't gone to the clinic to have my blood pressure checked or measured. I just don't have the time.

Today, I missed a meeting that I was supposed to attend at the Ministry. The memo was just not in my pigeon hole the last time I checked it at noon. I only found out about it a few hours ago from Salwa. HL did text me about the meeting but since I haven't gone to the DST counter to pay my bills - yes, I haven't got the time to do so - so all texts sent to my prima line apparently do not appear in the inbox. The fax? It's not the first time this happens. Many times my colleagues complained about the delay of the memos they received. Thanks to our clerks! HL understood my situation. After all, she was my head before so when this happens, she'd comment, "Oh, biasa lah!" Yes, it's that bad! Grrr!!

What upset me again today was when I was assigned to be an MC for an up-coming meeting. It's upsetting cause the person who should do the part is going to do something which .. I dunno! The whole assigning parts for the conference was just .. ODD! I burst, the 2nd time this week! I just can't take the pressure anymore! Even so, another report should be done a.s.a.p. - a departmental achievements so far. What makes it more and more annoying was, I do not have the details of all the staff's courses or conferences that they have attended. Why? Cause I am NOT The HoD! Enough said!

Yesterday after the HoDs meeting, Leng and I felt so tired with all the info from the boss, also with more and more workloads, so we decided to have a quick drink. At Cherry Cafe, I had my late lunch, Leng had her tea and bread. It felt so good to finally sit back and relax, though it was only for a while. Then again, we couldn't escape from talking about work. And of course the pressure we're facing at the mo. It's just so bad this year that we went silent in the end. Words couldn't describe how stressful we are .. Sigh~

I just got back from a dine out with my sayang. For a moment there, I felt at ease. I didn't whine at him cause obviously, he's tired from work as well. We had our dinner quietly while watching the American Idol 8 selection show. Thank God Twelv has that comforting sofa so it felt like watching TV at home. He's working tomorrow and it's gonna be a long journey to KB. Yet, he didn't mind spending the time with me. He's my sweetest! The sugar for my tea, the honey for my waffle :) Thanks sayang..

Owh, we also went out last night, to the movie, FINALLY! He passed his induction - he got 70% for the test yeay! - so he treated me to the movie. We watched "Inkheart". Though we were 10 minutes late, we enjoyed the movie. We left with red eyes, both tired and sleepy.

And I'm sleepy now. Good night sayang ...

Make a Difference!

I don't wanna say much but DO watch this! We can make a difference ..

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

When Eyes Met, the Hearts Melt ..

Two hearts pray with hopes within
Laughters kindly tickle the silence
Hearts surrender to deepest desire
A glimpse of him is always a cure

Far apart is always hurting

Missing someone is always aching
A glimpse of a loved one is firely soothing
The sight of him is always calming

Though apart and voices unspoken

When eyes met silence beholds
As lovers breathe the air of love

The hearts melt a complete whole

11 Things Guys Don't Understand About Women

~ Taken from Sex, Love &


Men always say they don’t “get” the female sex, but what specifically—besides our going to the restroom in groups—don’t they comprehend? We found out.

“Why, oh, why, can’t you create a single, central location for your hair ties and bobby pins?!? And why is there one on the handle of the microwave?” —Chris, 26

“Why are women so afraid of bugs but can regularly pour hot wax on their bodies and rip hair out by its roots?” —Justin, 22

“Girls and drama! My God, it’s like an episode of Dawson’s Creek! He said, she said…it goes on and on for years. Do you ever get over an argument?” —James, 28

“I am confused enough about why the onslaught of hormones every month, like clockwork, still takes me by surprise (the next day when she gets her period, I’m like, Oh! We got into a fight because she was hormonal!), but why does that fact take her by surprise? Shouldn’t she kind of realize it and be like, ‘Don’t listen to me—I’m hormonal’?” - Married Jake

“I don’t get why getting married so soon is so important to most women. Is love not enough?” —Brian, 24

“Why all the shoes? Really, my sister has suitcases full of shoes that I’ve thrown aside more often than she’s even seen them. It boggles the mind!” —Mark, 25

“I don’t understand their attitudes! Everything is good for, like, the first three months, but after that, it’s a whole different ball game!” —Danny, 32

“I don’t get why girls say one thing and mean something different. Like when they say, ‘You can watch the game,’ and then when you do, you get in trouble.” —Keith, 27

“What I don’t understand is why girls really, really, really want that nice guy, but once they find one, they can’t date him because now they need a jerk.” —Rob, 26

“Why do girls not like other girls when they first meet them? It’s as if they have to prove themselves to each other before they’ll consider them acceptable to hang out with.” —Aaron, 25

“I don’t understand why women can’t just speak more directly. They always want you to do something, but they don’t put it in words. Instead, they talk around the issue. I wish they were more up front and just said it!”


Well, sometimes we women don't understand why we're like that! Believe me! I don't understand why I don't say what I want to say to my boyfriend. Instead, I shed tears of sadness when he doesn't understand what I really want him to do for me, or even say to me. In the end, we both get hurt and end up not talking for the next hour or so. Of course, he breaks the silence first ;)

Sometimes, I don't understand why I dislike a presence of a new girl in my circle of friends but it's always alright if a new guy does the same. Don't I trust my own species as much as I trust the males? I don't know that really. But most of the time, after some time of getting to know each other, I usually learn to like the newbies :) What I still don't understand is, why I trust guys more than the girls? I still don't have the answers.

I also don't understand why I can be so sensitive over simple things when it annoys me every time others do the same. It is hormones imbalance? I fret so! It's our greatest enemy!!

What I also hate is, I can't seem to be decisive about major things like, to buy this or buy that. To do this first or that. To go here or there later. Well, you get the idea .. This is also one of the many factors to the many arguments that I have with Sharul. Thank God he's got the most patient heart in the world!! Or I'd be all alone now erk!!

So boys, if you don't understand us women, believe me! Some of us also don't! So, peace!! ;)

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Dizzy Sunday *sigh~

My day started with me facing my lappy. I got several paperwork to be done as at TODAY *sigh~ the migraine that's been attacking me is still here :( I guess, it's the pressure and I just hope my blood pressure is not that high that might have cause me the 5-days headache ..

So, my morning (and partly my afternoon) was spent on completing:

1. Minute of departmental meetings - I've missed doing these since the 2nd meet. Since we have the meeting every Tuesday this year (yep! SINCE January), imagine how many minute records I had to do today *sigh~ Thanks to the extra workloads!!

2. A report of a professional development course I attended last week to Research and Evaluation Department (RED) for filing - Lulu offered to do the report but she's got other admin commitments to be submitted tomorrow to the boss. Besides, I'm her head so I know I should do the part. Thanks anyway Lulu. And thanks for your understanding --> both of us had some time off wondering where had our January gone to .. We still can't believe we're in February ALREADY!

3. Yet ANOTHER dumped task to me by Y late afternoon yesterday. I couldn't say 'No' as it was passed on to me in front of the no.2 boss.

I spent my Sunday today roughly 6 hours doing all the paperwork. By the time I was about to do task no.3, I decided to stop. I've had enough and at this very moment, I am thinking of talking to boss no.1 about it. Y was told to do it and to be submitted to the boss on 10th Feb. Why do I have to do it instead?? Besides, my brain couldn't take the %#%^# no more! It's just too much!

Thanks to my sayang. We dined out today, just when my uncle and aunts paid their visit at our crib around 5ish today. Before I left, bungsu asked me a 'soalan cepumas':

Bungsu: Ji .. bila tah ko betunang? (When will you get engaged?)
Me: (taken aback) Err .. balum ehh .. Yanti dulu .. (Not yet .. Yanti first ..)
Mit Yah: Napa eh? (What is it?)
Bungsu: Inda .. Aku tanya .. bila ya betunang .. (Naah .. I was asking when she's getting engaged)
Mit Yah: Jadi? Bila tah? (So? When's it gonna be?)
Bungsu: Katanya Yanti dulu! (She said, Yanti first!)
Mit Yah & Bungsu: (nodded)
Me: Left the table *blushing*

Sigh~ Well, the plan is still ON though. Me and Sharul plan to get engaged this coming 10th April. The initial plan was on my birthday (15th April) but I have to consider the time cause it is a working day and the only time it can be done is in the evening. I don't really like the idea. Besides, Yanti plans to get engaged on 16th April. So, I guess, our elders will be very exhausted if I insisted on having mine on the day before hers.

After all, 10th is always our monthliversary. And it's on Friday. We plan it to be after the Friday Prayer. I guess it shouldn't be a problem after all .. hopefully. We seek everyone's prayers and blessing .. Aamiinnn ...

Our dine out today was not a good one! A family of 4 was really noisy! We did move to the other part of the MOD Restaurant but we still could hear them chatting, especially the wife! Gosh! So loud eh the family!!! I wonder how the house would be like!!

From MOD, Sharul dropped by Akhbar Ria Restaurant to tapau the Cheese+Egg Murtabak. Then off we went to Hua Ho Mall nearby. I had my Maghrib at the surau there (which was disppointingly SHARING with the men erk! What's worse, it's small!).

My sayang must have noticed my upset mood. Guess what he did? He bought me a bag!!! :D Thanks sayang! I love it!! Now I have a handbag a.k.a stationery case! ;) By the time I got home, my relatives had just left. Whoops!

PS: I left my phone at home. As I got back to the table, I read a text from Y informing me of the forwarded emails about MORE DUTIES Y passed on to me. Surprise surprise! The Emails started off with "Dear HoD". Guess who's the HoD?!!

*Sigh~ really guys. If ever .. IF EVER smacking is permitted at work, I'd do it first thing tomorrow morning when I see Y at the office!


I AM AN ARIES: The Daredevil (huh??)

Energetic (yea, in many ways)

Adventurous and spontaneous (definitely)

Confident and enthusiastic (yup!)

Fun (hmm ... I should ask my friends that!)

Loves a challenge (100%)

EXTREMELY impatient (well, I hate waiting. Does that count??)

Sometimes selfish (am I??)

Short fuse; easily angered (hell yeah!)

Lively, passionate and sharp wit (hmm ... No comment!)

Outgoing (for sure!)

Lose interest quickly - easily bored (most of the time)

Egostical (in some ways; my baby says "in MANY ways" LOL!!)

Courageous and assertive (I agree!)

Tends to be physical and athletic (hmm ... Naah!!)

Fun with your photos
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My engagement: 01.01.10

My engagement: 01.01.10
Suzila Ahmad

The engagement ring :)

A cake from him

For him

With my dad & Sharul's :)

With my mum and his :)

With two of my closest girlfriends: Azean & Yanti :)