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Monday, 31 March 2008

Wishful Thoughts

I wish for calm
Inside out
Wish it'll come
Leave me without
For I wish to feel warm
With breeze on my face
To live my life unharm
And make my life complete

No tears shall fall
Silence may behold
Where I stand
I see its beauty
Where I go
It still calls

When can I reach you?
Will I be touching you?
Is all I need
Are all I crave

Come to me and keep me near
Stay with me and never leave

Sunday, 30 March 2008

~ KK Vacation ~









Saturday, 29 March 2008

A Series of Unfortunate Vacation!

The time finally came --> our vacation!!! We had been counting seconds for it. Days at work this year were so packed with numerous meetings and courses, not to mention extra workloads. Not that we’re complaining but hey! Who doesn’t love holidays!! :p

24th March, our flight to KK was at 8.05am so in other words, we had to be at the airport as early as 7am. Lulu texted us up the day before, saying how excited she was about the trip and reminded us to be there early. Lulu and the other three BLA+1 members, Yatie, Rahimah and Kiem, my sister, Zima, and cousin, Yanti, joined the trip. So, there were seven of us altogether. On the way to the airport, I sent a fake text saying that I overslept! I bet Lulu and the girls were panicking as Yanti and I had the tickets!! :p Of course we weren’t late. We arrived at the airport just on time for check-in.

The plane landed with us girls laughing. Yatie was told by a lady sitting with her on the plane that there was a sticker at her back. When we checked for her, it was the yellow ‘Royal Brunei Airlines’ sticker that was attached on her pants. Lulu and I went into the airport toilet a bit later. It was hilarious as Rahimah kneeled down helping Yatie to take the sticker off her butt. “Suzi! Camera!” Lulu reminded me. So I took some pictures of the ‘funny’ scenes! Not a good start for Yatie hehe :D

Once reaching KK, we took taxis to Sutera Harbour Resort. Lulu had booked three rooms for us all; I would share a room with Zima and Yanti. We reached the famous hotel at about 9am. At the counter, we were told that our rooms were not ready yet, informing us that the check-in time was at midday. So off we went to the city, leaving our baggage at the hotel lobby. We went on the hotel’s shuttle to The Centrepoint. It was good that the hotel provided free transport for the guests; we could save some cash with that – the taxi fees from the airport to the hotel were RM20 and from the hotel to the city was RM10. We shared the cost.

We bought stuff we needed at the hotel; junk food and toiletries. My sister bought a traveling bag; it’s actually a buy one free one bag so, I paid for the smaller one :) It’s a bargain! I also spent RM20 on a pair of sunglasses. Yanti bought some Elle shirts (she’s an Elle’s fan!) and cute little pink tops with skirts for her nieces. We also bought three hats, for the next day’s beach games. Each cost RM44. Sheeesh!! Expensive huh! But we looked cute on them hahaha!

At almost 12pm, we gathered at the ground floor. The other girls bought shorts and Lulu had a big brown (looked like teddy bears pictures) box in her plastic bag. I showed them my sunglasses and minutes after that, I was showing Lulu the booth where I got them. She paid the same price for a pair that she liked. Yanti and Zima went downstairs buying some detergent. By 12pm, we rushed outside the shopping complex to catch our bus back to the hotel. So unfortunate, we missed it! It was now a few hundred meters from where we stood. To run after it wasn’t possible as we had lots of plastic bags in our hands, not to mention Zima’s new luggage. We didn’t want to wait for the next trip because it would not be operating at 1pm. So, we took taxis back to the hotel.

Only two rooms were ready when we reached the counter. Lulu and the other girls were already in room 1. We went up, tired; all of us rested on any space we could find; some lay down on the twin beds, some on the sofa at the corner of the room and others simply sitting on the floor. We were not happy having the twin beds. Lulu requested for king sized beds for all three rooms and so far, the two rooms that we were given had twin beds. The hotel receptionist said that they would send the key to room 3 to us once it was ready. We were hoping to get a king sized bed this time.

We waited for almost two hours for the key and finally, Yanti and I went down to ask the receptionist about it. One of the employees handed in the key, with an innocent smile on her face, agreeing that the room had a king sized bed. We went up to Lulu’s room, room 1, a bit irritated for the inefficient service. From there, all of us went to the third room. Reaching room 3, we had to struggle pulling our heavy luggage along the hallway. Why? The corridor was under renovation with dry paints and papers lying on the floor! It was dirty and smelly! I said out loud, “I’m NOT waking up with this mess!”

Opening the door to room 3, there infront of us were TWIN BEDS, not king sized bed. Puzzled and annoyed, I took the hotel phone. “I don’t want this room. I want to change!” “May I know why?” She dared asked me that!!

“It’s the renovation and all,” I replied. “Oh! That’s because your friend requested for rooms near one another.” I passed the phone to Lulu. “She’s blaming you for this!” Lulu had a moment with whoever it was on the other line. The rest of us were pissed, upset for having such treatment from the so-called famous five-star hotel!

Lulu put down the phone, frowning. “Since when do king sized beds TWIN??” Apparently, so the lady explained to Lulu, that there were two types of king sized beds in the hotel --> one bed or two beds. WE DIDN’T KNOW THAT!!!

Downstairs, we cancelled room 3 and Lulu requested for an extra bed. Yatie, Kiem, Rahimah and herself shared room 1 while I, Zima and Yanti shared room 2. We complained about the renovation hallway. The lady behind the counter gave us two comment booklets for us to write down any comments about the hotel service. “That’ll be our pleasure!” we replied!

Soon, we caught two taxis heading Twin Sky Restaurant downtown. It’s a seafood restaurant suggested by Jack, the only ‘good’ employee we met at the hotel. He also briefed us on beach activities available there. At the restaurant, we could choose live sea creatures with rather expensive price. Finally, we ordered mussels, cuttlefish, (live) prawns and kailan vegetables. Lulu and Rahimah also ordered omelet with oysters cost RM15. We enjoyed the fresh cooked seafood despite our nuisance over what happened at the hotel. I took 2 tablets of panadol to lessen the headache I was having. We shared the price of all the food; RM40 per person.

From there we walked to The Centrepoint to catch the hotel’s shuttle. We reached it on time but the queue was so long that we couldn’t go on the bus. It was disappointing cause the door closed just as we reached it! We went back into the shopping complex, killing time as the next trip would be in 40 minutes. Yanti and I went to Burger King buying dinner while the girls went separate ways. We were on the first few rows queuing for the next bus and we reached the hotel at about 9pm. We went to our rooms. A few minutes later, Lulu called, asking whether her extra bed was mistakenly sent to our room or not. “No. Not here,” Yanti replied and hung up. What a bad day to start and bad night to end!!

That night, the three of us went down, walking around the hotel gardens and beach. After taking a few pictures and having burgers and chips for dinner, we went back to our room just before midnight. Before that, I asked for a broadband cable. “We’ll send it to your room,” she said. I replied, “Are you sure you’re going to send it?” Just a few moments in our room, the doorbell rang. Impressed for the ‘quick’ service, I went online chatting with Leng for a few minutes. Leng, also a member of BLA+1, couldn’t join us. I told her she was lucky she didn’t! I went to bed at almost 2am, after Yanti. Zima was still packing when I lay down on the ‘joined’ twin beds.

The next morning, I took some pictures of the sunrise at around 5.30am. It was beautiful with refreshing air and sounds of the birds flying in the blue sky. Yanti was taking shower, Zima was still in bed. At 6am, it was my turn to the bathroom. Zima went in after me. Yanti and I took pictures on the balcony which showed the Magellan Hotel and Sea Quest jetty. The sun had risen and its ray was now showing clearly from behind the thick white clouds. I snapped another few shots of its beauty!

By 7am, we were downstairs, while the girls from room 1 came soon after. Our breakfast was quick as we had to register at Sea Quest counter at 7.50am. As suggested by Jack, we should go to Manukan Island. So we did! We paid the RM45 boat fee per head. We stopped by Mamutik Island, sending off a couple there. We took some pictures of the island while we continued our journey to Manukan. At Manukan Island, we took some pictures on the jetty then off we went to the resort’s counter. We paid for kayaking and banana boat ride. Then we changed clothes at the ladies room.

Before we even started the games that we paid, we were left unattended by the Sea Quest employees as soon as they found out that we had paid the cost for the beach games at the counter of the Manukan Resort. Apparently, Sea Quest and Manukan Resort are two different companies. WE DIDN’T KNOW THAT!!! So, we went back to the counter and we were shown the place for kayaking by the man behind the counter. We realized that the Sea Quest workers tried to get us back by talking to the man but it was obvious that it wasn’t possible. The yellow shirt Sea Quest workers left us kayaking, disappointed.

The rest of the day was fun that we forgot what happened that morning. Everyone enjoyed kayaking. Lulu and I taught the ‘inexperienced’ ones hehe. The day was so hot that we could only spend 30 minutes of kayaking instead of one hour. Next, we rode on a boat to the middle of the sea and rode on a banana boat. Rahimah, Yatie and I tried the ride first, requesting it to topple! The rest of the girls didn’t dare to try --> only Yatie knows how to swim. The first try was awesome! On the banana boat, we went so fast that we bumped on the sea waves. Then on a narrow corner, the three of us fell into the sea! I saw nothing but blue waters. I heard nothing but the sound of my breath. And I tasted nothing but the salty water. Then I floated, seeing Yatie and Rahimah already on the water, gasping for air. The life guard was near us. We laughed, glad that we didn’t drown. Thanks to the efficient life guard and of course, the life jackets! We screamed, calling names of the girls on the boat. The next banana boat ride carried Lulu, Kiem, Zima and Yanti. They didn’t want it to topple so the ride was rather slow. They went round in circle for several times, with no sound coming from their mouths! I whispered to the boat driver to go faster. He did! Then the girls started screaming! Now, THAT was fun! Haha :D

The third ride carried the six of us, excluding Kiem. Yatie, Rahimah and I persuaded the girls to topple into the sea like we did. They agreed when we said that was the only time they could do it (we don’t have banana boat in Brunei, not that I know of!). The last ride was memorable. We found out we could go deaf falling into the sea with that sudden plunge, and Zima was a natural ‘float’! Haha! She didn’t go under the sea, she floated all the way! Amazing! Haha :p Lulu had to put some water into her ears to enable her to hear clearly. Then the smile carved on her face again and I announced to the group, “It’s positive! Lulu is NOT deaf!” Everyone laughed!

We then took a quick shower and changed to dry clothes. We spent the hour taking pictures with the blue and green sceneries. We ordered our lunch to eat at the hotel. The Sea Quest boat arrived after 1pm and sent us back to Sutera Harbour Hotel. We went up to our rooms. Room 1 girls planned to go to the city after changing. Us, room 2 girls changed and stayed at the hotel beach, waiting for sunset. We took pictures with boats, gardens, rocks, swimming pool and of course the sunset backgrounds. Feeling hungry, we planned to go to the city for dinner. Passing by the Boleh Café, we saw the Indian food buffet menu. For RM65, it’s worth trying. So, we went to Warisan Plaza by taxi. Yanti needed to buy something for her niece while Zima and I needed to buy some shirts for our dad. An hour later, we were at Boleh Café, enjoying the buffet.

The food was amazing! Even the curry was yummy! The three of us took pictures of the food we took, while an English woman next to us smiled looking at us. She must find us weird snapping pictures of our food :p We talked and joked at the café for almost two hours. We tried ‘ladoo’, the food that Zima and I always wondered how it tasted everytime we watched Bollywood movies! It tasted so sweet and thick of spices. We could taste its scent when it reached our mouth. We couldn’t finish it.

From dinner, the three of us went to the lobby. That night, there was a live performance by three ladies in black and a pianist. They were good singers who sang songs from different languages from Malay to English, Japanese to Korean. Amazing talent they have there! We could request songs by writing on a piece of card with comments, dedications and stuff. So I wrote down:

From: Lady in red
Dedicated to: All men at the lobby
Requested song: The Rose by Westlife
Comments: Enjoy the song!! :)

They sang it and read the card! Zima’s face turned red, as red as her top she was wearing that night! Men’s eyes were on her while Yanti and I laughed out loud!! Hahaha! :p We requested for more songs, eyeing the front door, to catch on the room 1 girls. Before we returned to our room, we went to check on the girls. Kiem and Yatie were already asleep. Rahimah and Lulu were awake. Updating our activities after we got separated that afternoon, we left room 1 and went straight to ours. I went online for a few moments, then it was almost 1am before I finally closed my eyes.

The third day was the longest day. After breakfast, Lulu and the gang planned to walk to Magellan Hotel and I told them we would do the same but they needn’t wait for us. Back to our room, the three of us couldn’t walk! We had diarrhea!! Yanti went in and out of the bathroom the most! We could only see Lulu and the girls walking along the path to Magellan and screamed their names. Of course they couldn’t hear us. It was too far from where we stayed.

We watched TV while taking turns to the toilet. I packed my things at the same time. By midday, we checked out, feeling weak. The girls were surprised seeing our pale faces. I was obviously weak as I wasn’t as loud as I used to be.

It was 5 more hours for our flight back to Brunei. So Jack recommended us to check out the local chocolate homemade factory, Simply Chocolate, 20 minutes drive from Sutera Harbour. With taxis, we went there, tasting banana, mango, durian, toffee and many more kinds of chocolates! All of us went back with bags of chocolate to bring home. I bought three boxes of banana and three boxes of mango chocolates.

Back at Sutera Harbour, it was still 3pm. We killed the time hanging out at the lobby area. Lulu, Yatie, Kiem and Rahimah ordered cold drinks. Room 2 girls didn’t order anything. The service charge was ridiculously expensive for us! We also took some pictures there. Just before 4pm, we got so bored that we took our luggage and asked Jack to call taxis for us. We wrote a comment on Jack’s efficiency in the comment booklet. We agreed that he should one day be a manager of the hotel so all the employees would be as efficient as he is!

At 4pm, we reached the airport. After checking in our bags, Yanti and I took the girls’ passports and tickets. We were in-charged of that. Our turn came. At the counter, a man in uniform screamed, “Flight BI826 cancelled!” That’s OUR flight! After some questions-and-answers sessions, we found out that the plane we were supposed to get onto had an engine problem thus it was cancelled and replaced with another flight that night, at 11.50pm. So we had 7 hours of boredom at the airport. To go to the city was out of the question as most of us were tired and broke. We did have Brunei dollars with us but to change it to RM, we didn’t think we had the energy going shopping for 7 hours, not even lesser! The RBA gave us dinner coupons at KFC. We had it at 5pm and checked in early. By 8pm, restaurants and small shops inside the airport were closed. There was a massage spot but the masseuses were all men! The toilet was nearby but it was dirty! We had to walk to the other side of the airport to use cleaner toilets. It was so cold as we had to wait for 7 hours in the air conditioned area!

We read magazines, took pictures and talked and talked and talked but the time seemed so long to pass! Even the novel I was reading seemed thicker, though I had read it since landing my butt on the chair in the waiting area. Never in my life wanting to leave the place I am on vacation in!! Never in my life regretting vacation that I was looking forward to. This vacation was just . . . unfortunate!

Within the hours, we recalled the unfortunate events in the three-day holidays. It was just too bad to be true! All the bad things that happened came one after another on every and each of the day! Just before boarding our plane home, we remembered the first day at the hotel, how bad it was! We were angry over the treatment that we got and feeling hungry as we hadn’t had our lunch at that time. Hence, we created a word to describe the event on that day --> HANGRY (angry and hungry). ‘Hang’ even expressed the fact that we had to ‘hang’ around at the airport for seven hours. So yeah, we are the “Hangry Ladies”!!

Reminiscing these series of unfortunate vacation, it made me annoyed while at times, made me laugh. As I said, it was just too bad to be true!!! Sigh! Now we’re back to square one! Counting days to the next vacation!!!

Saturday, 22 March 2008

My Hero

You were there with my laughs
Even there when I sighed
Gave me warmth when I fell
Calmed me down when I knelt

You held me close when I afar
Let me loose when I rose
Spared me space when I overlooked
Always near where I stood

You held me up when I toppled
Soared your wings, seized me high
Made me pricey from just simple
Now a girl reaching the sky

Now a line parts us …

You’re there, I’m here
Not together, yet near
Solitude close, we both bear
We shall swallow without fear

You’ve been there showing me all
Be my guide, see me soar
Forbid me from any trouble
Be my prince, be my angel

With the space we now draw
We’re still close just like before
I’m thankful I ever met you
Cause you have been
And always be my hero …

~~Thank you baby for what you have been to me all this while. You are the best there is ever happened to me. I love you …~~

Friday, 21 March 2008

What A Blast!

Days at work were as usual; exhausting. But I’m enjoying every moment of it each and every day now. 2008 so far is challenging for me, personally and mentally. If you read my previous blogs, you will have some ideas about my life … My not so exciting life really hehe. But I cherish every tick of the second.

Hmmm … So far, life at work is demanding. It’s become more demanding in fact. As an assistant head of department, I have chaired important meetings at work, presented my department at several other conferences and recently attended an important course for a week. I met lots of people there; some are my high school friends, some are my juniors at UBD, others are just new faces whom I enjoy having friendships with. Among these groups, I met new friends; Raheemah, Zul, Irman and Wafi. We were in the same group during the course. In fact, Irman's my long distant cousin! What a small world :) We were called “The Heroes” by the course presenter, Dr.Chan, from Singapore. I gotta admit he loves us!!! :D

Here are some pictures we snapped during the course. I had fun. We all had a blast!! I cherished every moment of it, especially the parts when we “knew” what was discussed on, and when we had to prepare materials for our presentation as a group. The five of us were so “clicked” that we could work amazingly well! I am so gonna miss the moments!

I am looking forward seeing you all again “The Heroes” members. Till we meet again. Miss you all :)


~Irman, Zul, Wafi, Myself and Raheemah --> The Notorious Heroes hehe :D~

~~~~~~Me and Raheemah. Aren't we cute!! :p~~~~~~

~~~~~Content at work. We were so clicked! I miss this people!! I even miss the table!!!~~~~~

~~~~~Having a blast in every activity. Real fun! Raheemah's taking the picture. She's scared of balloons hehe :p~~~~~

Me and the boys. Didn't take a picture with Wafi. Takut bini nya marah hehe :p

Stuffing the lecturers with Ambuyat!

~~~~Me, Dr. Chan and Zul, after the closing ceremony~~~~

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

The Best Feeling Ever?

A tingle feeling touched me as the elders talked about their experiences giving birth to their sons and daughters. One said you can’t scream, one said you can’t fight but all agreed in unison it was (is) the greatest pain they’d ever had. I just watched (and listened) to them chattering about the painful part in the labour room --> head first, then the shoulders, then the body, and finally the legs. “It doesn’t stop there,” they said. The next pain is when the nurse stitches up our ‘part’. I swear! My eyes widened visualizing it!

I can never be able to endure such ordeal! Can I???

It’s like a journey that’s too wide to measure and too long to stroll onto. You know it’s there coming yet the end path is just too mysterious to see. A slight glimpse may make you happy but to really ‘see’ it, that’s when it starts becoming complex.

I’ve heard a lot about how difficult it is raising kids; they can be blissful yet a hustle at times. I have friends complaining, how their lives have changed since the babies came. I listened, yet too scared to observe. I don’t want to judge something I have not experienced. But now, the elders are making it more complicated for me. Making me more scared in fact…

The baby cried, bringing the distressful conversations to a prompt halt. Even the worrying thoughts that crossed my mind froze with the sound of the weeping child. The elders now gathered around the little one’s bed, as I did too. She has such big eyes, sharp nose and curvy full lips. As she cried, she looked up at all the faces around her. What a beautiful baby! It’s unbelievable she lived in her mom’s womb 24 hours ago!

Her proud granny unwrapped her off her thick polka dots blanket and found her without her little socks on. She kicked them off and now she was barefooted! “Not again!” her mom exclaimed, smiling. Apparently, the one-day old baby doesn’t like wearing the thick socks! All of us laughed, finding it funny! “How smart!” my heart echoed.

All the harrowing thoughts that hunted me just now had gone. My cousin then took her baby and breastfed her. The infant was now quiet. What an amazing sight seeing a mother looking down at her tiny daughter, with a smile crept on her face. The little fingers clutched her mommy’s finger tight. Her big eyes were now closed yet her mommy still wore that proud I-am-now-a-mother smile.

“I want that feeling! I swear I want that feeling!!” my heart voiced again…

Saturday, 15 March 2008

To MO, With Love

My day's incomplete without you
OK isn’t the word, when lacked your jokes

I cannot show you all I am

Although it’s been a while now
Do I ever pop into your head ?
Or you just choose to ignore ?
Really hard to keep the truth
Even harder than not see you at all

You are one special friend
Only you, my truly one
Until it’s time, the day will come …

~~Thank you for making me smile. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for your precious time. Thank you for every second that we had. Thank you very much. You are indeed one special friend~~

Friday, 14 March 2008

~~Quit Hoping~~Quit Dreaming~~

Someone somewhere
Makes me fly
Someone somewhere
Makes me laugh
Someone somewhere
Makes me share
Someone somewhere
Makes me cry

Someone somewhere
Gives me hope
Someone somewhere
Tells me jokes
Someone somewhere
Makes me mad
Someone somewhere
Makes me sad

Someone somewhere
I wake to see
Someone somewhere
I yearn to keep
Someone somewhere
I won’t forget
Someone somewhere
Just doesn’t care

~ I gotta wake up people. My feelings are playing with me these past weeks. My brain says no, my heart says the other way round. I gotta keep telling myself to hold it back cause it's complicated ... So, I gotta keep standing still now and quit playing with what my heart is whispering. I gotta save the lil piece of it for myself. I can never survive another heartache … Never …~

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Suzila is Relieved!

Hi everyone! Hi Mamashasha! How's my lil darling doing? Miss her so much! Hi Mo! Thanks for the long chat today. I hope your baby's fine now. To Seagull, what happened dude? Where have you gone to? And to Arzi, thanks for the wonderful nights dear :) Love you all!

I've been away for sometime now. Been busy with work and now attending a week course. I'm glad actually, away from work and the office. Now just gotta focus on the course I'm attending. It's fun and a relief! Hence the topic for today! :)

I was kinda blue last week. Maybe cause of the pressure and all. Besides, I missed Sharul a lot but was relieved after we met the other day. I went out with BLA+1 last Sunday. Johnny loves the presents we bought him, so it seemed ;) Thanks for the treat and the cute presents Johnny! I love the keychain :) Adding extra bunch to ones I already have now. Was so stuffed with western food that day. Then off we went to The Mall. Then Arzi texted me. I was glad getting it and that night, we went out. I like this guy. He's fun to be with. He loves golf and that's all he ever talks about! We went out again the next night. Thanks for the drinks Arzi. Keep it coming hehe ;)

It's a relief too when my ticket to Hong Kong for June's vacation is finally confirmed, yey! Never been there but my cuzzie has gone there once and she's going there again this June so I guess, it's worth going. The ticket price last Wednesday night was BND740 while on that very day, it was BND577, which my two girlfriends bought online at the office! Then the next day, Leng texted me up, saying that the ticket price had dropped to BND576 so she purchased for me, as I couldn't go online at that time cause I was attending a meeting at work. Thanks Leng. Will pay you back at the end of this month, after my K.K. vacation with the girls this 24th to 26th March :) What a relief!!! K.K., here we come!!! Hong Kong, open your arms!!! :p

I had a long chat with Mo just now. Actually, I was kinda worried days ago cause it seemed that he was avoiding me. Thank God he's not :) That's a real relief really cause I don't wanna lose a good friend like him :) He's funny and I love sharing things with him cause we have lots in common, right from the food we love up to favourite movies we're watching! We're even weak on the same things! We hate reading and are very bad in calculations! Haha. You're a funny guy dude! I love you!

Another relief for me today is, I finally managed to finish up my study proposal. Well guys, last Saturday, my boss just told me that he's proposing my name to further my study in Singapore. I'm honoured that he's got that high expectation on me. I really appreciate that. So, I promised to try my best. Today, I stayed back during lunch time at the place I'm having the course and finished up the proposal. Alhamdulillah, I did it all in two hours.

After the course, I rushed back to my workplace and showed it to the boss. He was impressed and promised me to give a high recommendation for me to obtain the scholarship. I hope I will get it :) If I don't, I'd still be thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to at least try to get it. The bottom line is, I get the trust from someone I respect and look upon at work. Not only trust, but his willingness to make it come true as well. Now THAT's a big relief :) You don't get to have this chance everyday so for me, it's an achievement...

So people, I am thankful to God for all the blessings. All the pain and tests He's given me are now eroding. Thank You God for everything. I am forever relieved that I have faith in You :)

Friday, 7 March 2008


Work was busy, as usual that I'd to cancel my lunch date with Mamashasha coz of the neverending meetings!! Sorry dear. Will make it up to you owkay :)

I had lunch with Sharul at around 2pm yesterday. We had it at Anggerek Hotel Restaurant. He didn't order his meal; just had ice milo, his favourite! I had nasi goreng ayam pattaya and ice horlicks. I always order horlicks when I have uncomfy tummy. Lately, I don't feel good. Always have tummy aches. The doctor was right. I shouldn't eat meat for the time being. I hope it's nothing serious but he did scold me for not watching over my diet. He told me to cut down my eating out habit!

Well anyway, while I had lunch, Sharul went online and checked his Tagged profile, which he had not logged in to for several months. He was pleased seeing my dozens of messages and comments there. Going to my profile, he read my journals about us there and signed my guestbook saying:

"Oh I miss you so much ..... and really love you so much that I can't describe how much I love you. And one day, when it comes I'm surely going to marry you, mwaaaaaahz"

:) Then, he took pictures of me with his phone. Hehe ... He loves doing that!

After lunch, we went to Qlap Mall, watching Vantage Point. It's a cool movie, you should watch it! I'd rate it 8/10! While waiting for the movie at 4.30, we hung out outside the Arcade. He laughed with tears as I told him jokes that I know :) That's the moment I have missed since the break up. We have gone our separate ways, but still love each other, that I'm sure of. My hectic and busy life lately has made it difficult for us to meet or even spend the time on the phone. Well, I guess, that helps since we both know it's not gonna lead us to nowhere in the end right...

So, after the movie, I went home, seeing my mum, sisters and bros at the kitchen table, talking about work and joking around :) I miss that too! Man! I should spend more time with my family! I've been away from home for so long now!

Then one of my sisters came up with this plan; us going out to the movie. Now, THAT, we have not done for so long too! I was tired, literally tired, and needed some sleep but she begged and blamed me for not spending time with them anymore, so I went up my room and got ready. It was touching when she went to my room just to check on me so I would't change my mind :) Then off we went to The Mall. We reached there at almost 10pm and the movie started at 9.30pm. So, yeah! We missed it!!

Waiting for another 30 minutes for my lil brother at the Food Court, we met our aunt and her daughters. Chit-chatting for a moment, they left and my sis bought dinner at Jollibee. We enjoyed the Jollibee Chocolate Cool Pearls and it's only $1.95. Cheap and yummy! ;)

The movie started at 11.30pm, which was full coz of the bookings. We had to wait infront of the counter to grab any seats that's canceled. While waiting, we watched the sneak previews. We set a date to watch College Road Trip and Forbidden (something) with Jackie Chan and Jet Li in it! Should be fun movies! 15 minutes before the movie started, we got the seats, yey! :) We watched 10,000 BC. Nice movie. I'm not gonna tell; you should watch it pal! ;)

We reached home at about 2am. I went to bed straight, with smiley face! It was a wonderful day afterall :)

Monday, 3 March 2008


I need passion
From one I yearn
I need truth
From one I choose
I need the one
Who makes me shine
I need patience
When I am blind

I need silence
When I am mad
I need the one
Who truly cares

I need one
Who shows me smiles
When I am busy
Yet, proud of me
Who’s always there
And be my company

I need one
Who massages me
When I’m weary
Or tired really

I need one
Who wraps me tight
In my every sleep
Whispers words
Gently in my ear
Be my blanket
Be my shed

I need one
Who expresses
How beauty
Always be with me
I need one
Who’s gentle
Shows me all
Always be my angel

I need one
Who’s there
When I’m in need
Or in despair
Making me laugh
At all times
Be my clown
When I am down

I need one
Who dials my number
When he’s busy
Or in anger
I need one
Who has me
In his mind
Twenty-four seven
All the time

I need one
Who gives me hugs
When I’m stress
Or even cry
Who lends an ear
Or loans his shoulder
Be my guardian
Despite his power

I need one
Who ends our fights
Who listens
And makes it better
I need one
Who calls me “baby”
When he’s chilling
Or even whining

I need one
Who loves me truly
Who takes me
And only me. . .

~~~ Life has been hectic for me recently. My work is so demanding that I have no time to even hang out with my girlfriends. My health has also been affected by my busy life and when night falls, all I need is someone who is there to cheer me up. Tonight, I am so exhausted! I had a long day at work with our continuous meetings and assignments! So just letting out all the stress here in the poem. I am obviously in need of a company right now people! Desperately in need of "The One". Where are you Mr. Right??? ~~~

I AM AN ARIES: The Daredevil (huh??)

Energetic (yea, in many ways)

Adventurous and spontaneous (definitely)

Confident and enthusiastic (yup!)

Fun (hmm ... I should ask my friends that!)

Loves a challenge (100%)

EXTREMELY impatient (well, I hate waiting. Does that count??)

Sometimes selfish (am I??)

Short fuse; easily angered (hell yeah!)

Lively, passionate and sharp wit (hmm ... No comment!)

Outgoing (for sure!)

Lose interest quickly - easily bored (most of the time)

Egostical (in some ways; my baby says "in MANY ways" LOL!!)

Courageous and assertive (I agree!)

Tends to be physical and athletic (hmm ... Naah!!)

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My engagement: 01.01.10

My engagement: 01.01.10
Suzila Ahmad

The engagement ring :)

A cake from him

For him

With my dad & Sharul's :)

With my mum and his :)

With two of my closest girlfriends: Azean & Yanti :)