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Monday, 27 December 2010

The last few preparations

And so, I gave in. I finally agreed to help out DF to decorate the hantarans for me (from him) coz mom were so bising knowing that he would be spending hundreds of cash to get the hantarans done at the shop. So we spent the whole day and night doing 12 hantarans at one go. I didn't wanna spend more days doing it. It's kind of the inside me protesting I must say, though I didn't have much say in the end. DF's sisters and himself went home tired. Hah! Padan muka!!

Here are sneak-peeks of the hantarans that we've done..
From him to me.. Black / grey / white theme..
From me to him.. Blue / grey / white theme..

Yesterday DF finally went to see the imam for our akad nikah. Yes, finally! After much pressuring from me. Men can be very very slow! We women do things, little things, not so perfectly but enough to get us smile with satisfaction. Well, at least, that's me. And so, with all the woman-power in me, I finally get to DF's head that we NEED a videographer!

And so, yesterday afternoon, we went to see one for our wedding. We're still considering it coz it would cost us $700 for all four events. We did try calling as many videographers as possible but most all are taken now. We might settle on Fotosaiko. DF liked them.

5 more days to the nikah. DF said to me yesterday: "It feels like a dream that next week's our nikah." I told him: "I feel the same!"

PS: I got pimples now coz I've been having problems getting to bed early. The past two days, I only had four hours sleep. Now it's just past 1am. I am sure I'll be fast asleep at 4am and wake up at 8am.. Sometimes I wonder. Do all brides-to-be have this problem?? I have panda eyes now. Oh great. Just what I need!

And I need to do something about my room. Fast! Coz now, it's a shipwreck!!

Saturday, 25 December 2010

The sudden pressure

One week left to my "nikah", I suddenly feel butterflies in my tummy tonight especially after attending my cousin's "nikah" ceremony yesterday afternoon. Certain things got me on alert:

1. The cousin's "hantarans" - awesome decos..

2. The time waiting for the "akad nikah" - my legs are still painful and I could not sit long..

3. My room - I still can't figure out what colour for the walls. Sharul is not helping at all every time I asked for opinion.. *sighhh*

4. The videographer - I am in a dilemma.. Sharul does not want any (to save budget) but I DO want one coz I wanna keep memory of our big day, of all functions. He said: "We have photographers. That is enough..." *sigh*

5. The pre-wed pictures - honestly, I don't like them! Not because of the quality of the pictures, but we just COULD NOT pose naturally. I mean, I can. But Sharul just doesn't give a damn! I hate thinking how BAD our wedding pictures gonna be *SIGHHH*

On record, I am UNhappy today... *sigh*

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Pre-Wedding Pictures 1

We got tagged by SutraWedding Brunei on Facebook. DF is happy with the pictures. Why? Coz his tummy is mostly "covered" by me! I look BIGGER than him huhuhu.... Enjoy the pictures guys!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

The .... hmmm ....

Our today was long. Occupied I must say. DF and I went to the bridal boutique to check on our wedding costumes. When we got there, I asked the tailor whether she'd done my nikah dress. She then pointed to a corner and there it was. Elegantly displayed on a mannequin. I tried it on. A few adjustments were to be made. The dress was too short for me. The arms' length was not to my satisfaction. The chest...well. I need a push up bra! LoL!! So she's gonna have to make it better or I'll not be happy on my day *sigh*

Then, the next try out: my bersanding outfit. I liked the design. I mean, I don't really care coz what do I know about fashion. Anyhow, I liked it. A bit. Same faults. So, she's gonna make it better too. DF's outfits weren't ready yet she said but soon. Oh, my veils weren't ready yet too, so I found out. It's 13 days left but I dunno.. I don't feel too pressurized just yet. Not even now. I am sure they will be ready!
Sneak peak of my bersanding outfit..

Then we went off to Madang tailor to take my top for this afternoon's pre-wed photo shoots. Ended up, DF preferred me wearing the top I was wearing: the one he bought for me in Bandung two weeks ago. From there, I went to Fred's for a make over while DF went to have a hair cut. We were 45 minutes late to the location and it rained soon as we got there. Shahrum and the team requested us to do it another time but we insisted on having it today instead. I mean, I paid $80 for the make-up! So we decided to have it done at the Empire Hotel and have some indoor shoots. It's typical so I kinda disliked the idea but what the heck!
Syukri did the make-up for me. He even came to the shooting location to do touch-ups for me. Thanks dearie ;)

We had the shooting from 4pm till 7pm. It was difficult and funny at the same time. The precious moment was when DF and I were connected again within that 3 hours. I mean, we were into each other, acting at a few scenes but later on, we had it kicking! LoL!! I gotta say, at some point, we came natural. I mean, the team wanted us to relax and just act naturally so we did. Hopefully it'll show well in the pictures :)

By 8pm, we had dinner at a nearby restaurant, MOD. Man weren't we hungry! It was tiring and we were thirsty. Not to mention hard. You know, with the flashes and all. And the constant smiles. Our cheeks hurt! LoL!! I wonder how we'd survive the 4 wedding functions erkK!!
Our dinner at MOD..
Us today. Tired but happy :))

Then the bad thing happened. I drove home alone after sending off DF. It was raining heavily. It was barely 9pm so I wasn't really sleepy but the fake eyelashes were freaking annoying! They made my eyes heavy.

Then suddenly, this car at the other lane was getting into my lane that I stomped on the brake, hard, only to have my car swerved sideways. As I realized that I almost hit on the car, I hit on the brake again, harder, and so my Kia went up the stable on my right. Still hitting on the brake, I heard the constant sound of croaking and bumping. My car finally stopped. I looked at the side mirrors. Luckily, there weren't any cars coming. So I drove slowly down the stable, and to the side lane on the left, having the emergency light on. The sound of punctured tyre was heard. I called DF right away, shaking.

The next 30 minutes, we got the car towed back home. DF and my brother got the tyre fixed and bumper attached. Mom and dad were surprised. I did call my brothers but they came too late as we already had the car on tow. We'll have it checked at the workshop tomorrow, and DF is gonna do that. He said he'd leave work early. Thanks sayang.
The crooked rem had the tyre punctured. The tyre's fine but it's the rem that I'll have to replace..
Look what I did to my bumper...Sorry Kia :((
DF and my brother replacing the punctured tyre with the spare one..

So that's today. I am still shocked now but alhamdulillah, I am fine.

Friday, 17 December 2010

The tooth ache and the...

So, the invitation cards I ordered weren't enough for the list we had. My mistake. I didn't realize that I have such many friends that popped up my head (whom I think would come) to my big day. Besides, I got ex colleagues warning me that I "must" invite them to my wedding once they heard that I got engaged last 1st January. So, last Monday I went to this printing shop and reprinted another 200 copies of the cards (not the exact look as the ones we had from Bandung). It cost me 50 cents each. Mom and I didn't get enough time to go check on other printing companies so we just went on with the second company we found. Last Wednesday, I picked up the whole bundle, only to realize that DF's father's name was wrongly spelt! Grrr!! My mistake again... Mom said, better that than having a different name after all. So that made me feel a bit better. But man! I was careless!!
This is now the screen of my phone :)
The new batch. Not bad for a 50 cent card.. Mom added the ribbons to make them look better :)
Poor mom. She was so hungry when we went out...

As I mentioned last week, we went to Miri to get some stuff. Mom and I got carried away that we didn't check the time. So eventually, we had to stay over night there. Thank God DF knows Miri much. After several hotels and motels we went to (which were full coz it was Saturday night), we stayed in Oriental Hotel just in the city. It cost us RM155 per night. Not bad for a double bed room. I used my Prima line there especially when contacting my brother and DF. Turned out to be, when we were back to Brunei, my phone was barred. When I went to pay the bills at the counter, with $100 in my hand (coz that is how much I pay every month), I was shocked learning that I had spent $400+ when in Miri. I was puzzled and asked them how much did it cost per minute talking on the phone overseas. He said, I spent $35 on phone bills but the rest was spent on going online. I was like, WHAT!! And I was just going on Fb for a few times. Damn it!! I did go on Youtube twice (when I was bored waiting for the family to buy toiletries at one of the 24 hours shop in Miri) but I didn't know that would cost me that much!! They should've warned me grrrr!!! So now, I am using my Easi line coz I am so pissed with DST!!!
Apart from going online (youtube-ing) I took pictures of the street that night. This, I liked the most!
This must be one of the many reasons why my tooth aches today.. Yummy but too sweet!!

Last Tuesday, DF and I went back to Miri. This time, we got the list of things to buy since mom did her browsing there the two days we were in Miri :) We got home with 7 items of Elba electronic devices and a few more items (for lucky draws), DF's souvenirs packets (which cost B$1.80 each in Brunei) and our hantarans accessories (which cost us cheaper than we would in Hokko). I love Boulevard! I love its family discount card. We got to get cheaper prices on every item we bought. How I wish Brunei malls have such system. Life would be way easier coz we won't have to travel far to get cheaper prices.
DF's tired face yet he won't let me drive..

I took mom out last Wednesday to buy kitchen utensils and food, also for lucky draw gifts. Before that, we went to the wedding venue, having the place checked and cost figured. I think, I will get to rent additionals since the place is quite .. bare. Mom wants some flowers and ribbons and accessories. That's how empty the space is. Back home, she had all the gifts wrapped up yesterday. Talking about excitement huh! Hehehe :D
The entrance of the hall..
The stands that mom wants me to rent for my day... I hope they have blue lillies...

I have sent some invitation cards to friends but those to colleagues, I think I will do tomorrow. This toothache I am having is really making my pace slow. All I want to do now is sleep and stay in bed. I wanted to go to the clinic yesterday but since mom needed help with the name lists (she had to check the names again and again in the computer to avoid repetition before printing) so I didn't go have it checked. It felt so bad that when DF took me out to the movie, I didn't enjoy it at all. This morning, I woke up with a swollen gum. It hurt so bad. Tomorrow I will definitely have it checked. DF must bring me. No matter what!!

P.S: I woke up this morning with the toothache and went back to bed. I dreamed of late grandma. In that dream, I was helping her down the staircase, the thing that I used to do when I was little since she was old enough to walk on her own. When I put her down, I looked at her. She didn't look at all like her but I had the gut feeling that it was her. So I asked how she was doing and instead of answering my question, she answered: "Who are you?" So I introduced my self and I apologized for not visiting her much. She said she understood because I was busy. I woke up sobbing...

Saturday, 11 December 2010

The date we turned 9 : )

DF argued it's our 8th but I insisted that it's our 9th. He said, the one year on the break isn't included but hey! Who's counting?! So, despite the mathematical problem that we had there love, I still wish us both Happy 9th Anniversary. I love you. I love you. I love you!!! :)

I was busy with the invitation cards till very late last night. So just before going to bed, I texted DF this:

"Happy 9th anniversary sayang : ) among other things that's been going through my life, loving you is the best thing that ever happens to me. In 3 weeks, I'll be yours for always and I can't wait to have my nights and days with you and I am all ready to grow old with you. I love you sayang and forever will do : )"

Of course he didn't reply. It was after 1 am of 10th December and I was sure he was fast asleep at that time. But I wasn't alone. Fluffy seemed to know the special date that she was all attached to me, being cuddly and kissing me (well, more like "licking" my face actually) till we both went asleep. When I woke up in the middle of the night (coz she was snoring in my ear!) I still found her sleeping next to me, till early this morning at 9 am (when Sharul called with a smiling "Happy anniversary" greet). Now, that's some true loving there, don't you think ; ) thank you baby Fluffy. Mummy loves you too ok : )

My day was again occupied with stickers and invitation cards. By 7 pm, Sharul called and we went out to our first 3D movie, Narnia. It's always been our favourite and we never missed them. But DF must have a tiring day at work that he snored half way through the movie. I had to nudge him awake. We went home right after movie as we were too sleepy for supper.
Look at us!! All chubby but happyyyy~~ Heee :p

There was nothing extra special on today's date. Having a not-so-romantic hubby-to-be, I just couldn't be bothered to complain. I guess 9 years together had been teaching us both not to expect extraordinary treatments from each other lol! We sound so cheap huh! Hehe..

Now I have about 5 hours of sleep before our long trip to Miri tomorrow with my mom, my brother and his girlfriend. Sharul needs more souvenir bags while I simply need a new proper top to wear to our pre-wedding photoshoots session this Sunday. We hope to find cheap pairs of shoes for our hantarans too.

I better go to bed now. Good night all : )

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The back on track plan

3 weeks left and all I desperately need now is rest.

The camp was finally over yesterday. What left of it are sweet memories, friendships and not forgetting the flu and cold. Darn it! But we had great fun working together and I managed to distribute the first bundle of invitation cards to all the chaperones in the team as I thought that it is not easy having everybody around at one place at a time like this camping programme did. It was embarrassing when I typed names wrongly when they were intended for certain people LoL!! All I could say to them were: "Well, it's MEANT for you so you're invited!" Damn!! Hahaha! That was embarrassing!!! You know I am bad with names and numbers!!
At the airport: JX trying to fit in all the souvenirs into his bag ehehhee :p
The campers singing "Till We Meet Again", the camp's closing song.
The chaperones' name list
My hero! Thanks Fay!! :D
The first bundle of invitation cards distributed yesterday :)) Thanks Fay and Fred for your help :D

Today I woke up late and the camp commandant sent a text message dedicated to all the working committee members, thanking us for our job well done and what a strong committee we had. I agreed to what he said. We do have a good team work. And I don't think I could experience such great connection with any other team at work. Ever!!

Now I feel relief because despite my limitations, I managed to be at the camping ground at all times. I feel relief coz now I feel that I have paid my dues as I failed to commit through the week's camp back in 2008. I am blessed with good health and proactive people around me. Thank God I wasn't sick during the camp. That would be a replay of what happened two years ago, that speculated much issues and gossips. Good job team! Till we meet again in 2012!! :))

Anyway, I should get back on track to planning my wedding, which on record, it's 3 weeks and 4 days left as of today! I also would like to congratulate my dear friend, Rohaiza and now her husband, Ahmad Fadhlullah, on their wedding last Saturday. Glad they loved the gift, which I bought amidst the tight schedule: during a "knowledge hunt" at The Mall while at the same time observing the campers. Thanks to Hasanul for handing in the gift to the newly weds. Thanks Sanul for taking the gift from me the other day, also during a camping activity at the city. To Rohaiza, you made it girl!!! *big hugs*
A piggy bank for the newlyweds. Cute huh! ;D

I got lists to do now:
1. Distributing invitation cards (currently doing it)
2. To the boutique checking out our wedding costumes (later today)
3. Picking up our (MY) jewelleries (later at 2pm)
4. Decorating hantarans (to start this week!!)
5. Kurus Nikah (3 Wednesdays - starting tomorrow)
6. Wrapping up wedding souvenirs (the ones that just arrived last Friday)
7. Buying some goodies for Lucky Draws (~50 items)
8. Up-dating the make-up artists (by phone - they better have me in their check lists!!)
9. Pre-wedding shots (a week before Nikah??)
10. Meet up with Imam for our Nikah
11. Meet up with our videographer (to set our dates and functions to cover)
12. To see our wedding venue (to decide on the carpets and decorations)
13. Paint the wedding room walls (no particular colour in mind)
14. Buy a wardrobe
15. Buy bedroom set for DF's room (our eventual room - I'll be staying at his place after the wedding)
16. ........

Oh Gosh! I didn't know the list would be that long yikes!! I better get going~~

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The week of ..

Happy 1st December everyone. Today marks the beginning of my week's schedule in yet another camp, while also marks the four weeks left to our solemnization. Mom had warned me not to stay overnight at the camp village, nor participate in any challenging tasks or jungle trekking. Everyone thought that I should be staying home now and rest. Yet again, that is just too much to ask. I would die of boredom!

Sharul called a moment ago. He is fine now in Bandung, which is a relief. Later at 8pm, I will have to be at the camp village again for some ice breaking in-camp activities. For now, maybe a quick nap coz I had been out since 7.30am today.

I am exhausted... and missing DF dearly :(

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Worst Nightmare :'((

Hopefully NOT coming true :'( I just got texts coming in from DF, the first came at 4.20am local time. Currently he is in Jakarta, not Bandung, coz the plane he boarded could not land there so they landed in Jakarta instead. It was due to bad weather or some sort. Heavy downpour.

This is crazy! I mean, couldn't they foresee the weather?? It must be a very heavy downpour that making it unable for the plane to land in Bandung. I cried and cried, even now, worried of his condition now :'(( I feel like flying off there and take him home here right away. Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!!!

Now DF and friend are on a bus ride to Bandung from Jakarta. It's provided by the airlines. Well they better!

And they better make sure he's safe! That driver better be wide awake now! Sharul laughed when I told him to buy the driver a tin of Red Bull.

He's trying to sound okay coz he doesn't want me to worry. WTH! First the bad weather. Now a long 3-hour journey to Bandung in the middle of the night! How am I supposed not to be worried???

Please pray with me people. Please pray that Sharul is safe there. And come back in one piece.. A month before our wedding now, I don't want any drama! :'(((

Sunday, 28 November 2010

The Great Sunday!

I better type this quickly before my laptop shuts off again. I need a new laptop!! Any suggestions peeps??

Anyway, just wanna share my day today at Laneige Broadway Musical Charity Competition. It was tiring - I was working at the ticket booth - but I had great fun!! We predicted it right. SM Sultan Hassan, Bangar won! Weeee~~
My duty today at the ticket booth. The audience got these free gifts from Laneige. Cool huh!!
I knew they'd win!! :D Congrats Irman!!! :D
The winning team in action. Loved the props and costumes!! :D
Another amazing performance today! Loved the costumes! The kids were just cute!! :D

P.S: DF will be leaving to Bandung tomorrow to get our wedding invitation cards and souvenirs. The tickets are wayyyy cheaper than the cost of bringing in the stuff from there to here. Roughly B$1k! Ridiculous!! Luckily his friend is willing to go there with him and so we could use his cargo to carry our 60kg stuff. DF will be home on Friday, 3rd December. I'll miss him :(( and by then I'll be busy supervising a camp which will start on 2nd December and ends on 6th... I shall start seriously getting my hands on the hantarans soon after that. For now, I've typed the name lists of my colleagues. Tomorrow, I hope to get the names of my ex colleagues... I need to paste the stickers with the names soon after the cards arrive this Friday....

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My engagement: 01.01.10
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