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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Worst Nightmare :'((

Hopefully NOT coming true :'( I just got texts coming in from DF, the first came at 4.20am local time. Currently he is in Jakarta, not Bandung, coz the plane he boarded could not land there so they landed in Jakarta instead. It was due to bad weather or some sort. Heavy downpour.

This is crazy! I mean, couldn't they foresee the weather?? It must be a very heavy downpour that making it unable for the plane to land in Bandung. I cried and cried, even now, worried of his condition now :'(( I feel like flying off there and take him home here right away. Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!!!

Now DF and friend are on a bus ride to Bandung from Jakarta. It's provided by the airlines. Well they better!

And they better make sure he's safe! That driver better be wide awake now! Sharul laughed when I told him to buy the driver a tin of Red Bull.

He's trying to sound okay coz he doesn't want me to worry. WTH! First the bad weather. Now a long 3-hour journey to Bandung in the middle of the night! How am I supposed not to be worried???

Please pray with me people. Please pray that Sharul is safe there. And come back in one piece.. A month before our wedding now, I don't want any drama! :'(((

Sunday, 28 November 2010

The Great Sunday!

I better type this quickly before my laptop shuts off again. I need a new laptop!! Any suggestions peeps??

Anyway, just wanna share my day today at Laneige Broadway Musical Charity Competition. It was tiring - I was working at the ticket booth - but I had great fun!! We predicted it right. SM Sultan Hassan, Bangar won! Weeee~~
My duty today at the ticket booth. The audience got these free gifts from Laneige. Cool huh!!
I knew they'd win!! :D Congrats Irman!!! :D
The winning team in action. Loved the props and costumes!! :D
Another amazing performance today! Loved the costumes! The kids were just cute!! :D

P.S: DF will be leaving to Bandung tomorrow to get our wedding invitation cards and souvenirs. The tickets are wayyyy cheaper than the cost of bringing in the stuff from there to here. Roughly B$1k! Ridiculous!! Luckily his friend is willing to go there with him and so we could use his cargo to carry our 60kg stuff. DF will be home on Friday, 3rd December. I'll miss him :(( and by then I'll be busy supervising a camp which will start on 2nd December and ends on 6th... I shall start seriously getting my hands on the hantarans soon after that. For now, I've typed the name lists of my colleagues. Tomorrow, I hope to get the names of my ex colleagues... I need to paste the stickers with the names soon after the cards arrive this Friday....

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The absense

Apologies to all for being away for some time. The main reason, my laptop is shutting down: it shuts off every 30 minutes or so, hence writing is out of the question now. Even now, I am typing out whatever comes to my head so to record whatever I could and hopefully, able to post up soon.

Anyway, to update, Fluffy is doing better now. So much better that she's back to her previous self and stays in her very heat phase. Sharul and I decided not to let her mate either Prince Whiny or Tiger til at least next month in December. But yesterday, when visiting the cats, I found what I fear most: Sharul's sister let Fluffy and Prince Whiny together! She even recorded their first attempts: 21st November. I couldn't find my own words *SIGHH!!*

Still about the cats, Luna gave birth to 3 kittens, but 1 died. We decided to name both after Luna's initial name "L" so we named the male Logan, and the female Lolita. They were borned a few minutes after my very first nephew was borned. Muhammad Aqeel Faeeq was borned on 25th November 2010 at 11pm, the kitties at just after midnight of 26th.
Our first nephew: Muhammad Aqeel Faeeq :) He is such a darling!!
Lolita: blue, and Logan: cream/white

Okay, other reasons why I was quiet, was because I was commanding a three-day leadership camp at school. On the same day it started, DF's college friend from Thailand came visiting us so after the camp was over, we became her official tour guides. Now we know why tour companies give expensive packages. Becoming one is very VERY exhausting!! We must have been very hospitable that Ammy decided to stay longer in Brunei than her initial plan to just stay for 5 days. She left last Sunday, after being here for 10 days. Glad that she had fun here. We would see her again this January in Bangkok :)
DF and Ammy on their boat ride around the Water Village
Ammy next to a portrait of His Majesty. She is so in love with him saying that he is VERY handsome. Of course he is!! I love him too!! :D

And so, speaking of January, it's 38 days left for our solemnization. Now our invitation cards are stuck there in Bandung. We've got problem with the postage system there. It's just ridiculously expensive. For every 10kg, it would cost us B$130 and both our invitation cards and souvenirs are 60kg. You do the calculations. The figures give us a sudden head scratch! We would try finding a postage company from here and hope that they will charge it cheaper when bringing the stuff from there to here. Fingers cross!

And the honeymoon drama gave me a heavy migraine yesterday. DF and I decided to spend 3 nights in Korea and the next 7 days in Ko Samui Thailand, after spending 2 nights at Ammy's resort in Bangkok. Yesterday's news on North Korea's attack on the southern part of Korea have made DF and I to think twice to have our honeymoon there. Now in plan is either Japan, or simply spending our honeymoon in Thailand. Ammy suggested that we go to Chiangmai then Bangkok. We'll see to that. Apart from the cheap five star hotels, the resorts are pretty charming that even Ammy herself wanted to join us! LoL~! I miss that crazy girl! LoL!!

We shall begin our Nikah courses in December. They accepted my request and agreed to let us attend the course before the solemnization ceremony now. However, we would have to travel a long journey to Serasa than attending the mosques near where we live. That is fine with us, as long as we don't have to leave work again after our two-weeks honeymoon leave.

I shall start decorating my hantarans after 7th December next month. I will have to be involved in yet another camp. This one is rather bigger than the one I was just commanding. Danny and I were the Camp Commandants in its 2008's. This time, we requested to be just the committee members. And I have excused my self from staying overnight at a jungle in Labi; one of the activities scheduled.

By the way, I have just started going to the gym. Yesterday's first time was rather relaxing and Adrian, a colleague, was such a patient trainer. I floated in the pool with his help yeayy~~ :D And without Zir, who keeps on pushing me to go to the gym, I would be weighing more and more each day now. Yesterday's 2 hours in the pool, and another session in the sauna, steam bath and jacuzzi, I am proud to say that I have lost a kg! :D I wanna lose at least 10kg before January. Yea funny, I find it impossible! LoL! But I enjoyed the time at the gym. It was tiring but relaxing at the same time :) I shall try do it every day now..

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The sad sad day :'(

We didn't sense anything bad when we bathed Fluffy last Sunday. She was the usual her. Then yesterday, I visited her and she was acting different: extra quiet and she was a bit limping (from her hind legs). So I went to check her out and I saw this:
Panicking, I started asking everybody in the house. I wanted to know what had caused her like that. Sharul was out seeing his friend so feeling a bit upset, I took Fluffy home to take care of her. I didn't have much sleep because Fluffy was in so much pain. At times, she's meow aloud while trying to lick the swollen part of hers. I couldn't help sobbing seeing her condition that way. I had to take her into my arms to soothe her and stop her from licking it. Eventually, she'd sleep peacefully on my chest, although for just a few minutes, to have yet another visit to the litter box. I peeked in and while pushing it, she farted. That's how much force she did to pass motion, although nothing came out.

This morning, I went to work feeling sleepy and forever worried. My little brother drove me to work so he could bring Fluffy to the vet for a check up. At around 11am, I called him and he passed the phone to the lady at the vet. She said, they had to wait for the surgeon to either have her operated or not. I called Sharul and he decided to leave work at noon while I had to attend a meeting at the Ministry. I couldn't pay attention at all. I was there physically but my mind was else where. At 3pm, Sharul texted me that he had to leave Fluffy at the vet as she was still under anesthetic effect. Everything cost us more than $100.

Later at 4pm, I picked up Sharul and we went to visit Fluffy at the vet. What we saw breaks our hearts. Fluffy was shaking, and out of control. She was shaking her head back and forth, back and forth. She couldn't even stand on her feet. The effect from the shots (she had three) was really strong. I held her up and she lay close to me, still shaking. I cried. Sharul did too :'(
She seemed relax in my arms but I didn't think she recognised us :(
Her lower part now after the treatment.. Now in Sharul's arms.. Doesn't she look confuse here.. :(
Back in the cage. Her head was shaking back and forth, back and forth, while at the same time trying to stand up on her feet, which all attempts failed. She was crawling towards the cage grill, trying to reach us. This made me sob into tears :'((

The doctor said the rectum had been pushed back in. We were advised to let her stay at the clinic for three nights. That would be extra charges of $35 per night. We hope she would be better tomorrow, and recognise us.

We miss Fluffy so much :'((

Thursday, 4 November 2010

The craving......

I've been trying to forget it. Not even imagining it, or slrruping (if there's such a word) at the thought of it. But tonight........... *grinning guiltily*
Mee Laksa of Nyonya Mee Kari Laksa packet. THE BEST!!!

Okay, will burn it all tomorrow during hiking erkK!!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The songket is here!!

I've wanted to share this right away but it has been a hectic week. Just wanna proudly say that our songket for our wedding ceremony is here yeay!! So yesterday, DF and I dropped by the boutique soon after I got their call. They were closing actually but I told them to wait coz it just so happened that he came home early than usual so, gladly, we made it!

And we loved the songket! :D But....I am kinda disappointed with the French lace that they ordered... It is not as I imagined it to be.... But I felt a bit better when the tailor said that she would add stones and such to make the lace look much better (it looked really dull actually....). I hope the additions will make it look more exclusive. It's for a wedding after all right.....

So far, all is well. Our invitation cards are being printed now in Bandung. Thank God that Jejen realised my mistake: I FORGOT to change the map of the direction to the hall; I gave him the map to my house instead erk!! Imagine IF he did NOT realise that .... the guests would be going to my house on our wedding day instead haiyaaa!!!

I think I should pay him more huh!! Pheww!!!
Dull isn't it....hmmm..... *panic mode*

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My engagement: 01.01.10
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