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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The one I shall not forget :')

It's day 2 of His Highness Prince Abdul Azim's visit to our school. So far, the team's working together at showing the true mood of the school. It's been an alert all the time but exciting at the same time. To actually having the royal blood at present, having to talk with him face-to-face and share our working life with him have been very refreshingly blissful.

Today, we had a number of students gathered in the Conference Room with His Highness. With him were representatives from the MOE: Datin Paduka Dayang Apsah, Director of Schools Cikgu Hajah Aishah and other relevant officers. The session lasted an hour or so. It took a while for a warm up since students were kind of nervous. He's a prince after all. We teachers were nervous too. What's more the kids.

So between session, His Highness asked the students of their ambition. One by one shared it with him: surgeon, chef, musician. Then this boy answered: "Your Highness, I want to be a teacher." His Highness got interested and said, "That's good! So, what do you want to teach?" And the kid answered, "English."

I smiled. As an English teacher my self, it's nice knowing a kid wanted so much to do the one job I do :) And so, the conversations continued:

His Highness: Oh that's interesting! Why do you want to teach English?
Because my English teacher inspires me to become one, Your Highness..

Now, here is when my smile faded. Not that I wasn't happy. I was shocked! That kid, the one talking with the royal, was my student! I was like ... Hey .... that's ME he's talking about! He didn't stop there. The kid continued:

Kid: She is a good teacher. She taught me well. When I had my PMB Oral Exam last year, the examiner even complimented me.
His Highness:
Oh really... that's good!
Yes, Your Highness. Her name is Teacher Suzi. She sits over there! *pointing at my direction*

And all heads turned my way. I froze! Even more surprised that the kid mentioned my name, and introduced me to the VIPs! I couldn't move!! I really didn't see it coming!

His Highness turned my way and said,"Is it you cikgu?" And I could only reply with a nod. He asked me, "So what did you do cikgu? Oh nevermind! Let's get back to the boy." Turning back to the kid, he continued, "So, what did she do in class?"

Now that totally had me stopped breathing! What did I do in class?? I was like.... OH MY GOD!! I felt investigated right away huhu~~ And so the kid answered:

Kid: Your Highness, she made me understand English better. She taught us formula to make us remember grammar. She helped us improve our English with those formula.
His Highness:
Formula? *turned back to me* What formula cikgu? Do you mind sharing?
Owhh.. Well, Your Highness, yes. I use formula especially when I teach grammar. Like for examples, for subject-verb-agreement, the formula are "1 person+action verb+s" and "2 persons+action verb-s". Or for modal verbs, "after can, could, shall, should, will, would, may, might, must, to+action verb-ed-ing-s"
His Highness: *looked puzzled* .... Ermmm ... I don't quite get what you mean there but if it works with your students then it's good! Well done cikgu *smiled*
Me: Yes the formula do help the students. Students do well in Maths with formula so I was thinking, "Why didn't I create formula for grammar?" Those who are good with Maths would find this method helpful because they could relate it to Maths.
His Highness:
Thank you cikgu. Very well done *smiled*

And I could only nod and smile while at the same time let out a sigh of ...... satisfaction. Not because he is a VIP. A Prince. But because I was recognized by my own student! Recognition by a student gives you the best feeling as a teacher. Today made me feel grateful. I feel the respect. I feel happy. Very happy :')

Before leaving the building, His Highness addressed me, "Hey, you're the English teacher! I should go to one of your classes cikgu." And I said, "Yes, as you wish." I just didn't know what else to say as I was still overwhelmed with what had just happened :') The next thing I knew, I was walking side by side with the MOE officers. I felt so small but they were proud of me. It was indescribable :')

At the end of the day, one of the directors called me, asking for my full name and contact number. He told me to look into the formula that I've been using in class. He said there would be a convention next year and so he wanted me to present my so-called formula. All I could say was, "If you trust me to cikgu, InsyaAllah." And the next thing I knew, my audience would be principals around Asia! And I would appear on TV!! I was like ....... OH MY GOD!!!

Too many good things happened today. I feel like dreaming!! Punch me people!!! :')
His Highness Prince Abdul Azim talking with one of our students. At his right is Datin Paduka Dayang Apsah.
His Highness shaking hands with the students.
A group photo session with the students. The boy at his right is the kid I mentioned :) He is a good boy himself. He even offered to sing for the VIPs today :)

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The count down to 31 ..

And I thought I am 32 this year muahahaha!! Okay, not funny!

In 10 minutes, I am gonna be 31. What have I achieved at 30? One word comes to mind now: happiness. Yes. I am happy. Though the first half of me being 30 was more of teary scenes and stuff but recently, I am happy, especially after that one major step I made on 1st January :)

I wish to be happier at 31. I will be! :)

Happy birthday to ME!! :D

Sunday, 11 April 2010

The Sunday dates

First, I had to attend a colleague's wedding while at the same time, it's Mas' birthday treat at Secret Recipe. Both happened at the same time. Since a wedding is something that only happens once, I decided to go to the wedding, hoping that I wouldn't be too late to the lunch out with the BLA+1. Sharul went to the wedding as well, as he was invited too. It's very nice seeing my name printed on the invitation card ended with "... dan tunang" :)

Izan was so gorgeous today! We all were surprised seeing her in her wedding dress, all saying, "Are we at the right adress??" She really did look different! Good for her. I guess it's a bride's dream to look extra pretty on her big day :) Selamat Pengantin Baru Izan *hugs* :')
I only took a while at Mas' treat. I'm glad she loves the gifts. I gave her two kains and 3 scarfs from De'iyad as well as two sets of pins and brooches. An extra gift I bought for her in Bandung was a love-shaped pillow, a combination of bright red, pink and yellow :) When I saw it displayed at a toys shop in Paris Van Java, the pillow sort of said: "Take me! I'm Mas'!" And so I bought her the pillow :) Glad she loved it! :D Happy birthday Mas. Sorry I couldn't stay dear ... Oh and thank you for those cool gifts!! Sharul and I were fighting to get a bite! Hehehehe :D
Nope! Not real money.. It's a cookie :D
We fought for the first bites hehe :D
They look soooo cute I don't wanna eat them!! :D

The rest of my Sunday was spent with Sharul. We got nowhere to go so we went to his place, watching a movie with his sisters then finally enjoying the rest of the day with the cats, which I am soooo glad I am not allergic to no more heeee :D But Fluffy was upset with me tonight! I was cleaning up her ears - thanks to those disgusting ear mites! - it must've been very irritating that she refused to communicate with me huhu~~ It's hard to say how a cat behaves when she's upset. You just kinda know. As for Fluffy, she'd turn her head away from me, avoiding eye contacts with me or even worse, closes her eyes and pretends to sleep while I am cat-talking with her LOL! When I left, she was looking at me for a while then had herself turned away. Marah banar ya si Fluffy ahhh! Heheheh :P
Prince Whiny sleeping today .. Nda sadar dunia usulnya! Hehehe :D
The menyamal-ing Fluffy. She looks like this when she does, only worse hehe :P

To sum up, I had a good day today. And Sharul was extra nice to me I must say. He must've sensed my depression phase so there he was playing a role making a smile on my face :') He made me feel ... "How nice having someone taking care of you, especially when you're in need of a friend and a partner all at the same time".

Thank you sayang. You know I love you deep :')

Saturday, 10 April 2010

The consequence...?

Just got home now. Sharul insisted on bringing me to RIPAS Hospital just now as today I had the asthma attack .. the usual consequence I get when I am very depressed. I was doing better after consuming the anti-biotic pills last week but today, my condition had worsen. Have I gone allergic to my cats? Please don't .. They are my dearest therapeutic creatures :(

This afternoon I took Prince Whiny and Fluffy to the vet. At his usual self, Whiny sat most of the time on my chest, though while driving. He refused to be put anywhere else. I guess he found that specific area "comfy", if you get my I mean *sigh* .. and so, to my surprise I realised, I found it hard to breathe when he was near, or to be more specific, when I smelled his scent. That never happened before. Getting on my further experiment, I tried smelling Fluffy. Yep! The same result ..

So I thought, I have grown allergic to them! Oh no .... :(

Later at 8pm, Sharul took me to a traditional massage. I usually see Pak Dollah when I have my sudden asthma attacks. He knows to heal my condition by massaging the points at both my feet. I'd feel better at breathing after an hour of the massage. But I didn't get the same feeling tonight. Having my puffer expired, that didn't help much either. So, Sharul took me to the hospital, after finding two private clinics closed at around 9ish.

Now after two puffs, I feel much better. The coughing annoys me coz every time I do, the asthma attacks right away. The doc gave me the brown puffer, the stronger one, but I just don't want to use it coz as I did in the past, yes I felt much much better, but I found my self weak mentally. I started feeling lost, unsure of things I'd done or simply forgot things I'd said even. Friends and colleagues had suggested me to stop taking the brown puffer fearing that it had affected my condition in other ways. So I had quit using it. Besides, I had been better. The specialist doctor that I used to see did say that one day I would have to stop using the brown puffer if I did feel way better. And so ... we'll see how my asthma condition goes. If it's gone worse then, I shall be prepared with the consequences I got for trying to be better off from the asthma condition.

I should start hiking again I bet. I'm sure my lungs have gone weaker now or I wouldn't get the asthma attack again. The weather has been very hot lately that most everybody has stopped going out exercising.

I guess I should go out early morning at 6am to start hiking. Lulu .. coming??

PS: Good news on the check-ups just now, my blood pressure wasn't high, alhamdulillah. The continuous health diets have proven their success yeay!! :D

Friday, 9 April 2010

The proposal ..

To update, we haven't decided on any new wedding dates yet. And yes, I have not sat down and talked with my mom about the matter since. I'm sure she's intelligent enough not to mention the topic at this moment. She knows me well when the face says "Drop it!". Menyamal ku masih ni kamuuuu~~ Pffttt!!

Anyway, yesterday, Sharul and I discussed this matter again. To come and think it over, our then December dates were way booked like forever! Now they're taken away, when we were so into it, it's left us with crap! And so, Sharul talked to his mom, whether it's possible if we still carry on with our plans on those December dates, but with different invitation times .. Sharul did most of the talking while I listened, cutting in a few times to support him.

Eventually his mom agreed to go balik kampong and discuss with the other family about our idea, or shall I say, proposal .. I hope she'll bring good news later when I give Fluffy back to Sharul. Yet, I've got to be prepared with a possible bersanding time as late as 3pm ..

Pray for good news for us guys .. aaamiiinnn ...

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The "what ifs" ..

It's been two days and I've been neglecting mom. I only see her during breakfast, and before going to bed. I feel so frustrated, disappointed, upset, you name it, when she just doesn't listen to what I want. She doesn't even try to fight for me.

Yesterday, I went out with Yanti, my cousin, then over dinner, she told me that her mom and my uncle and his wife were at my house seeing mom. So I assumed they were discussing on the changed wedding dates, which are now planned somewhat around the dates of their son's wedding functions. See here. My cousin's wedding functions fall on these dates:

Nikah: 24/12
Berbedak: 31/12
Bersanding: 2/1

Now see our new dates:

Nikah: 1/1
Berbedak: 7/1
Bersanding: 9/1

Do you see any problems there? There isn't any clash of dates. Do you see any?? Yet mom told me, THERE IS! And all she kept saying was: "The elders are gonna complain of the clashed dates." I was like .... what clash???

I've had enough of the changes that I didn't go home right away but went to Sharul's instead. We sat down with a calender in hand. We tried to talk it over but we didn't come up with any new dates that we thought would say "Hey, it's Sharul and Suzi's wedding day". Or maybe we've had enough of the many changes that we've encountered.

At first, it was set to be in October, but we had to cancel it coz my neighbour is getting married on the same date.

Then we moved it to December, which also falls on our 9th anniversary on our nikah day. We were so looking forward to December. I had even told my close friends of those dates. Then came Sharul's cousin begging to his mom to take it over and swap it with her January wedding dates. Sharul and I weren't happy but his mom had given her word to them so ....

But now it seems that,we can't stick to January either.

Then we tried to go back to end of November, again, his cousin just sort of booked the dates that we had left. We were like ... WTH!! Now, I seriously feel like giving up! This whole thing's got me thinking..

What if we take it easy now and forget what's going on .. and learn to "ignore"...

What if we just let it be and let the elders do everything for us, care less of the wedding right up from the start of the wedding dates itself...

What if we just cancel it ... and remain lovers for the rest of our lives...

I said the last line to Sharul last night. He looked away and sighed..

Maybe he was thinking the same..

What if.....

Sunday, 4 April 2010

The Sunday blues

My weekend started early today. I had an appointment at 8am with a traditional masseuse. Sharul picked me up after 8am and as I had guessed, my swollen feet were not normal.

I personally believe in paranormal activities around us. Recent happening at work had forced a colleague to stay home as she couldn't stand on her own .. half paralyzed? I'm not sure. The latest news I heard of her tonight was, she's doing better, alhamdulillah. As for me, the "thing" that's disturbing me I believe is living (shall I say..) in the school hall, where I recently spent time in every afternoon lately for my drama students' rehearsals. I once experienced a sudden nudge on my right hip but as I turned to see who it was, I saw nothing. I knew then that I was being "observed" ..

So, I am now under supernatural medication. I hope things will be normal again .. This is not my first encounter actually. I would be "disturbed" every time I enter a new place, especially when adventuring forests or hiking new hills. But alhamdulillah, so far nothing so severe happened to me other than suffering from body aches ..

I know Sharul is worried of my "weak" condition. He'd be there every time it happened. That is also why he seldom takes me out after dusk as I am sensitive to night weather. Yet it was me who would take any chances going out with him. It's always me making the move to watch late night movies or even dinner. This always ends us up arguing. What can I say! After the engagement, I admit, I have grown too attached to him. Too longing to him. I guess I have suffocated him to some extend ...

Anyway, the argument happened again over breakfast today. I was hurt of course but I knew it wasn't his fault. It's me who's too demanding. But it didn't take long for him to carve a smile back on my face. Today, after such many dates, we finally sat down and had one comfy time at a cafe, me forgetting what had happened this very morning. It was relaxing and I'm sure he felt at ease too like the way I was feeling :')

After movie later on, he even accompanied me to the salon. He must've figured out the pain he had caused me earlier that he let me spent unnecessary amount of money on my hair! I felt like a princess today :) And tonight, I requested him to send me home, which he did! So he was there, in his car while I was driving mine home. I felt safe all the way :')

As I got home, mom and my sister were in an argument. Little that I knew that they were talking about my wedding dates, the postponed ones. Then mom finally said to me:

"Can you change the date to early December instead? January is just too crammed with family weddings.."

"Can't. Sharul's cousins had booked all the weekends of December."

"Change it to end of November then!"

And so, that spoiled the rest of my Sunday.

I called Sharul as soon as entering my room, discussing on our wedding dates with his mom, then bam! Now, we're lost coz Sharul's first cousin has just decided on getting married at end of this November; his mom was just told today (and yes, it's another cousin! They have such big extended families!!).

Finally, Sharul said to me:

"I'll talk to your mom. Don't worry. It'll still be in January as we had planned it. I don't want any change of dates no more. It's final!"

I'm not sure if mom will listen though .. This kind of thing sometimes forces me to think many times to settle down. Why? Coz I just feel that such hassles make my dream shatter bit by bit. Every time ..

Too much ups and downs today. I guess I should go to bed now and I hope to see a beautiful dream later in my sleep .... If I ever sleep ... *sigh* :'(

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Adventurous and spontaneous (definitely)

Confident and enthusiastic (yup!)

Fun (hmm ... I should ask my friends that!)

Loves a challenge (100%)

EXTREMELY impatient (well, I hate waiting. Does that count??)

Sometimes selfish (am I??)

Short fuse; easily angered (hell yeah!)

Lively, passionate and sharp wit (hmm ... No comment!)

Outgoing (for sure!)

Lose interest quickly - easily bored (most of the time)

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Courageous and assertive (I agree!)

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My engagement: 01.01.10

My engagement: 01.01.10
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