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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Welcoming Syawal

Voila! Ahlan Wa Sahlan Syawal :)

When Syawal Approaches .....

Brunei will be celebrating Syawal tomorrow or the day after. Just like determining the 1st of Ramadhan, the ru'yah for Syawal crescent moon will also be done. As scheduled, it will be done this afternoon in all places over Brunei. Personally, I hope it won't be seen. I've shared with all why in my previous entry post but another reason is because my brother Zainul is coming home today. As instructed, he will go back to training camp on the 2nd day of Raya. If the Syawal is sighted today, it means he will only have 2 days at home. If not, he will have another day with us. Not that it's a big issue but having him in our mum's open arms will definitely carve a wide smile on her face :)

When Syawal approaches, everyone is busy at home. Every year, it is a hassle with mum screaming and shouting, moving the furniture around and I tell you! My mum is an expert in transforming the living room from simply dull to simply ...... welcoming :) We the kids do not have such talent!! Whatever we do, she'll barge in and a slight move will make your eyes go shine!

This year, the preparation is rather earlier. Usually, we do all the cleaning and dusting a few days before Syawal, even the nigt before! We even sleep late cleaning the house. Speaking of untouched living room for a year that is!! You see, the living room is rather undisturbed all year round, except for one or two occasions like family gathering or barbecue. This year, as we had our Bertahlil and Doa Arwah (prayers of the lost ones) a week before Raya, so the cleaning was rather earlier than previous years. So I guess the Ahmads will hit the pillows early later tonight, that is if it's Syawal tomorrow ;)

We don't prepare Ketupat or rendang on 1st Raya. We usually go back to Lupak Luas, where our late grandparents lived. We visit our uncle there, whose house is just across the house of our late grandparents. The house is now empty and looks so small. On 1st Raya, my uncle will serve us the Raya food and dishes. From there, we'd proceed to Kasat to visit other relatives, yet for some food. On the way back to Bandar, we'd drop by Lumapas, visiting more relatives and by late afternoon, we'd be stuffed with Raya cuisines. Not a good habit for our 30-day starved tummies in Ramadhan, erk!!

Back in Bandar, we'd make more visits from late morning right up to late night cause the next few days are the common days for Open House! So, usually, there's no cooking for us females ;) I guess it's the month where the dads and brothers drive us the girls to wherever for visits hehehe =P It's the month when we become queens and princesses of the family ;)

Syawal is approaching and I am thankful that I managed to have my Tarawikh last night, hopefully to have another one tonight.

Farewell Ramadhan ......... Eid Mubarak everyone!

Monday, 29 September 2008


At 5pm, I realised my phone was switched off. Suria actually texted me at around 2pm for an emergency gathering. Hmm ... sounded so serious! By 7.15pm, I was in Qlap going towards Fleur de Lyss, only to get a call from Lulu saying a change in venue, to MOD at Jerudong. I booked the seats for 5 when I got there just before 8pm. The girls came soon after.

We had dinner. As usual I ordered Claypot Tanghoon with Prawn. This time I had apple+watermelon juice .. Tasted good! While waiting for the meals, Mas shared the latest news to us, which I partly knew this morning at work. Lulu and Kiem were surprised. Suria knew it too and confirmed the whole thing when Mas told us about it.

Apparently, Mas will no longer be in the section she has been working in for the past 5 years. Our boss has recently pulled her out with other 4 officers to be put into a new department: the Research and Evaluation Department or RED. Mas is happy and sad at the same time at the moment. I understand how she feels as she's been doing the same thing for the past 5 years and this coming 1st October she'd be facing a whole different working environment. We know she can do it!! And we're happy that she's 1 of the 5 selected ones. Niza is also one of them. So, she's out of the section too! Congrats girls!! :)

Soon before parting, Lulu told us about her December trips. She'll be going to Singapore and Korea!! Waaah!! Jealous laaa!! Huhu!!

Me: So, when are you going to Korea?
Lulu: 15th Dec. It's earlier than the original 22nd. The other group requested it.
Me: Singapore?
Lulu: My mum and I are going on the 3rd.
Me: *silent* .... Waaa!! Lulu! How about camping???
Lulu: Erk?? What?? When's the camping kan??
Me: 30th Nov till 6th Dec laaa ....
Lulu: Waaaa!!! I forgot!!!! Alaaaaaaaaa!!! *panicking*

Adush!!! How could you forget ah Lulu? Haiya!!! :( Now I gotta find a replacement for the camp. Sigh~~ Dugaan!!

The BLA+1 emergency gathering tonight. Congrats Mas!! I'm glad you're selected. You're one of the best, you know that ;) Be happy yaa!! BLA+1 will support you!! Mwwahz!!

A picture of us outside the restaurant before leaving, taken by Kiem. Look at Lulu!! She's so upset for forgetting the date of our camping. Never mind Lulu! It's OK. There will be another one in two years time ;) Enjoy your December trip ya!! :)

On the way home, after dropping off Lulu, I called Danny but he didn't pick up. It was late though so I thought I should just text him the news. Now it's almost mid night and no replies from him yet. Sigh~~ I guess he's snoring now .........

PS: Yanti darl! You wanna join the camp?? Let me know ya :)


My Sunday yesterday was rather slow at first. I woke up with a loud texting sound at around 8am. Danny was asking about next year's 1st term hols. Sheesh!! 8am??!!! We then talked online with my eyes partly closed. I was so sleepy cause the night before I went to bed too late after baking the cakes with my cousins and aunts.

By almost 12pm, I went back to sleep. Danny invited me dinner later at Red Chilli in Qlap. I got there just after Maghrib. It was my first time eating out there. It was a cool place to hang out, and to have steamboat and BBQ!! With us were Danny's cousins and his neighbour, who also came with a friend. We were there till 8pm. Imagine how many dishes we had consumed!!! This time, we had it slow, unlike the one we had at Capers. Alhamdulillah ..... :)

We then separated from Danny's cuzzies and we went to do some shopping for the 'Tapak Kuda' cakes. I offered to make some for him so I helped him buy some of the ingredients since I already have most of them at home. The funny part was when Danny told me that it was his first time shopping and buying eggs at supermarket. Yes! His FIRST time!!! And he's like what .... 29??? Dan! You should go out more and help your mom shopping more often! A decent advice from the bottom of my heart! Cheeeaaah!! =P

I mean ... Come on lah! Guys must learn how to do this you know. It's simple. Just take the trolley and be there. But at least it's good la cause Danny did give his mom some budget for groceries. Ok la! Good boy!! ;) Jangan marah Dan!! ;) Aku tekajut saja ko nda pernah bali talur tuuu hahaha!!! =P

Back home, I started baking the cakes, not only for Danny but for Sharul too: my best guy buddies :) I began stirring and decorating, whatever you called it, roughly after 9pm and finally wrapping the last roll of the cake at after 1am. So boys, if they don't taste as good as you expected, DON'T COMPLAIN!! =P

My first time at Red Chilli. It's $9.90/head. You should try :)

Yummy!! =P

Danny said I look like a GHOST here! Wicked!!

PS: Thanks Yanti for lending me the baking trays. I couldn't find any at the supermarket last night, sheeeshh!!! Kan Raya jua banarrr!!!

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Try laaaa .... ;-)

As promised, here's the recipe of 'Tapak Kuda' cake *Izz, try laaaa!* ;-)

The ingredients ... Plus 10 eggs.

110 grams of Hong Kong flour
180 grams of sugar
10 grams of Nespray milk flour
10 eggs (with just 5 yolks added)
4 tablespoons of Golden Churn Butter (melted)
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1 tablespoon of Sponge Cake Stabiliser
1 teaspoon of Vanilla Essence
1 teaspoon of Chocolate Emulco / Chocolate Paste (cream)
1 bottle of Nutella Chocolate

--> Mix all ingredients (except Chocolate Emulco / Chocolate Paste (cream) and Nutella Chocolate) and stir for 15 minutes.





---> Separate mixed ingredients into three: two added with Chocolate Emulco / Chocolate Paste (cream); having one of them darker in colour (for decoration).

---> Layer the mixed ingredients ---> chocolate cream added ingredients first then the plain one. Decorate the top with the darker mixture with designs as desired.




---> Bake at 160 degrees for 20 minutes. Cut baked cake into half. Take a piece of plastic wrapping and put the cake on its face down position.

---> Spread Nutella Chocolate cream. Thickness?? As wished. The thicker the tastier :)

---> Fold the cake, meeting at both ends. Wrap then freeze in refrigerator before serving.



~~ GOOD LUCK!! ~~

Thinking of Him ...

My day was extremely busy today (it's now 2am so I guess, 'today' is now 'yesterday'). As I said in my previous post, I spent my morning baking cakes up till around 3pm. I then rushed to Lumapas for yet another family function. Gosh! I was so sleepy. Thank God to my Bollywood CD. It's always been handy whenever am sleepy on the road. It keeps me upbeat and awake!

Anyway, after sungkai, we drove home straight away. By 9pm, my aunts and cuzzies dropped by our place bringing ovens and ingredients for the 'Tapak Kuda' cake. An hour ago, I just finished rolling the 15th roll of the Nutella-filling cake. Fuhh! It's tiring but a satisfaction all at the same time. My aunts brought home 9 rolls each.

In between baking, and all the hassles in the kitchen, I couldn't help thinking of Sharul. He loves the cake as he's the biggest fan of Nutella. I remember him telling me over the phone what he had had for breakfast when he was in Perth 4 years ago ~ Nutella sandwich. Back then, he was taking his Pre-Diploma in ICT. When he got back the year after, the Tapak Kuda cake had just been introduced so recently at that time that my mum would separate a few rolls for him to take home. It was when she still adored him though but now ... Sigh~

Reminiscing these, I couldn't help but wondering how it'd feel like showing him how to bake the cake. I'm sure he'd love to learn how to do so. I remember when I first taught him how to cook Spagetti and Lasagna. He was so eager to learn and was really handy in the kitchen. His mum and sisters would also sit around and chit-chat with us, most of the time would cut in and do some help. It was nice seeing those images in my head, but inside .... Sigh~~

I miss him a lot lately. Maybe cause Raya is coming. The past 6 years, he'd be around helping me choosing patterns of cloth for my Baju Kurung or Kebaya. He never likes the crampy designs. He always prefers the spacious ones, mostly without flowers. He hates the big fat flowers and never favours pink or red. For 6 years, we always had matching Raya outfit, usually blue and grey, our favourite colours. The same colour themes we had planned to have for our wedding. Now it is just a memory .... Sigh ~~~

Again, this year, I'm celebrating Raya without him. To be honest, I am not really looking forward for the day. I was thankful last year really cause I was busy marking the exam paper during the first few weeks of Raya so I could excuse myself from going to visit friends, alone. This year, it'd be a lot different cause the big exam will only start on the third week of Raya so it means that .... Sigh ~~~~

Please God ... I still love him. Please help me forget him so I won't be hurting anymore ....

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Errr .... (Horse Shoe) Cake anyone?? ;-)

My first attempt to baking cakes was successful today, yeahoo!! =P I woke up as early as 8am, so I only had 4 hours sleep (since the HCAC boys were sleeping over at our place last night). I went straight to Yanti's place and met Jimah there. The rest of the hour we were observing how Yanti baked the most popular dish in the Syawal festival, which is only a few days left.

On counting, the business in selling the 'Tapak Kuda' cake is very much profitable indeed!! Mum and I already ordered quite a few from friends and colleagues, which cost us around $50. But today, with just spending less than $40, I could make 10 rolls of the most wanted cake! Waaaaaaah!!! =D

I will post the baking in process later!! I gotta get ready soon to attend an uncle's Doa Arwah and Bertahlil ceremony in Lumapas.

Till then people! Enjoy the pixies !! ;-)

Our designs. We had fun! =P

My first attempt to baking :) It's an achievement!

Jimah & me. It's her first time too ;)

Jimah in action!

Next .... Nutella !!!

'Tapak Kuda' anyone?? ;-)

Bertahlil and Doa Arwah 26.09.08

Alhamdulillah. Our function went well, despite the number of guests that we didn't expect ... We were grateful the food was enough for everybody, except the souvenirs. I think we had more than 100 guests today cause the souvenirs that we provided were 108 boxes of drinks altogether. We were surprised yet thankful at the same time :)

Here are some pictures to share with you all ...

Behind the scene hehe ;)

Taraaaa!! Some of the extra food we prepared. My mum's sambal belachan was everyone's favourite :)

Among the guests was Zean, my bestfriend. Danny didn't come. He was embarassed he said. Cheh!!

The fun part of a family function is the small ones. Check out our cuzzies' blog for more pixies of our funny little ones after the function :) Some of them are sleeping over at our place now, and at the moment, the boys are watching TV. And it' already 4am!! Ain't that fun!! ;)

Friday, 26 September 2008

True or Not??

I snapped this some time last week from a restaurant in Qlap. Danny and I did some calculations based on what's shown here. Why don't you try it as well. Let me know what you find out cause ... I feel that this notice is overrated!


One of the Many

*After the meeting with the Director of Schools*

Hjh. N: Mr. K, what do you think of ... Haha! I almost called you Haji!!
Mr. K: Oh! I get that a lot!!
Me and Danny: *laughing*
Hjh. N: He looks like a Haji. If he didn't say anything, nobody would know he's Chinese!
Mr. K: Haha! You know, when I go to the market, people called me Tuan Haji! Do you believe that! They were like .. "Tuan Haji, this is cheap Tuan," hahaha!
Hjh. N: You do look like one!
Mr. K: Then recently, I went to this restaurant and I ordered prawn. The waiter asked me, "Take away sir?" I said, "No. Having it now." He was like ... eating, now?? It's Ramadhan! Hahaha!
Hjh. N: Luckily you weren't arrested for eating in public, since you don't look like Chinese. Hahaha!!
All: *LOL*

The Up-Date

It's now 12:48am of 26th Sept. I've been busy these past days. Last Tuesday, I'd to stay in the office at the Ministry working on the preparation for the meeting with the Director of Schools on the camping Danny and I are preparing. The next day, the meeting went well for an hour. She was impressed with what we have done with the camping. The rest of the day was tiring! We had to go to 2 places to confirm on the things related to the camping. What's worse, the day was hot! I felt extremely thirsty ...

Yesterday, I was at work, doing some unfinished business at Chief No2's office. By 1pm, I got home and done with all the typing. As promised, I cooked Lasagna for Danny. I made some for Mamashasha and of course, Sharul. It's his favourite dish so it's impossible to miss him from the list. The day before, Danny helped me with groceries at Beribi Supasave. We then had our sungkai at Soto Tinis in Lambak. We were the sole customers there 15 minutes before the Azan. Others came soon after though. We both ordered Soto Claypot. We decided to have Soto since we were still full after consuming all those pastas at Capers the night before. Fuhh!

Just now, I just completed the dessert for today's Bertahlil Ceremony later at 5pm. It took me hours doing that, Gosh! But the achievement of the day was, I finally bought the camera battery charger!! I'd to go to several places looking for it! Even the one that I purchased was actually had been booked by another customer. I don't wanna bother Mamashasha with my whining for asking her to charge my batteries now and then anymore. Mamashasha! Thanks and sorry for the trouble ya. Mwahzz!! :)

My new Sony battery charger. It cost me $128 ... erk!!

Okay people, gotta go to bed now. Tomorrow's gonna be a long day ... And I am already exhausted. Sigh~~

PS: Another reason why I had not been updating my page is because I had to open another one for us cousins. It took me quite a while to do so. Besides, I'd to teach my lil cuzzies on how to upload pixies on the blog. You could visit it here! You're most invited and hope you guys enjoy our page. We're yet to do final touches on it though.. Nitey nite people!!! :)

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Burrrp! +o(

*On the way to the nearby Hua Ho, after dinner at Capers, near Coffee Bean*

Danny: *stopped by to read an advertisement outside Baiduri Bank*
Me and Yanti: *further ahead of Danny, chatting*
Danny: Hey you guys!
Me and Yanti: *turned around and looked at him*
Danny: I think, I'm gonna apply for this 'Akaun Si Manja' *while holding his round tummy*
Me and Yanti: *laughing hysterically*
Me: Haha ... I think me too!
Yanti: Yes, me too I guess! Hahaha!
Me: You look like you're 8 months pregnant now Danny.
Danny: Yea ... I know ...
Me and Yanti: *LOL*


The cleaned plates ... burrp!!

Like any other restaurants, Air Bandung is also served in Capers. Why not Cendol huh?? =P

Me and Yanti, my closest cuzzie :)

Me and Danny; my 8-month old pregnant guy friend kekeke =P

Me again ;)

I have never felt so stuffed like tonight. Ever! Me, Yanti and Danny had our sungkai at Capers in Qlap; the All-You-Can-Eat $14.60 round dishes. It's Teachers Day today and after all, it's pay day so Yanti and I planned to have our dinner there. Besides, the planning had been postponed for many times. I invited Danny as we had our BSC Meeting this morning. We met at Capers just after 6pm. On counting, I think we ordered 11 or 12 different dishes. By 8pm, the three of us surrendered, though we had to cleanse the plates on our table or else we'd be charged for the left over. The outcome, burrp!! +o(


Me: *leaning on a Pajero with one hand, another on my tummy; not feeling good*
Danny: *laughing*
Me: Burrp!
Danny: *still laughing* You look funny!!
Me: I don't feel good. I really don't feel good ... Burrp!!
Danny: *laughing and holding his tummy now* Stop! I can't hold this anymore!!! *LOL*
Me: Really Dan! I think I'm gonna throw up!
Danny: *looking at me seriously now* Smell something nice. Something sweet. That'll help.
Me: Huh??
Danny: Smell anything, like perfume kah..
Me: *put my scarf to my nose and started sniffing* Errghh!! This smells like Capers!!
Danny: *LOL*
Me: Burrp!!


Gosh! With full tummy, and his never-ending jokes, I felt really really ....... burrp!! Luckily, I managed to control myself from throwing up, though I had to stop at a parking lot near a drain just in case I did. Never in my life I ever felt so stuffed like that. Even the smell of KFC and the sight of biscuits and goodies at a bakery nearby made me really wanna puke!

I feel better now. I promise I won't eat as much anymore, especially with Danny around! Burrp!!

Happy Teachers Day 2008

I woke up one day
To realise and see
What this job has for me
The nods and keys

Elders come and sit
Point fingers and hear
How the ones have been
In class with me

The journey's winding
Through the road of fame
Wherever I went
Greeted smiles and grins

Been 4 years and counting
After all these years
How it's changed my life
What a wonderful job it is


Monday, 22 September 2008

It's the Camp Song Lyrics =)

Together (Here we meet again)

Here we meet again
Together now here we stand
In unique different ways
And together we will stay

Here we meet again
Friends forever we remain
Like a strong link of chain
Let's hold our hands together
My friend ...

And we know it's true
Right here where friendships bloom
You are all in my heart
And we'll never be apart

We're happy together
Now let's sing together ....

(Repeat verses 1-4)

Till we meet again
My friends ...

--> Lyrics and song by The Varient
--> Lyrics edited by Suzila and Danny

Phew!! Aren't they great!! :D

Danny and I love the song! These UBDian 'The Varient' are just talented bunch of 4th year students. Danny finally met Zaim, the guy I have been working with on the Camp Song. We met at UBD this afternoon at a CLT room.

Now the song's playing in my head still. It's catchy and like how Danny described it, it's evergreen. Indeed! =)

I AM AN ARIES: The Daredevil (huh??)

Energetic (yea, in many ways)

Adventurous and spontaneous (definitely)

Confident and enthusiastic (yup!)

Fun (hmm ... I should ask my friends that!)

Loves a challenge (100%)

EXTREMELY impatient (well, I hate waiting. Does that count??)

Sometimes selfish (am I??)

Short fuse; easily angered (hell yeah!)

Lively, passionate and sharp wit (hmm ... No comment!)

Outgoing (for sure!)

Lose interest quickly - easily bored (most of the time)

Egostical (in some ways; my baby says "in MANY ways" LOL!!)

Courageous and assertive (I agree!)

Tends to be physical and athletic (hmm ... Naah!!)

Fun with your photos
Created with - photo fun

My engagement: 01.01.10

My engagement: 01.01.10
Suzila Ahmad

The engagement ring :)

A cake from him

For him

With my dad & Sharul's :)

With my mum and his :)

With two of my closest girlfriends: Azean & Yanti :)