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Saturday, 27 December 2008

Another Day Out. Another Great Date. Another BBQ .. Phew!!

Hey peeps! A long day today. And a fun one!! Even my baby was exhausted with all the crazy thoughts I fed him with ehheehee :P Will upload pictures soon after I come back from KK. Yep! I am going on a road trip to KK tomorrow with my brothers, Sharul and some friends, also Irman, whom we will meet there, hopefully ;) Fred babe! Don't forget to text me your Digi line okay! :) I will buy one once I get there!

Anyway, my today was really crazy I must say. Woke up at 8am, rushed to park my car at Bandar jetty, then off to cross Limbang to go to Bangar so Sharul could park his car there. We don't wanna queue up the line tomorrow morning when we start our journey to KK. Gosh! We predicted it right!! Limbang queue took about 5 hours, you believe that!!

Soon reaching Temburong, I tried looking for Wajid and Cendol cause I wanted to buy some for Johnny's German friend. He's visiting here for a few days and I had promised to take them out for Ambuyat-ing. As planned, we met at Aminah Arif at Batu Besurat at 3.30pm. Sharul left me with the boys while he had his late lunch at Ayamku. I didn't get to buy the Wajid but just the Cendol: 1 with brown sugar, 1 without it. I also bought some Brunei biscuits for them.

Johnny's friend (whom I have forgotten what his name was erk!!) ate almost all the Ambuyat and he loved the 'cacah binjai and tempoyak' or dip. In fact, he loves durian so much, unlike my other European colleagues. He also loved the fern vegetables and the 'belachan' paste. I must say, he ate almost everything served on the table! Bravo my friend!! :D We parted an hour later cause I had a date with Maya, her hubby and Rena for a trip on Brunei River Night Safari Tour with the Mona Flora Fauna. You can read the details of my first trip on the same tour here. Also see the pictures here.

Our tour guide was Kim, a Bruneian who looks so much like an Orang Putih! Sharul in fact asked her her nationality; where she came from. Apparently, her father is Bruneian but her mom is English. That explains the looks :) She's pretty cool and knows a lot of stuff, which I had learnt from the other guides under Mona Flora Fauna like Azman and Faisal. The tour was okay, though I found my first outing was better than today. This was because we didn't get to 'play' about with the fireflies, and we didn't get to see the crocodiles upclose like last time. We only managed to see 2 baby crocs and maybe a big one, as we only heard it splash into the water! Of course we managed to see the Proboscis Monkeys! The 2 German tourists going with us seemed to be enjoying the trip, though one of them doubted the baby crocs as some floating sticks!! Hahaha :P

We had dinner at a restaurant in the Water Village then we went back to shore at almost 10pm. We took a group picture before we left home. I dropped off Sharul at his place and zoomed back home, where I was welcomed with the aroma of barbecued chickens, lambs and sausages! My cuzzies, aunts and uncles are here at the moment, still barbecuing but I gotta pull back from the crowd as I have to pack my stuff for KK! But then, just couldn't resist sharing you my day today so here I am blogging with my room full with whatever I am gonna packed after this hehehe :P

Phew! A long day for me there huh!! Gotta go now peeps and will see you soon after I come back to Brunei this 31st. Of course with more posts of my days out to KK and the sceneries of Dinawan Resort Island!! :)

Great Outing! Great Watch! Great Friends!!

It was a triple date. I had fun! Sharul had fun! Maya and hubby had fun! And Rena IS fun! Really nice knowing you Rena and thanks Maya for introducing her to me :-)

We talked about none other than Armie's SLR, which I have always wanted to have but just don't have the nerve to do so just yet cause I am still learning about capturing images. Something inside me keeps reminding me to hold back the guts to buy that expensive camera since I still don't have the talent in photography. Well, not yet! I believe that there are still more to learn in photography. I just don't wanna be a somebody who buys the gadget but doesn't know how to appreciate the beauty of Art in photography, like this story Maya told us tonight: she saw a girl in a wedding function using her SLR to take a picture of HERSELF!

I am not saying it's NOT appropriate. I personally believe that a true photographer takes pictures of OTHERS, not of themselves ... BY themselves. Get what I mean?? Vain jua tu!! If kan mem-vain, baik tah pakai camera biasa. Sayang saja membali mahal-mahal, get me?? Okay, enough of me pissing off. Just want to let go of my sasak-ness cause some people just do not know how to appreciate the true invention of expensive cameras!! Really frustrating!!

The four of us had dinner at Fleur de Lys at Qlap Mall and Rena joined us afterward. Aha! I am so glad learning that Rena is also into photography, just like Maya and hubby, and me :-D A great combination indeed!! Rena is my junior in MD. I liked her then and like her more tonight :-) She's sweet and soft spoken. What's more, she knows about photography more than me! How cool is that!! Besides, she lasts long with Maya so I know she and me 'click', just like me and Maya. I have the feeling we're gonna be in good terms for long ;-)

Then, off we went to watch 'Bedtime Stories' at an 8.40pm show. It was a perfect movie for teachers I must say. Creativity and belief in good ending are really important for us teachers! Well, also applies to others out there for sure. I rate the movie 8/10 :-) We laughed all the way. My favourite parts: when Skitter got drops of the gum balls, and the one when he got to listen to songs related to "fire" in every channel of the radio hahaha :P Hilarious!!

Of course we took pictures! So, enjoy peeps! ;-)

Lovely couple :)
Hmm .. Lovelier couple?? :P
PS: My baby is sad tonight. I told him about what the 'friend' did to me. I quote: "Sigh~ Parah ku tau semalam pasal atu. Macam putus cinta rasaku .." Ohh my poor baby! I promise! I won't tell our secrets to anyone again. EVER!! I'm sorry love. It's partly my fault too for trusting someone that much too soon :'(
Photographers in actions: Maya cleaning the lens .. using 'blotters'! ;)
Rena trying out the camera! She's cool!! :)Owhh we LOVE this movie!!!

PS: Just checked out Maya's post on our date tonight. Really babe! I am honoured!! Me, your real girlfriend? I am so touched!! You are my REAL girlfriend too darl. Thanks for being such true friend to me. Can't believe we've been friends since 1991. WoW!! Love you darling~ Mwaahh!! :-)

Friday, 26 December 2008

Stabbed AGAIN!

Been trying so hard to keep it strong but it keeps on coming in and shocking! Even STABBED once again!! Trust me. I DID try! But can't take the shit no more so KEEP YOUR DISTANCE FROM ME FRIEND!!!

Sometimes, when a soul ruins another, after dozens of second chances and multiple times of forgiveness, the string of friendship breaks as patience has crossed its limit.

Keeping a friendship strong needs two sides. Breaking it up only needs one. When it happens, nothing much can be done nor to amend but let it stay in the past when friendship crashes to the ground.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Thanks Babu Kami!! :D

I was still in bed when mum came into my room and handed me the gift: a gold bracelet :-) She also bought one each for my 3 sisters so altogether it cost her about $1k. Thanks babu kami!! We love youuuu :D

Okay .. Focus on the bracelet. NOT my fat chubby hand! Hmmph!! :S

Untold Story II

The sound of the bell gave a relief, at least to me. I could never make sense of numbers and today's lesson on Algebra was just making my head spinning around in circles. No ends met.

I managed slotting into the crowds of hungry teens in the cafeteria. The new caterer was unlike the previous ones. Never in my 4 years in high school I saw the kids go wild with their trays to the counter, which included me. All must agree, their Spaghetti Bolognaise was the best. Even my mum couldn't beat them.

I always had a table all by myself. Some called me a loner but I wasn't. I had my bunch of friends but they knew when it came to meals, I preferred to be alone. My so-called table was at the far end of the cafeteria, near the fountain, also one of the six exit doors available there. I'd say, it was just the perfect spot.

Today, as I walked with my tray in both hands to the table, I saw a figure. I didn't see his face but the colour of the shirt had me gasping.

There, a few meters away from where I stood was him.

I kept walking and as I stopped, he looked up from the paper he was writing something on. I was sure my look at him was unfriendly, but a smile crept on his flawless face as soon as those same brown eyes set on me.

"You're at my table," I sternly warned him. I could be very rude when it came to my table.
"Your table?" he answered. His tone sounded cheeky that ended with a soft chuckle. I raised an eyebrow, a reflect action whenever I was annoyed. I just stood frozen, waiting for him to leave as there had always been only one chair at my table.

He didn't make a move. Not an inch. I was sure my face had turned red by now, even redder when I saw him still having that smile on his face. Ignoring me, his stare moved to the tray in my hands. In a split second, it was in front of him.

There, at my table, he, whoever he was, was cleaning my tray of Spaghetti in no time. I clenched my teeth controlling my anger.

"Burrrrpp!!" and with that, he took my napkin and wiped his mouth clean. My hill-like Spaghetti then was no longer in sight.
"This is what I'm talking about! THIS is food!!" he continued, pointing at the empty tray. My empty tray. "Thank you," he said again. His lips crooked a smile once more, sending satisfaction in his tone this time.

Infuriated, I stormed out of the cafeteria. I felt nothing but anger. And the gurgling sound of my tummy.

Untold Story I

Jubli Recreational Park

As promised, here are the pictures of Jubli Recreational Park. Enjoy the views :-)

PS: We should be grateful cause the parks in Brunei are free upon admission. In other countries, it may cost us a lot to enter. It's a shame seeing very few of us visiting the beautiful parks available here in Brunei. To name a few: Tasek Merimbun, Jubli, Jerudong.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Family Day Out

Well, well, well. It's a family out entry again :-) This time, we went out on a hi-tea with our close cousins, uncles and aunts. Since it's school hols, our cousins love spending their time at our place and mum's been feeding them with all the calories that she's been feeding her lil babies with. So, as you can see, hence the Ahmads are all of XL sizes erk!! Our cousins are not complaining but they are worried cause mum just can't seem to quit using up her energy at the kitchen keke :P

So just to add up some spice in their hols, we took 'em out for tea, this time inviting their parents too. We can't afford the fancy restaurants in hotels but since the kids love breads so much, I came up with the idea treating them 'roti kawin' (married bread?) at Jing Chew Restaurant in Gadong. Sharul took me there for a quick bite and I loved the taste of the (yellow) bread that was fresh from the oven. We in fact ordered it twice. Mum bought the idea and my sister played along too. So today's tea was on us and Bahri. The occasion was merrier with most of us wearing our 'HCAC' t-shirts. Other guests at the restaurant had that 'who-are-these-uniformed-group' kind of look on their faces ehehee :P It was a great outing but it was just the beginning. The adults left after the drink while we cousins went off to The Mall Cineplex to watch a movie.

Once there, we split up cause Puchen had already watched 'The Day The Earth Stood Still' so the 5 of us decided to watch 'Ip Man' instead. I sat with Bahri, Puchen sat separately from Haris and Arzek, who were sitting infront of him. Despite that, we enjoyed the movie so much! It was an awesome movie and I personally rated it 10/10!! What's more, it was based on a true story! You guys should watch it too you know! It's really a good movie. I'm not bluffing!!

We all got home just before midnight. Arzek and Haris were trying their fists on each other after watching 'Ip Man' while the others were puzzled hehe :P They both were really affected by the movie!!

It was a great family outing. HCAC has really got together closer each and every day :-) HCAC!! Aza-Aza Fighting!! :-D

PS: Will upload the pixies when I have the time!

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Dinawan oh Dinawan ...

Just putting this up so I could always refer to this post for my future reference ;)

I don't know what's wrong with my eyes lately. I somehow thought the price for my stay there at Dinawan higher that it is in the quotation I got from the Tour Agency. Hmmph! Never good with numbers! Never! Ahakz!!

I'm sure this post is gonna be helpful next year when I am planning for my next vacation. So Suzi, here's the details.

December packages:

1 day trip package 1 --> Price per head: B$60.00
--> Including Entrance Fee, Sutera Jetty Fee, Return Boat Transfer, Snorkeling Set, Kayaking, Life Jacket and BBQ lunch.

1 day trip package 2 -->price per head B$75.00
--> Including Entrance Fee, Sutera Jetty Fee, Return Boat Transfer, Snorkeling Set, Kayaking, Life Jacket, Semi Submarine, BBQ lunch and Hi-Tea.

1 night 2 days --> price per head: B$188.00
--> Including Entrance Fee, Sutera Jetty Fee, Return Boat Transfer, Snorkeling Set, Kayaking, Life Jacket, Breakfast, BBQ lunch, Hi-Tea and Dinner on every day of the stay.

2 nights 3 days --> price per head: B$298.00
--> Including Entrance Fee, Sutera Jetty Fee, Return Boat Transfer, Snorkeling Set, Kayaking, Life Jacket, Breakfast, BBQ lunch, Hi-Tea and Dinner on every day of the stay.

Rates for Optional Watersports:
1. Parasailing (5 minutes / single) --> B$30.00 per head
2. Parasailing (5 minutes / double) --> B$30.00 per head
3. Jetski (30 minutes / unit) --> B$25.00 per head
4. Banana Boat (10 minutes) --> B$10.00 per head
5. Flyfish --> B$15.00 per head
6. Diving (30 minutes) --> B$50.00 per head
7. Sea Walking (30 minutes) --> B$70.00 per head

Southern Cross Travel Agency:
Office address: Unit 6, Block C, 2nd Floor, Kiarong Complex, BSB.
P.O. Box: 758.
Contact number: +6738875102 (Ezan)
Office contact number: +6732454719 / 720 / 721 / 722

PS: If your kind of vacation is simply for fun, you can take package 1 and 2. They're affordable and plainly beach fun activities. The BBQ lunch includes fresh seafoods like crabs, prawns and of course fish! You could try those watersports activities available too. But if your kind of vacation is purely for relaxing, then Dinawan Resort Island is the place for you. Click here for pictures. Advice? Take the 1 night 2 days package first to give it a try like I did in 2006. I took 3 nights 4 days package last year and it seemed too long to stay there. Too much of nice things is not good sometimes you see. So this year, I am taking the 2 nights 3 days package. I think it should be just perfect :-)

Monday, 22 December 2008

Suzila is Still Tired ...

Hmm .. Dunno where to start. Was a hectic weekend really. Last Friday, I drove my mum and sis to Limbang. They had to buy these cupboards and such. Mum bought a wardrobe and a pretty cool kitchen cupboard. I'm not sure what my sis bought .. but she did spend B$2k there, phew! As for me, I spent the hours waiting in the car. I didn't even bother to withdraw any cash. 1. I am broke. 2. I couldn't be bothered. 3. Dude! What to buy in Limbang?? Cuba tia!!

So, I spent the whole time waiting in the car while they went shopping. The only time I went down was during lunch. What did I do in the car? Yep! Was reading "Twilight". My comment so far? Hmm .. It's an OK book and as a linguist myself, I found the book simple. Easy to read and absorb shall I say .. For a grammarian (which I am still learning) I couldn't help spotting some mistakes there. But without doubt, I do love the story so far and I adore Bella. As I said, she reminds me a lot of a friend I just knew :-)

Ok, enough of Friday. Saturday was a fine day. At 10am, I met Danny and Ratna to check on the Camp's report. Yes campers! We also do our report, a longer, thicker and more detailed report that yours. The meeting at Desa Cafe was short and by lunch time, I went home. The exhaustion over hours of driving the previous day was now filling me. I could feel the pain from my waist down. Soon reaching my room, I doze to an afternoon nap. Our cousins were already checking in at Empire Hotel by this time but the thing with our family is, if our mum has not moved her ass to anywhere, especially to any family functions or gathering, we'd stay home forever! So since mum was at home looking after my feverish Azri, I took the time napping.

At 7pm, we were finally at Empire. Our room was 2611 at West Atrium on 6th floor. It was a suite so it was kinda big that could occupy 7 families mingling and hanging out there! We were Ambuyat-ing, nibbling numerous dishes and snacks while watching TV at the living room. The kids were playing football in the bedroom. Yep! Hectic it was! The girls? Hmm .. Nowhere in sight! All that I knew, I lost my camera that night!! Grrrr!!!! The Ahmads left at 12am. We just didn't stay overnight there, except our little sisters and brothers.

The next morning at 11am, I had a date with Anih and her nephew, Haji Aiman. He just got home from Haj so that's why the treat took this long to offer. You could check here why I treated them lunch yesterday ;) Sharul came along. He just couldn't resist Capers hehe :P I think we had 12 different dishes while listening to Haji Aiman's stories on his Haj recently. Really inspiring and calling :) Maybe Umrah is the answer to my honeymoon destination? What do you think baby?? InsyaAllah yea .. Aaminnn ... Before parting, I lent Anih my "Ayat-Ayat Cinta" novel and she gave me two containers of biscuits and some Patchi chocolates. Yummy!! Thanks darl~ :)

Later on at 3pm, I picked up Yanti and Jimah, my cousins, and went to Nanih's house. Danny led the way. We promised Danny to help Nanih to decorate her brother's hantarans. They really thought we were experts but nooooo we're not! We only came to help la Danny!! Can you imagine! They even asked how much we charge the decorations each! Embarrassing! Simply embarrassing!! Huhu~~ We started decorating from 4pm till 8pm and we managed to do, I think, 10 hantarans ... not so sure! Was too tired to really count!! Huhu~ Nanih gave us a scarf's clip each before we left. Yanti treated me and Jimah dinner at Ah-Antai Gadong. These girls ahh! They didn't tell me they hadn't had lunch that day!!! Grrr!!! Kesian ehh lapar dorang ... Danny! Baik ko lanja dorang nanti!!

My Sunday didn't end there! I just realised that I hadn't proofread our report that we discussed on last Friday. So I spent the rest of the night, and dawn, checking it. By 4am, all was done. Today, I was supposed to have another meeting with the chaperons at 10am but I was too sleepy and tired to go. Besides, I had done my part so basically, with me there wouldn't affect anything. I e-mailed the files to both Danny and Ratna. Thank God they understood. At 12pm, I left home and went to see Sharul. I had promised to accompany him to KB to take his uniform. Well, as you might have guessed, I spent the hour sleeping in his car. I was so exhausted. Extremely exhausted.

At KB, Sharul had himself measured. Apparently, he's too big for the XL uniform (hehe I had to bite my lips from laughing at him kekeke :P). He will start working under Adinin Company on 5th January 2009. His probation will take 3 months to complete and he will be stationed at BLNG, wherever that is!

After all was done, we dropped by the Jubli Recreational Park so Sharul could have his lunch. I took the opportunity taking pictures of the beautiful place. Was it a lake? I wasn't so sure but it was indeed a beautiful sight! Some people were fishing, others were just sleeping under the sheltering huts. I observed there was a surau too. I will upload the pictures I snapped in the next post. Waiting for Sharul to finish his meal, I couldn't help planning for my next camp there ^_^ We left the park just before 3pm and I continued napping all the way back to Bandar. Peeps! I have the deepest sleep when I am a passenger in the car. Really deep sleep!

We dropped by a restaurant in Sengkurong (darn, I forgot the name!!). This restaurant has the most unique menu! We ordered Murtabak with Cheese and Eggs and Murtabak with Indomie. Strange? Yep! But wait til you taste them! Nyaman brabiz!! I had Tea 'O' with it. From the restaurant, we left to Qlap Mall to watch Jim Carrey's "Yes Man". Love the movie. Made us laugh. At 7pm, we went home.

Now, just talked to Ratna. Gotta stay up late again to proofread and edit the report. So far, we have 35 pages altogether, excluding the appendices and pictures. I think it could reach 45 max. All applause goes to Ratna for a job well done. I wonder whether all campers have submitted their reports or not. No updates so far, except from Hani and Faten. Hmm .. Frustrating!

PS: Counting days to Dinawan ... Sigh~~

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The Greatest Love of All

A colleague sent me an e-mail, about what a father did for his son. It read:

"A son said to his father: 'Dad, would you be willingly run a marathon with me?'

The father, despite his age and heart disease, said 'YES'.

And they ran that marathon, together.

The son asked his father again: 'Dad, can you run another marathon with me?' Again the father said 'YES'.

They ran another marathon, together.

One day, the son asked his father: 'Dad would please do the Iron Man with me?'

Now, just in case you don't know, 'The Iron Man' is the toughest triathlon in existence; 4km swimming, then 180 km by bike, and finally another 42 km running, in one stroke. Again the father said 'YES'

Maybe this hasn't 'touched' you by heart yet ... until you watch this video (put on the sound!) ..."

The message ended with a link to a youtube. Little that I know the e-mail was true. What's more, the whole thing really touched me and I am not ashamed to say that I shed tears watching it. Try it yourself ..

I traced related videos for more stories of the father and son. Here's one I wish to share with all. Visit their website here to read more about the Hoyt family. God bless!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Back From the Doc II

Today, I had the appointment to the Chest Clinic, to have myself checked by the Chest Specialist. I had never felt so scared in my life as the time passed before the appointment itself. I couldn't go to sleep the night before even. My brain went on and on imagining things .. X-rays, machines, tubes, blood?? What I scared of was the doctor who checked me last time at the ER said that there was some virus found in my blood, thus causing the lungs infection. I kept wondering .. What virus? Where did I get it from? How did I get it into my blood?? These questions went on the whole night ..

When the clock ticked 2.15pm at the clinic (my appointment was at 2.30pm), my name was called. My height and weight should be checked before seeing the doctor. To my surprise, I lost 4kg, in just 10 days! I know I should be happy, since I have always wanted to lose weight, but to my disbelief, I was surprised actually .. And the first question that popped up on my head was: "Am I dying??"

I asked the nurse about my weight. She, somehow, tried to hide it. Maybe to save some face (mine actually) cause obviously, I AM overweight! She later on told me that an ideal weight for a 153cm tall is 45kg. I just nodded and walked back to my chair, with the question still playing in my head: "Am I dying??"

At 2.45pm, my name was not called yet. I became more and more anxious. I even took Sharul's hand and nudged him to the exit door. I seriously wanted to go home! He stopped me of course. He asked me whether I wanted him to accompany me seeing the doctor. I shook my head. I didn't think I'd be able to hold myself IF the doctor announced that I was actually dying of some kind of deadly disease. Imaginations really went wild in every tick of the seconds in the waiting room.

My name was called, eventually, at 3pm. A guy nurse showed me into a room. Sharul was behind me. The nurse was about 50 years old, wearing white and a 'topi haji'. The 20 minutes in the room was spent on him showing me how to breathe in and out properly and how to use the Ventolin puffer correctly.

First, he shut my nose with a clip and let me breathe in and out through my mouth. After a few minutes, he measured my breathing ability (through blowing slowly and later on, strongly) through a tube-like machine. Numbers appeared on the screen, with graph. Later on, still with clipped nose, he showed me how to breathe-in the Ventolin correctly. I did as he instructed, twice. Then, he measured my breathing ability again. He then asked us to wait outside the room.

While waiting to be called, Sharul still tried to calm me down, though I was feeling less anxious by this time. What the nurse had told me was really something I will remember, as a guide for me to keep myself healthy. He commented:

1. Ventolin puffer is just a 'reliever', NOT medicine to treat asthma. The brown puffer, the one given by the doctor from the ER in my last appointment, is ACTUALLY the medicine. I only inhaled once, as the effect was not as effective as the Ventolin.

2. The brown puffer or inhaler works slowly as it cures the asthma patients throughout his or her life. It helps widens the air walls of the lungs so the patients wouldn't find it difficult to breathe. 2 puffs should be taken every day, although the asthma no longer attacks.

3. All asthma patients have the same diet history: they don't eat fruits and vegetables. That includes me ...

4. Excess fats in asthma patients can be very dangerous as fats tend to block air from coming into the lungs, thus increasing the risk of asthma attacks.

5. Vitamin pills can be dangerous. It is much better to get pure vitamins from fresh fruits.

6. Doing exercise at least 5 times a week. This is to make the lungs work. Getting sweaty in a steamy room or hot temperature DOES NOT give the same effect as breeze-walking, jogging or hiking. The more exercise you do, the healthier your lungs are.

7. Never take crash diets. This is dangerous. A proper diet is to follow the right calorie intake daily and to have meals at scheduled times. No heavy meals after 6pm.

Hmm .. I think I have listed down all that I could remember from the valuable lecture given by the nurse. I am very impressed with his guidance and advice. Even Sharul learnt a lot from him. We both think he is not an ordinary guy nurse; maybe he's an assistant doctor since he knows a lot. He also told us how hard it was to catch up with His Majesty's strength in walking or hiking per minute. He used to be His Majesty's escort. No wonder he knows a lot ya!

In the doctor's room, I got the same advice. It was like a repetition. He checked my blood pressure, which was high, but he did know I was anxious so he said to have me checked again next time to make sure I have not invited another health problem in me: High Blood Pressure. God forbids!!

The (handsome) doctor also advised me to:

1. Avoid taking salty food to prevent myself from suffering high blood pressure.

2. I should also make a distance from smokers (my dad) and cats (also my dad’s).

3. My room should be cleaned monthly, if not weekly. This is to keep myself free from asthma attacks as dust is also one of the main factors causing these attacks.

4. My bed sheet also needs to be changed regularly so to have myself a free-coughing nap time.

5. And lastly, my pillows should be put under the sun to kill the bacteria that stuck in the pillows.

I am going to see them again on 10th March 2009, about 3 months after today. The nurse asked me to seriously watch my diet and he would like to see me 15kg LESSER by then. My jaw dropped open. 15kg?? In 3 months??!! The doctor smiled and added: "Try 5kg lesser then. You should watch your diet to beat your asthma." I nodded. Sigh~

Going home, I felt much better. Even now, I feel ... healthier! What's more, I am clean from any deadly disease that I was so scared of! Wild imaginations that is! Thank God I was only diagnosed of suffering from Acute Asthma. Though dangerous, but it is better than any other deadly diseases. Alhamdulillah :)

So, first thing first! Clean up my room (just did it!). Next, scheduled meals and 1000 calorie intake per day (I have actually started this a few months ago but got distracted over my camp and then me suffering from this asthma problem).

I can do it! Aza-aza fighting!! :-)

PS: Alhamdulillah ya Allah for your endless blessing on me. I have a caring mother and a loyal companion by my side. Alhamdulillah for giving me the time to breathe in your air again so I can still say Your name in my prayer and remember You in my heart always. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah ...

Monday, 15 December 2008

Go Go Catalysts!!

And the winners are ..... The Catalysts!!!
Nanih won a ticket to Surabaya :)
A quick break at a restaurant ..
The winning teams :D

Well, here's the post, as requested, by Trasero a.k.a. my beloved best buddy :) The story goes like this:

*Incoming text yesterday afternoon*
From Danny:
"News. I'm so happy. I won ticket to Disneyland. Champion walk-a-hunt. You guys watch Brudirect & Ranoadidas & whatever. Ahaha Happy! K, bye guys!!"

So I replied:
"Wow! Congratulations!! :-D any empty seat for me to Disneyland?? Keke :P"

His reply:
"You know what! I team up with Akip. He's first timer. All my friends won. Saiful 13th place to Kuching. Harisman 4th place to K.L. Nanih 9th to Surabaya. Ahaha."

I replied:
"Waah! Hebat!! :) Congrats to all!! kambang si Akip!"

He replied:
"TQ! We're on news just now. I got so many texts coming! Ahaha .. All my friends. Happy eh. TQ. TQ."

My last text to him:
"Bah! I will check Ranoadidas later. Great news! :)"

So ... I did check Ranoadidas but he only included the evening meet and a picture of the participants 12 hours later on. So I didn't know much, just that Danny's team was the CHAMPION in the BSM Walk-a-Hunt. It also said that there were about 400 teams participated in this year’s race and among them was .... THE CATALYSTS featuring our own Danny! :)

Last night, I spread the news to the chaperons and campers online. Danny! The kids would love to join you to Disneyland!! :P Today, I visited the website again but too bad! The winner's pictures are not put up on that website. Sabar Danny! Ada karang tu ehehee :P Visit Ranoadidas for more info.

Once again, and I believe all campers of BSAC 2008, would like to congratulate our 3 men for winning the battle yesterday! And especially to our winner, Team Catalysts! Go Go Catalysts!! :D

Hmm .. NOT Happy!!

3 reasons why I am not happy now:-

1. The flags! Finally found a printing shop that's willing to print 22 copies of it but turned out to be, they DON'T resemble the same colour!! Pudar ani wah!! Mental ku eyh!! Cost me B$100 and if ever I couldn't claim it, someone's gonna get hurt! I mean it!! :@

2. My exams are this coming Wednesday and Thursday but I can't seem to get what I have been reading!! No matter how hard I tried, nothing gets through my thick head!! Hmmph!! Frustrating!!!

3. Still coughing and it's killing me every single time! Can't even sleep tight these past few nights. I ended up sleeping in sitting position cause my back is still hurting. Tomorrow's my appointment to the Chest Clinic. Hope all will be fine or I will get angrier cause whatever's in me doesn't seem want to leave! Grrrr!!!

I AM AN ARIES: The Daredevil (huh??)

Energetic (yea, in many ways)

Adventurous and spontaneous (definitely)

Confident and enthusiastic (yup!)

Fun (hmm ... I should ask my friends that!)

Loves a challenge (100%)

EXTREMELY impatient (well, I hate waiting. Does that count??)

Sometimes selfish (am I??)

Short fuse; easily angered (hell yeah!)

Lively, passionate and sharp wit (hmm ... No comment!)

Outgoing (for sure!)

Lose interest quickly - easily bored (most of the time)

Egostical (in some ways; my baby says "in MANY ways" LOL!!)

Courageous and assertive (I agree!)

Tends to be physical and athletic (hmm ... Naah!!)

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My engagement: 01.01.10

My engagement: 01.01.10
Suzila Ahmad

The engagement ring :)

A cake from him

For him

With my dad & Sharul's :)

With my mum and his :)

With two of my closest girlfriends: Azean & Yanti :)