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Friday, 3 September 2010

The one missed II

So, I sent the previous post to DF through his FB inbox. He called me the next morning, 3 times. I didn't pick up coz I was too sad to talk. When I got online later on, he wrote this on my FB wall:

"Missing you a lot.. In my heart, you are the first woman that's always in my heart and always in my mind even though I'm away from you.. I miss you and love you always.."

Still, I didn't reply. It just felt like silent treatment was the best remedy at that time. And since I know he doesn't go and read my page here, I strongly thought he had no idea why I was acting so berserk and giving him that poem, which I thought he didn't understand the intended meanings but the "I miss you" part. After all, he is sometimes (especially lately) one very insensitive man!

So, I didn't text him nor call him. I even ignored him on FB. Then last night he posted up Fluffy's pictures (I saw the postings on the 'home' page). Now THAT, I couldn't ignore! I was missing her so much that I put up my DP of her. The DF knew I missed her so I guess to play the trick, he posted her pictures up. One hell of a smart ass! I left comments on most of her pictures. He didn't reply but he texted me this morning. It said:

"Good morning sayang.. Karang ke rumah saja ah.. Lawat Fluffy. Rindu ya kan mummy nya tu. Ku balik kelmarin tarus ya bangun yatah ku gambar atu. Mencari sayangku kali tu. Daddy nya pun rindu :)"

"Come home later. Visit Fluffy. She misses her mummy. She woke up when I came home yesterday so I took her pictures. She was looking for you. Her daddy misses you too :)"

So I replied that I would after running errands this afternoon. When I got there, he was already home, with Fluffy.

As usual, we didn't talk about what we were fighting about. We always drop it. That happened again today. Things were the usual. We talked and cared for the cats and such. I'm sure his families hadn't any clue that we were actually in the verge of postponing the wedding. Well, me having that very thought, not him.

Then I went home, Fluffy tagging along. She just didn't wanna be left behind so please God, don't let her give birth when she's with me. I wouldn't know what to do if she does huhu..

When I was about to leave, Sharul leaned forward (he had rolled down the car window before I entered the car) and kissed my forehead. I looked down. I knew he was looking at me. I could feel it but I just couldn't look him in the eye. I didn't wanna weep in front of him.

Then he held my face close to his. He kiss my forehead again and said, "I love you".

My heart skipped a beat. That was the first time in months he said that to me, FIRST. Since the engagement, it was me who initiated the phrase, which he at most times, didn't reply.

I held my tears from falling. I didn't know what I was feeling but I did smile. All the way back home...

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