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Sunday, 5 September 2010

The good list

So, I went to a friend's blog and I read this. Since I'm pretty down my self with all the wedding stuff and shaky (I can't seem to find a better word coz I'm a bit sleepy now) relationship. So, here goes:

1. Honest - too honest at stating views and thoughts
2. Friendly - I get it from my parents
3. Funny - I love seeing people laugh
4. Humble - I hate those who always "angkat bakul" / show off
5. Kind - too kind sometimes
6. Loyal - to families and friendships
7. Hard working - to make ends meet
8. Punctual - I get things done on time when properly planned
9. Helpful - I hate seeing others suffer or in trouble
10. Responsible - a character that I was trained at since childhood
11. Smart - at certain areas of knowledge
12. Cat lover - recently feeding stray cats since I can't bring them home
13. Independent - I always manage to settle things my self
14. Observant - I only say what I see
15. Loving - I believe loving is the key to happiness
16. Over protective of my families and friends - I hate seeing them sad
17. Understanding - I am able to put my self in one's shoe
18. Thoughtful - I see things differently sometimes, even very small matters
19. Caring - my job needs me to and now it's become part of my personality
20. A leader - I've become used to being one as trusted
21. Cheerful - I master at hiding my own feeling from others
22. Generous - a trait that I am becoming so recently
23. Creative - not in art but in writing

There! I'll read this later, and add if there's any that I've left out..

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I AM AN ARIES: The Daredevil (huh??)

Energetic (yea, in many ways)

Adventurous and spontaneous (definitely)

Confident and enthusiastic (yup!)

Fun (hmm ... I should ask my friends that!)

Loves a challenge (100%)

EXTREMELY impatient (well, I hate waiting. Does that count??)

Sometimes selfish (am I??)

Short fuse; easily angered (hell yeah!)

Lively, passionate and sharp wit (hmm ... No comment!)

Outgoing (for sure!)

Lose interest quickly - easily bored (most of the time)

Egostical (in some ways; my baby says "in MANY ways" LOL!!)

Courageous and assertive (I agree!)

Tends to be physical and athletic (hmm ... Naah!!)

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My engagement: 01.01.10

My engagement: 01.01.10
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