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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The come back...?

Pheww! Yea I know. Been away since the wedding. My life has changed completely since I'm his. My days start as early as 5am, preparing breakfast for him then wave him goodbye. Then off to the shower to go to work. By 4pm, stay home waiting for the hubby to come home from work. Cook dinner, sleep. Then the routine starts again the next day. And the weeks that follow.

Work? Stressful. I got piles of markings to do since I left students with assignments on my two-weeks leave on our honeymoon. At the same time, the admin made me the acting Head of Department coz our head is now on maternity leave. That leaves me with another big responsibility on my shoulder, apart from being Head of Welfare Section, Assistant Senior Mistress of Students' Affairs, bla bla bla. With short of teachers, I am now teaching 6 classes, of 3 different levels. At times, the pressure just gets to the head that I feel like quitting the job!

Two days before the school holidays start, an inspector came to see me, talking about teachers and our problems, also asking for suggestions on which classes he should visit and which teachers need support most. I was like, hey! Come to my class! Guess what he said: "Nah! You don't need help Suzi!" Okay. That made me wanted to scream on top of my lungs!

And so, I suggested two names. When the school reopens next week, he will be around the school. I confessed on the un-updated marks in my record file. When I showed him the columns, he was like: "This is ok Suzi. Don't worry much." So he went on with a number of advice like introducing peer-marking in class, homework once every week, bla bla bla. I mean, I don't know. I hated peer-marking when I was in sec school. I honestly thought my teachers were "lazy". Well, if that would lessen the pressure, I shall start doing so hmm......

Just did 3 pending work yesterday at home. There goes my one-day holiday. But at least, the burden's lessen now yea... There's actually more to do but I left them at school. Will drop by the office tomorrow.... or Saturday uhuk.... I am really trying to "feel" the holidays *drama queen*

I was thinking on going to KK or at least Miri in the hols but hubby can't take any leave :(( So it means, home is my only place to stay... and enjoy. But Nurul's wedding is in two weeks. I've to do her hantarans soon *sighhh* I need rest. It just doesn't feel like I am grasping the time completely yet..... And next week the school will reopen!

Can I quit my job already??!!!

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