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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The one of those nights

Time's showing just after 2am now. I couldn't sleep. Maybe in the next hour or two I will. This has been next to typical every night since the wedding. Especially when he falls asleep first before me. We talked about this of course when he noticed that I didn't get enough sleep - from all the tantrums and headaches. I pity him sometimes when he would literally wait for me to sleep first before him. But tonight, he didn't coz he's not feeling well. Thanks to the weather. Been raining every night now and very hot and sunny during the day. Hope he will feel a lot better tomorrow. I did try talk to him to skip work tomorrow but he wouldn't listen *sigh*

Now the snoring has lessened. Always does when the time shows after 2am or so. That's one thing I still find amazing about him. He would snore and shake the room all night but at 2ish.. he's soundly asleep. Nothing else but a soft breathing sound of his. The first few weeks of our marriage, when I used to complain about my sleepless nights, he came home buying me a pair of ear plugs. Funny but sweet! He also bought me an eye patch so I would be able to sleep while he's watching tv. That's another habit of his: he has to watch tv or he won't fall asleep at all! As for me, I need lights off and complete silence to sleep. You can imagine what two different worlds we're living in.

Well, that was then. Now, I would sleep whenever I want to, though with blaring noise and blinding lights from the tv screen. I don't even use earplugs now coz I need the alarm clock to wake me up early morning to get his breakfast ready. I am grateful when he would reduce the tv volume, even switch the tv off when he noticed that I buried my self in the blanket trying to sleep. It's those little things he does that make me forever thankful that I'm his.

Oh one thing I can't sleep without every night is, the sound of his heart beating. It's become a nightly habit that I lie my ear on his chest before I cover my self with the blanket to sleep. Though for a few minutes, it never fails from carving a smile on my face. It's become a lullaby each time.

I should go to bed now. My eyes are heavy and I sure need sleep. In the next three hours, or less, I should get his breakfast ready. I missed it yesterday. I forgot to set the alarm and he left to work without waking me. When I came to, I texted him and he said: "It's ok. You need rest. Get back to sleep now."

I love this man. Changes or no changes, he's still the love of my life.


Anonymous said...

Salam dear!!!

Miss your wedding!!! My internet was down couple of MONTHS!!!! and it make my life miserable...

Suzy dear,
Welcome to marriage world and sleepless nites :D
I been thro that too and hehehe... believe me after years later you will scare to death if you doesn't heard any snoring sound from him and you will check his pulse balik-balik wondering he alive or not :D


Suzila A said...

hi Syair!! :D hehehe.. i know right.. i am now in the phase of "getting to get used to it" changes. i'm sure the "mengusut" phase will be over soon heheh ;p

really glad hearing from you again dearest. hope all is well with you ya :))

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