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Sunday, 29 December 2013

The One Without Him...

Hi all.. How have you been? Funny thing is, I just figured out how to log in here, again, after for so long. The thing is, I had opened another blog that I was required to when I attended the course in East West Center a few months ago, but using my gmail account. Believe me, I have always wanted to update news and stories and such (like I used to) for quite a while now, but every time I did try to, I always ended up loggin in to the other, shall I call it... educational blog.

Anyway, everything is going on well. My other half is now in KL with his cousin. I was supposed to go with them, but my condition does not allow me to. In fact, I had planned to visit a blogger friend's kindy, and I still owe another blogger friend some tea break. Aiza and Izz, we shall meet one day. Next year, ok! ;) *Miss you girls. Mwahh!!

The new school term is starting soon. Very soon. The 4 weeks break went by so fast. Maybe because I didn't get to go anywhere like I used to, especially in December. This year, I just stay home, watch TV. Sleep. Eat. Then sleep again. When the mood struck, I'd take out the unfinished workloads (which are still, some of them, untouched now), and try to finish them bit by bit. The thing is, while I was away for the 3-month course, the work I left behind was piling up. At times, I had a sense of regrets for attending the course, especially when stress was at its peak. Too many things happened the past few months, especially after the course I attended.

But for now, everything is fine. Without him around, I did cry a tear missing him. He said, "I'll be home soon." He must've found me funny.

Only two days of him leaving, I have cried like a baby! This sunken feeling must go. If only that DQ ice-cream is here. Sighh....!!

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