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Monday, 30 December 2013

The One With The Planning

Today was spent on figuring out what to teach in the next 8 weeks I am at school. My sister peeked through what I was doing and all she said was, "You're nuts!" LoL! Well, maybe I am. Some teachers out there may still be enjoying their last few days of holidays, but surely there are not little number of teachers who have started their internal engines to forego or foredo what needs to be done. Call us crazy, but yes. That is what we are doing uhuk... uhuk...

In between lappy session, the hubby texted me that he had just bought a big luggage bag to pack all the stuff that I had requested him to buy: lots and lots of muslimah scarfs (coz it is super difficult to get an XL size scarf here), and of course, stationery for my teaching aids and for my kids during group work. Altogether, they might've cost him to carry at least 40kg of my stuff back home. Thank you sayang for going extra miles for me, and so so sorry for the trouble I have caused you... I love you.....

So my baby will be home tomorrow afternoon via Labuan. I shall pick him up at Muara Ferry Terminal. Can't wait to see him. We have missed him so much!!

Okay, time to bed. Tomorrow morning is yet another visit to the clinic. Hopefully my blood pressure is normal tomorrow. Spending extra hours at the Day Care Centre is just the last thing I want to do at the moment. Somehow, I need longer napping hours as I wake up almost every strike of hourly time at night to pee. Yet, I also avoid taking afternoon naps lately coz that would cause me to stay up late like til 3:00 a.m. Something that would cause the kicks in the tummy going wilder!

Alright. Time to log off. See you all soon. Cheers!

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