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Monday, 27 January 2014

The One With The Prediction

Today was yet another long hours of waiting at the clinic. My Bp was ok: 130/80, the nurse said.

Last Thursday was 120/70. A personal record break I must say lol! Then the doc saw my swollen feet. Asking me whether I was fine or not, I said, "Sure, I am!" Being admitted to ward is just the last thing I want at the moment. I still got too many things to do before my time is up!

Last Friday hubby took me to Lumapas to see a family midwife for another massage. She predicted that I wouldn't have til the next three weeks to labour, but would be able to go through a week with my big tummy. In other words, I'd be promoted to motherhood in two weeks time the most as the baby's head is now in its right position down below. No wonder I've been experiencing extreme discomfort especially while walking lately. All I ever want to do is lie down. Rest. Immobile.

So, having told the "prediction", hubby and I spent our Sunday getting everything ready and packed. List checked. New items washed and dried. And today, we bought our second baby crib for Lambak home. We bought another last month for Katok. This morning we had a chat on our way to the clinic, figuring out what needed to be bought and such. Then came the talk on the baby. Are we ready? We should be coz we had always wanted this. Can we do this? We're not sure, but surely we'll do our best. Can we imagine having a baby around in the next two or three weeks? We both said, no. We don't know what to expect. We don't know how to react. We don't whether we would know the right thing to do when our junior arrives. But for sure, we will be extremely happy when that time comes. We can't wait to meet our bundle of joy. We always wonder how our baby will look like; would it have my smile? Or its daddy's long lashes? Or would it have my curly hair? Or would it have Sharul's big eyes? Definitely can't wait to see our lil one :-) I wish to deliver normally, but due to my asthmatic condition that comes and goes, the doc said that I should expect to have a c-section instead. Either way, perhaps I should just let it be and leave everything to God. I had almost lost my baby back in August last year. Now, all I care is its safety, although I have to go though all the pain in the world just to ensure it safe in our arms eventually. We will be fine. I can still hear the midwife's prediction of my delivery: "If you were to give birth naturally, it will be very easy for you as baby is ready to come out. Soon!" All I could hear Sharul say to that was: "Aamiiin...." And I need you to say that too :-)

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