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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The unfavoured..

It's 8 past and I am in bed when I am supposed to be at work. I woke up with not just the flu (which has since stuck with me almost a week now) but also a bad cough and the worst, asthma. I thought, I should stay in bed today. My body is weak and the moment I open my mouth, the intense it gets for me to cough. So unfavourable!

I am tired. The weather is bad this time too. Yesterday also drained my energy out. We had to facilitate a professional development right up til after 5pm. I was out of breath by then. Sharul took me to the massage. I felt better a bit then off to bed. The next 8 hours, I found my self asthmatic. So I thought, I need rest. My body is controlling my mind now. I'm unfit and as much as I need to be with my students, my body needs to attach to my warm blanket. I feel like an old lady!

I hate feeling inferior this way but I know there's not much I can do. Sunday was a long day but alhamdulillah, dear sister, Nurul, and Ede are now officially and happily engaged. We all stayed up late the night before the day to do touch ups and such. Embarrasing when there aren't enough chairs for all the guests. Thankfully, our immediate kins care enough to provide theirs for Ede's side. So at night, Nurul treated our uncles, aunts and kids at Soto Tinis Restaurant at Jalan Bedil. Everyone was grateful. My sayang stuck around too. I felt amazingly complete now that he's part of us by being there the whole day :')

If only my body is unweak, I would still feel the same as the recent Sunday. The condition I am in could also be the impact of yesterday's shocking experience at work: a female student being possessed by this so called kid spirit named Mimi. I wasn't afraid when she was screaming and shouting uncontrollably over the recitation of the Quranic verses. It was that very afternoon that I started feeling weary. I guess the psychological impact had occured to me slowly.

I am off to the clinic soon. I wonder if my lil brother, Azri, has gotten ready or not. The World Cup fever is not much favourable lately. You know what I mean. It's kind of disappointing having kids, especially boys, with red eyes and passive in class when I was there standing at the front, struggling to get my voice out to teach with the flu that I am having.

So unfavourable..

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