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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The state I am in

Sharul didn't go to work yesterday too: his car broke down. I had offered to lend him my car but he had to send me to school first, which he refused coz he had to be at his work station by 7am. The next thing I knew, I was down with asthma and cough that I stayed home yesterday instead. Sharul could've used my Kia to work if I had it coming.. Anyway, I had another sick leave today. Apparently, it was my blood pressure that forced me to stay in bed.

It read: 140/106. I didn't know what to say. 1. Because I can never tell how bad it is with those numbers. 2. I was surprised. Simply because I didn't feel nausea or any headache like I used to have when my blood pressure was bad some time last year.. Besides, when I had it checked last month, it was normal. But now...

I've gotta get on track. And it better stop raining now or I can never get to work my butt out. I miss hiking. I miss brisk walking. But with this wet weather, it doesn't really help much, does it!

I miss the sun. For now, I should start fasting again. At least, the rain will be a great favour with an empty stomach.. That will be by next week coz I am on medication now. I've gotta finish up my anti biotic, ventolin and flu pills within 5 days. These pills are really strong for me: I slept the whole day today. Let's hope I won't be sleepy in class tomorrow..

Another drama lesson in the afternoon tomorrow. Last week's was a blast! Those kids really got talent. It started off with a request to go out of the class and do some chasing games in the school compound. A character was out chasing the rest: whoever she touched on would transform into animals that they desired and would start chasing those who had not become part of the monstrous family. While chasing, they would behave as animals they thought they were: with hand gestures and sounds. A fun game indeed :)

Back in the classroom, I gave the students an assignment: "Bear With Me" I called it. They were given 30 minutes to create a scenario carrying a comedy genre. Divided into two groups, one group was doing a scene in a clinic, another of a recording advert. Both teams were brilliant. I couldn't stop laughing LoL!

I wish that the school would agree to my proposal: the End of Year Concert. It would be lovely having the kids perform on stage. With the talents that they have, I am sure the audience will love them! :)

Hmmm .. I think I shall stop here. Erghh! Now it's time to take the pills... My head is spinning already due to oversleeping the whole day today. Oh God. Have mercy on me. Give me strength to overcome this sickness I am having..

I miss my Sharul :((

PS: Sharul took me out the whole day yesterday. I could tell he was worried about my condition. He took me to the movie, "Frozen", which ended up me upset. It didn't help much when I had to watch some wolves eating up the characters in the movie errghh!! Then we had our dinner after I bought us tickets to tomorrow's "Eclipse". We're lucky getting great seats! Then he sent me home, with Fluffy in my arms. It was a lovely day. And I miss them both dearly now :((

PPS: Happy birthday to my brother, Saiful Rizal a.k.a. Abo. I pray that happiness shall stay with him and wife forever. Can't wait to see our little niece/nephew :'D

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