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Friday, 1 October 2010

The "Okay .... now the countdown begins" ..

Okay, it's 1st October and in the next three months, I will be Mrs. Shahrul Faidzal. Even when typing this my hands are shaking. Nervous breakdown? Excitement? Everything comes together now. I can even feel my tummy gurgling with butterflies erkK! I hope it's a good sign yikes!

I just had my period. Last 2 months I had it 10 days earlier, and last month's was 6 days earlier than I expected. On counting, if this irregular pattern keeps going on, on my nikah day, I would be having it, so it means I will be having my PMS end of December, probably in so much muscle pain waist down. I should have coke in store to help me ease it. Or I will be labeled the bitchiest bride in history erkK!! Any tips at reducing the PMS pain are most welcome!

How's my diet programme? Not working! Fasting month and Eid really ruined it! I mean, I tend to eat more at those times (and still do). The good foods were just too tempting and dieting soon became past tense! This Sunday we're gonna have our costume fitting and I am sure we have gone bigger than the last time we went to the bridal boutique. It's official! We're the biggest bride and groom!!

Our wedding invitation cards samples just arrived yesterday. There were mistakes here and there (I expected that!) and dad wanted a few names added to the list. This whole "Al-Wakil Berharap" list is really a hassle! I am so tempted to just tear the pages off the card. But of course dad is gonna go absurd with the whole deleting part pfftt!!

The wedding souvenirs, as of yesterday, have been printed and would be ready for packing and posting end of this month, hopefully. The final payment shall be done soon, another roughly B$500 to Bandung. I haven't really counted the bills yet. We've been busy with work lately that we care less about the wedding preparations.

Oh, note the pronoun "we" there? Yep! He has finally started doing this and that with me since my last posts in this page. It startled me when he said he did read the "all out" about my frustration over him not spending much time with the wedding preparations and such. He must have noticed my "tak kisah" mode over everything few weeks ago that maybe he came to this page out of curiosity and finally decided to change. Which is GOOD!

Or else, jangan harap aku kan sibuk2 uruskan pasal kawin hmmphh!!

The latest us taken last week during Eid :)


Lulu said...

no cold drinks, cold fruits, cucumber when near period to help lessen the pain.. also drink hot some ginger tea.. when those do not work (because i'm not strong-willed) n i want instant relief - panadol soluble (but not recommended to rely heavily on this every time..

Suzila A said...

thanks lu! no cold drinks for me then.. hmmm.... (not strong willed either) erkK!!

Lulu said...

n u knw what, i had a bit of cramp dis mth cos d day b4 my prd (knowing very well i was goin 2 hav it d nxt day) i had ice cream.. cos it was such a super hot day hehehe so thr learn frm dis!

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