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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The bad cough and sore throat, again!

Good day all. It seems that this condition I am in is visiting me every month lately. I am in bed, all parts of my body are aching, I can barely breathe coz of this blocked nose and I can't seem to swallow any food due to this bad cough and sore throat. DH forbids me from going to work today and later, his mom will take me to the clinic.

When I fell sick 4 days ago, DH and I actually suspected a pregnancy as I couldn't take in any food (everything came out if I did) and I also had fever and headache. But now, I am having my period, despite the non-existence of painful waist-down PMS signs. I actually haven't had them the past two months now, NOT that I want them back or anything. It's just that, with their absence, I tend to get confused with the dates and such. And so, no, we're not pregnant. Yet.

I have gained weight (old story) but as much as I want to lose some kgs, it seems that I consume more than I "plan" to. I don't have the time to go hiking now coz my energy is used up at work. The only energy left daily is lifting up those fork and spoon during dinner. Okay, that's an overstatement but you know what I mean. Plus, the weather is just too wet to go anywhere now. So the only option I have now is having those foot patches attached to both my feet every now and then at night. Sometimes I lost a kg or two. Then again, I gained another after heavy breakfast or lunch.

It seems that my masters application is going history now that I heard there are a couple of applicants have been called for interviews, but me. So DH and I thought, having our junior is a tempting option now. Something that we shall get ready with. Thus I need to tone down. Mom said so if I were planning to get pregnant. Being fat and pregnant at the same time is not healthy to the baby and the mother, she said.

I will wait til September. If UBD is not happening, then DH and I will do some serious planning. This time, to conceive!

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