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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The what....??

Hey peeps! How are you lot? Just dropping by here to revive the page. Well, for now though. God knows when will I be able to have the time to do this again. I just feel like talking (well, writing) today.

Work today was okay, compared to the past weeks. The very first morning was very intriguing though. I came into the office and the first thing I saw was a little boy sitting on a chair. He saluted me and I smiled. So I asked one of the colleagues who the kid was. Aziz turned around, and looked back at me. Blankly, saying, "What kid?" And I was like ... Okaaay~~ and made my move to my desk.

Now, why didn't I bother, coz the place I work in has its own mysteries. Haunted ones. There have been "stories" that we had faced multiple times; hysteria, eerie sounds, moving things, bla bla bla. So today, experiencing "another" one was NOT an option.

I looked at the boy. He looked back. No expression. I looked at the others in the office, everybody seemed to be busy with their stuff at their tables. Then Hasanul (yes Aiza, Ejah. YOUR Hasanul) asked me about the 100-hours list. So I walked to him, bringing my file. So the whispering started:

Me: Sanul, you see that kid right?
Sanul: What kid?
Me: THAT kid. At the blue chair..
Sanul: *turned around*
Me: You see him?
Sanul: *clueless, blank expression*
Me: Sanul! NOT FUNNY okay!!
Sanul: What are you talking about? What kid? Are you kidding??
Me: No I'm not!
Sanul: *turned around again* There's nobody there Suzi.. *turned around again* Are you sure...?
Me: Wallahi! He's wearing Baju Melayu!
Sanul: Don't do this ehhh! I got goosebumps now...
Me: Errgh! Sanul... Not funnyyy!!! *left his table*

Then Hasanul followed me back to my desk. He stood in front of me and whispered, "Where is he? Is he behind me??" *His back was facing the kid*. I nodded slowly.

Right then, Hasanul walked to Aziz and whispered something. Aziz looked blanked. The same face expression Hasanul had a few minutes later. There, I told my self, "This can't be happening!!"

I packed my stuff, and headed to the door. "I'm going to class!!" I called out. Before I left, I turned around and faced Hasanul. "NOT funny Sanul if you DO see him!" and I made my move to my class.

In class, I sent a student to get something from my table. When he got back, he brought with him Aziz's message: "The thing you saw was not real." He said he had no idea what it meant. So I interrogated him. Asking him whether the office was empty. He said, other teachers were there.

Then I asked him what he saw at the chair. "I didn't pay attention, teacher."

Then I asked him, "Did you see a kid sitting there?"

"A kid? Yea. I saw a kid."

LOL!! People, I just got punk'd!! LOL!!

When I got back to the office, I laughed harder finding out that they got Faizul, Zir, Aziz, and Hasanul too!

Faizul panicked and urged all to leave the office - the rest laughed when he suggested that and the game was over lol.

Aziz read the Ayat Kursi - everyone joined in and raised their palms up for prayers - he stopped mid way when the kid raised his palms up too. Aziz actually thought the kid was a Muslim ghost! LOL!

When Zir came, she left immediately after "sensing" the ghost kid lol!

Then Hasanul acted as a hero, approaching the boy asking him to leave: "Pulang lah ke asal mu!" (Go back to where you belong!) Hahahahah!!

The funny story spread so quickly that we got the whole staffroom laughing.

Oh man! What a day! Ahahaha!!!


Lulu said...

nda cali eh... who was d kid??

Suzila A said...

kesian the kid. he got lost. wandering around school early morning. students found him sitting on the stairs so the HEP teachers took him in. we didn't know who he was and where he lived so he just stayed with us till almost 10am. he didn't wanna go home saying that if he did, his legs will be chopped off erk! so the admin called the police, who then said he didn't know what to do jua (stupid!). luckily some students knew the boy and told the admin where his house was. zulaiha sent him home jua tu. other teachers inda ya mau. suka ya zulaiha hehe :p i think the boy is about 5 years old. macam down syndrome jua. kesian..

Suzila A said...

it is an unusual scene at school having a small kid around kan so the prank went on and on lah. menjadi bah! sasak ku lol! even today, we still laugh about it. crazy eh!! they even videoed me!! let's pray they won't upload it on youtube or facebook lol! gila!! :p

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