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Friday, 17 June 2011

My babies' day

It's hubby's birthday. I didn't get him any cakes or any special treats. He never likes to make it big anyway. He always says that with me around, it is enough gift he could ask for. Ok, that still makes my heart melt :')

And we decided it's Fluffy's birthday too today last year, since we were only told that she was born in June but no particular dates were given. Hubby said, it should fall on his birthday so, Fluffy is two years old today :)

Hubby and Fluffy on their birthday :)
Fluffy enjoying her birthday meal :D

I did buy him a gift way before today. We went to watch a movie at Qlap Cineplex last 31st March. Then there is this corner on the second floor that sells cards. Not just any cards but those that with tricks. Anyway, hubby loves this kind of stuff so when he went to the loo, I bought him two sets of the cards, cost me almost $40. That made him happy. Sometimes, he has that little guy in him. I wonder when he is gonna grow up fully lol~

So his skills have gone better, after days and multiple of practice. Friends and families were left with awe when he managed to pull a trick or two. I always find it funny. His mom always says to me, "Abang is still the same. Never change. Still the little boy of the family."

Hubby and his magic cards. Look at that happy face!

Hubby pulling card tricks to on his sister and dad. Funny moments there lol~

I must say, he is. And I love this man so. May you live happily always sayang :)

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