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Thursday, 1 July 2010

The vanishing flu

I was feeling a bit weary in the morning but I was blessed with understanding kids in my three classes today, alhamdulillah :) The afternoon CCA was also a blast, though it went a bit slow coz students took so much time on creating their own skit. The end period was involving them doing a pantomime of a local folktale. I had them sing and act coz I couldn't find the only CD that I had of the legend's song. We had fun and we shall continue it next week :)

Eclipse was awesome too today, though Sharul was snoring softly at my side hehe. I don't blame him. It was a slow movie. I mean, I don't fancy much the Bella-Edward scenes. Since this episode showed more of them being alone than the rest, I kind of find the movie a bit boring in between. Why do you think I loved New Moon? Because Bella was mostly alone in there and of course more of Jacob than Edward heheh :p

And Sharul nudged me when I drooled over Jacob's fine muscular figure. Well, what can I say. It's reflex action! Hehhehe :p

By then, my flu had almost gone and I feel better now with less sniffing and coughing yeay!! :D Next week, I shall be on the move! Hiking. Brisk walking. And fasting on weekdays. I need to qada' my missed fasts. I lost count actually but since it's two months left to Ramadhan, I guess, I shall do as many days as I could now. Besides, it's like doing two things at the same time: pay the qada' and me keeping fit and healthy. I need to watch my health coz I do NOT want to rely on the drug pills.

I don't want hypertension to spoil my life! I WON'T let that happen!

I refuse to surrender! ;D

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