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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Worst Nightmare :'((

Hopefully NOT coming true :'( I just got texts coming in from DF, the first came at 4.20am local time. Currently he is in Jakarta, not Bandung, coz the plane he boarded could not land there so they landed in Jakarta instead. It was due to bad weather or some sort. Heavy downpour.

This is crazy! I mean, couldn't they foresee the weather?? It must be a very heavy downpour that making it unable for the plane to land in Bandung. I cried and cried, even now, worried of his condition now :'(( I feel like flying off there and take him home here right away. Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!!!

Now DF and friend are on a bus ride to Bandung from Jakarta. It's provided by the airlines. Well they better!

And they better make sure he's safe! That driver better be wide awake now! Sharul laughed when I told him to buy the driver a tin of Red Bull.

He's trying to sound okay coz he doesn't want me to worry. WTH! First the bad weather. Now a long 3-hour journey to Bandung in the middle of the night! How am I supposed not to be worried???

Please pray with me people. Please pray that Sharul is safe there. And come back in one piece.. A month before our wedding now, I don't want any drama! :'(((

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