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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The sad sad day :'(

We didn't sense anything bad when we bathed Fluffy last Sunday. She was the usual her. Then yesterday, I visited her and she was acting different: extra quiet and she was a bit limping (from her hind legs). So I went to check her out and I saw this:
Panicking, I started asking everybody in the house. I wanted to know what had caused her like that. Sharul was out seeing his friend so feeling a bit upset, I took Fluffy home to take care of her. I didn't have much sleep because Fluffy was in so much pain. At times, she's meow aloud while trying to lick the swollen part of hers. I couldn't help sobbing seeing her condition that way. I had to take her into my arms to soothe her and stop her from licking it. Eventually, she'd sleep peacefully on my chest, although for just a few minutes, to have yet another visit to the litter box. I peeked in and while pushing it, she farted. That's how much force she did to pass motion, although nothing came out.

This morning, I went to work feeling sleepy and forever worried. My little brother drove me to work so he could bring Fluffy to the vet for a check up. At around 11am, I called him and he passed the phone to the lady at the vet. She said, they had to wait for the surgeon to either have her operated or not. I called Sharul and he decided to leave work at noon while I had to attend a meeting at the Ministry. I couldn't pay attention at all. I was there physically but my mind was else where. At 3pm, Sharul texted me that he had to leave Fluffy at the vet as she was still under anesthetic effect. Everything cost us more than $100.

Later at 4pm, I picked up Sharul and we went to visit Fluffy at the vet. What we saw breaks our hearts. Fluffy was shaking, and out of control. She was shaking her head back and forth, back and forth. She couldn't even stand on her feet. The effect from the shots (she had three) was really strong. I held her up and she lay close to me, still shaking. I cried. Sharul did too :'(
She seemed relax in my arms but I didn't think she recognised us :(
Her lower part now after the treatment.. Now in Sharul's arms.. Doesn't she look confuse here.. :(
Back in the cage. Her head was shaking back and forth, back and forth, while at the same time trying to stand up on her feet, which all attempts failed. She was crawling towards the cage grill, trying to reach us. This made me sob into tears :'((

The doctor said the rectum had been pushed back in. We were advised to let her stay at the clinic for three nights. That would be extra charges of $35 per night. We hope she would be better tomorrow, and recognise us.

We miss Fluffy so much :'((


Scrapper Maya said...

Ai sian jua..sabar ja. Btw don't worry, it's perfectly normal for them to behave like that when they got some shots. Believe me when I say it, since my family got cats way before I born hehe.. So just be patience ok?

Lulu said...

ksian :(

Anonymous said...

i also cried reading this entry. i know how u and sharul feel. been there done that...and it was heartbreaking. but at least she's had surgery so im praying hard for fluffy to get well soon. she'll be alright *hugs*

Suzila A said...

thanks girls. i will update on her conditions here..

Anonymous said...

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