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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The songket is here!!

I've wanted to share this right away but it has been a hectic week. Just wanna proudly say that our songket for our wedding ceremony is here yeay!! So yesterday, DF and I dropped by the boutique soon after I got their call. They were closing actually but I told them to wait coz it just so happened that he came home early than usual so, gladly, we made it!

And we loved the songket! :D But....I am kinda disappointed with the French lace that they ordered... It is not as I imagined it to be.... But I felt a bit better when the tailor said that she would add stones and such to make the lace look much better (it looked really dull actually....). I hope the additions will make it look more exclusive. It's for a wedding after all right.....

So far, all is well. Our invitation cards are being printed now in Bandung. Thank God that Jejen realised my mistake: I FORGOT to change the map of the direction to the hall; I gave him the map to my house instead erk!! Imagine IF he did NOT realise that .... the guests would be going to my house on our wedding day instead haiyaaa!!!

I think I should pay him more huh!! Pheww!!!
Dull isn't it....hmmm..... *panic mode*

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