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Monday, 29 August 2011

The one with precious moments spent

After we dined out yesterday, we went to Qlap. Our main intention was to look for this cat, whose picture had been put up in facebook. The cat named Tina could be seen on a counter of an electronic shop somewhere in Qlap. So to see her, we went into every electronic shop there, but we didn't get a sight of her. Instead, we got interested in a few electronic items sold. They were so cheap that we were tempted to buy one or two. But then, having no home of our own, we thought, buying them could wait. Now we have some ideas on what to get for our home one day, and at what price.

Who wouldn't want to see her. Look at that face!! (picture taken from a colleague's Fb album)

Speaking of home, I haven't really submitted nor filled in the application form for a housing for us. But when he mentioned that we need one soon, I thought, maybe it's time to apply for one.

So I said, "What if we get pregnant and have a baby, say.. next year? Who will look after the house?"

He said, "That's not a problem. We will just stay there. Not go nowhere. Easy!"

I said, "How can that be easy? I would have my mom helping me with the baby."

Then he said, "Easy peasy. I will call Nanny Mc Phee."

Sighhh! If only us women could think that worry-less huh. Sometimes I wonder how men could be so stress free, when we women wonder about even very little things.

Anyway, so I will fill in that form when I'm back to work next week insyaAllah. We shall start saving up coz it'll take 6 months to a year to get a house nowadays. By the time we get it, I hope we manage to keep a few $Ks so we can buy some furniture for the house. I don't worry much about kitchen wares and utensils. We got lots of wedding gifts that could fill up the kitchen. China sets, cooking utensils, toasters, tupperware sets, chopping knives, you name it. Alhamdulillah for that :))

Then hubby led me into this shop selling baby stuff and toys. I got so excited looking for toys for my nephew that I bought him a set. Little that I knew that hubby was counting the price for stuff needed for a baby instead. I say, awww... My heart melted right then.

He said, "Look at these. These are all we gotta buy when we get pregnant. That's a lot.."

I saw concerns in his eyes. I know he is worried about our preparation if we ever get pregnant. He said once that he wanted the best for our kid, not even a lil bit of lacks material wise, as well as his education. I know how he feels. I worry the same. We are no rich couple who has thousands of dollars in our pockets. But seeing him started counting his budget last night, that made me feel that he's going to be the best dad in the world :'))

My nephew: Muhammad Aqeel Fa'eeq, at 10 months, posing with his Baby Boo counting book :)Something I bought for Baby Fa'eeq. He loves music and gadgets. So I thought, he'd love these toys :))

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