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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Among those rubbish..

The house is under renovation now. Mum has just built a separate storeroom near the kitchen and the then living room is now two separate bedrooms for both Lija and Nurul. Pretty cool spaces they got there! My room is way smaller than theirs! Spent about 10k now. Thank God I haven't got that asthma attack as the house is now full of dust and excessive sand everywhere. So basically, we haven't started cleaning and decorating the house for the coming Eid. I guess the 'usual activities' will be on Raya Eve, just like any other years.

So packing and unpacking businesses were done. Lots of old pictures were found within boxes, as well as dozens of books. I found my personal Sociology file when I was in Form 6 in 1997/98. Gosh! My grammar sucks! LOL!! I had thought of throwing 'em out till I saw those grades on my assignment papers and I remember how hard it was to get As and Bs back then. A'Level used to give me depression. No matter how hard I tried, I felt even harder to achieve better grades. So I decided to keep the file. A bit of an ego push ups there ;)

And I found a book belonged to my second youngest brother, Puchen. He was so cute when he was young when he joined the Boys Scout. Zainul and him were very active in their teen years and I remember sending them out to campings and meetings early morning in weekends that often got on my nerve for waking me up so early hehehe :D At one time, I was so sleepy when I had to drive them that we almost involved in a road accident! My car drove past the side road's bumps. Luckily no one was hurt. The boys were quiet at the back though. They knew when to keep their mouth shut when I lost my temper. Some memories there :)

So we looked through the book. It was so cute that I couldn't resist passing it to everybody to see hehehe :D I took a few snaps of the book. Seeing Puchen now 21 years of age, his meticulous, neat and careful efforts are still shown in his work. He's born to be we all agreed :) Have a look guys!

I find this one the cutest! :D
Check out this namelist boys! Who knows you're one of them ;)
Now this is cool!! How to make different kinds of knots. I remember the boys practising knots at home. They were so cute! :)
We wonder how this is sung! Ada-ada saja! Hehehe :D
Funny right! Look at the drawings!!! LOL!!

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