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Thursday, 17 September 2009

What I meant to share

I've been meaning to share these with you lot out there but due to certain circumstances (loyal readers could guess why I've been inactive for many months), I hadn't have the effort to even open this page. Writing comes second after reading now so here are the pictures. I'm sure they say better words than I do.

~~~ Meeting up Maya and Lulu at The Mall Gadong on 12th July 2009 ~~~

Us and our goodies! We were the lucky ones woohooo!! Thanks Maya :)
Photo takings in front of Shabby Chic ;)
Eager Lulu with her goodies :) She's Maya's biggest fan! :D

~ Lulu's birthday celebration with BLA+1 at MOD Restaurant Jerudong on 15th July 2009 ~

Blowing the candles :)
Lulu with her panda and cow presents hehe :D
Lulu opening the presents from me, throwing the 'bouguet' of ribbons to us girls hehe :P Roslin's the lucky one! Hahaha :D
Present no.1: stool/compartment
Present no.2: magnetic smileys for whiteboard
Present no.3: cloth for baju kurong (or kebaya??) ehheee :P
Present no.4: travel pillow-and-blanket
Present no.5: metal tissue case
Presents from Lulu for all of us :)
Us that day. MIA: Rahimah and Suria

~~~ BBQ at home on 19th July 2009 ~~~

Haziq, our lil entertainer
Among the guests

~~~ Diana's birthday celebration on 20th July 2009 ~~~

The newlyweds :)
Dad and my youngest brother, Azri
Zainul, me and Nurul
My eldest sister, Zima, mum and younger sister, Lija
Azri and Puchen
Zima and mum again
Zainul and me

~~~ Zainul's passing out on 23rd July 2009 ~~~

That night's news showing His Majesty handing Zainul the award :)Proudly parading in front of His Majesty and families
His Majesty mingling with families of the graduates
Our parents, Zainul and our cousin, Captain Ariffin
Picture taking with one of the high ranked officers
With Colonel Yasmin

~ Hi-tea with my sister, my cousin, Jaya and Anih at Jing Chew Gadong on 25th July 2009 ~

A last minute meet up but it was nice :)

~~~ Normas Aizah Hizazi's wedding on 17th August 2009 ~~~

I didn't get to see the dancers upclose but they entertained the guests for sure!
Mamashasha, the bride's sister and I
Shasha was moody that day. Too bad..
Gorgeous couple!
It's obvious she's happy! Am happy for both newlyweds :)
Got to finally meet Aiza, the bride's bestfriend from Malaysia. We met online some time last year. She's a cool writer :)
Aiza and Amad

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