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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Some updates

It's been a while. I do have the time but I can't be too bothered to update this page as often as before. First, I spend most of my puasa day in bed (coz I slept at almost midnight then wake up at 4am for sahur). My afternoon is spent in the kitchen from 3pm til sungkai time. Then, the night is spent in the bedroom, again: facebook-ing and reading. I just finished "Breaking Dawn". And I don't like it! It's Jacob that made me finish the book. The storyline is crap! I am now reading "Hettie of Hope Street" by Annie Groves. A good start so far. Hope it won't be crap too!

Anyway, Prince Whiny's first day out was last Sunday when Sharul and I took him on the car ride. He was in awe! LOL!! Hiding behind Sharul and me at times and eyes lurking out the car windows. So cute! We had to leave him in the car so we could go out buy some food for sungkai. He was looking so puzzled. Confused I must say hehe. It was all drawn in his eyes. Whiny is just so adorable! I love him to bits and pieces!!

~~~ Prince Whiny's first day out ~~~

At the back seat, lost hehe..
On dear boyfriend's shoulder. Manja eh!!
Me with Louie at Gerai Ramadhan at the stadium
Patiently waiting for us, though he is menyamal-ing now hehe :P

Last Monday, Nadiah and I took Whiny to the vet. He hadn't had his deworm injection. The funny thing was, since it was our first time there, we didn't have him caged! We were warned though hehe.. And boy! Whiny freaked out seeing other cats there. He was in fear! He hid in my blouse even! LOL!! An hour of waiting, the doc said he was as healthy as a horse! Good gum and teeth. Handsome, indeed ;) He'll have his deworn injection again this coming 14th Dec. It's in my mental diary.

~~~ Whiny's visit to the vet ~~~

On the way to the vet
Freaking out seeing cats everywhere in cages
I had to soothe him all the time or he'd sneak into my blouse coz of overwhelming fear over other cats around him ... making us wonder whether our Prince Whiny is an anti social hehehe :P
Hehehe this is how he looked .. burying his face into my hand! Poor thing hehehe :P
The moment of truth ... for Whiny hehe
It's over in a minute, after a long wait!
Exhausted, Whiny slept for 4 hours straight!!

Okay, I miss him now :( ..............


Princess Gizmo said...

Hi darl.. Oh gosh when i can meet that handsome prince!!

Btw my Princess was dead!!!! :_( I couldn't even get the chance to look at her for the last time :_( maklum busy with my little girl.. Which is more important & beside im grounded hehe..Can't move around too much babe.

It's been a while i didn't update my blog *sigh*

Suzila A said...

Hi Maya.. oh what happened to Princess?? I was so eager to have them met one day. After all, we got the name 'Prince' from you. Kesian... But you have your princess now: PRINCESS SARAH :)

I can't wait to meet her! Will see you guys during Raya okay :)

I know! I keep visiting your page to see more pixies of Baby Sarah. Tell Armie THAT!! ;) Love you babe!!

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