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Friday, 25 September 2009

The wall shelves and the gifts : )

Since the room had just being renovated, basically everything fell into pieces: my stuff was everywhere! It was on the eve of 1st Raya that I finally managed to clean up the room and put everything in order. It took me hours to do so!

What I'm so eager to share with all is the now installed wall shelves (which the workers hammered on not proportionally enough!) that I have in my room. I love the idea of having them so I could put my various stuff on display, or save the now shrinking-room space by throwing out my TV and DVD player's shelf. Since I haven't really bought the new TV set, so it wouldn't hurt having the shelves for some display till I buy another set of the wall shelves in the near future :)

What you are about to see below are my birthday gifts by none other than my dear BLA+1 friends :D All these times the presents were securely kept in gift boxes as I didn't have any shelves or cupboards to have them on display. What I have done now is for trials sake and indeed, I love how everything is shown on the space-saving shelves! Thanks especially to my sayang for buying the shelves for my room. I am sure gonna buy some more so I can still have all the presents on display! :D

Hold your breath coz these presents are given to me on my birthdays since 2006! Imagine that! And each and every piece is so dearly to me :) Some gifts like pashminas, bags, brooches, accessories, watches and scarfs are not put on the shelves as these are the things I wear often :) The dolphin pillow is of course not on display! Can't sleep without it! ;)

The twin wall shelves: which are meant for putting my yet to buy dvd player set. The TV is gonna be attached on the wall too. For now, the gifts are kept here :)
Every gift conveys memories like the chillies here are given by Niza coz she likes chillies so much. Of course, the turtle and the blue 'rose' too :)
The phrases printed in this white plate is given by Leng. I remember her telling me that the moment she saw it, she had thought of me :) sweet! Sure yes, teachers do shape the future ;)
I love these but since I am very careless with tiny little things, I decided not to use them on my phone :) And I love the cup! I think Kiem gave me this :)
These dolphin gifts are recent (except the blue stoned one: the girls got it for me when we had our vacation in Labuan 3 years ago :)) The candles too are recent! :) The Aries coffee cup set is given by Johnny. Everybody got their own zodiac symbols' cups :)
These yellow and blue plastic bag holders are given by Lulu, small picture frame by Mas and the sea creatures frame by Yatie :)
Another dolphin statue by Mas :) A glitter bag by Yatie, the decorated card at the background with my picture there is by Roslin, and the sweets in the red covered jar is by Lulu :) I can't remember who gave me the dolphin picture frame.. Maybe Rahimah.. :( *sign of aging*
More dolphin shaped candles and paper holders :)
Pictures of us girls before Johnny joined the group :) The picture of me hugging the dolphin was taken on our trip to Labuan way back in 2006. The moment I saw the painting, I couldn't help my self so the girls started taking pictures of me hugging it! Little that I know that they printed the picture and framed it LOL!! Perfect gift!! :D
The birthday cards :)
Sometimes I wonder where they got these many dolphin stuff coz I don't see them everywhere! Amazing! :D
Book marks by everybody when they traveled overseas :) The glass paper stopper has dolphin shapes in it too! Thanks Leng :D The blue pocket mirror is given by Suria. Again, I am so careless that I rather have it here than having it in my handbag. I might crash it any minute!
Thanks Johnny for the cool cup! Even the handle is of a dolphin shape! :D The dolphin-friendship book is given by Suria. She said as if it is meant for me! :) I can't remember who gave me the "S" book mark. Maybe Roslin.. or Rahimah.. or Niza.. The presents are just too many that I lost track!! Sorry guys :(
The BEST gift by everybody! A crystal dolphin. It moves too! :)


Lulu said...

the gifts look great when displayed like that! love them! i should do the same for all my gifts but no space *sigh*

fyi, d picture of u on d patterned paper is by Roslin hehe

Suzila A said...

yea lu! i like 'em on display too! so gotta buy another set of the wall shelves nanti. u should buy one too! won't take so much space i guarantee u :)

alamakk! by roslin rupanya. i thought by u :P bah i change after this ;) thanks lu! they had been in the gift boxes for so long that i lost track of who gave me what! shame on me! huhu~~

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