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Friday, 9 April 2010

The proposal ..

To update, we haven't decided on any new wedding dates yet. And yes, I have not sat down and talked with my mom about the matter since. I'm sure she's intelligent enough not to mention the topic at this moment. She knows me well when the face says "Drop it!". Menyamal ku masih ni kamuuuu~~ Pffttt!!

Anyway, yesterday, Sharul and I discussed this matter again. To come and think it over, our then December dates were way booked like forever! Now they're taken away, when we were so into it, it's left us with crap! And so, Sharul talked to his mom, whether it's possible if we still carry on with our plans on those December dates, but with different invitation times .. Sharul did most of the talking while I listened, cutting in a few times to support him.

Eventually his mom agreed to go balik kampong and discuss with the other family about our idea, or shall I say, proposal .. I hope she'll bring good news later when I give Fluffy back to Sharul. Yet, I've got to be prepared with a possible bersanding time as late as 3pm ..

Pray for good news for us guys .. aaamiiinnn ...


Princess Gizmo said...

Aminnn...Wish you all the best dear :)

Suzila A said...

thanks Maya .. to update, balum ada news nya .. i think his mom was busy yesterday ..

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