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Sunday, 11 April 2010

The Sunday dates

First, I had to attend a colleague's wedding while at the same time, it's Mas' birthday treat at Secret Recipe. Both happened at the same time. Since a wedding is something that only happens once, I decided to go to the wedding, hoping that I wouldn't be too late to the lunch out with the BLA+1. Sharul went to the wedding as well, as he was invited too. It's very nice seeing my name printed on the invitation card ended with "... dan tunang" :)

Izan was so gorgeous today! We all were surprised seeing her in her wedding dress, all saying, "Are we at the right adress??" She really did look different! Good for her. I guess it's a bride's dream to look extra pretty on her big day :) Selamat Pengantin Baru Izan *hugs* :')
I only took a while at Mas' treat. I'm glad she loves the gifts. I gave her two kains and 3 scarfs from De'iyad as well as two sets of pins and brooches. An extra gift I bought for her in Bandung was a love-shaped pillow, a combination of bright red, pink and yellow :) When I saw it displayed at a toys shop in Paris Van Java, the pillow sort of said: "Take me! I'm Mas'!" And so I bought her the pillow :) Glad she loved it! :D Happy birthday Mas. Sorry I couldn't stay dear ... Oh and thank you for those cool gifts!! Sharul and I were fighting to get a bite! Hehehehe :D
Nope! Not real money.. It's a cookie :D
We fought for the first bites hehe :D
They look soooo cute I don't wanna eat them!! :D

The rest of my Sunday was spent with Sharul. We got nowhere to go so we went to his place, watching a movie with his sisters then finally enjoying the rest of the day with the cats, which I am soooo glad I am not allergic to no more heeee :D But Fluffy was upset with me tonight! I was cleaning up her ears - thanks to those disgusting ear mites! - it must've been very irritating that she refused to communicate with me huhu~~ It's hard to say how a cat behaves when she's upset. You just kinda know. As for Fluffy, she'd turn her head away from me, avoiding eye contacts with me or even worse, closes her eyes and pretends to sleep while I am cat-talking with her LOL! When I left, she was looking at me for a while then had herself turned away. Marah banar ya si Fluffy ahhh! Heheheh :P
Prince Whiny sleeping today .. Nda sadar dunia usulnya! Hehehe :D
The menyamal-ing Fluffy. She looks like this when she does, only worse hehe :P

To sum up, I had a good day today. And Sharul was extra nice to me I must say. He must've sensed my depression phase so there he was playing a role making a smile on my face :') He made me feel ... "How nice having someone taking care of you, especially when you're in need of a friend and a partner all at the same time".

Thank you sayang. You know I love you deep :')

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