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Saturday, 10 April 2010

The consequence...?

Just got home now. Sharul insisted on bringing me to RIPAS Hospital just now as today I had the asthma attack .. the usual consequence I get when I am very depressed. I was doing better after consuming the anti-biotic pills last week but today, my condition had worsen. Have I gone allergic to my cats? Please don't .. They are my dearest therapeutic creatures :(

This afternoon I took Prince Whiny and Fluffy to the vet. At his usual self, Whiny sat most of the time on my chest, though while driving. He refused to be put anywhere else. I guess he found that specific area "comfy", if you get my I mean *sigh* .. and so, to my surprise I realised, I found it hard to breathe when he was near, or to be more specific, when I smelled his scent. That never happened before. Getting on my further experiment, I tried smelling Fluffy. Yep! The same result ..

So I thought, I have grown allergic to them! Oh no .... :(

Later at 8pm, Sharul took me to a traditional massage. I usually see Pak Dollah when I have my sudden asthma attacks. He knows to heal my condition by massaging the points at both my feet. I'd feel better at breathing after an hour of the massage. But I didn't get the same feeling tonight. Having my puffer expired, that didn't help much either. So, Sharul took me to the hospital, after finding two private clinics closed at around 9ish.

Now after two puffs, I feel much better. The coughing annoys me coz every time I do, the asthma attacks right away. The doc gave me the brown puffer, the stronger one, but I just don't want to use it coz as I did in the past, yes I felt much much better, but I found my self weak mentally. I started feeling lost, unsure of things I'd done or simply forgot things I'd said even. Friends and colleagues had suggested me to stop taking the brown puffer fearing that it had affected my condition in other ways. So I had quit using it. Besides, I had been better. The specialist doctor that I used to see did say that one day I would have to stop using the brown puffer if I did feel way better. And so ... we'll see how my asthma condition goes. If it's gone worse then, I shall be prepared with the consequences I got for trying to be better off from the asthma condition.

I should start hiking again I bet. I'm sure my lungs have gone weaker now or I wouldn't get the asthma attack again. The weather has been very hot lately that most everybody has stopped going out exercising.

I guess I should go out early morning at 6am to start hiking. Lulu .. coming??

PS: Good news on the check-ups just now, my blood pressure wasn't high, alhamdulillah. The continuous health diets have proven their success yeay!! :D

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