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Saturday, 23 October 2010

The one with the good news

So I was back to work today, still limping but the sandals I was wearing were very convenient. They didn't cause me much pain alhamdulillah. Then, I got something in my pigeon hole, dated two days ago, and a phone number. I remembered that number. It did go through my cell but I missed it. I didn't call back. Apparently, it was a call from the ministry and so... later on I made that call.

The woman said, my Masters Degree application to Monash Uni Australia wasn't approved but they had decided to channel it to UBD. I should fill up the UBD form right away and send it to her today. So I did. I have gone through the first stage now she said but the next stages are yet to come. I thanked her and left. How did I feel? Happy of course :) I am!

If everything goes smoothly with the interviews and such, I shall be doing my Masters Degree in UBD in January 2012. The course offered to me only starts in January and to apply it this coming January is actually too late. She said that application for the in-service scholarship should be 6 months before the course begins. So I said to myself, "Better late than never!"

I am all smiley today. It's a happy HAPPY day! Alhamdulillah :')

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