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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The usuals

The room is under renovation now, finally. So I haven't been sleeping in my room since last Monday. Been sticking out my nose in my sister's room for a sleep in since then ~ and having to listen to her whining coz I've been a nuisance to her used-to-be undisturbed sleeps. She said I snore the loudest! LoL!! Sorry sista!

The room's gonna be ready by next week, hopefully by this Friday. The furniture is all ready. Can't wait to see the new look of it :)

Prince Whiny's getting much better. Really good to know that! But I am mad at his daddy now. It's one of those days when he takes things, small things, too seriously, and makes my life hell in a second.

At times, I am bloody tired of his unnecessary tantrums over silly tiny little things!! It gets on my nerve when he pulls off that look .. that 'here-goes-the-shit' look.

I need a break! Pfft!!

PS: I watched 'Sepet' on Astro tonight and cried watching the touchy scenes, especially when Jason was heart broken and consoled by him mum. I couldn't help missing that feeling of deep love .. I lost it once and can't seem to feel the same since .. *sigh*


izz said...

i pun still nangis lg bila tengok ulangan cite 'sepet'...

Suzila A said...

i watched it once, duluuuu.. then recently tengok lagi kat astro. meleleh babe!!

ps: terkejut bila tau yasmin ahmad dah meniggal dunia... i only found out about it last week when watching anugerah filem malaysia (i think..)
i wondered why her blog was not updated... rupanya... innalillahiwainnailaihiraji'un... i admire her work. her writing. her films. lain dari yang lain. it's a great loss.. :'(

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