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Saturday, 8 August 2009

Visit to the vet

Prince Whiny is really sick as we had thought so. The vet doctor was impressed with his physical condition, saying what a handsome cat he was, till he took Whiny's temperature. His temperature was 40'c :( It was worrying that the doc gave him an injection right away and antibiotic tablets. He whined when he was injected and my heart broke seeing his condition. I am sure Sharul felt the same way :(

The doctor said that if Whiny is still inactive till Tuesday, we will have to bring him back to the vet to make him stay the night for supervision.

Before leaving the vet, we took Whiny to the back of the vet/shop where the white Persian cat was caged. Soon as seeing him, Whiny started reacting. We had to separate them soon after or a fight would've started. Okay now that's one good reason for me to forget the blue-eyed cat!

Before leaving the vet, we did ask the doc's assistant of Whiny's type. She showed us a cat types chart on the wall and pointed to a picture of a Whiny look-alike. So now we know that Whiny is an American Short Hair type cat. Then on we know why the doc said Whiny was a handsome cat coz for his type, it's quite rare for his type to have such long hair, and grey :)

All the way home Whiny was lying weakly on my lap. He was looking outside and finally fell asleep. His body was warm on my skin.

I hope he will be well soon. I really hope he will :(


Whiny whimpered when he was injected .... kesian .... :(
Due to his high temperature, he had to take the injection and some tablets. Hope he gets well the soonest..
Whiny lay on my lap and arm for comfort. I guess the drugs were in action on our way home...


Princess Gizmo said...

Poor Whiny!! :( luckily u guys reacted fast & swift.. I'm sure Whiny will be fine dear :)

Suzila A said...

thanks dear. to update, sharul just confirmed with me that whiny is active as we speak :) hope he'll do better tomorrow onwards :) it's a relief!!

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