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Friday, 7 August 2009

45-minute destressed momento

Sharul and I went out this afternoon, with two missions: 1. to buy the materials for my room: I am renovating it for December's occasion *wink wink* 2. to get a durian: Sharul somehow couldn't resist to have one today.

After our late lunch somewhere in Sungai Tilong, we passed by a vet/shop. We've been looking for a cage for Whiny so we decided to drop in. That was when I saw him! It was love at first sight I must say!!

He has the bluest eyes and the fairest fur! I have always dreamed of having a Persian cat with white fur. So when I saw him today, my heart was swelling inside. I just felt that I had to own him!!

I can't believe I CRIED over a cat today. That never happened before *tsk tsk* .... I wish I'm a millionaire so I could buy him right away!

We're gonna bring Whiny to see the vet doctor tomorrow afternoon. He seems very weak/lazy/sleeping all the time lately. We wanna make sure he's 100% fine.

We never had a cat before. Any suggestions on how to look after a cat from you people are greatly appreciated. Thanks you guys! :)


Princess Gizmo said...

Btw masa u guys mandikan 'Prince Whiny' were u guys using warm water? Coz cat pandai damam if u used cold water kalau ia inda biasa tu ling.

1 thing u need to vaccinate for worm jua tu..& apa lagi tu ah..Oh yes vitamin. If you guys prefer arah government vet pun ok bah byr $1 ja per cat. Kalau u guys bawa arah private hmm...gerenti mahal tu ling. Kalau ia sakit teruk or demam berabis or gov vet tutup then u can go to private vet :)

Princess Gizmo said...

Oh yes that white kittens really adorable *drooling*...Too bad..I know they are too pricey!!! :( beside I need to have my own house then I'll have a few cats (including bringing my 2 cats)..*sigh* can't hardly wait to have our own home..which is many many years to wait hehehe... :D

Rozi said...

You should just google online about caring for cats, there are lots of useful and practical information about it. Whenever I feel something is up with my cat I'd google it and you find out that your cat isn't the only one with it and it's really helpful to read other cat owners comments and answers.

I'm very iffy about buying cats from a pet shop... rather buy from people who really care about cats...

Suzila A said...

maya, yea, we bathed him with warm water. i guess he didn't enjoy it and fell sick right away.. kesian..

thanks for the tips rozi :)

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