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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

She is a HE!! LOL!!!

LOL!! Sharul just told me something extremely funny. Guess what! Whiny is a MALE!! LOL!! We all thought he's a 'she' coz the previous owner told us so. But today, Sharul just realised that Whiny is a male cat. I guess his fur is so thick that his balls weren't showing in the first place akekeke :P

Whiny had his first shower last night. He was scared of water I must say and when he realised that his fur was wet, he seemed angry LOL!! He couldn't stop trying to run away from Amal, Sharul's sister.

Now 'Whiny' doesn't sound like a male name don't you think? I asked Sharul what we should call him. Winno?? Hehehehe :D


Whiny's first shower :)

Very attentive! Little that he knew that he'd be 'thrown' in there!! Hehhee :P
Poor thing .... Look at his eyes ... awwww ....
An angry lil cat!! Grrr.... Hehehe :D


Lulu said...

HE is so cute!! Suria n Lin will b so jeles hehe.. i like the name Whiny.. nda payah tukar.. hehe

Princess Gizmo said...

Yes, I agreed with Lulu. Whiny is okay bah. Hehehe.. Asal saja jgn Princess like my cat which is obviously a female :P ehhehe...

Suzila A said...

Yea Lu! I showed some of the pix to Suria & she went :-O hehe :P We still think Whiny is a female name hehe. So no Princess then ;)

Maya, maybe change it to Prince?? Prince Whiny?? Hehe :D

Princess Gizmo said...

Uwahahhaa...Prince Whiny sounds Great! :D I likeee... :)

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