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Sunday, 2 August 2009


My baby just bought a cat aged 4 months old last night. She's adorable!! Very active and so whiny, hence the name ;)

Whiny knows how to pose. We thought the previous owner had always taken her pictures hehe. She'd stop from whatever she was doing (running, whining, hiding, whining, and whining) whenever we showed her our hand phone (taking her pixies). Adorable!! Too bad I didn't have my camera so here are the pictures of her taken using my phone :)

She was all jumpy and whiny till she saw me & Sharul chatting. She jumped on us and fell asleep in a second!! Pemalas!!! Hahhaha :D
Right timing! I wish I had my camera so this wouldn't turn out blurry *sigh* So I told Sharul I'd post this in Facebook and say: "my bitch and his cat" muahahahaha!!! :D
See! She knows where to look at and pose!!
She likes me stroking her like this. She'd purr every time I do this to her. Manja kaannn :)


Princess Gizmo said...

Hehehehe...kiutttttt.....I got a cat sama ni warnanya ahh except Whiny jenis tabal lagi bulunya mine short hair :)

Suzila A said...

i never knew am a cat person till whiny came :) she's so adorable! pemalas. manja. sometimes lagging. that makes her cute!! hehehe :D

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