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Friday, 2 October 2009

Prince Whiny's girlfriend : )

Last Sunday, we got the news that the Persian cat we had booked died. Sharul and I had decided to buy another cat for our Whiny. So since I have always wanted a white Persian cat, we chose to purchase one two weeks ago but since it was only 2 months old, we told the owner to keep it till at least end of this month. It was stung by a bee, its mother too. She died last Saturday while our meant-to-be kitten died the next day :(

Oddly, Whiny was moody that very day. We had been cat-talking with him about his mate and it was hard telling him that it wouldn't come around anymore.. Maybe he understood us. Poor Whiny! It broke our hearts breaking the news.

So the next day, we went out hunting for another. Our first stop was at the vet in Sungai Tilong but the kitten we had our eyes on (and Whiny too) was too expensive! Remember the vet we went to last month? The cats have grown bigger and also friendly! Too bad their cost is way beyond our budget. Hence, we went on searching for more candidates, bringing Whiny along.

It was not until that night we finally met the right one! :) She's perfect for our handsome Whiny for she's just as adorable! The ex owner happens to be my brother's colleague (he recognised me once we met) and he was nice enough to reduce the price, just hitting the right cash Sharul and I had. So that very night, we took her home while Whiny was on my lap freaking out with fear LOL! On the way withrawing our cash, Sharul and I were discussing on what name we should give her. We came up with many: Mimi, Momo, Mumu, Darling, Princess, Pretty, etc etc etc.

At home, Sharul's sisters were jumping up and down seeing the new member of the family. Amal came up with a name "Candy" for her, Fatin calls her "Kapas" (cotton in English), Sharul's Mom calls her "Amoi" (don't know why! LOL) and Dad "Putih" (means white), Sharul calls her "Baby", and Nadiah and I call her "Fluffy" :) So any entries on Whiny's girlfriend on this page, I'll refer her as "Fluffy" :)

The first meet, Whiny was freaking out! LOL! He'd shriek (can't find the right word for cat's action: we actually call it "Whiny's vampirish act!" hehe) every time we put him next to Fluffy. Fluffy on the other hand, was such a cool cat! She'd just stare at Whiny, unaffected by him! She posted her radiant posture, ignoring him. At first, Sharul and I wondered, would this cold war last long? Whiny seemed to have hated her!

But two days ago, when I visited them, both kitties had befriended each other. It was then we could relate the Malay proverb "Malu-Malu Kucing" with what we had witnessed. At many attempts, we spotted Whiny been following Fluffy to wherever she went! At times he'd hide behind something and peeked on her! LOL!! Some other times, he's follow her but once she turned around, Whiny would change his course of direction!! This made us laugh out loud. Our Whiny finally likes our Fluffy!! :D

The nicest encounter I saw last night was when Whiny was sleeping on his stool (yes, he has one! He'd get on your nerve when you sit on it!!), Fluffy was meowing aloud. I was looking out for her but couldn't see her anywhere. Even Whiny was awaken. I couldn't help laughing when I finally spotted her sitting under Whiny's stool! It was funny when he couldn't sense her! He must be too sleepy, yet his eyes were lurking around trying to look for her! LOL!!

We took lots of pictures of the lovebirds. Here are some. I bet the pictures would tell you how lovely these kitties are! :)

On the way picking up Fluffy: Whiny was extra manja! Hehehe :DWhiny's vampirish act! LOL!
Fluffy in the basket: the ex owner lent it to us coz Whiny was so scary that night. They didn't want any bad scene happen in the car on our way home :)
Whiny at this distance was also scary! I had to soothe him to act nice!
Sharul couldn't wait to have Fluffy in his arms! Even said "my phrase" when soothing Whiny: "hmm tayang... tayang...." He used to hate me saying this to Whiny LOL! Now he's using it with Fluffy, saying "sayang" instead of "tayang" hehhe :P
Whiny in my arm, freaking out! Or jealous seeing Fluffy in his daddy's arm now hehehe :P
Whiny still not friendly now! Fluffy was just as cool ;)
Our first few attempts to making Whiny accept Fluffy. No success on first night!
Still no success on the second night! Look at Whiny! He's struggling to get away!! LOL!
Lovebirds now *winks* ;)


Princess Gizmo said...

Hihihii...Remember some cats are friendly some are not...Like our Sunshine isshh not friendly at all!! But when she sees newborn kittens, she'll get smitten!! She even lick (bath) & pretend to give them milk (when in fact, she's never a mother!!). Weird huh? But true LOL!

Suzila A said...

sunshine is adorable! but she can scare whiny for real hehhe :P si whiny ku ani jenis yang senang panic. penakut tapi lagak cool! belabih! ehehehe :D

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