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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The back on track plan

3 weeks left and all I desperately need now is rest.

The camp was finally over yesterday. What left of it are sweet memories, friendships and not forgetting the flu and cold. Darn it! But we had great fun working together and I managed to distribute the first bundle of invitation cards to all the chaperones in the team as I thought that it is not easy having everybody around at one place at a time like this camping programme did. It was embarrassing when I typed names wrongly when they were intended for certain people LoL!! All I could say to them were: "Well, it's MEANT for you so you're invited!" Damn!! Hahaha! That was embarrassing!!! You know I am bad with names and numbers!!
At the airport: JX trying to fit in all the souvenirs into his bag ehehhee :p
The campers singing "Till We Meet Again", the camp's closing song.
The chaperones' name list
My hero! Thanks Fay!! :D
The first bundle of invitation cards distributed yesterday :)) Thanks Fay and Fred for your help :D

Today I woke up late and the camp commandant sent a text message dedicated to all the working committee members, thanking us for our job well done and what a strong committee we had. I agreed to what he said. We do have a good team work. And I don't think I could experience such great connection with any other team at work. Ever!!

Now I feel relief because despite my limitations, I managed to be at the camping ground at all times. I feel relief coz now I feel that I have paid my dues as I failed to commit through the week's camp back in 2008. I am blessed with good health and proactive people around me. Thank God I wasn't sick during the camp. That would be a replay of what happened two years ago, that speculated much issues and gossips. Good job team! Till we meet again in 2012!! :))

Anyway, I should get back on track to planning my wedding, which on record, it's 3 weeks and 4 days left as of today! I also would like to congratulate my dear friend, Rohaiza and now her husband, Ahmad Fadhlullah, on their wedding last Saturday. Glad they loved the gift, which I bought amidst the tight schedule: during a "knowledge hunt" at The Mall while at the same time observing the campers. Thanks to Hasanul for handing in the gift to the newly weds. Thanks Sanul for taking the gift from me the other day, also during a camping activity at the city. To Rohaiza, you made it girl!!! *big hugs*
A piggy bank for the newlyweds. Cute huh! ;D

I got lists to do now:
1. Distributing invitation cards (currently doing it)
2. To the boutique checking out our wedding costumes (later today)
3. Picking up our (MY) jewelleries (later at 2pm)
4. Decorating hantarans (to start this week!!)
5. Kurus Nikah (3 Wednesdays - starting tomorrow)
6. Wrapping up wedding souvenirs (the ones that just arrived last Friday)
7. Buying some goodies for Lucky Draws (~50 items)
8. Up-dating the make-up artists (by phone - they better have me in their check lists!!)
9. Pre-wedding shots (a week before Nikah??)
10. Meet up with Imam for our Nikah
11. Meet up with our videographer (to set our dates and functions to cover)
12. To see our wedding venue (to decide on the carpets and decorations)
13. Paint the wedding room walls (no particular colour in mind)
14. Buy a wardrobe
15. Buy bedroom set for DF's room (our eventual room - I'll be staying at his place after the wedding)
16. ........

Oh Gosh! I didn't know the list would be that long yikes!! I better get going~~

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