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Friday, 17 December 2010

The tooth ache and the...

So, the invitation cards I ordered weren't enough for the list we had. My mistake. I didn't realize that I have such many friends that popped up my head (whom I think would come) to my big day. Besides, I got ex colleagues warning me that I "must" invite them to my wedding once they heard that I got engaged last 1st January. So, last Monday I went to this printing shop and reprinted another 200 copies of the cards (not the exact look as the ones we had from Bandung). It cost me 50 cents each. Mom and I didn't get enough time to go check on other printing companies so we just went on with the second company we found. Last Wednesday, I picked up the whole bundle, only to realize that DF's father's name was wrongly spelt! Grrr!! My mistake again... Mom said, better that than having a different name after all. So that made me feel a bit better. But man! I was careless!!
This is now the screen of my phone :)
The new batch. Not bad for a 50 cent card.. Mom added the ribbons to make them look better :)
Poor mom. She was so hungry when we went out...

As I mentioned last week, we went to Miri to get some stuff. Mom and I got carried away that we didn't check the time. So eventually, we had to stay over night there. Thank God DF knows Miri much. After several hotels and motels we went to (which were full coz it was Saturday night), we stayed in Oriental Hotel just in the city. It cost us RM155 per night. Not bad for a double bed room. I used my Prima line there especially when contacting my brother and DF. Turned out to be, when we were back to Brunei, my phone was barred. When I went to pay the bills at the counter, with $100 in my hand (coz that is how much I pay every month), I was shocked learning that I had spent $400+ when in Miri. I was puzzled and asked them how much did it cost per minute talking on the phone overseas. He said, I spent $35 on phone bills but the rest was spent on going online. I was like, WHAT!! And I was just going on Fb for a few times. Damn it!! I did go on Youtube twice (when I was bored waiting for the family to buy toiletries at one of the 24 hours shop in Miri) but I didn't know that would cost me that much!! They should've warned me grrrr!!! So now, I am using my Easi line coz I am so pissed with DST!!!
Apart from going online (youtube-ing) I took pictures of the street that night. This, I liked the most!
This must be one of the many reasons why my tooth aches today.. Yummy but too sweet!!

Last Tuesday, DF and I went back to Miri. This time, we got the list of things to buy since mom did her browsing there the two days we were in Miri :) We got home with 7 items of Elba electronic devices and a few more items (for lucky draws), DF's souvenirs packets (which cost B$1.80 each in Brunei) and our hantarans accessories (which cost us cheaper than we would in Hokko). I love Boulevard! I love its family discount card. We got to get cheaper prices on every item we bought. How I wish Brunei malls have such system. Life would be way easier coz we won't have to travel far to get cheaper prices.
DF's tired face yet he won't let me drive..

I took mom out last Wednesday to buy kitchen utensils and food, also for lucky draw gifts. Before that, we went to the wedding venue, having the place checked and cost figured. I think, I will get to rent additionals since the place is quite .. bare. Mom wants some flowers and ribbons and accessories. That's how empty the space is. Back home, she had all the gifts wrapped up yesterday. Talking about excitement huh! Hehehe :D
The entrance of the hall..
The stands that mom wants me to rent for my day... I hope they have blue lillies...

I have sent some invitation cards to friends but those to colleagues, I think I will do tomorrow. This toothache I am having is really making my pace slow. All I want to do now is sleep and stay in bed. I wanted to go to the clinic yesterday but since mom needed help with the name lists (she had to check the names again and again in the computer to avoid repetition before printing) so I didn't go have it checked. It felt so bad that when DF took me out to the movie, I didn't enjoy it at all. This morning, I woke up with a swollen gum. It hurt so bad. Tomorrow I will definitely have it checked. DF must bring me. No matter what!!

P.S: I woke up this morning with the toothache and went back to bed. I dreamed of late grandma. In that dream, I was helping her down the staircase, the thing that I used to do when I was little since she was old enough to walk on her own. When I put her down, I looked at her. She didn't look at all like her but I had the gut feeling that it was her. So I asked how she was doing and instead of answering my question, she answered: "Who are you?" So I introduced my self and I apologized for not visiting her much. She said she understood because I was busy. I woke up sobbing...

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